PDRMatt\SLACKAMANIA EXCLUSIVE: WWE – Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman Blu-Ray Set (Disc Two)


WWE – Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman
Released: 8/5/2014

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Disc 2:

Paul Heyman Hates Mr. McMahons Guts: Smackdown November 15th 2001

One of the all-time great promos not just from Heyman, but in wrestling history. If you haven’t seen it, then you have to see it for yourself.

Introducing The Next Big Thing: RAW April 8th 2002

Heyman and newcomer Brock Lesnar come out. Heyman says with Brock Lesnar we can do anything we damn well please. He wants to entertain us with historical facts that led to their partnership. Heyman brings up how he managed Steve Austin and Undertaker and groomed them to success. He brings up ECW and how it molded into WWF Attitude. Heyman says he’s best at spotting the next big thing which is BROCK LESNAR: NCAA Heavyweight Champion. He’s invincible, invulnerable, indestructible and impervious to pain. We get a Lesnar highlight package. They are interrupted by the Hardy Boyz who try to attack but fail in doing so. They then use chairs and clobber him with shots that knock him out of the ring but not off his feet.

Paul Heyman, Mr. McMahon, & Eric Bischoff In The Same Ring- RAW May 23rd 2005

Eric Bischoff is in the ring with an ECW wreath to celebrate not only the life of ECW but its death! He says in the early 90s, ECW was a young upstart promotion until it as crushed by WCW. When he ran WCW, he stole all of ECW’s stars and put on a vastly superior product. ECW was dead until recently when he started seeing ECW commercials on HIS SHOW RAW. This funeral signifies that he is going to kill ECW once more. A group of crusaders will put an end to the ECW PPV and there is nothing Paul Heyman, Sabu, Sandman or anybody else can do to stop him! “No Chance In Hell” brings out Vince McMahon who claims he has a vested interest in the well-being of ECW and its future stars in WWE such as Mick Foley, the Dudley Boyz, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He secretly supported ECW with $$$ through the years, but Bischoff was just raping them and driving them into bankruptcy. He paid half a million for ECW’s assets and ran the One Night Stand commercials behind Bischoff’s back. According to Vince, ECW is not dead as every arena he visits he hears “ECW” chants. The only brand of wrestling that is dead is WCW because he killed it. Vince claims he didn’t have anything to do with building ECW and invites out Paul Heyman. Heyman points out how WWE, WCW, and ECW are all represented with the three men in the ring. He doesn’t own ECW anymore, but he controls it.   He says ECW wasn’t about just bloodshed and violence but lucha libre. Rey Mysterio got his start in ECW and RVD made his name there as well. Guys like Tommy Dreamer, the Dudleyz, the Sandman, Mick Foley, and Sabu perfected the lifestyle. Heyman personally invites Bischoff to experience One Night Stand firsthand. Vince remains neutral as he supports both ECW and RAW but encourages Bischoff to take the offer and says “May the best man win.” Heyman says he enjoys gang warfare and will take it to the EXTREME and lights the wreath on fire! A long, but absolutely tremendous segment.

Paul Heyman Thanks the ECW Faithful- One Night Stand June 12th 2005

Heyman comes out and is very emotional and bows to the fans. He jokes he’s not crying, but was smoking a joint in the back with RVD. He thanks Todd Gordon for giving him the chance to be creative and Ron Buffone and Charlie Bruzzse for producing the TV show. He says he was going to take the high road and leave, but points to the balcony at Eric Bischoff and tells him it’s not Paul Heyman with his tail between his legs going to a WCW; you are in OUR HOUSE BIYATCH! To ECW chants, Bischoff gives Heyman the bird. He then rags on Edge saying hide your wives and he’s got two words for him: MATT FREAKIN HARDY. The crowd eats it up. To JBL, Heyman shoots on him saying the only reason he was WWE champion for a year was because Triple H didn’t want to work Tuesdays. Heyman closes by saying “Now one more time for old time’s sakes, right there so the whole world can see us, this ain’t WCW, this ain’t Monday Night RAW, this ain’t SmackDown, this ain’t even WWE, this my friends…is E-C-F***ING-W!!”

The Resurrection of ECW- One Night Stand June 11th 2006

Heyman opens One Night Stand 2 to a thunderous ovation. He claims the tribe of Extreme has risen again on behalf of the wrestlers who wanted to be hardcore and not a superstar. He’s going to pour the Kool-Aid down the throats of a new global audience starting tonight. ECW is returning on SyFy starting this Tuesday. It didn’t happen because of him or Vince McMahon, but the ECW fans. He says, “Back by popular demand rings ever so true because of ECW!” and gets on his knees and thanked the crowd. He closes by saying it will be better than Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown, this is ECW!!!!!!

From The Bingo Hall To The Garden- ECW On SciFi September 12th 2006

Heyman comes out and talks about how the ECW flag is at the center of the universe; NYC at MSG. The one person he can thank is himself, not the fans because they drove him out of business five years ago by listening to them wanting guys like RVD, Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, and Sabu so screw them. After compromising with Vince McMahon, he took ECW to a global brand from a bingo hall to the Garden, and for that you’re welcome. He takes all the credit for ECW and declares a Big Show Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship in the main event. Sabu comes out and tries to attack him, but fends off an attack by Heyman’s personal security. Heyman gives Sabu the championship match, but then an Air Sabu takes out the personal security.

Mr. McMahon Gives Paul Heyman A Performance Review- RAW January 28th 2013

Vince McMahon comes out and says he’s ready to have some fun and brings out Heyman. He refuses Heyman’s handshake offer. Vince cuts to the chase and asks if he’s in cahoots with the Shield or Brad Maddox. He then asks if he’s ever lied which Heyman says he’s done it every single day of his life because he’s a promoter and doesn’t regret it because it’s kept him alive. However, he swears to Vince he’s not lying now. Vince asks if he is an honorable man to whom Heyman claims he doesn’t know but he can learn from him. Cameras do a close up on Heymans face while Vince asks the audience if this is an honest face, which the crowd reacts no. Vince then reveals footage secretly recorded that shows Heyman was in cahoots with Maddox and the Shield to screw over Ryback all along. Maddox tells Heyman to tell Punk he’s sorry but Heyman says take the beating like a man and he’s attacked by The Shield. Fans chant ”you got busted” and “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye ” at Heyman. Vince demands an explanation which Heyman says it wasn’t him on the video and that his accent is easy to imitate. Vince himself knows what it’s like to be falsely accused. Heyman says he’s been set up due to the success he’s had with ECW and CM Punk. Vince asks the fans if he’s lying and if he deserves to be fired. Heyman pleads with Vince not to fire him. Before Vince can wish Heyman well in his future endeavors, Brock Lesnar makes his return and gets up in Vince’s face. Lesnar touches Vince’s nose, to which Vince angrily tells Lesnar not to do something he will regret. Heyman begs Vince to leave the ring. Too bad. Lesnar F5’s Vince. Heyman tells Lesnar no more and to stop as he leaves.

Paul Heyman Gives CM Punk His Resignation- RAW February 11th 2013

RAW opens with Heyman in the ring. The crowd cheers as he tells us that tonight is the last time we will ever see Paul Heyman. Heyman talks about everything he sacrificed for ECW and then coming to WWE and seeing Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he sacrificed again and turned Lesnar into the next big thing. Heyman talks about meeting CM Punk and says he saw a man who could carry WWE into the future and even eclipse Bruno Sammartino’s title reign. He feels that Punk should still be the champion today, but he can see into the future and something bad is going to happen. He felt he was a distraction to Punk because of the McMahons obsession with him and he can’t let that happen so he’s tendering his resignation. He says the one thing he won’t miss is the WWE Universe. He says Punk is his best friend and he loves him but he can’t stand out here with him, so he says goodbye. However, Punk interrupts and asks him what he is doing. Heyman brings up the deal of paying off The Shield and Brad Maddox but Punk says he’s too important to him and WWE as a whole. Punk says the fans boo Heyman, but admire him. Punk admits he looks up to him as well. Heyman pleads for Punk to let him go; that there will be worse from the McMahons than Royal Rumble. Punk refuses and says things will go back to normal on Sunday when he regains the WWE Championship from The Rock at Elimination Chamber. Punk says Heyman will be in his corner and that they are a team. Heyman agrees and will be there to witness greatness as they embrace. Heyman raises Punk’s hand to close the segment.

It’s Clobbering Time for CM Punk- RAW July 13th 2013

Punk comes out to a big ovation. Punk knows Heyman and Brock Lesnar are in the building tonight. He’s not waiting anymore and wants them to come out. Heyman speaks from the stage and says it’s an empty ring because in his world CM Punk doesn’t exist. He saved his career in 2005 and the past year they were the best in the world. Without Paul Heyman though, Punk isn’t the “best in the world”. He failed them when he couldn’t beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. He left and then returned and thinks he’s better without Heyman. History will show that Heyman dumped Punk and not the other way around. He manipulated and played him. He tells Punk to keep it personal, so he will. He says Punk has no family, he’s estranged from his mother and father, no wife or kids, all he has is the fans. Heyman says all Punk has is the fans respect and admiration, which gets the crowd chanting CM PUNK. Heyman says Punk took away his best friend so he paid him back by taking away his chance at the WWE Championship. He betrayed Punk because he cannot defeat Brock Lesnar. Punk asks if he is done yet and that he should have seen this coming. He has 13 staples in his head to show for it. He knows him better than anyone so Heyman knows he won’t stop until he gets what he wants, which is him. He swears on Heyman’s kids he will and also hurt every one of Heyman’s associates, family, and friends that all profited and enjoyed what happened to him. Punk says Heyman has no future because he’s going to burn down everything around him until he’s the last man standing, you SOB. Heyman responds by mocking Punks ”Its Clobbering Time” which brings out Brock Lesnar. Punk and Lesnar have a staredown and Heyman tries to attack Punk from behind but Punk tumbles into Lesnar and they get into a great brawl which Lesnar wins. F5 to Punk on the announce table. Heyman and Lesnar embrace.

Volcano- RAW October 21st 2013

Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman with Rybaxel about Heyman and Ryback’s handicap Hell in a Cell Match vs CM Punk. Heyman isn’t too worried about the match as he makes execution references. Heyman goes on a rant about a volcano and how he’s the red hot lava coming down on the island. He has control the same way he controlled Punk all these years, which is the same way he controls his monster Ryback. Punk can’t get past Ryback so he won’t get his hands on him. He’s not locked into the Hell In A Cell with Punk, Punk is locked into the cell with him. Big E interrupts, Ryback asks Big E where his manners are, Axel and Big E come face to face but a fight doesn’t happen as Heyman says Axel doesn’t fight for free.

Paul Heyman Drops a Pipe Bomb- RAW March 3rd 2014

CM Punk’s music hits to a HUGE pop as the crowd chants his name. Has he returned to WWE? Nope. Instead, Paul Heyman comes out to boos. The crowd is still chanting for Punk. Heyman sits down Indian Style in the ring ala Punk and tells the story of a Paul Heyman Guy who was too small, never truly wanted in WWE, and doesn’t want him right now. The crowd continues to chant for Punk and he says the Paul Heyman Guy who had the balls to say what nobody else has the balls to say himself. Heyman says Punk is not here and nobody is more upset that he can’t see him perform tonight than he is. Heyman blames the fans for Punk’s absence because when he was with him, Punk had the longest WWE Championship reign of the past 25 years but the fans took that away from him and made Punk into their hero. He also blames The Undertaker because Punks downward spiral started when they couldn’t end the streak last year. Heyman wants revenge on Taker by taking away his streak. The only man that can conquer it is Brock Lesnar who he introduces as his best friend in the world. Heyman shows us footage from last week where Taker chokeslammed Lesnar. Lesnar asks for the ‘FN mic” from Heyman. Lesnar says unlike some people, he doesn’t make claims that he can’t back up. Lesnar says Taker attacked him because Taker is scared to death of him. Lesnar brings up Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and CM Punk. Lesnar calls them failures for not being able to end the streak but he will and drops the mic. Heyman and Lesnar leave together, but Mark Henry interrupts. Lesnar tells him to bring it after a staredown. Lesnar tears apart Henry and F5s him through a table as the fans chant for Punk. Heyman raises Lesnar’s hand.


  • The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs The Original Midnight Express (w/Paul E. Dangerously) NWA Main Event January 21st 1989

OH HECK YEAH! Another New Year’s Day Omni match. Cornette has his “Paul E Sucks” shirt on tonight, which is part of his wrestling attire for the manager’s bunkhouse match later on in the night. Wild brawl to start, which is no surprise. Lane atomic drops Rose on a chair and Eaton beats Condrey all around ringside. As soon as they start a regular match, Lane dumps Rose out for a tennis racket shot. Back in, Condrey tags in. Lane brings him over to his corner for a tag to Eaton and a drop toe hold/elbow drop combo. Lane tags in for the Leapfrog Backbreaker double-team move to send Condrey retreating to his corner for a tag. Condrey pops Eaton in the mouth and sets up for a Leapfrog Backbreaker of their own, but Lane cuts Condrey off with a clothesline. Rose takes an atomic drop into an Eaton right hand. He connects with a clothesline, then tags Lane. Rose misses a corner charge and runs shoulder-first into the ringpost. Lane wants a handshake. HEY WAIT A MINUTE! He kicks him in the gut instead and gives Rose a monkey flip. We get another switch, which gives us Condrey vs. Eaton. They do a criss-cross, so Eaton heads outside and chases Paul E around. They try it again and this time Condrey goes after Cornette, but Lane stands in his way. Meanwhile, Cornette mocks Paul E by frolicking around and basically calling Paul E a raging homo. In the ring, Lane tries another monkey flip, but Condrey saves Rose just in time. Now we have a heat segment. Condrey scratches and claws at Lane, then dumps him out. That allows Rose to throw him into the guardrail one good time. Back in, Rose tags in for a back elbow. Ugh, sloppy suplex gets two. Rose draws Eaton into the ring for a Paul E/Condrey double-team on the floor, but Cornette and his tennis racket chase them away. Back in, Rose hits the chinlock. Lane escapes and tries a sunset flip, but he KO’s Lane before he falls back. Tag to Condrey for some clawing and kicking. False tag spot ensues and Lane gets double-teamed again. Condrey then gets whipped into a SAVATE KICK~! Can Lane make the tag?! YES HE CAN! Eaton immediately comes in for a flying elbow drop! DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER sets up a double running face slam on Rose and Condrey! DOUBLE FLAPJACK to Condrey! Eaton covers, but Paul E gets in the ring and reaches back to nail him with his phone when Cornette runs in to stop him and chase him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Condrey nails Eaton with some other kind of foreign object and then throws it away to Paul E. Condrey covers for 1-2-3! (15:21) My heart just sank. Anyways, a pretty good match, but I’ve seen them do better. I don’t think there was enough nearfalls to really build up the finish and it just seemed really sudden. Still a good one though. ***

  • Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman vs The Hardy Boyz – WWE Judgment Day 2002

Brock Lesnar has only been around about six weeks and he’s spent most of that time destroying and being destroyed by the Hardy Boyz. That one chairshot to the cranium from Jeff will ALWAYS make me cringe. The Hardy Boyz bump around for Brock for a few minutes. Jeff gets the hot tag and the Hardyz run through their double-team offense. Once they get rid of him, Heyman gets pulled into the ring and beaten in the corner. Poetry in Motion to Heyman! Jeff goes up for the Swanton Bomb, but Brock nails Matt and catches Jeff in mid-air. However, Brock collapses and nearly gets pinned. As Matt gets knocked off the apron, Lesnar grabs Jeff and puts him down with the F-5. Heyman pleads for a tag, falls in between the ropes, and covers Jeff for the win. (4:47) Such a great touch there at the end with Heyman exemplifying the point that not just anybody can do this. That’s OLD SCHOOL manager philosophy, folks. Does anyone have a more successful twelve months – rookie or veteran – than Brock Lesnar? He wins the KOTR, defeats the Rock for the Undisputed championship, wins the Royal Rumble, and main events WrestleMania 19. Maybe Bret from WrestleMania 9 to WrestleMania 10? ¾*

  • No DQ Handicap Elimination Match: Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs CM Punk – WWE Night Of Champions 2013

Heyman’s anxious beard is a great touch. Punk brings with him a kendo stick, but so does Curtis Axel. Heyman stands out on the floor to keep his distance. Punk wins the kendo stick battle with a Sandman Russian legsweep. With Axel down, Punk catches Heyman napping with a tope suicida. He brings Heyman into the ring and sets him up to be whacked, but Axel low blows Punk just at the last moment to allow Heyman to scurry back down to the floor. Axel whacks Punk one good time on the head, but only gets two. He brings a chair into the mix. It gets wedged into the corner. Now they bring in a table that Axel leans in a different corner. Axel wins a suplex battle and keeps it away from the table. Punk fights out of a chinlock and runs Axel into the chair. VINTAGE PUNK COMEBACK! Running knee in the corner sets up the Macho Elbow, but Axel sees it coming and rolls out. Punk looks to nail him with another tope suicida, but Axel blocks with a lame chairshot. That gets two. A swinging neckbreaker and a bunch of kendo stick shots won’t do the job either. They fight over finishers, which ends with Punk delivering the GTS. Punk follows up with the ANACONDA VICE for the tapout at 10:32. Heyman’s mouth is so wide, his chin figuratively hits the floor. Punk chases Heyman in and out of the crowd and back into the ring. Heyman tries to talk some sense into Punk and pulls him in for the real thing. Punk doesn’t buy it and clobbers Heyman with the kendo stick. To make matters worse for Heyman, Punk pulls out some handcuffs from his kick pad and locks up Heyman for more kendo stick abuse. It’s never going to be enough for Punk. Next thing we know, Ryback appears and runs Punk through that table that was set up in the corner earlier. Punk’s back is bleeding. Ryback then pulls Punk to the center of the ring and lays the handcuffed Heyman on top of Punk for the 1-2-3. (15:44) After the bell, Ryback lifts Heyman up in his arms and carries him to the back. Ahh yes, it seems like yesterday that Rybaxel were Paul Heyman guys. **



Riding A Bike Down A Rooftop: One of Heyman’s bedroom windows was on the rooftop. One afternoon, he snuck his bike in his bedroom and rode it straight down the roof. In the midst of doing it, he realized it was a bad idea and jumped off into the tree while the bike and gutter fell down. His mom saw the whole thing through the kitchen while she was making veal cutlets for dinner. He acted like nothing had happened and was doing homework. Heyman says no matter the mood, his mom was a yeller and let him have it for 20 minutes. His dad came home from a trial later that night and Heyman was dreading talking to him. He had a talk with him on how incredibly stupid it was for a smart kid, but that he hoped his evening would be better than his afternoon. His dad never yelled at him and said he’d screw up in life at times, but hopefully not twice. He brought him up his dinner and they never talked about it again. His dad was always reasonable with him. Heyman said whether he was right or wrong, his father always had his back.

Lending A Hand: Bill Apter puts over Heyman as a photographer and how he’d get on his good side by taking many photos of him with the wrestlers. At a Sgt. Slaughter appearance, his camera wouldn’t work and Heyman was generous enough to send him pictures of it to use for his magazines. He called Heyman a friend, but that he was just too pushy.

Managers Fan Club: There were 3 heel managers in the WWF in the early 1980s: The Grand Wizard, Freddie Blassie and Captain Lou Albano. Heyman mentions how many wrestling interviews for publications were manufactured but he did legitimate interviews. He asked The Grand Wizard a question about a certain storyline. The Grand Wizard was fascinated by the logic behind the question and asked Heyman to run his fan club. Lou Albano found out and asked Heyman to run his as well as he believed he had more fans than the Wizard. Freddie Blassie who lived only 10 minutes from Heyman found out and was jealous that the other two managers had fan clubs and he didn’t and asked Heyman to run HIS fanclub as well.

Austin Idol’s Manager: Heyman got fired Day 1 at Memphis by rubbing everyone the wrong way. Austin Idol who was in a main event feud with Lawler knew Heyman back from his photographer days and loved to get under Jerry Lawler’s skin. Upon finding out Heymans last day, he went to Lawler and said he’d leave if Heyman doesn’t become his manager. Lawler asked why and he said he wanted him to be his manager, not to back him up but to get under his skin. Heyman went from being fired on Day 1 to managing the top 2 heels in the territory in Austin Idol and Tommy Rich.

Cellphone: Heyman started using the cellphone in the AWA. He says Verne didn’t know what it was and believed it was a stupid idea and wouldn’t let him use it at the first set of tapings. Heyman decided to use it at the next tapings and Verne believed Heyman was talking to himself on the cellphone. Heyman asked Verne to put it over on commentary. Verne asked what’s the use for it and he said to cheat and bash people with it. Verne said well that’s not fair and Heymans like helloooooooo?’

New York?: JR says Heyman will deny this story but it’s true. JR had his driver’s license suspended and rode with Heyman in the meantime as they were broadcast partners in WCW. He was waiting on Heyman to pick him up to go to the CNN Center to do voiceovers. He said Heyman was always late picking him up so he’d just stay in his apartment instead of going outside to wait. He got a call from Heyman saying he’s at LaGuardia in NYC. ”What are you doing there? Asked JR. ”I’ll explain later” Heyman said could they do voiceovers last. He said he’d be available as early as 3. JR said on the caller ID it showed that Heyman WASNT in NYC, but with a lady friend of his just North of Atlanta. JR decided to have fun with it and asked how was the weather in NYC while watching the Weather Channel. Heyman ”Typical New York Weather, Oh there’s my flight gotta go bye (click)”

I Owe My Career To Paul Heyman: Joey Styles was an intern at PWI and first met Paul Heyman during a Dangerous Alliance photo-shoot. He showed Heyman announcing for a local indy that was on a channel that eventually morphed into NBC Sports Network. When he graduated college, he wanted to realize his dream of being a wrestling announcer. He sent tapes to the WWF and WCW. Bruce Prichard of the WWF blew him off and Bill Watts called and showed interest but got fired shortly thereafter. Heyman wasn’t in charge of ECW yet but invited Joey down. Joey had never been to Philly and was nervous and changing for his audition. While in his underwear he ran into Todd Gordon who owned ECW asked what he was doing there and Joey said a tryout for announcing. Todd Gordon told him well I own ECW and have never heard of you. Joey said he crapped his pants. He told Todd Paul Heyman invited him and he was a friend of booker Eddie Gilbert. Shortly thereafter Eddie was removed as booker and Paul took over and made Joey his lead announcer for ECW. He said Heyman mentored him on announcing like JR did for Heyman in WCW. He said he owes his career to Paul Heyman and he revolutionized not only the wrestling business but his career.

Micromanaging: Gabe Sapolsky talks about during his ECW days, Heyman was always there and would take care of everything. He tells a story about how in the early ECW days he couldn’t stand this merchandise guy he worked for, and told Heyman he was quitting five minutes before show time at the ECW Arena. Heyman dropped everything he was doing and took care of the problem. He said he’s always there for you on important matters.

Needed Venting: Dreamer says Heyman pushed people too hard at times. He wanted RVD to do a coast to coast to coast Van Terminator which is physically impossible but he believed RVD could do it. He traveled with Heyman and Taz to shows. Taz and Sabu were feuding and neither guy wanted to lose. During the trips, Heyman would generally catch sleep but Heyman decided he wanted Sabu to win and he and Taz got into a heated argument where Taz was literally standing in the Ford Blazer shouting at Heyman because Taz was his guy. Dreamer was driving and trying to be peacemaker, but to no avail. Heyman eventually fell asleep. Dreamer asked why he let Taz do it. He said Heyman smiled and said he let Taz vent for two hours because he still knew Taz would do the job, which he did. Dreamer says Heyman gets what he wants.

Paul the Promo Guy: We see behind the scenes footage from 2000 of Heyman assisting Little Guido and the FBI with their promos. We see Heyman doing the promo and then Guido himself doing the promo.

Mystery Partner:  Dreamer says November 2 Remember was ECWs WrestleMania and they advertised a main event of Tommy Dreamer and a mystery partner vs Justin Credible and Jack Victory. For weeks, he kept asking Heyman who his partner is and Heyman told him not to worry about it and then told him Vader, Jake Roberts, or Jerry Lawler. The night before the show, they had a Halloween Parade on Bourbon Street. Everyone was drinking and partying but Dreamer didn’t. The morning of the show, Heyman called and said get a 12 inch python; Jake the Snake is your partner. Dreamers like its Sunday morning. Heyman replies, “It’s New Orleans.” Dreamer called pet shops and couldn’t get one, but feels that’s how crazy Heyman is believing that 12-inch pythons were just everywhere.

Program Money: Gabe says when he started at ECW, he got paid through program money as ECW was a small company. As the company grew and publishing got bigger, people got jealous and wanted it taken away from him. It wasn’t a contract but Heyman stayed loyal and let him keep getting the program money even though it was worth a lot.

Leather Bag: Dreamer says Paul carried a big bowling ball bag and kept everything in it from papers and food and how it was disgusting and sloppy. Dreamer says he cleaned it out for him one day and saw a lawsuit from Sony. Heyman is like, “Sony won’t sue us and I’m not suing Sony. They have to personally serve me.”

Sending ECW A Tape: Edge says they didn’t get ECW in Canada, but he and Christian heard about them in magazines and sent in a tape. They were excited because ECW got Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho exposure. Well they didn’t get called up because Edge eventually was told that Christian was wearing orange tights and that was the color of Taz who didn’t want them. He doesn’t know if the story is true or not but that’s what he’s heard.

No Show Groomsman: Joey Styles is asked if Heyman ever lied to him. Joey gets giddy and tells a story that he says has never told before. When he got married in 1997, he asked his best friends from high school and Heyman to be in the wedding because Heyman helped him achieve his dream. The wedding was on a Sunday with no ECW shows, so guys from the company could attend. The wedding was only 15 minutes from his house. Heyman never showed to Joey’s house, the church, the photo shoot, or the 90 minute ceremony. Halfway through the ceremony, Heyman comes in wearing a tuxedo with no bowtie and no black eye. He says he and his date got into a wreck in their taxi cab and he hit his head on the windshield and was in the emergency room. Joey says he knew the wrestling business and it was a ”sports entertainment injury”. Heyman says he missed it due to the wreck and his car breaking down. He says Paul purposely got himself a black eye to attend to ECW matters and missed his wedding because of it. He doesn’t think anyone else can top a Heyman story like that one.

King of NYC:  Dreamer says Paul had no interests outside of ECW and wrestling, but when they went into clubs he was the King of New York. We see pics of Heyman with Michael Jordan and Brooke Shields. Dreamer and Heyman also loved to eat and Heyman always took him to a place that he always called ”the best”. Dreamer even said Heyman took him to a place that he said had ”the best” soda, and Dreamer said it actually was great. He talks about how they partied with the New York Rangers after they won the Stanley Cup in 1994 and drank out of the cup and Bruce Willis was there and knew who Paul was. He said they were also ladies men and could get the models. He says Paul was always hideous but had the gift of gab and Dreamer was able to use his good looks.

White Corvette:  Joey Styles tells the story how Heyman used to own a white Corvette (Random SLACKAMANIA fact: so did my parents for several years) and would rush Joey back and forth from ECW to his other job in sales. He says Heyman went 100 MPH on the Jersey Turnpike to take him there. Joey said he’d sleep afraid so that if they crashed, at least he’d be asleep. Ron Buffone says one time Heyman sped and got him there to the show just minutes before they’d go on air.

Supported By The Competition: In a publication on the WWF moving to TNN, Vince praised ECW and supported the competition because they had great talent and Heyman says that Vince didn’t have to do that. When ECW was in talks with USA despite being in a lawsuit with the WWF, Vince endorsed USA to carry ECW. When the WWF moved to TNN, Vince waived the no-compete clause to allow ECW more time on the air to find a new network.

Ended Up With Nothing: Heyman looks back on the death of ECW with a clear conscience. He’s not unsympathetic with those bitter that say they found out ECW was dead when he appeared on RAW. He told them it’s been years, so get over it. Heyman says in most cases when companies go out of business, they take assets and screw over others but he didn’t take any money or even the video library. He says he even had to file personal bankruptcy and was in the same boat as them.

Touring The ECW Arena: Gabe Sapolsky introduces himself and gives us a tour of the ECW Arena. Heyman is with him but he’s not emotional and doesn’t feel ghosts. He thinks the whole tour idea sucks and doesn’t participate in the tour. He calls it real estate and the memories are embedded in the talent and the fans. Gabe says the building closed down in January 2012, but is opening back up again and so is the wrestling scene in Philly.

Out With A Bang: JR enjoyed his WWF broadcasting stint with Heyman, but it ended when Lawler returned. Heyman came up with the whole idea with the skit going after JR and JR getting shots on him which generated a lot of buzz – as much as Lawler returning. JR said it’s because he wanted to go out with a bang.

Common Bond: Heyman said the common bond between he and Brock started in 2002 when paired together. They had their first child at nearly the same time and both kept it secret from everyone else. We get a picture of Brock and Heyman’s daughters together as infants. Family comes first to both and it’s the best thing that’s happened to both of them.

Breaking Vince’s Table: Big Show says Heyman always makes him laugh. One time, Heyman dared him to break Vince’s table during a segment to make him upset. Show did it and it fed Vince energy. He was mad, but he loved it.

Baseball Slide: Edge says he and Brock wrestled on house shows and never did it on TV until a UK PPV where they paired Edge against Brock and Heyman in a handicap match. Edge was a little worried as Heyman wasn’t an athlete and wondered how to incorporate himself in the match. Heyman let Edge take him out with a baseball slide to begin the match. Heyman was nervous but wanted Edge to do it as hard as he could. Edge said he sold it well. Edge enjoyed the match and the Heyman bits in it and Vince even praised Heymans performance in it. Edge says now he wants to go rewatch the match and the baseball slide (You can for $9.99 a month on the WWE Network!!!!!!!!!) I’m personally surprised it wasn’t chosen as a match for this DVD since it was a main event match.

Creative Paul: In October 2002 on SmackDown, Show tossed Taker off the SmackDown stage. Big Show had a bad back nagging him nearly the entire day. In January, Heyman being the creative genius that he is just had Big Show rest for 3 weeks and sent him different kinds of gifts.

King King: Beth Phoenix tells a story how during a match with Trinity he wanted Beth to use her variation of the Death Valley Driver off the top rope as a finisher and drop her like King Kong. Beth was concerned but Heyman hyped her up for it. We see the spot from an OVW match in April 2006.She said if casually asked she would have said heck no but Paul was convincing enough for her to do it.

Because I Can’t: Beth says her, Shelly Martinez, and Aaron Stevens, (Damien Sandow) were in a intergender match against Mickie James and Caylen Croft. They blew a spot that was really bad and after the show when the fans left Paul would always sit with the roster and review the good and bad of the show like a coach. Beth said she was inexperienced so wouldn’t say if a match was great or not. Heyman says, ”Beth Phoenix, have you ever seen me do a dropkick?” ”No sir” ”Do you know why?” “No sir” ”Because I can’t. Don’t try to do something you can’t do 9 times out of 10. The fans don’t know what you can or can’t do.” It’s her most vivid Heyman memory and the best piece of advice she received from him.

Dirty Laundry: Foley talks about the only issue he’s ever had with Heyman was when he told everyone Foley is a whore for the business making comebacks only for the money. Foley admitted money was part of the reasons was for his comebacks. They decided to air their dirty laundry out on TV during a segment on RAW in 2006 leading up to One Night Stand. Foley loved the segment calling it dynamic and an amplified version of the truth.

Real Friends: JR said the dirt sheets and the rumor that he and Heyman hate each other is a fallacy. He believes being polar opposites caused their chemistry and friction. At times after shows, they wouldn’t even talk to each other at times and just start over the next day. JR called them like a marriage that didn’t want to get a divorce. JR was told when he entered the business and was told that when he retired, he could count the number of real friends he had in the business on one hand. JR says in 40 years he could count on 5 guys – maybe a few more – which he can count on as his real friends and that Paul Heyman is on that list.

Comical Paul: Big Show says one time they got off a flight in bitter cold Alaska, Heyman was wrapped in a blanket and refused to ride in a custom sized truck due to it being used for hunters and blood. He says he’s a Jew and not a hunter.

Kids Cutting Promos: Foley says Heyman’s kids leave great messages on his answering machine that are LOL and they’re clearly his kids. Ron Buffone says his kids cut promo messages. We get Paul’s voice mail where he’s instructing his daughter cutting a promo. Buffone says it’s adorable and he’s a very good dad.

Heroes: Dreamer praises Heyman’s parents for supporting ECW. He says people ask who is the craziest in wrestling ever. Some say Iron Sheik and some say Balls Mahoney, but to him it’s Paul Heyman. Heyman’s hero is his dad. He calls him the coolest guy ever and his dad in the courtroom was a much better character to the jury than the way he is cutting promos on TV. His other hero is his son Jacob. He is the bomb and has the best qualities from him and his father. He said his daughter Azelia could be the head of the Heyman household today.

Genius or Insane: Ron Buffone says people can say Heymans either crazy, a lunatic, or insane. The literal definition shows that he’s a genius with his successes in WWE, WCW, and ECW.

Genuine Friend: Steph says when Mae Young passed away that Heyman knew she was close with her and after the Smackdown taping sent her a text message and she reads it and tears up. He sent his condolences and how this business is personal relationships mixed with dreams coming true and talked about how Mae became a star at an age where people are discarded and forgotten and that he hopes she takes great comfort in that because were all blessed. She says that’s the man Paul Heyman is and she’ll always call him her friend.

Conquering the Streak: RAW April 7th 2014

Another epic Heyman promo that was the talk of the post-Wrestlemania RAW along with the eerie final speech of The Ulitmate Warrior. Heyman does the usual spiel introducing himself and his client BROCCCCCKKKK LESNAAARRRR. He declares Lesnar the conqueror of the streak which had nearly a quarter century run. The crowd chants BS over it. Heyman ”WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!” Heyman says Brock isn’t here to put smiles on faces but put tears in the eyes of children. Heyman says it’s time to shoot from the hip. Heyman mentions Taker collapsed after the match backstage. The Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon left WRESTLEMANIA to go to the hospital with the Undertaker. He’s being treated for a severe concussion and would have had a broken neck and a cracked skull had he kicked out. Heyman calls out ”JBL and those two other things” and the fans at the Superdome (Not Silverdome Hogan!!!!) giving a standing ovation to Taker after the match. He was a loser and the winner was BROCCKKK LESSSNAARRRR. He calls the fans and locker room a bunch of wannabes. Brock didn’t get congratulated when he reached backstage. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and the Undertaker are wannabes because they didn’t fight in the Octagon. Brock Lesnar is THE ONE. NCAA Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, UFC Champion. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin can’t say that. They are wannabes. Brock Lesnar is THE ONE. People went to Heyman saying they could break the streak, so why didn’t ya? Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H failed because they’re wannabes. Brock Lesnar is THE ONE behind 21-1. Crowd says WHATTTT so Heyman repeats his ”THE ONE” spiel slowly for the fans. WWE Hall of Famers, Legends, and Superstars are plural. They are lumped together, but there’s only ONE beast in carnet, ONE conqueror of the streak, and only ONE Brock Lesnar.

Final Thoughts: While this is a set that overall lacks in ring action, it’s an absolute masterpiece. Paul Heyman has done it all in wrestling from his various roles and the companies he’s been in and that’s an invaluable resource to the business. When the business evolved, he adapted with it. The promos are entertaining. You’ll come away liking and respecting Paul Heyman after watching this set. It’s flying off the shelves as Best Buy, Amazon, and WWEshop were all backordered and had to restock. Thumbs WAY up for the Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman Blu-Ray set.


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