The Good, Bad, Presentable, and Ugly: WWE Over the Limit 5.20.2012 Review

My wrestling writing career would prove the saying life goes around in circles. After writing almost everywhere a writer who writes about men in spandex fake wrestling each other, I am back where I started. I don’t know how long I will be here. It all depends, mainly on how many people comment on my reviews. So comment away.

In case you don’t know how this review works, I will quickly explain it:

On a PPV, I judge upon how good the matches are,  how good booking of the PPV is, and how good a segment or promo is if there is any. I put each match, segment or promo into categories and then afterwards give an overall grade for the PPV. The categories are good, which is something that’s obviously good. Presentable, which means almost good, but has flaws and/or something’s lacking. Bad, which is something that has major flaws and did not deserve to be on the show, although it’s still watch able to a point. And the ugly (also known as Russotarded), which is something that makes you want to crave your eyes out when you’re watching it due to the stupidity.

The Outcomes:

Christian wins People’s Battle Royal **

Kofi Kingston/R-Truth defeated Jack Swagger/ Dolph Ziggler: ** 1/2

Layla defeated Beth Phenoix * 3/4

Sheamus won the Fatal Fourway by pinning Jericho ***

Brodus Clay defeated Miz  1/2*

Christian defeated Cody Rhodes * 3/4

CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan *** 3/4

Ryback defeated Humico FTS

Johhny Ace defeated John Cena FTS

Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger/ Dolph Ziggler : Okay, this is the third time I’m writing a review for this match, so you now know how much my blood is pumping because of my work’s horrible internet connection. Aside from the announcer’s being a distraction because of them going off-topic and drifting, this was a solid formula tag match. Kingston and Ziggler have great chemistry and are always one-step of ahead of the audience when they’re doing back-to-back sequences. Kingston’s offense after Truth’s tag was very energetic and sucked the crowd into the match like a vacuum. It’s time to get Ziggler into a program that means something because he carries himself well and can bump like a pinball machine. At the very least, give him a lengthy feud for the IC or US title with an opponent that can go.

Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio: This was above my expectations, mainly because of the near-fall after near-fall finishing sequence. During the Kane feud, Randy Orton lost a lot of his momentum, but it seems like he regained it as he was the most over wrestler in this match. It will be interesting to see where Del Rio goes from here, because it seems like the WWE has lost a lot of confidence in him.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: A little below my expectations, but very good nonetheless. The back-and-forth action was top-notch, especially down the stretch. Futhermore, Daniel Bryan screaming YES! during moves is such epic characterization on his behalf. These two adapt to the WWE style well, but it still held them down. It also seemed as if they had another gear to shift into to do before the finish. Speaking of the finish, it felt a bit anti-climatic, but at least its going to set up a rematch between these two . Both wrestlers got the crowd on the edge of their seats due to their popularity and hard-work.  A great effort, but could’ve been better.

People’s Power Battle Royale: If you saw one Battle Royale, you’ve pretty much seen them all. This was a by-the-textbook battle royale. Nobody stood out or gave a great effort. But since the right person won, it served a purpose. I’m glad Christian is finally back after being out for so long and that he received a good pop when he won. It’s bizarre he’s facing Santino and not Cody Rhodes for the title because the royal seemed like the transformation from heel to babyface for Christian. I guess its a wait and see kind of thing. This should’ve been on Raw, though.

Diva’s Title Match: Better than expected. Beth Phenoix is arguably the best worker on the roster besides Kong when it comes to women wrestlers and Layla is improving. People might be mad at me comparing this match to Sting vs. Vader, but it kind of followed that type of formula and thus was better than most diva matches since 2007.

Christian vs. Cody Rhodes: What a weird match. They don’t advertise any of this before the PPV. And then Christian wins and points to Santino, but ends up facing Rhodes for the title. I wonder if the WWE made a last minute change because of the reaction Christian got, which is weird because they booked Christian like a babyface. The match was okay, but I just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I’m glad Christian won, though.

 The Bad:

Brodus Clay defeats the Miz:  Okay, I’m sick and tired of wrestlers like the Miz dancing. I understand that Clay dances because of his character, but I’m sick of serious characters humiliating themselves by dancing. I also understand this was just a buffer match, but people don’t pay money to see unadvertised squash matches. The match was lengthy for a Clay match, but still was sub-par.

 The Ugly:

Ryback vs. Humico: Seriously, did we need two squash matches? Isn’t there enough TV time for these kind of matches? We really don’t need two buffer matches.

Johnny Ace vs. John Cena:  John Cena humiliating Johnny Ace was entertaining at first, because Johnny Ace is such a pompous douchebag, but it ran its course and just became overkill. I also cannot believe they actually went ahead and did the Big Show swerve after everyone predicted it to happen. It seemed like WWE likes being ahead of the curve and doesn’t like doing something the internet predicts. After all, a swerve isn’t really a swerve if everyone sees it. But they did it anyway. You see, some things are predictable but still good. For example, Andre The Giant losing to Hulk Hogan. Most people thought it was going to happen but also wanted it to happen. However, nobody wanted to see the Big Show turn heel. Hell, I don’t even think people want to see Big Show wrestling anymore. They could’ve easily went in a different direction and it could’ve worked easily. Both this match and finish just felt like a total rip-off. This wasn’t main event quality. Just a sour taste left in my mouth and I bet many others after this match. On top of that, it set up an inevitable match between Big Show and John Cena down the road. Doesn’t that sound awesome!?

1- Just a brutal PPV – one that makes you think of really cutting your eyes out for being so plain and completely awful.

2- It’s a step above one where at least you’re not finding yourself pulling the DVD out of your player and breaking it in half in sheer anger at how bad the show you just watched turned out to be, yet you’re still pretty disappointed.

3- Maybe one good match or a couple decent ones, but everything else is pure crap. Nothing really good comes out of this PPV and the direction of the show was terribly wrong.

4- Bad PPV overall, but a couple good matches that aren’t good enough to save the show as a whole.

5- Not-so-good PPV, but still passable. There’s good stuff on it, but nothing to really make you watch it twice.

6- Decent PPV. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night, but nothing all that memorable either.

7- A good solid show. Nothing that will blow you away, but enough to like to make the PPV enjoyable.

8- A great PPV. Definitely worth your time and money and a show that you might want to watch again.

9- An outstanding PPV that is worth every dime you spent. Not only great matches, but includes a MOTYC. It’s what you would consider an awesome PPV.

10- Absolutely perfect PPV with no conceivable flaws.

Final Grade: 6. Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk is something you should attempt to see if you didn’t see it already and the tag match and WHW were solid. The rest ranges from decent to horrible. Christian vs. Rhodes was technically sound but simply boring, the squash matches weren’t necessary, the divas match was good for diva standards but that’s not saying much, and the main event was pure wrestle crap. Despite its flaws, I’d still call this PPV average. And that is better than I thought it would be and pretty damn good for a throwaway PPV. So yes, you could say this PPV overachieved.


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  1. This website really feels like it needs some publicity.

  2. I was kind of hoping for a debut or a return of someone other than Big Show. To be honest, I didn’t even notice he wasn’t on the card until he came out from the curtains.

    Overall, the show was better than it should have been, and they’re obviously leading into a big blow-off match between Punk and Danielson, so things can’t be that bad…

  3. Interesting view with the grading scale, and I really want to see the Bryan/Punk match now. And what was with Christian pointing at Santino and then battling Cody? Weird thing there. I’m surprised at everyone’s appreciation of the tag match that I was sure would fail terribly strictly because of R-Truth and Jack Swagger. So Big Show giving Big Johnny to Cena will only make Johnny mad and Big Show punching Cena will only make Cena mad so this is pretty much an idiotic move. He should’ve either helped Cena or helped Johnny. And why wouldn’t he just help Cena so as to get Johnny fired? *sigh*

  4. At the Wwe over the limit John cena kick’s John lorenidus ass and shut his mouth for ever……….

  5. Great review! I saw this show and I am in 100% agreement with your overall score. Punk vs Bryan was good but I was expecting it to be great

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