Raw: The Beginning (Season 2 – Disc Three)

Raw: The Beginning (Best of Seasons 1-2)
Released: August 10, 2010
Season Two (1994) – Disc Three

Nothing from the first anniversary show? Not even Marty and the Kid upsetting the Quebecers? Alright then.

RAW FACTS (January 17) – Yokozuna was the first to ever defeat the Undertaker in a casket match at the Royal Rumble in 1994.

Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji head out for an interview with Vince McMahon. When asked about Jim Cornette since he is ‘conspicuous by his absence’, Fuji says that he is at a press conference in Tokyo. BONG! The lights go out and Paul Bearer wheels out a double-wide casket to freak out Yoko. By the way, Crush is on commentary rooting on the WWF champ. Naturally when Yokozuna lifts the lid, Undertaker pops out to scare the poop out of him. Once Yoko and Fuji are long gone, UT has a moment with the urn. HA! Screw you, you big fattie.

RAW FACTS (January 31) – The 1994 Royal Rumble was the only Royal Rumble match in history to produce two winners, Bret Hart and Lex Luger, each getting a title shot at WrestleMania X.

Here’s how WWF President Jack Tunney figured this Royal Rumble co-winners situation. He’s going with a generic coin toss. If Lex Luger wins the coin toss, he gets the first title shot and Bret Hart still faces off against brother Owen Hart. If Bret wins the coin toss, then he gets the first title shot and Luger has to wrestle Crush (but isn’t he feuding with Randy Savage anyway?) so that way both men have to wrestle twice in the same night unless you win the coin toss and lose your championship match. If you win the WWF championship from Yokozuna, then you would have meet the other guy in the final match. UGH. Simple enough I guess, but so much explaining to do. Luger calls ‘heads’ and wins the coin toss. Now Bret is FORCED to do something he doesn’t want to do – take on his brother Owen at WrestleMania. DARNIT!

RAW FACTS (February 21) – Bret Hart gave away over 3,000 pairs of sunglasses. Just think of all the eyes Bret has saved from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • Bret Hart vs. Tom Pritchard (w/Jim Cornette) – (Monday Night Raw, 2/21/94)

Knowing the talents of both, this SHOULD be a good match. Savage guarantees victory not only over Yokozuna next week to win the WWF title for a THIRD time, but to also beat both Bret and Luger in the same night at WrestleMania 10. The man sure has confidence. Nikolai Volkoff is sitting in the front row wearing a burgundy suit and a big smile on his face. Bret outwrestles Pritchard early on with the basic counter stuff. Pritchard gains an advantage in the corner with forearm smashes, but Bret gives him a receipt with a barrage of punches and a backdrop to send Pritchard out to Corny. Back in, Cornette says something about a plan. Vince wonders where Jimmy Del Ray is, but in a rare moment doesn’t find Del Ray to be “conspicuous by his absence.” Bret stays on the arm while keeping an eye on Cornette. Commercials! During the break, Randy Savage hops up from the announce table and intercepts a Cornette tennis racket swing to Bret. BACK TO LIVE ACTION! Bret is making his comeback with the Russian legsweep for two. Small package scores a nearfall. Now a backbreaker followed by the middle rope elbow drop for 1-2-NO! O’Connor roll by Bret gets two again. As Bret comes off the ropes, Cornette grabs his foot to allow Pritchard to knock him out to the floor with a knee. Cue Owen Hart! Do you need his help, Bret? Owen helps his big brother by throwing back into the ring to Pritchard. Too bad Pritchard fails with a corner charge. SHARPSHOOTER gets the win for Bret. (7:18 shown) Bret dares his little brother to come into the ring. Both men pull down the shoulder straps like they want to go, but referees Hebner and Patton hold him back. Spoiled opportunity for a great match as this was nothing more than a slightly entertaining glorified squash considering Pritchard did nothing but constantly play the fool here. **¼

RAW FACTS (February 21) – 1-2-3 Kid was first billed as “The Kid”. He would go on to compete as “Lightning Kid”, “Cannonball Kid”, “1-2-3 Kid”, “Syxx”, “X-Pac”, and by his real name, Sean Waltman.

  • WWF Tag Team Champions The Quebecers (w/Johnny Polo) vs. The 1-2-3 Kid & Razor Ramon – (Monday Night Raw, 2/21/94)

Originally scheduled to be Razor and Marty challenging the Quebecers, but Jannetty gets fired during a recent European tour and the Kid takes his place. Even though he was such a great talent, poor Marty just never did get it right. Jannetty and the Kid had already ruined the Quebecers first WWF tag team titles reign on Raw’s first anniversary show. While the Quebecers regained the titles a week later in MSG, will the 1-2-3 Kid and the IC champ Razor Ramon be able to upset another title reign? Well, the answer is no. Let’s see what happens anyway though. Pierre kicks Razor out to the floor when he’s not looking so the Quebecers can double-team the Kid. He manages to fight them both off until Ramon can get back into the ring. Out goes Jacques and Kid takes a Fallaway Slam into Pierre for a nearfall! SUH-NAP! While the Quebecers regroup, the crowd starts chanting “1-2-3” like it’s the cool thing to do. Back in, the Quebecers hug it out in a non-sexual way. Kid grabs Pierre and wrestles him down with some chain wrestling moves. That’s interesting. Tag to Razor, Johnny Polo quickly trips him up from the floor. Oops. While Kid argues with ref Bill Alfonso, the Quebecers put the boots to him. The double-team fails though as Razor hits them both with a double clothesline. With the Quebecers down, Razor and Kid gang up on poor Johnny Polo as Ramon gives him the RAZOR’S EDGE ON THE FLOOR! Vince declares this match a real donnybrook. A pile of refs come out to haul Johnny Polo away. They are doing just an awful job of stabilizing his spine off the floor. Yeah, let’s take a commercial break. When we come back, Razor and Pierre are back to step one: the lock up. Ramon winds up the arm for a couple shoulder blocks and tags the Kid to fly down onto the arm. I’m impressed with the Kid here doing all these arm takedowns that you wouldn’t normally see out of him. You know, actual wrestling. Wait a minute, did Vince just make an announcement concerning NASCAR and compare that to WWE? Boy that Vince sure is a country bumpkin at heart, isn’t he? Finally, Pierre gets away from the armbar and leapfrogs his balls right down into a fist. Holy crap, Kid and Razor just pulled off a Rock N Roll Express move where they both yank on a guy’s hamstrings and then roll across the ring to knock the tag partner down from the apron. Amazing. Spinning heel kick by the Kid gets two. They continue to work over Pierre’s leg until he kicks Razor off into the corner and makes a desperate tag to Jacques. Razor catches him coming in with a drop toehold and tags the Kid as he flies onto Jacques’ leg. You know where this is going. Fast forward as Diesel is shown standing in the aisle watching over Razor and to generally look menacing while feeling on his fingerless glove. Pierre runs in and nails Razor to turn the tide over to the Quebecers. They proceed to cheat as they keep him on their side of town. Heel miscommunication ensues and the 1-2-3 Kid gets the HOT TAG! Seems backwards, but whatever. He unloads with kicks, but whiffs on a dropkick. They give him a HUGE launching hotshot and then Jacques slams big Pierre onto the Kid for 1-2-NO! We see more of the great double-teams you expect from the Quebecers here. Jacques goes to backdrop Pierre and squash the Kid, but he rolls out of the way and HOT TAGS Razor! BAAAACK BODY DROPS everywhere! Throw in a double noggin knocker too! Pierre takes the Back Superplex and that’s followed up with the RAZOR’S EDGE! Diesel starts to get closer to the ring as Razor covers Pierre. Wait a minute! Shawn Michaels literally comes out of nowhere and jumps on the pin for the DQ. (16:10 shown) Shawn stomps the crap out of Razor’s head for a while until the Kid ignores Diesel for a moment and runs Shawn out of the ring. As for the match, a great formula tag and much better than I remembered. Of course with the Steiners and Marty Jannetty now gone and only freak babyface contenders like Men on a Mission and eventually the Headshrinkers, the Quebecers were hard pressed to have good matches with anybody but people who were involved in other angles. ***½

RAW FACTS (February 28) – Shawn Michaels is the first Grand Slam champion in WWE history.

Stan Lane interviews Shawn Michaels in his dressing room. He’s just wearing a towel so he needs to put on the Intercontinental belt and his crosshair John Lennon sunglasses so that he looks more decent for TV. Why do you keep attacking Razor Ramon and ruining his matches? Any chance HBK gets to let Razor Ramon know that there’s only one IC champ, he will. Shawn says that when he defeats Razor at WrestleMania 10 in the ladder match and retrieves both belts, he’ll give Razor’s so-called bogus belt to Diesel because he’s earned it. What good is a bogus belt, Shawn? Enough talk, Sweet Stan. Diesel kindly escorts Lane out of the dressing room.

RAW FACTS (February 28) – Randy Savage caught a foul ball as a child at Candlestick Park. Years later, he was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals as a catcher in 1971. I wonder what Randy was like as a kid. That’s what interests me here.

  • WWF World Champion Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) vs. Randy Savage – (Monday Night Raw, 2/28/94)

Aside from Yoko’s match with Bret at WrestleMania 9, this might be his best match ever as champion. The rare team of Vince McMahon and Harvey Wippleman are on commentary. Savage is thick in his feud with Crush while Yokozuna already has his two opponents set for WrestleMania 10. Knowing all that, there’s not really a good chance that Savage will win here. Odd to see there’s no Jim Cornette leading the way for Yokozuna. Since it’s the common sense thing to do, Savage sticks and moves all over Yokozuna to knock him on his back side for two. He makes the mistake of letting Yoko get back up on his feet however and thus begins the breakdown of Randy Savage. He reverts back to his old plan by avoiding a splash and knocks Yokozuna to the floor with a High Knee. As Savage delivers his Flying Double Sledge, here comes Jim Cornette. Commercial break! Afterwards, Savage is trying to get Yokozuna back into the ring. He can’t do it! The man’s too fat! Cornette distracts Savage, allowing Yoko to regroup and nail Savage from behind. Back in, Savage gets Yoko all wobbly with jabs and delivers another flying double ax handle. Flying bodypress gets 1-2-NO! Yokozuna fires back and foot chokes Savage down in the corner. He nails Savage with an Avalanche and then drags Savage to the center of the ring for his LEGDROP, but Savage moves out of the way. While Cornette distracts the ref, Fuji hands Yoko the wooden pail. Savage gets the pail away from Yoko and uses it against him. Yoko goes down, but so does Savage. He’s so exhausted! He finally rolls over on top of Yoko for 1-2-NO! Savage nails Cornette off the apron on his way to the top for the MACHO ELBOW! Here comes Crush to stop the count. DQ! (11:40 shown) Bret tries to save, but that proves unsuccessful until the ALL AMERICAN Lex Luger comes down to help out and punch Yoko out to the floor. From there, Bret and Lex take care of Crush together with a double-team clothesline. Again I say, Yoko’s best non-Bret singles match. However, too recent of a DVD repeat to be on this set. **½

RAW FACTS (March 28 ) – WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Championship cost $40,000 and is now locked in a safe at WWE Headquarters.

What Ted wants, Ted gets. He hands out hundred dollar bills to clear out three front row seats so he can sit down and have a little room to himself. Apparently, the man doesn’t like to be crowded.

RAW FACTS (March 28 ) – Rick Martel was such a smug and conceited individual, that he created a fragrance known as “Arrogance”, to make people smell like him. With that logic, that’s like saying Jake the Snake’s eyes don’t smell too great. Maybe they don’t. I don’t know.

  • Lex Luger vs. Rick Martel – (Monday Night Raw, 3/28/94)

We’re eight days removed from WrestleMania 10 and Lex Luger is now Lex Loser, as his big push is now over and he would be reduced to mid-card matches and tag teams for the rest of his time in the WWF. Remember, Ted DiBiase is watching on from the front row. Jim Cornette has joined Vinnie Mac tonight for commentary. He tries to get over the fact that Luger is an uncontrollable hot head since getting SCREWED by special ref Mr. Perfect at WrestleMania. Martel even tries to get that over in the match by ducking under the ropes to dodge any angry attacks. Luger cleans house on Martel as we look over to see McMahon and Cornette acknowledging DiBiase seated behind them in the front row. DiBiase makes sure to grace us with his laughter as he counts hundred dollar bills. Meanwhile in the ring, Luger stays adamant with a headlock. In order to escape, Martel crawls over the top rope to reach the apron. Luger just flips Martel back in and goes right back to the headlock. Finally, Luger picks up the action with an atomic drop and a clothesline to take Martel to the floor. Commercial break! When we return, Martel catches Luger as he rolls back inside the ring and puts the boots to him. Instead of trying the headlock, Martel works the chinlock. “USA” chants go up as Luger rises to his feet. Apparently Lex is a BIG fan of the network. Lex runs into a knee and goes back in the chinlock. Finally, Luger stands up with Martel on his back and drives him into the corner to get the break he needs. Here comes Luger with the comeback, but he whiffs on a dropkick. Why would you TRY a dropkick? YOU’RE LEX LUGER! You have a steel plate attached to your forearm! Martel stomps the back hoping to set Luger up for the BOSTON CRAB, but Lex counters a suplex to put a stop to Martel. Powerslam leads to the TORTURE RACK and we’ve got a winner. (11:49 shown) A little above average of what you would expect from Luger after he’s been the WCW world champ the first time. **

RAW FACTS (April 4) – The first ever WWE Fan Festival was held at Madison Square Garden for three days leading up to WrestleMania X. It took place in the Garden’s 30,000 square foot rotunda.

  • Rick Martel, Jeff Jarrett, Irwin R. Schyster, and the Headshrinkers (w/Afa) vs. The 1-2-3 Kid, Tatanka, Sparky Plugg, and the Smoking Gunns – (Monday Night Raw, 4/4/94)

This is the 10-man tag that was supposed to happen at WrestleMania, but I believe they ran short on time because of the ladder match going long. At least that’s what I’ve heard is the story. The PBP would become too tedious to recap and I don’t really feel its all that important for a match like this. Lots of tags in and out from all sides with nobody gaining any kind of real advantage. Eventually, the match breaks down and leaves IRS and the Kid in the ring. Kid misses a corner charge and gets rolled up for the 1-2-3. (7:46 shown) Lots of good action, but no real story was told here. **¼

RAW FACTS (April 4) – Elvis Presley’s mega-hit “Heartbreak Hotel” was recorded in 1956. It was Elvis’ first hit single.

And with that, we have the premiere of HBK’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ interview segment. The set comes with a sleazy heart shaped bed which Gorilla Monsoon doesn’t seem to think would be too comfortable, the sleazy leg lamp from A Christmas Story, and sleazy mirrors. Diesel thinks its classy. No guest this week. Shawn just talks about the IC champ Razor Ramon. He sends out a challenge on Diesel’s behalf for an Intercontinental title match at some point in time so he can bring the belt back to the Heartbreak Hotel. Turn out the lights, it’s check-out time.

RAW FACTS (April 11) – The King’s peasants were D’Lo Brown and Duane Gill. D’Lo became an Intercontinental champion. Duane Gill went on to win the Light Heavyweight title. GILLBERG!

It’s time for the King’s Court! This is what Randy Savage calls dead TV time. All we get is Jerry Lawler falling off the carriage in an LOL moment.

RAW FACTS (April 25) – Jeff Jarrett’s CD was titled “Ain’t I Great”. Jarrett claimed the CD was flying off shelves. No copies were ever found.

  • WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett – (Monday Night Raw, 4/25/94)

Vince says Jeff Jarrett spends most of his free time watching the dumb hick’s answer to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In: Hee Haw. Has anyone ever actually watched either show? Boy, they do not age well. After Razor tosses his toothpick in Jarrett’s face, Savage says that Razor was just sharing his toothpick with JJ, but that it’s probably not such a good idea since this is the ’90s. What are you trying to say, Randy? Jarrett tries for the upper hand to start until he runs into a Fallaway Slam that sends him rolling to the floor. They show a split screen of the replay and the live action, which is apparently a new thing on Raw because Savage goes NUTZ over it. Jarrett draws Ramon to the floor and smashes his head off the steps to take control. Back in, Jarrett applies a chinlock and CHEATS with a tug on the tights and his feet on the ropes. What a huge jerk. Razor fights out and gets Vince’s hopes up for a BAAAACK BODY DROP, but Jarrett sidesteps and slams Razor’s face off the mat. Time for a commercial break. Still in control when we come back, Jarrett nearly puts Razor out with the sleeper. His arm falls once, twice, but not three times. Ramon escapes with a back suplex and lays an arm on JJ for 1-2-NO! Ramon punches Jarrett back, but gets yanked out to the floor. Out comes Shawn Michaels to offer some words of discouragement. Razor nails Shawn and takes Jarrett back into the ring only to clothesline him out again. Meanwhile, Shawn gets Ramon’s attention as he climbs up the ropes. That only serves to set Razor up as he flips HBK into the ring to give him the RAZOR’S EDGE, but HBK and Diesel have got a plan because here comes Big Daddy Cool now to save him from taking the move. As Razor turns back around, he eats a boot from Diesel right in front of ref Dave Hebner for the DQ. (9:40 shown) If I’m not mistaken, this is JJ’s first big match where the WWF audience could take him seriously. Afterwards, Diesel gives Razor the JACKKNIFE not once but TWICE heading into their IC title match on the following weekend’s edition of Superstars. That reminds me – I need to recap that match some time. **¾

RAW FACTS (May 2) – The Headshrinkers were the second team of cousins to win the tag team championships, the first being the British Bulldogs.

  • WWF Tag Team Champions The Quebecers (w/Johnny Polo) vs. The Headshrinkers (w/Afa & Capt. Lou Albano) – (Monday Night Raw, 5/2/94)

Is it bad that I don’t know how the Headshrinkers became fan favorites except for that Lou Albano suddenly decides to join Afa and manage them? I don’t think that’s bad. I think that’s perfectly normal. WWF President Jack Tunney guaranteed the Headshrinkers a tag title match and when he announced it, the Quebecers laughed about it. Shoulderblocks and headbutts to start from the Headshrinkers. Once they clean house on the Quebecers, they decide its time to leave and fight another day. Since this match was made by Jack Tunney, that’s not going to happen. They can lose by countout and lose the tag titles OR return to the ring and finish the match. Well, the Quebecers make the wise choice and return to the ring just in time. Commercials! When we come back, the Headshrinkers remain in control until Jacques catches Fatu coming off the ropes with a knee that staggers him into an inside out clothesline by Pierre. From there, the Quebecers unload on Fatu with their VINTAGE double-teams like the body slam and backdrop your partner stuff. More commercials. When we return, Fatu backdrops a charging Pierre over the top rope to the floor and makes the HOT TAG TO SAMU! Tough break for Samu though as Jacques ducks a charge which causes Samu to get his head caught in the ropes. With Samu’s neck in all kinds of EXTREME pain, Jacques gives him a piledriver to make it worse. They try to put him away with the QUEBECER CRASH, but Samu rolls towards his corner. Meanwhile, Johnny Polo gets pulled down from the apron by Albano, who holds Polo while Afa punches him into next week. Heel miscommunication causes Pierre to finally clean Jacques’ clock with a forearm of his own. Samu kicks out Pierre and tags Fatu for real this time to put Jacques away with the FLYING SPLASH for the 1-2-3. (12:54 shown) The break up of the Quebecers would lead to Jacques Rougeau’s “retirement” match in Montreal against Pierre Oulette in October 1994, in which he ultimately wins and ends the feud only to show up in WCW two years later as the Amazing French Canadians with of course Pierre Oulette. I’m not a huge fan of the match though because it’s just like all of the other Quebecers matches outside of the finish. **½

RAW FACTS (May 16) – Earthquake was a sumo wrestler in Japan named Kototenzan, which translates to “heavenly mountain harp”.

  • Earthquake vs. Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) – (Monday Night Raw, 5/16/94) – Sumo Match

Remember how much Akebono/Big Show sucked? Yeah. This is another “attraction” match that no one really cares to see. They have taken down the ring ropes and left up the ringposts because obviously you can’t have the ropes up in a match when its sole purpose is to knock the other guy out of the ring. Anyways, Earthquake wins in about five minutes. This was supposed to lead to a summertime feud because NOBODY beats Yokozuna in a sumo match, but it went nowhere as Earthquake was injured at a house show by Yokozuna. That’s what happens when you put two fatties together.

RAW FACTS (May 23) – Owen Hart was originally scheduled to face Earthquake in this King of the Ring Qualifying match. Earthquake was injured at a live event and was unable to compete.

  • Owen Hart vs. Doink the Clown (w/Dink) – KOTR Qualifying Match (Monday Night Raw, 5/23/94)

I’m pretty sure this is the Ray Apollo version of Doink by now. Owen pearl harbors Doink to start and chokes him in the ropes. Back suplex sets up a flying elbow drop for two. Owen blocks an O’Connor roll and thinks he’s got the better of Doink, but he’s standing there waiting for him with a pair of hiptosses and a body slam. That sends Owen retreating to the floor while Dink comes in and celebrates with the bigger version of himself. Owen acts all frustrated and Doink makes matters worse for himself by mocking him. Owen – “I’ve got to deal with two and a half Doinks. The referee, a clown, and a half of a clown.” Back in, Owen starts ripping at Doink’s face until he fights back with another hiptoss. Back to the floor, Owen chases Dink around and runs right into a clothesline from Doink. DOH! Doink tries to keep Owen on the floor for a countout win with a slam, but Owen draws Doink over and trips him up so he can post his knee REAL good. Commercials! When we return, we see Owen in the ring giving Doink a Spinning Heel Kick for two. Chinlock time. Doink fights up into a belly to belly suplex and gets stuck in a camel clutch, which Vince calls a “bow and arrow” and then a “Boston crab”. Savage starts to correct him, but remembers Vince has a lot on his mind. Doink escapes, but runs right into a double-KO. They come up exchanging blows with Doink winning that battle and releasing Owen with a belly to belly suplex of his own for 1-2-NO! Ten-count corner punch by Owen is followed by a reverse neckbreaker. Wait a minute, Jeff Jarrett is at ringside and he’s got Dink in his arms! As Doink starts to walk towards them, Owen sneaks up behind him with a rollup for the 1-2-3. (8:30 shown) And now Owen is on his way to becoming the King of Harts. Doink forgets about the match and chases after JJ, who safely puts down Dink and makes a run for the locker room. Decent match, but nothing to go crazy over. **

RAW FACTS (May 23) – In 1996, Duke “The Dumpster” Droese defeated Triple H. As a result, Duke earned the right to enter the Royal Rumble match at #30, while Triple H was forced to enter at #1.

  • Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Barry Horowitz – (Monday Night Raw, 5/23/94)

What is THIS doing here? This is Duke’s RAW debut. Horowitz does okay working on Duke’s arm until he tries a dropkick and fails. Big AA Spinebuster is followed by a jumping elbow drop for the 1-2-3 at 3:00. Why?

RAW FACTS (May 30) – Bret Hart and Jerry “The King” Lawler competed in a bizarre “Kiss My Foot” match at King of the Ring 1995.

It’s time for the King’s Court. Lawler brings out the WWF champ Bret Hart for another opportunity to make fun of his parents and remind him of what happened last year at the King of the Ring. Just when Bret has enough, Lawler introduces his other two guests – the WWF IC champ Diesel and Shawn Michaels. They will meet at the King of the Ring in a title VS. title match. Bret says that Diesel may be seven feet tall, but he’s never took on the best there is, was, or ever will be. Diesel responds with a promise to give Bret the VIP treatment at the King of the Ring – Very Intense Pain, that is. WHOAAA! Before you know it, Diesel attacks Bret and leaves him laying with the JACKKNIFE. Jerry Lawler joins Shawn Michaels to stomp the life out of Bret. It’s a fun time had by all.

RAW FACTS (June 6) – King’s Court appeared 27 times on Monday Night Raw in 1994. Good gosh.

This is the King’s Court where Jerry Lawler invites Roddy Piper out and we get a very skinny yet good impersonator AKA Jason Sensation instead to try and embarrass the Hot Rod. Later on, you may remember him impersonating Owen Hart when DX parodied the Nation on Raw four years later.

RAW FACTS (June 20) – In an effort to combat Doink’s mini arsenal of Pink, Wink, and Dink – Jerry “The King” Lawler introduced Queasy, Sleazy, and Cheesy to the King’s Court.

On the night after the King of the Ring, Jerry Lawler is wearing shades to cover up his black eyes. His guest on this edition of the King’s Court is Duke “The Dumpster” Droese. Both men agree that the other stinks to the point that Lawler stays in the ring and Droese remains on the floor. And people think that wrestling today is too PG. Droese threw garbage on Lawler and now Lawler is going to make a bunch of trash man jokes in his general direction. Well, Droese sees where this is going and starts to leave until Lawler nails him from behind and beats Duke with his own trash can until the ref troop puts a stop to it.

RAW FACTS (June 27) – Owen Hart defeated Doink, Tatanka, the 1-2-3 Kid, and Razor Ramon on his way to capturing the 1994 King of the Ring crown.

Another King’s Court segment with the NEW King of the Ring Owen Hart and the returning Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart as Lawler’s guests. Owen nicely recaps his feud with Bret Hart for us and says that now that he’s the King of the Ring, all that’s left for him to do is to beat Bret for the WWF title.

And there are no special features given on this disc.

Final Thoughts: Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the WWF in 1994. However, this third disc consisting of the first six months of Raw was no doubt a hard one to sit through at times with just way too many average matches and some that didn’t even make any sense like the Raw debut of Duke Droese. Who cares? This disc could almost make this set a deal breaker, but disc four appears to be loaded with some good ones like Bret-Kid and HBK-Razor among a few other matches, so I’ll leave it up to the final disc as to whether I give this set a solid recommendation or not.

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  1. Wish they included the Janetty/Kid title win. :(

  2. I’m with you, buddy! They could have cut out Luger-Martel and stuck that on here and I would have been much more pleased. I don’t know. Maybe they felt like they had shown enough Marty on the 93 discs.

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