WWF: Monday Night Raw (10.30.95)

Monday Night Raw
October 30, 1995
Brandon, MB, Canada

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (10/22/1995)
World Tag Team Champions: The Smoking Gunns (9/25/1995)
Women’s Champion: Alundra Blayze (10/23/1995)

Being the night before Halloween, Todd Pettengill does his best Dracula impression while describing what happened last week in the corniest way possible. If this is how they want to handle Halloween, then maybe they really shouldn’t bring back the Halloween Havoc PPV series. At least creepy Tony Schiavone inviting children into his home was funny.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.


…and you cant leave out these two.

  • Goldust vs. Savio Vega


Being the free TV debut of Goldust, Vince and King REALLY talk him up here. They got big plans for this guy. Immediately establishing what kind of wrestler he is for the fans, Goldust jumps Savio in the dark before the bell even sounds. As Savio tries to fight back, Goldust avoids a dropkick and throws him shoulder-first into the ringpost to begin some arm work. That takes us into commercial. When we come back, Vince and King are cracking jokes on each other’s costumes. Savio warms up with a crossbody block, but Goldust pounds the shoulder and goes back to what he was doing. Goldust misses a corner charge to allow Savio to mount his one-armed comeback. SPINNING HEEL KICK misses though. Goldust boots down Vega and hammerlocks the injured arm so he can turn Savio over into an inside cradle for the three-count. (5:45 shown) Savio is really just starting to be that guy they can use to put over other mid-card heels. I think it’s a good role for him. Some decent psychology here and I love it when it affects the finish. **

A pumpkin-faced Dok Hendrix gives us an update on the Bret Hart vs. Diesel main event for Survivor Series. Playing off the last two PPV main events these two have had, he now says that there must be a winner – NO COUNTOUT – NO TIME LIMIT – NO DQ. So yeah, it’s going to be epic.

They quickly cut to the back to see Razor Ramon and the 1-2-3 Kid arguing about something. The WWF is already using some WCW tricks here.

Barry Horowitz and Hakushi play Karate Fighters. The Jews win again.

  • Marty Jannetty vs. “Hot Bod” Joe Dorgan

Vince and King announce that Jannetty will be facing the British Bulldog next week on Raw. Flying Fist Drop takes care of Dorgan in 2:44.

Vince McMahon meets Jim Cornette, Davey Boy Smith, and Clarence Mason in the ring for an interview. Corny states that the British Bulldog is being denied – ONCE AGAIN – claiming a conspiracy on the part of Gorilla Monsoon and his handling of the In Your House contract. He is convinced that Davey Boy Smith had Diesel beat when he delivered the Running Powerslam, but then Bret Hart had to jump in the ring and ruin everything because he doesn’t want anything to do with Davey Boy. Nevertheless, Davey Boy Smith won the match by DQ. Monsoon first said that the winner of the Diesel/Bulldog WWF title match would face Bret Hart at Survivor Series, but now he’s gone back on his word and said he meant that the WWF CHAMPION would face Bret Hart at Survivor Series. Now the British Bulldog wants Diesel for his WWF title and wants Bret Hart for the purpose of revenge. Since Gorilla Monsoon won’t stand by his word, Cornette has once again hired the services of Clarence Mason to try and get a decision overturned. Not before making a Bugs Bunny joke about “writs” though. Clarence Mason tries to put Cornette at ease because he has viewed the video tape of In Your House and has read the Diesel/Bulldog match contract. He claims the interim WWF President Gorilla Monsoon’s actions are outrageous and egregious. Mason might even feel Gorilla’s actions were preposterous. I believe Jackie Chiles felt the same way about Kramer’s coffee burns back in 1995 as well. Mason also feels that the Bulldog has been railroaded by the administration of the WWF. Cornette switches gears and discusses the “wild card” match at Survivor Series. Obviously he uses this as more fodder to say the British Bulldog is being treated unfairly. Bulldog finally gets a word in with some threats for Marty Jannetty. Out comes Jannetty to dropkick away Davey Boy Smith, beat the crap out of Cornette, and then spook Clarence Mason a little bit.

  • WWF Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns vs. Phil Apollo & John Rashner

They use this match to show us the temper tantrum the 1-2-3 Kid threw back at In Your House. Kid comes on the split-screen and apologizes to everybody. He wants another WWF tag titles match though. The Gunns pin Apollo with the SIDEWINDER at 2:51.

Elsewhere, Bret Hart sends a message to Diesel for their match at Survivor Series. Lawler is a little disappointed Bret didn’t have a message for him.

Paul Bearer will be chatting on America Online tomorrow night at 11PM EST!

  • WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart (w/Jim Cornette)

Owen won the 22-man battle royal last week to get this match. Vince hypes that Shawn Michaels will return to the ring this Friday night at the Cincinnati Gardens. Since Razor is HOT, he is in control to start. He works over Owen’s arm and elbow for quite some time. Ramon hits the Fallaway Slam and punches Cornette off the apron to cue Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji. Commercials! When we come back, Owen finally breaks free of an armbar and sends Razor flying over the top rope to the floor. Back inside, a missile dropkick gets two. Owen chokes and steps on Razor near the ropes. Once he’s vertical though, Owen is able to deck him with a spinning heel kick for two. Reverse neckbreaker by Owen sets up a flying elbow drop for 1-2-NO! More commercials! When we return, Ramon escapes a chinlock with a back suplex. Even so, Owen lays his arm on Razor for two. Here comes Razor as he unloads and delivers the discus punch. He tries the back superplex, Owen falls on top on the way down, and then Razor rolls through for 1-2-NO! Time for the RAZOR’S EDGE, but Yokozuna waddles into the ring to pull Owen down from Ramon’s shoulders for the DQ. Owen and Yoko lay waste to Razor until the 1-2-3 Kid comes down for the save. Yoko cools him off though with a headbutt and delivers a legdrop. As the Kid rolls out, enter Ahmed Johnson for his debut. Once Yoko turns around, Ahmed gives him a big slam. It looked like one of his knees gave out at the end there, but he’s standing back up. Knowing how injury prone he will become, that’s where my head went. Out comes the British Bulldog to challenge Ahmed, but they just stand there. Ahmed is looking for a fight though! Match was decent. The last couple minutes saved it from being rather dull because it was mostly armbars and chinlocks before that. **½

NEXT WEEK: Davey Boy Smith meets Marty Jannetty! Plus, Isaac Yankem & Jerry Lawler will face Hakushi & Bret Hart!


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