WWF: Monday Night Raw (02.28.94)

Monday Night Raw
February 28, 1994
Bushkill, PA
Fernwood Resort

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Yokozuna (6/13/1993)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (9/27/1993)
World Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers (1/17/1994)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Harvey Wippleman. I guess after you’ve given Bastion Booger a chance, you got to give Wippleman a crack at color commentary too.

  • WWF Champion Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) vs. Randy Savage

Right now, Savage is thick in his feud with Crush while Yokozuna already has his two opponents set for WrestleMania 10. Knowing all that, there’s not really a good chance that Savage will win here. Odd to see there’s no Jim Cornette leading the way for Yokozuna. Since it’s the common sense thing to do, Savage sticks and moves all over Yokozuna to knock him on his back side for two. He makes the mistake of letting Yoko get back up on his feet however and thus begins the breakdown of Randy Savage. He reverts back to his old plan by avoiding a splash and knocks Yokozuna to the floor with a High Knee. As Savage delivers his Flying Double Sledge, here comes Jim Cornette. Commercial break! Afterwards, Savage is trying to get Yokozuna back into the ring. He can’t do it! The man’s too fat! Cornette distracts Savage, allowing Yoko to regroup and nail Savage from behind. Back in, Savage gets Yoko all wobbly with jabs and delivers another flying double ax handle. Flying bodypress gets 1-2-NO! Yokozuna fires back and foot chokes Savage down in the corner. He nails Savage with an Avalanche and then drags Savage to the center of the ring for his LEGDROP, but Savage moves out of the way. While Cornette distracts the ref, Fuji hands Yoko the wooden pail. Savage gets the pail away from Yoko and uses it against him. Yoko goes down, but so does Savage. He’s so exhausted! He finally rolls over on top of Yoko for 1-2-NO! Savage nails Cornette off the apron on his way to the top for the MACHO ELBOW! Here comes Crush to stop the count. DQ! (11:40 shown) Bret tries to save, but that proves unsuccessful until the ALL AMERICAN Lex Luger comes down to help out and punch Yoko out to the floor. From there, Bret and Lex take care of Crush together with a double-team clothesline. Again I say, Yoko’s best singles match that didn’t include Bret Hart. **½

After the break, they show what just happened in case you missed it or have terrible short-term memory loss.

  • Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Luna Vachon) vs. Mike Khoury

Luna is wearing an anti-Doink shirt for the lulz. Khoury looks a lot like Joey Maggs. Loads of diving headbutts, but the Enziguri Kick scores the win at 2:35.

The Kwang squash gets chopped off the WWE.com version due to Sy Sperling calling into the show. Vince has been a regular Edward R. Murrow lately!

  • Earthquake vs. The Black Phantom

This dude calls himself black and he’s WHITE! So racist. Anyways, he has no chance. EARTHQUAKE SPLASH ends racism forever at 1:45.

Oh I see, we must make time for Shawn Michaels and Diesel. Stan Lane tries to get an interview with these two. Shawn’s just wearing a towel so he needs to put on the Intercontinental belt and his crosshair John Lennon sunglasses so that he looks more decent for TV. Why do you keep attacking Razor Ramon and ruining his matches? Any chance HBK gets to let Razor Ramon know that there’s only one IC champ, he will. Shawn says that when he defeats Razor at WrestleMania 10 in the ladder match and retrieves both belts, he’ll give Razor’s so-called bogus belt to Diesel because he’s earned it. What good is a bogus belt, Shawn? Enough talk, Sweet Stan. Diesel kindly escorts Lane out of the dressing room.

  • Men on a Mission (w/Oscar) vs. The Brooklyn Brawler & Steve Smyth

Vince thinks Men on a Mission would make a great fit showing up at the Grammy Awards. See though, when the kids would inevitably be asking who the Men on a Mission are, it would actually be a valid question. Mo and Mabel literally squash these two at 3:15.

Next week: There’s supposed to be an Undertaker sighting! Plus, Jeff Jarrett meets Virgil! Doink will be on the show! So will IRS! In other happenings, Tatanka has a special PowerPoint presentation to give. Wait, this is 1994. That can’t be right. Also, don’t forget about Owen Hart joining forces with Crush to battle the Smoking Gunns!



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