New Japan World Pro Wrestling on AXS (02.06.15)


New Japan World Pro Wrestling on AXS
February 6, 2015

WHOA. I’m behind.

Your hosts are Mauro Ranallo and former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett.


  • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Prince Devitt (w/Bullet Club)(NJPW Dominion 6.22.13)

Ranallo doesn’t even pretend like Prince Devitt isn’t now known by his NXT name. If Devitt wins, he gets an IWGP heavyweight title shot in the hopes of being the first to hold both championships. If Tanahashi wins, he gets a shot at Devitt’s IWGP Jr. heavyweight title. JIP to Tanahashi making a comeback fighting off interference from Bad Luck Fale and then taking out both Devitt and Bad Luck with a flying body press on the floor. Back inside, there’s lots of counters until eventually Devitt settles for a REVERSE BLOODY SUNDAY for 1-2-NO! Flying double stomp misses allowing Tanahashi to hit the Sling Blade. Capture German suplex gets two. 12-6 sets up a possible High Fly Flow, but Bad Luck Fale hops up on the apron and goozles him down into the GRENADE. BLOODY SUNDAY by Devitt! Cover, 1-2-3! (3:18 shown) Not really enough to tell, but I’d say looking at the third act of this match, it’s probably around *** or so.


  • IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada (w/Gedo) vs. Togi Makabe – (NJPW Dominion 6.22.13)

Stan Hansen is here to present the IWGP title to the winner. Makabe works on the Rainmaker arm to start. They fight to a stalemate. Okada finds an opening to use the Rainmaker, but Makabe sees it coming. Okada lets his confidence get the better of him by allowing Makabe to goad him into an elbow smash battle. Such a bad idea. Makabe throws Okada into the guardrail and into the ringpost. Just general ringside violence. Back inside, Okada stops a ten-count corner punch and dropkicks Makabe off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Okada boots Makabe over the guardrail for the Orton DDT. Back in at the count of eighteen, Okada capitalizes with some neck work. He then stomps a mudhole in Makabe and prevents a comeback with another DDT. More stomps from Okada leads to Makabe HULKING UP. He NO-SELLS and destroys Okada with a lariat Stan Hansen had to enjoy. Makabe drills Okada a bunch with elbow smashes and avalanches, but Okada fights back and hits the Flying Elbow. Here comes the Rain Maker pose, but MAKABE NO-SELLS IT ALL. Makabe again taunts Okada into firing back on him only to get it in return in SPADES. Okada takes everything like a man though (when Makabe is looking at him) and catches a charging Makabe with the Best Dropkick in the Business. More shots from Makabe. When Okada expects a right, Makabe hits him with a left. Everest German Suplex by Makabe gets two. Death Valley Drop leads to the KING KONG KNEE DROP, but Okada moves out of the way. Red Ink is applied, but Makabe makes the ropes. Makabe elbows away the Tombstone and avoids the dropkick. King Kong Powerbomb gets countered to the Reverse Neckbreaker~! Heavy Rain by Okada gets 1-2-NO! To the floor we go, Makabe catches Okada for a powerslam and then gives Okada a POWERBOMB THRU A TABLE! Back in the ring, the KING KONG POWERBOMB gets 1-2-NO! Crowd is going NUTS cheering for the challenger. Makabe sets Okada up in the corner and delivers the SPYDER GERMAN SUPLEX! Now the KING KONG KNEE DROP, but again Okada moves! Okada nails the dropkick to the back of the head and tries for the Tombstone, but Makabe powers him up onto his shoulders. Okada fights him off, but Makabe grabs him for a DRAGON SUPLEX for 1-2-NO! Okada manages to duck a couple lariats and lifts up Makabe for the Tombstone! He CONNECTS. RAIN MAKER. That gets the three-count. (25:04) Enjoyed Makabe taunting Okada into a brawl knowing his arrogance would get the better of him. Really interesting dynamic. Great action, crowd was super-hot, just another fantastic NJPW main event in 2013. ****¼

Afterwards, Stan Hansen gives the IWGP title belt over to Kazuchika Okada. When Gedo comes in as the hype man for the champ, Prince Devitt and his Bullet Club head out. Devitt talks up his Best of the Super Junior win, his victory over Tanahashi, and how Okada is next. Quite a 2013 for him as well. Okada says he’ll put up his belt against Devitt if Gedo gets a shot at Devitt’s IWGP Jr. heavyweight title. Only then will the IWGP heavyweight title match be yours, Prince. Gedo seems less than interested in that proposal. Devitt is down with that though.

NEXT WEEK: RAIN MAKER~! versus PEW PEW~! Also, eight-man tag action!

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