WWF: Monday Night Raw (02.26.96)

Monday Night Raw
February 26, 1996
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Gardens

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Bret Hart (11/19/1995)
Intercontinental Champion: Goldust (1/21/1996)
World Tag Team Champions: Vacant (2/15/1996)

A bikini-clad Sunny tells us that Monday Night Raw contains material too hot for some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Jerry Lawler.

  • Jake Roberts vs. Isaac Yankem DDS

Lawler does not want ANY snakes near him whatsoever. Back at the Rumble, Lawler got a little too close to the snake. Lots of pounding and choking from Yankem. That’s what she said, I know. DDS from Yankem gets blocked, but the DDT from Roberts does not. (3:32) Vince is really disappointed Jake doesn’t let the snake out of the bag. ¾*

Similar ‘coming soon’ montage for the Ultimate Warrior as last week, except this week kids are caught on camera asking for Roddy Piper to bring him back.

Did I just capture the perfect exemplification of the internet wrestling community in one screenshot?

  • Diesel vs. Bob Holly

Diesel about to destroy himself a race car driver. Knee lift, Side Slam, and the Bossman straddle. It’s not enough to put Holly away though. Holly fires back with a series of clotheslines and takes BDC down as we go into commercial. When we return, Diesel plants Holly with the JACKKNIFE for the win while he looks around for the Undertaker to appear. (3:15 shown) Diesel ain’t skeered of no Undertakers. As he starts to leave, we hear the BONG. The lights go out and when they come back on, Undertaker is standing in the ring! Diesel psyches himself up and starts to go after the Dead Man, but the lights go out again. When they come back, Diesel is in the ring and there’s no Undertaker. Wild stuff! The lights go out a THIRD time and the Undertaker has a message for Diesel on the video wall. Undertaker will play mind games if that’s where Diesel wants this to go. He’ll see Diesel at WrestleMania, for sure. ¾*

  • Ahmed Johnson vs. Shinobi

Shinobi – better known as Al Snow as a masked Japanese fellow – gets the Orient Express entrance music. This is the one and only Raw appearance of Shinobi as Al Snow soon takes on the “legendary” character of Leif Cassidy. Goldust joins us via telephone to cream over the thought of why WWF (interim) President Roddy Piper is called the Hot Rod. He looks forward for the invitation to play Piper’s bagpipes. Oh yeah, a match. Spinebuster and the PEARL RIVER PLUNGE ends Shinobi at 1:50.

Elsewhere, Mankind is found talking to his friend George the Rat about his mommy issues.

Let Us Take You Back: Superstars, 2/24/96. Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith defeated Hakushi and Barry Horowitz to advance in the WWF tag team titles tournament. This weekend, you’ll see the New Rockers against the Godwinns in another first round match.

In this very ring, Vince McMahon brings out the WrestleMania main eventers Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. They each respect the other, but Bret knows he’s better and Shawn knows he’s better. Bret actually gets a mixed reaction while the crowd loves Shawn. Out comes the WWF (interim) President Roddy Piper. He takes over for McMahon and sends him away. Piper tells the crowd not to boo a guy like Bret Hart, especially since he’s a three-time champion and once actually defeated a man named Roddy Piper. He goes on to say that he doesn’t want to see a cheap finish where somebody gets disqualified or we see some pulling of the tights. Anybody can have a lucky night and take the fall. With that said, Piper announces that the WrestleMania main event will be a 60-minute Iron Man match. At the end, Bret and Shawn shake hands and go their separate ways.

A camera tries to sneak into Camp Cornette’s dressing room, but Davey Boy and Owen make sure he exits immediately.

Really? These are the kind of ideas that you think will help you defeat WCW?

  • Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Yokozuna

Five bucks says Vader interferes for the DQ. Owen can’t handle Yoko to start, so DBS gets a try. Shoulderblocks fail and one too many leads to a big slam. However, Yoko misses a corner splash and turns around into a missile dropkick by Owen. While Cornette distracts ref Earl Hebner, Owen and Davey Boy dish out legdrops on the sumo man as we go into commercials. When we come back, more cheating by the heels. Owen flies off the top, but misses Yoko entirely. As Owen reaches over and tags Davey Boy, out comes Vader! I WAS RIGHT! You owe me five bucks. While Yoko puts the hurting on Davey Boy and Owen, Vader finally gets past Cornette and attacks Yokozuna for the DQ. (4:06 shown) Well, that leads to a three-on-one mudhole stomping until Ahmed Johnson and Jake Roberts make the save. Owen and Davey Boy get cleared of the ring, but Vader will take on both of them. He gets ready to throw down until Jake pulls out that darn snake as Camp Cornette decide its best to fight another day. ¾*

Once again regardless of the threat of legal action, we get another edition of Larry Fling Live with special guests the Huckster and the Nacho Man.

A little slim on the wrestling tonight, guys.

Next week: WWF champ Bret Hart battles Hunter Hearst Helmsley while Shawn Michaels takes on the 1-2-3 Kid.

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