WrestleMania XXVI Review

WWE WrestleMania XXVI
March 28, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
University of Phoenix Stadium

The current WWE champs were as follows:
WWE Champion: Batista (2/21/2010)
U.S. Champion: The Miz (10/5/2009)
Divas Champion: Maryse (2/22/2010)
World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho (2/21/2010)

Intercontinental Champion: Drew McIntyre (12/13/2009)
Women’s Champion: Michelle McCool (2/26/2010)
Unified Tag Team Champions: Big Show & The Miz (2/8/2010)

Some planes fly low over the stadium (which had to be REALLY loud) right before Fantasia sings the National Anthem. Dang, 2004 called. Then again, you wouldn’t want somebody new like Ke$ha appearing here either. Sorry, Slack. You don’t really want that to happen.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, & Matt Striker.

  • WWE Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

Besides “WHATS UP”, can anybody make out anything that R-Truth says during his rap to the ring? He could be spreading some crazy Malcolm X anti-white man propaganda and I wouldn’t even know it. Miz can’t handle the challengers, so Big Show comes in and gives R-Truth a fallaway slam. He knocks Morrison off the apron to give R-Truth the pump splash, but Morrison enziguri kicks him down for two. Morrison gets the tag and rolls through a sunset flip into a kick on Miz. He tries STARSHIP PAIN, but Show pulls out his partner. R-Truth thinks its cool to plancha on the Big Show. He gets caught for his efforts and tossed into the ringpost. Meanwhile, Morrison avoids the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE and rolls up Miz for two. Big Show makes the blind tag and when Morrison tries the springboard enziguri on Miz, Show PUNCHES THE FCK OUT of his attempt. Cover, 1-2-3. (3:24) That was a much easier tag titles defense than I expected. Dang. *½

They show a video highlighting the weeks activities. Show holding up a kid and smiling? Kayfabe is so dead.

  • Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

Orton has to fight off both Rhodes and DiBiase to start. Eventually, he falls prey to a DiBiase dropkick and Legacy starts to beat the crap out of him. Rhodes hits a rolling knee drop and heads to the top while DiBiase makes a quick cover. Rhodes gets down and stops the count. AND IT BEGINS. Rhodes dumps out DiBiase and gives Orton the ALABAMA SLAM for 1-2-NO! DiBiase makes the save. Ha, remember when Rhodes was the tag team champions with Hardcore Holly? Legacy EXPLODES on each other, allowing Orton to regroup. He goes nuts on the Legacy boys and gets ready for the RKO on Cody, but DiBiase pulls Orton out. As they brawl, Rhodes tries a pescado just as Orton rolls back inside, leaving DiBiase to take the brunt of the move. Once Legacy gets to the apron, Orton delivers the DOUBLE DDT THROUGH THE ROPES! Naturally, Cole thinks he’s never seen that happen before. Orton tosses out DiBiase and sets up for the RKO again. He considers a punt to the skull and goes with that instead. As Orton stands over Rhodes, DiBiase shoots in and grabs DREAM STREET! Orton knows its coming and tosses DiBiase over his shoulder and then blasts him with the RKO for the 1-2-3. (9:02) So Randy Orton prevails over his pupils. Big deal. If you want new credible stars, don’t they need to win matches? Because now we’re exactly where we were before any of this started. **

Josh Matthews introduces one of the most charismatic and influential stars of the modern-era. Of course he’s referring to Vickie Guerrero. Ha, she told him to say that. Vickie gets on the mic and EXCUSE ME she will create a WrestleMania moment that will live in history forever. Enter Jillian, she sings “Simply the Best”. Its moments like this that make me wonder why I bother. That is until Santino Marella walks by with a Slim James. Anything is possible when you snap into a Slim James! He takes a bite and Jillian becomes Mae Young. She gets some tongue action with Santino. He takes another bite and its Gene Mean in the same black dress the other two ladies were wearing. He takes a third bite and its MELINA! He wisely thanks Slim James and walks off with her.

  • ‘Money in the Bank’ Ladder Match (Participants include: Kofi Kingston, MVP, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kane, and Christian)

Everyone brawls to the floor to start leaving Drew McIntyre as the last man in the ring. He climbs the ladder until Matt Hardy comes in and turns it over on him and gives Drew a nasty TWIST OF FATE. MVP runs in and boots McIntyre out. Everybody tries to make a climb up the ladder as Kane takes them all out. Evan Bourne takes a CHOKESLAM TO THE FLOOR on top of Benjamin and MVP. Kingston has a five footer and knocks out Kane. Meanwhile, Swagger and Hardy are near the briefcase, so Kingston turns their ladder over. Christian comes in and sandwiches Swagger and Hardy in the corner with a ladder and then monkey flips Kingston into them. Christian starts the climb up, but Ziggler brings him down with a ZIG ZAG! MVP brings down Ziggler from the ladder. Kane stops MVP and goes for a CHOKESLAM, but Kingston runs a ladder into Kane. Benjamin and MVP stick Kane in the corner and then keep him there with a ladder made into an inclined ramp. Kingston charges and runs up the ladder for his mounted punches in the corner, but Kane finds that amusing and powerbombs Kingston on the ladder. MVP boots Kane out, but then Benjamin drops him with PAY DIRT. Swagger comes in and clears the ring with a five footer. In comes Bourne with the FLYING DOUBLE KNEE DROP to end Swagger. With a ladder set up in the middle of the ring, Christian and Hardy make scaffolds out of ladders on each side with it. Okay, first they sandwich Swagger while he’s standing underneath the ladder that’s in the middle of the ring. Once he’s stuck, they keep him pinned there with the scaffold and then they both climb to the top. Like a spider monkey, Evan Bourne climbs up the SIDE of the ladder in the middle of the ring! Swagger pushes out Hardy’s ladder that he was standing on to completely end his climb. Meanwhile, Christian goes for KILLSWITCH on Bourne on the ladder, but Evan kicks him off and delivers AIR BOURNE OFF THE SCAFFOLD. Christian is done. Hardy meets Bourne at the top and hiptosses him down. Holy crap. Swagger comes up behind Matt when he’s at the top and shoves him off onto the unbroken scaffold, which then breaks and Matt slides down the ladder onto his neck. MVP and Benjamin try to reach the briefcase, but Benjamin knocks MVP off. MVP tries to powerbomb him off the ladder, but Benjamin ranas him out to the floor. Kane runs them down with a ladder and then heads inside to retrieve the briefcase. Ziggler tries to climb OVER Kane. That fails and Kane chucks a ladder at him only for Ziggler to duck. The ladder NEARLY bounces into the front row. Kane gives Ziggler a CHOKESLAM onto a ladder and then opens and closes the ladder on Ziggler while he’s in between the ladder. Kane ends up BREAKING the hinges! Kingston wipes out Kane with TROUBLE IN PARADISE and uses the broken ladder as a pair of stilts to walk over to the briefcase. Uhh, yeah that’s not going to work because you won’t be able to REACH the briefcase. McIntyre comes in and ruins his day. He climbs to the top, but then Matt Hardy turns the ladder over to crotch McIntyre on the top rope. Kane brings in a second ladder and Christian tries to take advantage by pinning Kane in the corner while he climbs to the top. As Kane tips the ladder towards Matt Hardy, Christian brawls with Matt while Kane climbs to the top from the other side. He wants a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM, but Christian and Matt smash his head on the top of the ladders to send him down. Matt wants to take Christian down with the TWIST OF FATE, but Christian blocks and delivers the INVERTED DDT OFF THE LADDER! Cole still calls it a Twist of Fate. Christian climbs back up the ladder and Swagger turns it over. Christian climbs up the other ladder and Swagger meets him at the top. As Christian gets his hands on the briefcase, Swagger bashes the briefcase into his face to knock him down. From here, it takes Jack Swagger a good twenty seconds to get the briefcase off the hook. (13:44) Really? Jack Swagger? Alright. I hope he doesn’t cash it in any time soon because he hasn’t done anything interesting. I mean, look at all the past winners. At least they were *over* when they won. Sadly, unless you’re someone who can do the things that Shelton Benjamin can do, this isn’t a star-making match for the winner. Seems to me it’s more of a match that solidifies you’re a star, but I don’t see that yet from Jack Swagger. This whole decision just seems like it came out of left field for me. One of the least creative ‘Money in the Bank’ matches to date with everybody basically hitting their finishers and then taking way too much time to rest on the floor. ***

The PPV brought to you by WWE will be Extreme Rules set for Sunday April 25. Every match will be fought under ‘EXTREME RULES!’

Highlights of the Hall of Fame ceremony are shown. That leads to everyone coming out and waving at the crowd.

  • Triple H vs. Sheamus

Is it just me or are all the winners getting pyro for their entrances? Match starts off with a collar-and-elbow tie up. I thought this was a feud? Sheamus tells HHH that he’s the future and then nearly takes the PEDIGREE. HHH hits a suplex and the Rolling Knee Drop for two. Sheamus tries to seek solace in the outside, but HHH sends him into the barricade and brings him back inside for the figure-four. WOO! Sheamus finds the ropes and slides to the outside, but then suckers HHH into a ride to the steps. Back in the ring, Sheamus delivers the Irish Curse twice to Triple H. Running powerslam gets two. HHH fights out of a chinlock with a back suplex. He hits a DDT and the High Knee. Facebuster connects for a nearfall. PEDIGREE is countered, but HHH still manages a reverse neckbreaker for two. HHH wants some mounted punches in the corner, but Sheamus slips out and goes for the CELTIC CROSS! HHH slips out of that and ducks the BICYCLE KICK, but Sheamus backdrops out of the PEDIGREE. BICYCLE KICK gets 1-2-NO! HHH avoids the CELTIC CROSS again and hits the Main Event Spinebuster for two. Sheamus rolls to the apron and knocks Triple H silly with a right hand. With HHH leaned over the ropes, Sheamus gives him the BICYCLE KICK from the apron. Back inside, Sheamus lifts HHH off the mat for the CELTIC CROSS only for HHH to pop up and hit the PEDIGREE for the 1-2-3. (12:09) Triple H – ever the believer in putting people over without actually putting them over – sticks to what he knows. Now that he’s beaten Sheamus, there’s nowhere left for Sheamus to go but down. **½

  • Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (w/Serena & Luke Gallows)

YES! CM Punk gets 70,000 people to preach to. HE CAN SAVE REY MYSTERIO! I really like Punk’s GI Joe tights. And what does Rey Mysterio have on his head? He’s got like Alicia Keys braids coming out of the top of his mask. Gallows distracts Rey to start, which allows Punk to take control. Rey climbs up top and nearly gets his knee wrenched in the ropes as Punk trips him up into the tree of woe. Serena gets her hands around Rey’s throat. Punk tries a baseball slide, but Rey moves and Punk gets crotched pretty good. To the floor, Rey tries a wheelbarrow move off the apron, but Punk refuses and slams Rey face-first onto the steps. Back in, Punk gets two. Rey fights out of a chinlock and hits the springboard seated senton. He tries the springboard crossbody, but Punk catches him into a belly to belly suplex for 1-2-NO! That was cool. Rey rolls through a sunset flip and goes for the Buzzsaw Kick, but Punk evades that and schoolboys Rey for 1-2-NO! Rey tries another rana, but Punk flips him back onto his feet and boots him down for 1-2-NO! Punk tries to get the pinfall a few more times and even goes for the knucklelock pin, but Rey springs up to the top rope and delivers the SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT DDT! It certainly wasn’t as fluid as the one he gave Eddie back in 1997, but whatever its still cool. Cover by Rey, 1-2-NO! Punk catches the 6-1-9 and goes for GTS, but Rey fights out and springboard moonsaults onto Punk’s shoulders for GTS! Rey elbows out and gets tossed to the apron. Punk tries to shoulder-butt him off the apron and gets kicked in the head for the Frog Splash. Can’t we just let Eddie rest in peace? As Rey leaps, Punk sits up and covers Rey for the 1-2-NO! Punk hits the Running Knee in the corner, but Rey shoves off the bulldog and ranas Punk into 6-1-9. Serena gets up on the apron and grabs hold of Punk to plead with Rey not to deliver the move. Meanwhile, Gallows is up on the other side of the apron. That distracts Rey for Punk to capitalize and grab Rey for the GTS again, but Rey counters the GTS with a rana that sends Punk into Gallows. 6-1-9! Springboard splash gets the 1-2-3. (6:30) Criminally short, but they packed a lot of action in those six and a half minutes. I’d be more interested to see what they can do with 15-20 minutes. And by the way, they missed the chance on an interesting feud, but whatever. Hopefully they will make it up somehow. **¾

  • Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon – No Holds Barred

Vince tries to screw Bret by making this into a lumberjack match with all the Hart family members on hand including the Hart Dynasty. He even makes Bruce Hart the special referee. Since the Hart family has already been paid, Bret informs Vince that there’s nothing sweeter than a double-cross. Tonight, Bret screws Vince. Bret stomps Vince a bunch and then he lets the Hart Dynasty beat on him. Natalya gets in a good slap. Striker – “Best of luck in your future endeavors, Natalya.” Kidd and DH Smith deliver a SUPER HART ATTACK to Vince. Back in, Bret goes to work on Vince’s knee. He escapes and scares off the Harts with a tire iron. Bret ducks the tire iron swing and gets in his own shots with the weapon. Of course, no shots to the head. Bret teases the Sharpshooter a few times, but then decides to keep beating on him. He gets a chair and takes a seat while Vince tries to get up. He looks at his watch and acts like he’s looking for the exit sign like most of the people probably were in the audience during this match. Bret beats on Vince’s back with the chair with THIRTEEN chairshots and then locks on the SHARPSHOOTER for the win. (11:09) Pathetic is the word of choice here. Felt more like a weird public announcement that the no longer relevant Hart family don’t entirely hate each other instead of a real fight between two guys who genuinely dislike each other. Either way, it didn’t go as well as any long-time fan of Bret would have liked to have seen. ½*

WrestleMania 27 will be coming to you LIVE from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta GA on April 3 2011. Since I live only a little under six hours away from Atlanta, I am planning to attend even if the card blows. After I go to a WrestleMania show, I really don’t see any point in trying to go to any more live events.

The final count for this year’s WrestleMania attendance comes to 72,219.

  • World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Champ enters first which usually means he’s losing, but does that rule really apply anymore? Best sign shown during this match: I hope a Canadian wins. They trade shoulderblocks to start. Edge hits a flapjack and looks for the SPEAR, but Jericho rolls out. Back in, Jericho kicks Edge through the ropes and hits him with a baseball slide. Jericho catapults Edge into the bottom rope and hits a back suplex for two. Jericho misses a corner charge and runs shoulder-first into the ringpost. Spinning heel kick connects, but then Jericho hangs Edge out to dry. Jericho lands on his feet on the apron when Edge avoids the springboard dropkick. Edge comes off the ropes and knocks Jericho to the announce table. Back inside, they fight to the top where Edge fights off a superplex with a front superplex of his own! Slow cover gets two. Edge kicks off the WALLS OF JERICHO and delivers a flying bodypress, but Jericho rolls through for two. Another WALLS OF JERICHO attempt fails and Edge gets a flying sunset flip for two. They go back and forth with that as Jericho rolls through and kicks Edge in the face. CODEBREAKER, but Edge shoves him off into the corner. Edge wants the SPEAR, but Jericho floats over his back and down around for the WALLS OF JERICHO! Edge escapes into a small package for two. Jericho elbows Edge down and tries the Lionsault, but Edge moves and delivers the Edge-o-matic for 1-2-NO! Jumping enziguri by Jericho gets two. Jericho tries the running bulldog, but Edge sees it coming and hits the EDGECUTION for 1-2-NO! Edge runs into a boot in the corner, allowing Jericho to nail Edge in the back of the head with an elbow strike off the middle rope! Now Jericho sets up for the SPEAR! Jericho charges, but runs right into a big boot from Edge! Could we see the SPEAR from Edge? No! Jericho catches him on the run with the CODEBREAKER! Slow cover gets 1-2-NO! Now Jericho gets dirty and goes after the Achilles tendon. He applies the WALLS OF JERICHO and when refuses to tap, he puts all the pressure on the injured ankle with a deep single leg crab. Edge makes the ropes and when Jericho pulls him back to the center of the ring by his leg, Edge surprises him with a victory roll for 1-2-NO! Jericho finds the humongous world title belt and after he snaps Edge’s neck off the top rope, Edge elbows the ref down by accident. With no ref, Jericho nails Edge with the belt and covers for 1-2-NO! However, Jericho connects with the CODEBREAKER and gets the 1-2-3. (15:46) Very good match, but nothing is getting enough time to be epic. Afterwards, Edge SPEARS Jericho off the announce tables through part of the barricade to continue the feud. ***¼

They show clips of the dark match which was a 26-man battle royal featuring both stars from Raw and Smackdown. Of all people, Yoshi Tatsu kicked Zach Ryder out to win the whole thing. Look for it on the DVD, I’m sure.

  • Eve Torres, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, & Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Vickie Guerrero

Vickie starts off against Gail Kim. She pushes her around and then turns away to pose. Tag to Beth Phoenix. She picks up Vickie and takes her over to her side of town. When Kelly Kelly boot chokes her, Vickie gets FURIOUS. Now everybody comes in and hits their finishers ending with Alicia Fox taking the GLAM SLAM. With everyone cleared out, Phoenix goes after Vickie. McCool makes the save. For some reason, Kelly Kelly is down. Layla and Michelle help Vickie up to the top so she can deliver the worst Frog Splash ever. She even pulls up too high on the pin to the point that KK’s shoulders lift off the mat. Another try at the pin and Vickie gets the three-count. (3:25) There’s a reason Sapphire didn’t try to wrestle. If you can’t get to the top rope by yourself, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE GOING TO THE TOP ROPE. CRAP

  • WWE Champion Batista vs. John Cena

An Air Force drill team show off their gun twirling abilities to hype up John Cena’s entrance. VERY impressive and I’m not knocking them, but there’s a time and place for everything. I don’t care to see it here. Feeling out process to start ends with Batista nailing Cena with a clothesline from behind. Batista beats him down in the corner and follows up with a running face wash. After a kick to the head, Cena blocks a suplex and hits a release fisherman’s suplex. Running bulldog connects and Cena wants the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, but Batista counters with a nasty head dropping DDT! Cover, 1-2-NO! Cena manages to fight out of a chinlock and they come to blows. Batista stops all that with a neckbreaker for two. Cena backdrops out of a front headlock and starts delivering shoulderblocks. Protobomb sets up the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Batista pops up and drills Cena with a spinebuster! Cena avoids the BATISTA BOMB and applies a weak STF. Batista makes the ropes and hits the Spear! Cover, 1-2-NO! They fight to the top, but Cena punches Batista down for the SUPER FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE. Well, it’s a Jerry Lawler fist drop. Cena attempts the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, but Batista grabs hold of the ropes. Cena maneuvers Batista over for a possible Alabama Slam, but Batista’s weight shifts him down onto his feet for the BATISTA BOMB! Cover, 1-2-NO! He tries another Batista Bomb, but Cena counters to the Attitude Adjustment. Batista slips out and puts Cena up over his shoulder for a Running Powerslam only for Cena to push off and flip Batista backwards onto HIS shoulders into position for the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! This time he delivers! Cover, 1-2-NO! Cena heads to top and attempts his Flying Famouser, but Batista catches him in the neck breaking BATISTA BOMB! Well, actually it was more like a spinebuster. The outcome is the same. Batista tries the BATISTA BOMB once more, but Cena sunset flips out into the STF! This time he’s got it locked in correctly and gets Batista to tap out. (13:29) Good power match in my eyes. Kind of dumb for Cena to try for the SummerSlam 2008 move that broke his neck though. Enjoyable back and forth match with Cena getting ultimate revenge by making Batista submit. ***½

  • The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – ‘Streak vs. Career’ Match

Nothing all too interesting about the entrances this year except for the Undertaker coming out looking like a demonic AJ Styles with the hood down over his face. To motivate the Undertaker, Shawn makes the thumb across the throat signal before the bell. AND HERE WE GO! Enough of the chops, UT whips Shawn in for the Ray Stevens bump. Shawn staggers back around into the Snake Eyes and then eats the running boot. Old School connects. UT jars his knee on the way down. He tries the Chokeslam, but he can’t hold Shawn up because of the knee. Shawn starts kicking at the knee, but Taker doesn’t find that to be very fun at all and goes for the Tombstone. HBK slips out and tries to power UT down into the Crossface. That doesn’t work, but Shawn nearly pulls off SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Shawn goes back to the knee, but takes a clothesline to the outside. As Michaels walks over to the entry way, UT considers the no hands plancha, but Shawn cuts him off and runs his body straight into Taker’s bad knee. Taker kicks off the figure-four and we go to the outside where UT backs Shawn into the ringpost. He hits the legdrop on the apron, but back inside Shawn goes back to the leg and hooks on the figure-four he wanted earlier. UT reverses out of the hold and they come to blows. Shawn hits the Flying Forearm and kips up into the Chokeslam! Cover, 1-2-NO! UT tries the Tombstone again, but Shawn crawls down Taker’s body for the anklelock! Shawn even grapevines the leg, but there’s no way UT is tapping out. He kicks Shawn off, but then HBK clotheslines Taker to the outside. Shawn wants the springboard splash, but Undertaker catches him and delivers a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER on the floor! An EMT guy comes out to check on Michaels, but UT gets rid of him. Back in, Taker covers for two. UT attempts the LAST RIDE, but Shawn counters to an X-Factor. So Shawn’s a Billy Kidman fan. Cover, 1-2-NO! Flying Elbow hits knees and UT pulls Shawn into HELL’S GATE! Oh, but Shawn flips over on top of the Undertaker with a bridge ala Kurt Angle for 1-2-NO! Then out of nowhere, Shawn hits SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Cover, 1-2-NO! He wants another superkick to put UT away, but Taker blocks and delivers the LAST RIDE! Cover, 1-2-NO! To the floor, UT wants to give Shawn the LAST RIDE through an announce table, but Shawn slips out and superkicks UT onto the table! With UT set in place, Shawn MOONSAULTS OFF THE TOP to put the Undertaker through the table. Well that was about the craziest FN thing I’ve ever seen. Back in the ring, Michaels delivers some more SWEET CHIN MUSIC for 1-2-NO! WHAT. SCM is blocked again – this time with a Chokeslam. TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER connects. Cover, 1-2-NO! DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Undertaker stands over Shawn and lets him get to his feet. Shawn gives Taker the thumb across the throat signal once more and then slaps him across the face. OH SNAP! Undertaker is PISSED. Everybody run. UT grabs Shawn and delivers a JUMPING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER for the 1-2-3. (24:00) Ahh, so I assume Undertaker was driving the metaphorical ‘nail in the coffin’ with that finish. If I hadn’t recently covered 24 hours of Shawn Michaels footage, I might would feel anything but relieved to see his career come to an end. No doubt the match of the night, but this felt way over-the-top to me for it to actually surpass last year’s match. A moonsault through a table followed by a superkick and it still doesn’t beat the Undertaker? ****½

Afterwards, Shawn Michaels receives the big sendoff as he cries in the ring. He thanks the fans and shakes hands with the people down the aisle. Most importantly, he thanks the Good Lord at the beginning of the ramp for his second chance to leave wrestling with dignity.

Final Thoughts: Just too many matches with only a few matches getting enough time for this to be an all-around great show. The only match that received enough time was of course the main event and possibly the world title match. While everything looked decent on paper, the execution of the card as a whole just felt uninspired to me. Unless they are willing to go crazy, ‘Money in the Bank’ needs to be abolished. Nobody knows how to tell a story in a ladder match anymore (especially not with ten people) and if you’re not going to be able to make it feel fresh every time out, then you need to give that concept a rest.

Some odd booking choices in the HHH and Orton matches too, who were both in situations where they could have made a star, and they remained on top. Also, Rey and CM Punk were involved in a readymade feud, but now Punk has lost. Where can you go from here?

However, I did enjoy the world title matches and the main event did not disappoint. I’m gonna go with ‘thumbs in the middle’ for WrestleMania 26 because I’m sure HBK-Taker II will be plastered on a DVD set or two somewhere down the road and I don’t really recommend the whole show.

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