WWE: Monday Night Raw (05.30.94)


Monday Night Raw
May 30, 1994
Youngstown, OH
Struthers Fieldhouse

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Bret Hart (3/20/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Diesel (4/30/1994)
World Tag Team Champions: The Headshrinkers (5/2/1994)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Randy Savage.

  • Tatanka (w/Chief Jay Strongbow) vs. Crush (w/Mr. Fuji) – KOTR Qualifying Match

This is the final KOTR qualifier. Crush subs for Jimmy Del Ray here. No idea what the legit reason is, but the kayfabe reason given is that there was some money must have changed hands between Fuji and Cornette. It’s a weird booking decision because if you didn’t believe Del Ray could beat Tatanka, why would you believe Crush would win since it was already announced he would be in a WWF tag team titles match with Yokozuna against the Headshrinkers? Unless Fuji was to get someone else to sub for Crush in the tag titles match, that would mean there could be a possibility of FOUR Crush matches in one PPV. That would have made KOTR 1995 look pretty good by comparison. With Chief Jay Strongbow comes a mention of the 1994 Hall of Fame class. Back in these days, the Hall of Fame ceremonies took place in conjunction with the King of the Ring PPV. Vince lists off the whole class except for James Dudley.

Okay, the match. Tatanka hits a crossbody block as he wants the quick pin. That only gets two. Crush teases the test of strength and goes heel on Tatanka, but then Tatanka fires back with clotheslines to send him out to the floor. Back in, Crush shoulder butts Tatanka through the ropes, and starts choking away. Tatanka avoids a corner charge and hits a flying clotheslines for two. For some reason, Strongbow starts walking over to Fuji, who isn’t doing anything but standing there. Tatanka comes down and gets in between them only to turn around into a superkick from Crush. Gee, thanks Chief. Commercials! When we return, Crush has Tatanka in a bear hug. Before Tatanka can fight out, Crush drills him with a belly to belly suplex for two. Crush begins the turnbuckle smashes, which cues the GREAT INDIAN COMEBACK~! Turnbuckle smashes fail, but a club to the back doesn’t. Down goes Tatanka. Nevermind. Crush telegraphs a backdrop and takes a face slam. There’s a bunch of head chops including one from the top rope for 1-2-NO! Reverse neckbreaker scores another nearfall. Meanwhile, Fuji is at his dirty tricks again as he’s doing almost nothing. Vince acts like he’s jumping into the ring, but he’s just holding onto the middle rope. Here comes Strongbow over to chop him SLOWLY down to the floor. Crush inverted atomic drops Tatanka to slow him down so he can go get Strongbow, which then brings Tatanka out as we get a double-countout. (7:08 shown) The fight continues and even a bunch of refs can’t break it up before the break. Now the question is what will Jack Tunney decide to do here? ¾*

Let Us Take You Back: WWF Superstars, 5/28/94. Ted DiBiase visits a funeral home. Apparently, it smells like money in there, because the Undertaker soon will once again become property of the Million Dollar Man.

  • The 1-2-3 Kid vs. George South

Lots of the Flintstones references on this show due in part to the huge success of the live-action flick that just debuted over the weekend. It was the highest-grossing Memorial Day weekend debut of its time with a WHOPPING $29.7 million dollars. Ahh, those were the days. Over the weekend, the Kid found his way into the KOTR tournament after defeating Adam Bomb. During their match, it sounds like Adam Bomb and Harvey Wippleman could soon be parting ways after Adam Bomb and Kwang got involved in a mix up over some green mist. In an interesting finish, Kid pins South with La Magistral cradle in 2:33. Savage calls the 1-2-3 Kid his new favorite wrestler.

It’s time for the King’s Court. Lawler brings out the WWF champ Bret Hart for another opportunity to make fun of his parents and remind him of what happened last year at the King of the Ring. Just when Bret has enough, Lawler introduces his other two guests – the WWF IC champ Diesel and Shawn Michaels. They will meet at the King of the Ring in a title VS. title match. Bret says that Diesel may be seven feet tall, but he’s never took on the best there is, was, or ever will be. Diesel responds with a promise to give Bret the VIP treatment at the King of the Ring – Very Intense Pain, that is. WHOAAA! Before you know it, Diesel attacks Bret and leaves him laying with the JACKKNIFE. Jerry Lawler joins Shawn Michaels to stomp the life out of Bret. It’s a fun time had by all.

  • The Smoking Gunns vs. Austin Steele & Reno Riggins

The Gunns looking good here as they hit Steele with their signature stuff. This is the part of the show Vince and Randy shill the things nobody really cares about. SIDEWINDER is all Austin Steele can take at 3:19.

Our favorite Todd Pettingell took down some notes after talking with WWF President Jack Tunney concerning his decision on what to do with Crush and Tatanka. There will be a rematch next week and it will be under lumberjack rules. He names some lower to mid-card guys who will be involved. Not sure why he needed a notepad for those details, but alright.

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Hammerick

YES, a squash with Chris Hammerick. Jarrett has his problems with Doink, but he’ll be in the KOTR facing off against the 1-2-3 Kid. After an armdrag and twist by Hammerick (who looks like a shorter version of Ricky Morton), Jarrett complains of hairpulling and gets the break. Hammerick reacts accordingly and does a great job. Imagine you’re a jobber and if wrestling is supposed to be perceived as real, you FINALLY get a move on a name guy and you got him right where you want him, but the ref is making you break the hold. Good stuff. Meanwhile, Vince and Randy send a shoutout to Arsenio Hall who just lost his talk show due to low ratings thanks to Jay Leno and David Letterman. In its cool five year run, the Arsenio Hall Show had many guests come on from the WWF including Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Randy Savage. Just Youtube them. Anyways, Hammerick takes a nice knee bump in the corner leading to the FIGURE-FOUR to finish at 3:53.

Before we go, Jerry Lawler describes next week’s guest on his King’s Court as Scottish, wears a dress, and a t-shirt with the words “Hot Rod” on it.

NEXT WEEK: Tatanka/Crush II: The Lumberjack Match!


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