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WWE – Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman
Released: 8/5/2014

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Disc 1:

Survivor: Heyman considers himself a survivor. He praises his parents as his mom was a Holocaust survivor while he calls his dad the most honest personal injury attorney ever. His mom was disappointed with his career choice, but his dad was proud.

Photographer: Heyman got hooked on wrestling one night watching a young Vince McMahon interviewing Superstar Billy Graham. He was mesmerized by Graham and decided he wanted to do that for a living. He was more interested in how and why things happen than the actual happening. He opened up a PO Box and sold movie posters through the mail at only age 11. At age 13, the business was thriving but all he thought about was wrestling. With his Bar Mitzvah money he bought a nice camera and printing press, took wrestling photographs, and published a newsletter. Larry Zbyszko mentions that Heyman was a regular at age 13 in an age where people on the outside didn’t look in. Heyman found out some info on Vince Sr.’s restaurant where he would meet with the media and fabricated a story to Capitol Wrestling how he promised him a media credential. Bill Apter recalls Heyman ruined many covers and photographs of his by getting aggressive taking pictures. He rubbed people the wrong way but three of the WWF’s famous managers (the three kings) took a liking to him: Lou Albano, Freddie Blassie, & The Grand Wizard. The Grand Wizard told Apter that Heyman had a future in wrestling. Heyman and Dusty tell a story on how Heyman went to a JCP show and snuck in a production meeting. Dusty called Heyman aside and Heyman was worried about his future being over, but Dusty let him sit in on the meetings. That was Heyman’s introduction to that side of the business.

Promoter: In 1985, Pro Wrestling USA (the failed JCP/AWA/Territories merger against WWF) was doing a Northeast Tour. Heyman was friends with Jimmy Garvin and decided to take him to the infamous Studio 54 for a photoshoot. As fate would have it while they were there the photographer of the Studio got fired and Heyman volunteered himself for the job and got it and started the next day. He eventually worked his way up to a promoter for the Studio and hosted a wrestling party. He wanted to present Hulk Hogan an award there but WWF was on the West Coast. However JCP was in Philly and Crockett arraigned for Ric Flair, Dusty, Rhodes, and Magnum TA to be there, as well as a young rookie friend of Heymans named Bam Bam Bigelow. It was Heymans first ever event promoted and was a huge success.

Manager: In April 1986, Studio 54 goes out of business. Heyman still had 3 national magazines and doing commentary for indy shows. At the encouragement of Bam Bam Bigelow he decided to become a manager. He named himself Paul E. Dangerously as a joke after Michael Keaton’s character in the movie Johnny Dangerously as he felt he looked like Keaton at the time. Bigelow loved it and the name stuck. He first managed a team called The Motor City Madmen in the indies. He got booked a lot due to his press credentials giving the indies coverage in the magazines. He caught the eye of Kevin Sullivan who brought him to Florida in 1987. We see Heymans debut there in February 1987 introducing a new wrestler named Tombstone.

Memphis: Shortly thereafter Florida is bought out by Crockett and Heyman is out of a job. However, Bigelow was in Memphis and brought him in a month later. We get MEMPHIS FOOTAGE of Heyman promos. Heyman said being from New York he didn’t get along with anyone down there from Day 1. Jerry Lawler said it was easy for the Memphis fans to hate Heyman so he paired them with their 2 top heels in Austin Idol and Tommy Rich. We take a look at the infamous Idol & Rich vs Lawler feud. Lawler and Heyman put over how great the feud was for Memphis. They got national publicity in an infamous moment by shaving Jerry Lawler’s head. Lawler said even at a young age Heyman thought he was God’s gift to the wrestling business. He didn’t like Heyman and wanted to part ways with him as soon as possible, but knew he had a bright future ahead of him.

AWA: In the Summer of 1987, Heyman arrived in the AWA. After watching Wall Street he found his gimmick of the (VINTAGE) cell phone to use for connections and to bash people over the head with. They let him tape multiple promos a day so he was all over their show every episode. He left the AWA for Alabama where he was an assistant to Eddie Gilbert and also helped run an indy called Windy City Wrestling.

WCW: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard jumped from the NWA to the WWF and Dusty needed a new tag team. Dusty paired Heyman with his old AWA tag team The Original Midnight Express to feud with Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express. We get a look at their debut attacking the Midnight Express and Cornette on World Championship Wrestling. We get clips of the Midnight Express vs Original Midnight Express feud. His time in WCW wasn’t the best due to the ever changing management. He went from managing the Midnight Express to the Samoan Swat Team and then was fired by Ric Flair. JR saw promise in Heyman and took him under his wing. He said he could make the Pope mad. Heyman said he learned a lot of things from Blassie, Grand Wizard, Austin Idol, and Dennis Condrey but he learned the most about performance in wrestling from Jim Ross. JR compared him to a troubled, but talented student a prodigy. JR said his issues wasn’t that he was wrong, but abrasive. He got suspended by WCW and they wanted him to sit out his contract. In the meantime WCW’s house show business was struggling and they got a big addition in Rick Rude. Jim Crockett came up with the idea to make a Horsemen like stable with Rude as Flair, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, and Bobby Eaton. He wanted Heyman as the JJ Dillon manager role and Madusa as the Baby Doll valet role and formed the Dangerous Alliance. Heyman pitched one more guy for the group as they needed a young guy and the future of wrestling: Steve Austin. Heyman took Austin under his wing. Heyman calls the Dangerous Alliance his star making moment and that his opportunities with ECW would have never happened without the group. The faction got a lot of TV time and coverage within WCW. As great as the Dangerous Alliance was they were short lived and Heyman got fired from WCW in early 1993. He sued them but still can’t talk about it 21 years later as he won a large sum of money. He said he wants to talk about it but would get sued so ask JR. JR said his father being a personal injury attorney rubbed off on him and he was being very argumentative and got dismissed. Heyman said he hated them and vice versa which is a perfect recipe to say goodbye.

ECW: The WCW ordeal made him want to leave wrestling at age 27. He signed with William Morris Agency to do a radio show opposite Howard Stern. At the same time, Jim Crockett’s no compete clause with Turner expired and was looking to start his own promotion again and wanted Heyman to run it. Crockett motivated him back in the business by saying if he had a new vision for wrestling he needed to do it from the inside, not the outside. Eddie Gilbert was booking for an indy that got on TV named Eastern Championship Wrestling. Heyman as a favor to Eddie did some managing and helped guys for promos for a brief time. ECW owner Todd Gordon believed Heyman would be there for a show or 2 but Eddie Gilbert had his demons and left and gave the book to Heyman. Heyman hated the cartoon characters of WCW and ECW and decided to make new stars. Indies used ex WWF and WCW stars but they were overpaid and lousy at times so Heyman decided to create their own stars for the company like The Sandman, Taz, and Tommy Dreamer. He completely evolved them as characters. RVD and Raven put over Heyman as a talent evaluator. Todd Gordon called ECW became the anti-establishment, R-Rated movie in wrestling. Instead of cartoon wrestling, ECW became hardcore. Heyman saw how popular rap music was getting and used it for his shows to show how new and hip they were. Raven talks about how Heyman would motivate the talent and lied to them, but would never would lie to the fans. Gabe Sapolsky talks about how Heyman made the ECW fans feel like they were part of the show.

Team Mentality: ECW had a team mentality, a US vs the World in the wrestling business. Vince McMahon appreciated it and took a liking to ECW comparing it to himself back in the 1980s. Stephanie McMahon says Vince and Heyman constantly had long private conversations on the phone. JR said there was a bit of a working relationship between the 2 companies. Heyman shoots down the rumor he was on the WWF’s payroll. In September 1996, a WWF/ECW talent trade of Brakkus, Droz, and Al Snow for Terry Gordy, Furnas & Lafon, & 2 Cold Scorpio. WWF paid for the talent sent to ECW and also $1000 a week to the company to cover the lost money from Tommy Boy Records sponsorship of 2 Cold Scorpio. Heyman said he never pocketed any money that came from WWF or ECW. Joey Styles mentions how the talent thought they were working WITH Paul not for Paul. We get a lot of neat behind of scenes ECW footage on Heyman talking with talent and working on them with promos. Tommy Dreamer talks about how it was unheard of for Heyman to take a 23 year old wrestler like him to assist on creative and production. ECW Director Ron Buffone and Dreamer tell a story on how they were editing a show and Heyman was sound asleep snoring and woke up during a stumble in the match not by seeing it but by hearing the sound.

Rebels: ECW kept getting sued but Heyman found ways around it and said it wasn’t because his dad was an attorney. The wrestlers took on roles such as designing t-shirts, booking shows and running a wrestling school. Ron Buffone tells a story on how Heyman fired his own MOM who was in charge of merchandise because he felt it wasn’t run right. ECW was rapidly growing fast but while Heyman was well off he needed investors of the company and he only had his parents. They couldn’t get big name guys or sponsorships because they were the counterculture. Todd Gordon talks about how Paul lied on TV spots and ads. Joey Styles said ECW lasted as long as they did due to Paul’s creativity. His business side was awful and didn’t hire financial people till near the end of the company’s run when the damage was already done. RVD believes the true Paul Heyman guys hold a special bond with each other. Dreamer says Heyman owed him $65k and Paul would give him a $22k check but ask for $7k just so he could owe him an even $50k. Raven says you could want to to kill Heyman and then five minutes later think he’s the greatest guy in the world. RVD mentions how Paul always flew guys out on bereavement leave for plane tickets at times. Dreamer says at times many of the guys worked for free. Heyman defended himself saying he didn’t reap the benefits because his savings and parents were on the line. He says that the guys could leave, but not him. Dreamer criticizes the ECW wrestlers still bitter at Heyman. Heyman says every day ECW survived was a miracle. Joey Styles and Ron Buffone talked about how hands off Heyman was at the end of ECW and that Tommy Dreamer was running things. Joey said he was mentally and physically burned out but has to give him credit for it. Heyman thought ECW would never die and got that mentality through his mom being a Holocaust survivor. Heyman mentions how ticket and merch sales were great, their DVD deal which was the first for a wrestling company, and their video game sold well. However they couldn’t secure a TV deal. USA Network rejected them because they had just lost #1 in WWE and didn’t want to settle for less. Turner had decided not to carry wrestling altogether. Fox offered them a deal for an afternoon show, but Heyman knew it wasn’t the best deal financially. The PPV revenue was held up until the next PPV happened but he needed that money to put on the next PPV. Heyman said they were too big to be small and too small to be big and it was over.

Commentator: Tommy Dreamer was devastated when Heyman informed him he was going to the WWE to be the new commentator to replace Jerry Lawler. Joey defends Heyman’s decision to appear on RAW without telling the ECW roster. JR thought Heyman and Vince were combustible and had to evolve. Steph mentions how Vince hated Heyman yelling and talking too much on commentary. Heyman would intentionally harass JR which legit made him upset. JR said that he became a good communicator backstage and Taz told Heyman to take newcomer Brock Lesnar under his wing as he was giving bad advice. Heyman made suggestions to Vince on Brock that he liked so much that he decided to make Heyman Brock’s mouthpiece and manager. Brock praises Heyman for leading him in the right direction and giving him self-confidence.

Writer: Heyman became the head writer of Smackdown which was WWE’s B Show (or bitch show) in 2002 when Vince did the RAW/Smackdown Brand Extension to give WWE  competition from within. Edge gives Heyman credit for launching his singles career. Heyman loved how he elevated new guys (The Smackdown Six) while keeping top stars like Brock, Undertaker, and Hulk Hogan. Edge talks about what he learned especially being an actor now is how guys needed to be prepared or motivated in different ways and Paul was great at that. JR said Michael Cole and Taz were driven crazy by Heymans idea’s during sound bites and spent longer hours under his direction than they were used to. Heyman called his Smackdown writing stint the most creative in his career because he wasn’t the boss and still excelled. He brings up how Smackdown beat RAW in ratings, ticket sales, and merch sales of stars during that span with a chart to illustrate (July 8th 2002-February 27th 2003). Heyman says there was a lot of people within the company that didn’t like it. Big Show said he sat in on some production meetings and noticed how Heyman would always tick Vince off. Heyman said corporate wise and diplomatically he was immature despite Smackdown’s success. Steph said he was the only writer suspended without pay ever.

OVW: Heyman’s WWE deal was iron clad for 5 years. Vince told him it was better for him to pee in the castle inside than be peeing outside at the castle. They felt he could make an impact developmental wise and sent him to OVW. Heyman got to develop talent who welcomed him with open arms. CM Punk and Beth Phoenix praise Heyman for molding them into the big time. Punk admits that he helped Heyman write OVW TV one night and gave him honest advice. Heyman said Punk was the fastest ever to learn how to run and book a show and he was even learning things from Punk. Dreamer mentions how great OVW TV was during Heymans run and how many guys were brought up (clips of Punk, Beth Phoenix, and Mr. Kennedy) However he rubbed higher ups the wrong way again. Steph calls Heyman his own worst enemy. Beth defends Heyman saying he had an amazing track record with talent and credits him for changing the course of her career.

New ECW: Dreamer says that Vince hated Heyman by then but Shane McMahon wanted to do an ECW reunion show that wasn’t like the current WWE product. ECW One Night Stand was a huge success. Heyman said if One Night Stand was it then it would have been wonderful and awesome. Heyman reveals that in 2000 Shane McMahon almost legitimately purchased ECW for real as a springboard to run WWE one day. In 2006 Shane had an idea of resurrecting ECW as a low budget hardcore show online only. However they sent TV feelers and the SyFy Channel jumped at the opportunity to carry the ECW brand which still had value which meant corporate was now involved with the product. Joey Styles, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, and Big Show all bash WWE’s version of ECW on how it sucked. The product wasn’t bad overall, it was just nothing like the original ECW. Big Show says Heyman has more passion and courage over common sense. Heyman said the fallout was imminent and that’s what happened. Dreamer said ECW was like a child that you lose in a divorce and being raised different by the stepdad. RVD said all of their ideas were constantly rejected. Steph said Heyman couldn’t handle his ECW guys being rejected because he wasn’t the boss anymore and that he would get into the ears of the talent. Heyman said he and Vince’s blowup was so bad, you’d NEVER believe that he’d return to the company one day. He said he flipped out something awful and gives Vince credit for forgiving him eventually because it wasn’t pretty.

Businessman: Heyman tried to purchase MMA promotion Strikeforce but failed. He wrote Brock Lesnar’s book and started a new company with a partner Mitchell Stuart and did an online show called the Heyman Hustle. They started an advertising company called Looking For Larry. They were responsible for the Ultimate Warrior WWE 2k14 video game commercial. Heyman calls his cell phone his desk. Mitchell calls themselves social media badasses. Mitchell talks about a guy in their company named Michael that he wanted to get rid of but Heyman believed in him and he’s become one of their top guys after Heyman’s motivation.

Father: Punk said Heyman always said he was busy with meetings and all but he had also become a father in that span to two children Azelia & Jacob. Steph and Joey talk about how fatherhood changed Paul for the better. Heyman glows talking about his children and says they’ll be more extraordinary than he’ll ever be.

Return To WWE: Heyman would do stuff with Brock for UFC but then his career ended and Brock decided to return to WWE. Heyman said never on going back as there was too much baggage, but shortly thereafter was offered back with no baggage and water under the bridge. He loved working with Brock however and returned to WWE in May 2012. Heyman said he was better off from the five year break. Punk said he was stress free as he was strictly an on air talent instead of the backstage roles. Heyman says this run has been a blast and his children have enjoyed it. Dreamer mentioned how he found peace with Heyman after his classic promo to Vince on how a promoter always lies to survive. JR says he has the best verbal skills in the business today. Brock says Heyman is more confident and intelligent. Punk said he wouldn’t be here today if he didn’t work with Heyman (which he walked out very shortly after this interview and sounds like if not with the Heyman angle would have sooner) Heyman has mentored talent behind the scenes. Natalya says she views Heyman as an uncle and always seeks advice even if its outside the ring. Bray Wyatt says Paul’s gift to the world is his ability to mentally penetrate. Renee Young even seeks advice from Heyman on the art of interviewing. Heyman says you learn from experience on what not to do, but it’s the passion to go with reckless abandon that you can create something to nothing, to innovate, to take it to the EXTREME and he gets to work of a whole roster full of talent to help and learn and he’s the lucky one. He talks about working with Austin, Foley, Punk at a young age and now can pass it on to the next generation daily. He feels very blessed and says this current roster is very talented than he’ll ever be.

Embracing The Moment: Foley calls him a chameleon. He’s different today from AWA, WCW, ECW, and even his first WWE stint. He changes ahead of the times which is why Joey calls him the greatest manager of all time and still gets booed today even by a new generation of fans. Natalya calls him the all-time greatest villain. Steph praises Heyman for living his dream. She thinks he’s not a genius, but some of his ideas are. Bill Apter says Heyman today still has the same glow as he did as a photographer over 30 years ago. Punk says he seen a pic of a 14 year old Heyman with Bruno and he’s smiling and has the same smile today. Mitchell says Heyman learned from his mom to embrace his ideas. Big Show said he cared and helped the business and talent. Foley says so many people are better off by knowing Heyman as he brought out the best in him. Heyman closes by saying he’s had the time of his life but the measure of himself is how his children turn out they’re his legacy, everything else is fun.


Paul E Is Always In Contact- AWA Championship Wrestling August 1987

Paul E says everyone in the AWA is out of touch but he’s in touch. Paris, London, Rome because he always has his phone with him in bed and in the shower.

Pink Suspenders- AWA Superstars August 1987

Paul E says he has letters day in day out about the Midnight Express and quit writing to Al DeRusha (AWA Director) telling him to leave his phone at home. He is asked about his pink suspenders which he got as a gift from someone adorable (Adrian Adonis). He’s not here to make anyone happy but himself. He says he’s taken over the place and the Dangerous Alliance is here to stay.

I’ll Be Johnny Carson- AWA Championship Wrestling August 1987

Paul E. says the Flower Shop was the best talk show on TV but Adrian Adonis doesn’t want to be a cartoon character or on movie posters. He just wants to kick some butt. He’s the manager of Adrian Adonis and he’s going lead him to the AWA Championship or 2 on 1 for the AWA tag team championship then face off with Midnight Express where he gets the winner’s purse and the loser’s purse.

Danger Zone With Ted E. Bear- AWA Championship Wrestling September 1987

Paul E. says his Danger Zone is better than Pipers Pit as Adrian Adonis took care of him. We go to a clip where Paul Interviews a Teddy Bear and answers letters. Ted E Bear is his favorite guest ever because he doesn’t talk back to him. He once again is asked about the phone. He said his favorite song is “Reach Out and Touch Someone” and bashes the teddy bear with the phone.

You Want To Be A Cartoon? AWA All Star Wrestling September 1987

Paul E said he’s asked why he can’t say anything nice about the AWA. Because he doesn’t listen to anyone because you KNOW AWA is the major league. If you want to be a cartoon go elsewhere if you want to kick butt go to the major league. He said no manager has ever had a lengthy run of dominance in the AWA and makes fun of Sheik-Al-Kassie & Sherri Martel. He’s going to the top with Adrian Adonis & The Midnight Express.

If Excitement Had A Name- AWA Superstars September 1987

Paul E bashes Bobby Heenan saying why did the Brain run. We had the Arab (Al-Kassie) and he got suspended. The broad (Sherri Martel) got suspended as well. He’s going to accomplish what Verne Gagne, Nick Bockwinkel, and the managers have never done with the Dangerous Alliance.

More Publicity- AWA Championship Wrestling September 1987

The AWA is on ESPN and he’s on all the magazines nationwide. He’s had more publicity than any rookie in wrestling history. He only started managing in January. He says the rookie wrestler and manager should be the same thing and says he’s the rookie of the year. He declares himself the hottest rookie ever and the talk of wrestling mags and publications. He brags about shaving Jerry Lawler’s head and the Dangerous Alliance

Adrian Adonis- AWA All Star Wrestling October 1987

We show a flashback photo from 1982 of a young Paul Heyman and Adrian Adonis. It’s crazy how different each guy looked just 5 years later. Paul says back then he wanted to manage Adrian in New York but he was too young so he got through wrestling publications and dominated 1987 in Florida and Memphis and finally convinced Adrian to manage him after getting the Midnight Express. He blasts his former client Tommy Rich and calls him garbage.

Definition Of Pro Wrestling- AWA Superstars November 1987

The definition of pro wrestling isn’t mayhem or technique but excitement and that’s what the E in Paul E. Dangerously stands for. He puts over the Dangerous Alliance as the most exciting thing and does imitations of Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, and Ric Flair. He says just because your bad doesn’t mean you’re exciting. He says Adrian Adonis got rid of Roddy Piper in wrestling and the AWA’s stars Greg Gagne, Wahoo McDaniel, Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkel doesn’t excite him but the Dangerous Alliance does and that’s the name of excitement.

The Sequel- NWA Pro Wrestling October 1988

Bob Caudle calls Paul E. out for claiming the Original Midnight Express are the real Midnight Express. Paul E says the fans look up to the Midnight Express and call them heroes for standing up to the Road Warriors and call them the real Midnight Express. Paul says the history books show HE has the original Midnight Express and Cornette’s guys are the sequel and they couldn’t even hold the tag team championship for very long. He’s the judge and jury to them for stealing their name. Paul E. said they laid them out in 30 seconds. He tells Cornette he had a great five years but he’s here to claim the name and drive them out of wrestling.

Nobody Wanted Paul E- NWA World Championship Wrestling November 1988

Paul E. says the people have already made their decision and the NWA didn’t want him and the Original Midnight Express in the company. They say we got the Midnight Express in Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton, and Stan Lane, but he has the original Midnight Express in Loverboy Dennis and Ravishing Randy. For 18 months he said Condrey carried Jim Cornette and Bobby Eaton but recently it was the paramedics that carried them OUT.

Louisville Slugger- NWA Pro Wrestling December 1988

Jim Cornette interview segment with Paul E. Paul E calls him the Don Rickles of wrestling; a funny guy. But they laid him out and replacing not only the Midnight Express but the Louisville Slugger segment with The Danger Zone. Cornette lays out Heyman but the Original Midnight Express make the save for a 3 on 1 advantage. As Paul E. is ready to hit Cornette over the head with his cell phone Eaton and Lane make the save for a brawl between the 2 teams.

The Year Of Paul E. Dangerously- NWA World Championship Wrestling January 1989

You wonder why the ratings are up and they moved it to primetime at 7 PM? Because of Paul E. Dangerously and the Midnight Express. They want to see Sting vs Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bunkhouse Battle Royal is exciting too. What does the NWA have in store for 1989? Paul E. doesn’t see Sting, Junkyard Dog, or Rick Steiner out here he sees Paul E. Dangerously. He brought in the Original Midnight Express to attack Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express right here on TBS. Cornette needed the stitches and got hurt. It wasn’t Ric Flair, Sting, or any so called heroes ripping their shirts off their body and flexing like an idiot (an obvious shot at Hogan). 1989 is going to be the year of Living Dangerously. You’re going to see his Midnight Express are the only ones, the real product. He’s going to beat Cornette within an inch of his life, and the next time perhaps give him the whole inch.

The Danger Zone With Ric Flair- NWA World Championship Wrestling March 1989

“Secret Service” Jack Victory stands by as the body guard in case Paul E’s guest can’t handle the tough questions. Before Paul E brings out his guest, he takes a quick cheapshot at Brother Love for those of us who are listening. His first ever guest is none other than Nature Boy Ric Flair! Paul E still calls Flair the champ. Flair says he’s going to make a statement with a match next week! Paul E says he doesn’t want his son to grow up in a world where Ricky Steamboat is the champ, only Ric Flair. So when will he get a rematch? Well, Flair just guarantees that Steamboat’s title reign will be the shortest ever. WOO!

I’m So Handsome- NWA Main Event March 1989

JR calls Paul E the ”Paul Schaffer” of Wrestling Cohosts. Paul E. says he’ll be next in line like Randy Rose and Tom Landry of Wrestling (fired). JR says he’s locked in long term (1993 a different story though) JR says he’s not welcome back in the Lone Star State after his Landry comments. Paul E says he can go anywhere he wants as the Samoan Swat Team and ”Secret Service” Jack Victory will be smacking people out of his way.

I Don’t Have Wrestlers, I Have Animals- NWA World Wide Wrestling March 1989

Paul E calls out The Fantastics, The Road Warriors, & The Midnight Express because he doesn’t have wrestlers, he has animals in the Swat Team. Paul E threatens Jim Cornette as they don’t care about win lose or draw but to pay dues and vengeance.

Ding Dong Who Is It? NWA Main Event July 1989

The title of the promos is all Paul E showing his inner Abbott & Costello as JR hypes a Ding Dongs match.

The Era Of The Dangerous Alliance-
NWA World Championship Wrestling September 1989

Paul E says he’s the most paranoid man in wrestling. He lives in a world where people burn the flag of their own country. The suits at TBS worry about Paul E. without the Samoan Swat Team. One way or another this is going to be the year of Living Dangerously – the era of the Dangerous Alliance. They’ll rule professional wrestling. The Dangerous Alliance is not through – not by a long shot! It’s alive and well, and he knows just the way he can make it happen and get it done. He would in two years.

Stings Doll- WCW Power Hour May 1991

Paul E plays with Scott Steiner and Sting action figures before being interrupted by Sting. Sting says he’s a tough wrestler and plays with dolls and proud of it! He warns Paul E never to touch his doll again.

Save Us From Captain Oklahoma: World Championship Wrestling November 1991

Paul E is back and he’s here to save us from Captain Oklahoma. He’s here to take control of the Board Of Directors and take control of this company to where they call him Paul E. Turner. There’s going to be a new United States Champion and his name is Ravishing Rick Rude!

The Dangerous Alliance: World Championship Wrestling November 1991

The formation of The Dangerous Alliance. Paul E said he had a big announcement for the Omni but he’s going to say it now since CNN wouldn’t cover it as breaking news. He calls it a hostile takeover. He brings out Rick Rude and Madusa. Heyman says they’ll take out what’s left of Sting at the Omni. Arn and Zbyszko got robbed of their tag team championships via bait and switch of partners and announce them as new members of the Dangerous Alliance. He announces another new member in TV Champion in Stunning Steve Austin. He says the plan to get rid of Sting involved not only him, Rude, Madusa and Lex Luger but the final member of the Dangerous Alliance: Bobby Eaton. Paul E says everyone’s sweating now and declares Zbyszko The Cruncher for shutting Barry Windham’s hand in the car door. Arn talks about he and Eaton’s tag team pedigree and are going to take the belts but are interrupted by Ricky Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes. Steamboat says if you want the belts to come and get em!

The Paul E Awards: WCW Worldwide Wrestling February 1992

Forget the Oscars, The Emmys, The Tonys, or the WCW year-end awards, it’s time for the most prestigious awards out there: the Paul E Awards!

The categories and winners are…

TV Wrestler Of The Year: Stunning Steve Austin

Hannibal Lecter (Sickest Man In WCW): Larry Zbyszko

Tag Team Of The Year: Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton

Wrestler Of The Year: Ravishing Rick Rude

Paul E. Then nominates himself to sit on the Board Of Directors at WCW.

The Ultimatum Is At Hand WCW Pro Wrestling April 1992

Paul E. has a message for WCW President K. Allen Frey. He wanted a spot on the WCW board of directors and was fired for it. Six months later, he’s back with The Dangerous Alliance. Rick Rude is the US Champion and next World Champion, Eaton & Arn are showing the Steiners what wrestling is all about, Austin is still the TV Champion, and Zbyszko is still crunching people. He warns that if he doesn’t get the spot, that there will be worse attacks than what happened to Sting and Ricky Steamboat, that they can’t prove he’s the ninja, and that the blood spilled will be under his watch.

A New Dangerous Alliance: ECW Hardcore TV October 1993

Joey Styles wants the scoop on Sabu and his suspension from the NWA. Paul E says he’s going to shock ECW, NWA, and the entire wrestling world. He announces to Joey Styles he is leaving the announce booth to get back into managing and reforming the Dangerous Alliance. He says the New York Wannabes in Philly will get on their hands and knees and thank him for the sports oriented violence on TV and for bringing the Dangerous Alliance to the NWA.

WCW Wants Sabu: ECW Hardcore TV June 1994

Paul E says they have targets with his face on them all over the CNN Center. For the past 9 months, WCW has hated his guts. They want Sabu and they can’t have him as long as he’s breathing. He calls Sabu the craziest athlete in all of sports and fighting. WCW wants Sabu because he flips and dives on our TV show, but that darn Paul E Dangerously is always in the way. In the Sabu/Cactus Jack dream matchup he wants to cost Ted Turner more money and have Cactus Jack’s severed ear to be the only healthy thing about him as it would ruin the Clash, TV shows, and the WCW tag team championship. Sabu has a title but it means more than a belt. He’s the most homicidal, suicidal, genocidal athlete. He warns Cactus Jack that Sabu is the heir to his throne and knocking on his door. Sabu can replace him in WCW if he wants a raise and his job security is on the line. Paul E says we all have our motives in this dream match and see you at the ECW Arena Cactus Jack. Bang Bang!

Wrestler & Violence ECW Hardcore TV July 1994

Paul E. talks about the future of pro wrestling. World’s largest and most successful wrestling promoter is in federal court. Terry Funk at 50 years old will tell ya that wrestling has evolved into 2 groups the natural talent the wrestler the athlete like Shane Douglas or the violent concept like Sabu. The future of pro wrestling is Sabu and Shane Douglas you’ll find out Saturday even if they have to OJ Simpson his a$$

Winds Of Change: ECW Hardcore TV November 1994

Paul E says the wind of change is in the air in professional wrestling. He mentions how he mentioned the Dangerous Alliance, The Midnight Express, Tommy Rich, and Austin Idol and how at a time he’d love to pay a ticket to watch or manage the Malenko Brothers. But he has a different vision of wrestling now with Sabu & The Tazmaniac. Neither man has a fear and no 2 equals. Paul E mentions Sabu’s past injuries including the broken neck suffered 2 weeks before by Chris Benoit. The Tazmaniac is like he’s back home on the island. He compares him to a strong storm in the island that brings down the village and erupts the volcano. He’s red hot like lava. The E in Paul E Dangerously stands for EXTREME!!!!!

Cash Rules Everything: ECW Hardcore TV December 1994

Paul E says he just has to dial 911 on his phone to eliminate any 1 or 2 men and can make it 3 if Jason and his Pitbulls want it. Paul E says people blame movies and TV on violence today they blame it on society. How a jury could acquit John Wayne Bobbitt’s wife for her actions (cutting off his manhood) Paul E says cash rules everything around you and if you want the dollar bills you got to get through Taz and The Tazmaniac and not even the best tag team in wrestling today The Public Enemy can handle what they’re going to bring to them, violence.

Best Damn Wrestling On TV: ECW Hardcore TV January 1995

Paul E says the fans stood in unison and chanted the 3 letters that mean the most not NHL or MLB but ECW. While the fans chanted E C W E C W Paul feels they didn’t earn it because they paid to see The Public Enemy get their asses kicked. At the ECW Arena Saturday it’s going to be Taz, Sabu and 911 vs The Public Enemy, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit and promises it will be the best damn wrestling on TV and if you’re not and you come you will become a fan so they’ll kick their asses and get your money’s worth and earned. You can’t go to a hockey game or even watch a baseball game. Its ECW.

There Ain’t No Organization Like ECW: ECW February 1996

Paul E points out that TV cameras from A Current Affair are there. Paul E says they’ll never get laid by Deborah Norville (the TV host) He mentions that the WWF and WCW have said that ECW isn’t good enough for PPV. Paul tells A Current Affair that there’s going to be PPV and wants a positive piece on them because as a New Yorker he doesn’t like as there ain’t no organization like ECW. He praises Tommy Dreamer for impregnating Beulah McGullicutty. He asks do you want to see a WWF or WCW show which the fans say nooooooo. But are here to say ECW to cheers and chants (I wonder if Scott Hall got the survey idea from that?)

ECW Comes To Pay-Per-View ECW February 1997

Paul E. Todd Gordon and the entire ECW roster comes out for a big announcement. The dream has come true and the fans already know what it’s about. Paul E praises the roster, the fans, Tod Gordon, and Joey Styles. The big announcement is on April 13th 1997 ECW will have their first PPV Barely Legal with the much anticipated main event of Sabu vs Taz. Thank you Paul chants erupt. A long, great segment that I’m surprised hasn’t made a home video set prior to this release.

We Cleared Cablevision- ECW March 1998

11 Months ago ECW aired their first PPV which was cleared in many areas of the country but most of New York. The letters and the e-mails and phone calls happened and Time Warner decided to air the PPV. Paul says the revolution still was ongoing and called out the guys with small brains like Vince McMahon saying ECW is too violent and too sexual. The ECW fans are a family and stood up for their 1st Amendment rights. They did something that the WWF fans are not loyal to do, that the WCW fans don’t give a crap enough about their product to do, Led a revolution and for that they cleared Cablevision! He said the WWF doesn’t personally acknowledge a fan and that Bischoff (censored) but says hey he didn’t say he banged DDP’s wife. He gives Bischoff the finger. Paul E praises and hugs a black guy named Tony who speared the movement. Tony is in tears and Paul E says he feels like Oprah. If you’ve seen the recent Barbed Wire City documentary Tony is interviewed and featured on it if you want more of the story of the movement. Paul E said he isn’t giving them a lousy t-shirt, Wrestlepalooza discounted tickets, or a polaroid of a guy’s fat ass. Heyman gets into it with a fan but some of it is censored. He said he’s going to give each and every one of us Head.

The Card Has Changed- ECW Guilty As Charged January 1999

Paul E tells the fans the truth, the card has changed. Masato Tanaka couldn’t make it from Japan to challenge RVD for the TV Championship and Jerry Lynn has a injured pelvis and not 100 percent and will not be on the card. However the guys care about ECW and will give you your bang for your buck and promises that they are GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!

The War Has Just Begun- ECW On TNN June 2000

Another famous Heyman promo. Heyman thanks the fans for watching ECW and you have to be a fan because TNN has done no promo for it. They’re giving Vince McMahon 100 million dollars for RAW like he needs it and they’re a publicly traded company. Heyman says it’s a shoot that they hate this stinking network and their guts. He dares them to throw him off the air and will break every rule in the book till they are. He says take that 100 million dollars for attorneys because the war has just begun.


Photo Of Vince Sr. & Andre: In 1980 Heyman wanted to meet Vince Sr. more than anyone because he was the boss and could hire him. He didn’t want to meet the characters but the guy running the show. Heyman had quality film that didn’t use a flash so he took pictures of Vince Sr. and Andre talking together to give to Vince Sr. He approached him and introduced him but the security guards dragged him away. However Vince opened up the envelope and liked the pictures. Howard Finkel asked him could he take pictures to use at MSG every month for their programs and paid they him $50 a month for transportation costs. They thought he was in college yet he was only 15 years old!

Riding In Blassie’s Car: Freddie Blassie screwed up his dates for the Allentown TV tapings and had to go back home to get his stuff for the trip. Heyman lived along the way and Blassie offered to give him a ride home. Heyman talks about how awful a driver Blassie is and was getting yelled at because he’s getting heat but Heyman said he’s nearly killing people. After driving alongside the guardrail Heyman had enough and asked him to pull over. Blassie revealed to him he had 80 percent sight in one eye, 20 percent in the other eye and didn’t have night vision. Heyman drove them home in the first time he ever drove. When they arrived at Heymans house Heymans dad and Blassie swapped war stories being fellow Navy Vets in World War II. Blassie gave major praise to his dad and said he’s a fine young man. Heyman was very happy and his dad was proud but then Blassie said ”Let me tell ya, he’s the worst driver” Heyman thought BUSTED.

Troubles In Memphis: You might have heard Lawler talk about this story on the Legends Of Wrestling Heatseekers Roundtable but this time we get both sides of the story. Heyman and Lawler talk about how they could still argue and fight over this nearly 30 years later. They were hyping up a scaffold match in Louisville where Lawler would toss Heyman off the scaffold. Heyman says the scaffold was high and dangerous only Bill Dundee wasn’t afraid. Heyman said he was afraid of heights and wouldn’t do it. Lawler says he wasn’t informed to the night of the show.  Lawler said he felt led on by Heyman and has never trusted him since. They compromised where Heyman ran up the Scaffold and ran down then halfway down was thrown off. A few nights later at a show in Arkansas they booked Heyman in a 6 man tag team match. During the match Lawler punched Heyman and broke his jaw on purpose. Heyman says to this day Lawler is proud of doing that.

The Mole: ECW was gearing up for more PPVs and had got their Barely Legal money in. Heyman said he didn’t get paid for it and thought Tod Gordon shouldn’t either. He said it was his fault and he was wrong for doing it. Gordon was offended that he didn’t receive a cut. Terry Taylor says behind Heymans back Tod Gordon was in contact of him for a ECW invasion of WCW. Gordon said the story is very overblown and there’s many versions of it. Dreamers says ECW would have been screwed over. Heyman got together his inner circle of wrestlers in Dreamer, Taz, and Bubba Ray. Heyman informed them there was a mole in the locker room planning for a mass exodus of ECW guys to WCW. He revealed Gordon’s behind it and named the guys that would likely jump ship or could be talked to it. Gordon said he did talk to Terry Taylor a few times but as favors of guys that wanted to jump ship or get more information. For example he got The Public Enemy more money in WCW than the WWF. Heyman hacked into Gordon’s cell phone and answering machine of messages of Gordon, Terry Taylor, Bill Alfonso, The Sandman, and Raven talking on getting the WCW deal done. Heyman gave a motivational speech painting Gordon as a mole and villain. Gordon said he loved all the guys in the company and had a vested interest in ECW succeeding not failing. He said the invasion is further from the truth. Heyman said despite that Gordon is vital for the launch and successes of ECW. They had a fight over it and Heyman won and Gordon left.

Borrowing Time: ECW had t-shirt, video game, and action figure deals but were losing their TV spot and hadn’t found a network yet. They lost those deals if they couldn’t find a network and the PPV companies were reluctant to give them their PPV money thinking ECW would file bankruptcy and settle for pennies on the dollars. Heyman got Vince to loan him half a million dollars to put on ECW Heatwave 2000 and that kept the company alive for 6 more months.

Conference Call: Heyman was fired as lead writer of Smackdown for listening in to a RAW conference call and lying about it. Steph said he needed to be honest about him and the lies and lack of trust got him canned. Heyman said the truth is when he got fired he didn’t listen in he was asleep and did it to get some rest or spend time with family while waiting for Smackdown conference calls. Heyman said a dead battery on his phone got him caught and was removed for listening to the call he never listened too. He then said it was competition and Vince would have listened in to a WCW conference call. HOWEVER Heyman admits he did listen to the previous 7 conference calls, just not the one he got fired on.

Paul Heyman Guy: CM Punk coined the term during his infamous pipe bomb promo. Dreamer calls himself the first Heyman Guy. Beth Phoenix says she’s a Heyman girl. The various personalities interviewed from Big Show, Tod Gordon, and Raven say they’re Heyman Guys. Mitchell Stuart says he’s not only a Heyman Guy but a Heyman Best Friend.  JR said he’s a Heyman Guy but for different reasons as he felt he helped Heyman out in his career. Mick Foley said people assume he’s on the fence but he’s really a Heyman Guy he just wouldn’t wear the Heyman Guy shirt. Jerry Lawler laughs and says he’s not a Heyman Guy. Steph says she’s not a Heyman Girl, but says she is a Heyman fan.

Paul Heyman DVD Teasers: The preview trailers Heyman posted of this set since January.

Stay tuned for discs two and three!

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