Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (11.26.14)


Lucha Underground
November 26, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

From Dario Cueto’s office, Konnan confronts the boss on why Prince Puma was attacked from behind last week by Cortez Castro and Cisco. Cueto shifts the blame onto Big Ryck saying that those guys only to respond to him. He lets Konnan know that he doesn’t have anything against Prince Puma. If this is all true, Konnan suggests a Boyle Heights street fight between Puma and Big Ryck tonight. Cueto says he’ll drink to that and then Konnan takes the drink out of his hand and finishes it off. Cueto doesn’t seem too pleased. NOBODY BUT NOBODY DRINKS DARIO CUETO’S TEQUILA, ESE.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. Drago

Since I’ve been watching a ton of TNA during Joe’s undefeated period in late 2005, this match reminds me a lot of what they were trying to do there. Drago hits a few hope spots and gets shut down by Muertes. King Cuerno is perched up somewhere in the Temple watching this match. If you’ll recall, he was beaten in his Lucha Underground debut last week by Drago. During one of Drago’s comebacks, he hits a nice springboard tornado DDT on Muertes for two. He flies off the top, but Muertes spears him down in mid-air. FLATLINER to Drago is enough for Muertes to get the win. (4:00) After Catrina gives Drago the lick of death and she and Muertes head out, King Cuerno comes down to send a message to Drago with the THRILL OF THE HUNT, which is a Samoan Driver. *½

We take a look at Johnny Mundo. Because he could do things nobody else could, he ascended to the edge of greatness – until politics got in the way. He took his ball and went home to pursue his other passions: apparently ladies, parkour, and Hollywood. He has come to Lucha Underground to show he is the best fighter in the world. To hell with the politics, he plans to go passed the edge of greatness to BECOME greatness.

In the back, Dario Cueto comes upon Mil Muertes and Catrina. He congratulates Mil on his victory tonight. Catrina walks over and tells Cueto in her own seductive way that he can’t keep darkness locked away forever. Mil looks on seeming to agree with her.

  • Mascarita Sagrada vs. Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse)

Sagrada floors Son of Havoc to start with a bunch of lucha headscissors and armdrags to start. Back inside, more of the same follows until Ivelisse trips up the little man. Now Havoc starts launching Sagrada around because that’s what you do in these type of situations. Hey look, an Asian lady is shown watching this match from the top of the stairs. Vampiro has no idea who she is, but he thinks she is so hot. And yet, Ivelisse is right there and he hasn’t said a thing! Guess he’s into Asian. Anyways, this continues for a little bit longer as Havoc shows off his superior strength. Ivelisse gives Sagrada a swift kick to the head. As Sagrada is on the run, he surprises Ivelisse with a tope suicida and nearly falls on his head. Whoops. As Sagrada chases Ivelisse into Havoc’s arms, he comes off the top and dives onto Havoc. Back inside, Sagrada delivers a satellite victory roll for the win. (5:00) At least for right now, it seems like Son of Havoc is just here to be JTTS. Fun stuff for sure. *½

  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Sexy Star

Less of a match and more of an angle. Chavo no-sells what Sexy Star is throwing and tries to give her a kiss. She slaps him back and headscissors Chavo out of the ring. Sexy Star finds a chair and REALLY wants some payback on Chavo. When she grows weary of the ref telling her to stop, she kicks him in the balls for the DQ. (2:00) Pentagon Jr appears and takes the chair away from Sexy Star. WHO WILL HE WHACK? As Chavo grabs Sexy Star by the hair, Pentagon’s new rival Fenix runs down the stars and springboard kicks the chair into Pentagon’s face. Together, he and Sexy Star clean house on the two goons. No rating.

  • Boyle Heights Street Fight: Big Ryck (w/Cortez Castro & Cisco) vs. Prince Puma

In case you didn’t know (and I didn’t since I live in North Carolina), Boyle Heights is a predominantly Latino community in Los Angeles and also where Lucha Underground is taped. Big Ryck dominates to start using his gigantic size advantage over Puma. He whips him from corner to corner until he misses a corner charge and eats the middle turnbuckle. Cisco and Castro attack, but they are quickly disposes. Ryck catches Puma in the corner and goes for a running powerslam, but Puma counters with a tornado DDT. With all three villains on the floor, Puma busts out the SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP. Incredible. Back inside, Castro and Cisco manage to provide more distractions to allow Big Ryck to run down Puma with a clothesline. He drops a bunch of elbows on Puma as we see that Castro is busted open. A trash can gets tossed into the ring and wedged in the corner as Puma takes a ride. Big Ryck then sits down in a chair in the ring while Castro and Cisco launch and slam dunk Puma. They go for another double-team, but Puma counters and drops them both with a DDT/flatliner combo. Puma KIPS UP and catches Big Ryck napping with a dropkick out of his seat. Now Puma arms himself with a kendo stick and goes to town. When he hits Big Ryck, it just angers him. They get into a tug of war over the stick and naturally Big Ryck wins as he pulls Puma into a disgusted elbow smash. They bring a ladder into the ring and lean it up in the corner to hang Puma in the tree of woe. It turns into a situation where Puma is basically being crucified upside down as Cisco and Castro are holding his arms back from the floor. Big Ryck looks to use the kendo stick, but LOOK. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO – it’s Johnny Mundo! Using his *parkour* skills, he runs and jumps from the top of the stage and into the ring! Flying Chuck to Big Ryck! Enziguri kick takes out Cisco! Running knee strike blows Castro! With the heels staggered, Mundo helps down Puma and throws the ladder at Castro and Cisco. Mundo spears down Big Ryck and tells him how he feels. He then grabs a chair and goes to whack Big Ryck, but Big Ryck and Puma gets wiped out. NO – it’s not another heel turn, thank God. He didn’t mean to do it! Castro and Cisco deliver the flapjack/codebreaker finish to Mundo. They then bring another table into the ring so that Big Ryck can put Puma through it with the Uranage, which he does. Cover, 1-2-3. (11:18) Good TV main event here as there’s certainly some added tension now between Mundo and Puma. ***¼

Until next time, so long for now.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

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