Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (11.19.14)


Lucha Underground
November 19, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Sexy Star vs. Ivelisse

Sexy Star gets on the mic and calls Chavo Guerrero a stupid coward. If she sees him again, he better be armed with a chair, because that’s the only way he will beat her. She will embarrass Chavo for what he did to Blue Demon Jr. and Mascarita Sagrada. Sexy Star says she hopes to put an end to the Guerrero dynasty. Ivelisse comes out and makes fun of her. Deep down, even Sexy Star knows that Ivelisse is the baddest BITCH in this building. DANG. Ivelisse blows her a kiss and gets a slap in the face. A catfight ensues while Striker and Vampiro try to decide if Ivelisse and Son of Havoc are an item or brother and sister or both. Sexy Star gets in an armdrag and some headscissors, but then charges into the corner where she’s met with a drop toehold onto the middle buckle. Ivelisse continues to get rough with Sexy Star and unleashes some Daniel Bryan kicks. That gets two. Sexy Star mounts a comeback out of a chinlock and hits a Codebreaker. Clotheslines and elbows set up the Three Amigos for 1-2-NO! Ivelisse tries a GUILLOTINE CHOKE and drops Sexy Star down into a DDT for 1-2-NO! Getting a little pissed off with the ref, Sexy Star manages to trip her up and apply La Magistral for the win. (6:20) Heck of a ladies contest there. This made the Divas look very weak in comparison as they beat the crap out of each other. Let’s face it though, guys. Who likes the babyface chicks? No guy ever. That’s who. **½

In the back, Dario Cueto speaks with Drago. He feels unsatisfied after last week since Drago neither lost nor won the triple-threat match. Cueto wants to know what Drago is made of, so tonight he will face the debuting King Cuerno. Scary!

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix

Before the match, Pentagon grabs the mic and thanks Dario Cueto for finally giving the respect no one in Mexico would give him. He looks for a little revenge here after being pinned by Fenix last week. Kicks lead to trading nearfalls to start. Fenix lands a standing moonsault. They both come up trying to trip each other which leads to a stalemate. Headscissors though takes Pentagon to the floor as Fenix unleashes the twisting moonsault plancha. Back in, he delivers a springboard legdrop on Pentagon for 1-2-NO! Pentagon fires back with a superkick, but then Fenix wants to walk the ropes and drills Pentagon with a dropkick. Fenix misses a corner charge and lands on the apron to hit Pentagon with a springboard lucha armdrag. Back to the floor, Fenix is back on the attack with a corkscrew moonsault plancha. Back in, that gets two. Pentagon catches Fenix with a backcracker for two. Next, they do the spot where Fenix handsprings off the ropes and catches Pentagon with a cutter that we saw last week. Always on the defense it seems, the PENTAGON DRIVER gets 1-2-NO! Over in the corner though, Fenix missile dropkicks Pentagon off the apron. With Pentagon down on all fours, Fenix PUNTS HIS HEAD. Vampiro shouts the obligatory GOOAAAALLLLLLLL! That only gets two as well. Pentagon fires back with the Sling Blade for 1-2-NO! Wheelbarrow faceslam gets two. Pentagon looks for something up top, but Fenix pops up and enziguri kicks him silly. Fenix then springboards up onto the top rope and brings Pentagon over for the SUPER SPANISH FLY for the three-count. (7:55) Great showcase match for Fenix pulling out all the stops. ***¾

We take a look at King Cuerno. If you call him a predator, he calls you prey.

  • King Cuerno vs. Drago

Cuerno reminds me of Moose Cholak walking to the ring wearing a deer head. Little feeling out stuff to start, but Cuerno powers away a headscissors looking tough. However, he turns right back around into an enziguri kick. Cuerno shoves off La Magistral cradle attempt and clotheslines him down. Standing dropkick connects, but then Drago stops a corner charge and drop toeholds Cuerno into the middle buckle. Super Calo floatover headscissors on Cuerno, but then Cuerno faceplants a try at a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Make up your mind, dude. Are you going to take these moves or not? Anyways, Cuerno shoves down the ref to try and stop a Drago charge, which just means Drago jumps off the back of our portly ref for a headscissors. To the floor, Drago unloads with a somersault plancha. Now Cuerno shows how nicely he can execute a tope suicida. Back inside, Cuerno looks to finish only except Drago springs off the ropes and rolls up Cuerno all fancy like for the three-count to somewhat ruin Cuerno’s debut in Lucha Underground. (4:54) Interesting that Cuerno can on occasion see when a headscissors is coming at him and not at other times that seem just as obvious, but that’s lucha for you. Otherwise, a fun match to put over Drago. It’s not a knock on him, but I do think he’s going to be the weakest link of the three guys we saw in the main event last week. **½

While Prince Puma is somewhere working out, Konnan reminds him that Johnny Mundo’s fight isn’t his fight, so keep away from tonight’s main event.

  • Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo has to use his speed advantage to take on a guy this size. Stick and move works well for him here until Ryck corners him for an avalanche. That serves to just fire up Mundo though as he backs Ryck into the corner for a beatdown. Ryck though fights back with forearm smashes and slams for two. Mundo escapes a neck wrench and hits Moonlight Drive to finally take Big Ryck off his feet for 1-2-NO! Flying Chuck gets two as well. Meanwhile in the locker room, Cortez Castro and Cisco beat the crap out of Prince Puma to make sure he doesn’t try anything tonight. Next thing we know, Castro and Cisco are out at ringside trying to stop Mundo from hitting his finish. That elicits a DQ call from the ref as Mundo continues to be undefeated in Lucha Underground. (4:39) After the bell, the three men beat up Mundo and then Big Ryck puts him through a table with the Uranage. Man, that table is pre-cut. Kudos to Morrison trying to make this big guy look good. *½

Is that going to be enough violence at Mundo’s expense to please Dario Cueto? Guess we will find out next time on Lucha Underground.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

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