Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (01.07.15)


Lucha Underground
January 7, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

Because of the new year, the natives bless the temple with dancing and such. Due to the stipulations set on the last episode, Fenix will be #1 while Mil Muertes will be the last to enter. Dario Cueto explains the two ways to win: pinfall and submission. Also, ANYTHING GOES. Each luchadore will enter Aztec Warfare in 90-second intervals exactly like in the Royal Rumble until all twenty luchadores have competed. Last man standing will be the first-ever Lucha Underground champion.

  • Lucha Underground Championship: AZTEC WARFARE

Fenix and Johnny Mundo – both on Cueto’s bad list – enter the match to start. They go back and forth hitting each other with kicks and blocking each other’s attempts at dives on the outside. Mr. Cisco is #3. He pounds and beats on the other two and then punishes them with senton splashes. Cisco thinks he has an advantage by tossing out Mundo, but that proves not to be the case as Fenix comes back and runs him into the corner. END OF THE WORLD by Mundo gets Cisco eliminated at 2:18. Mundo and Fenix return to their battle as we go to commercial. When we come back, King Cuerno enters Aztec Warfare at #4. He rules the ring for a moment and blasts Mundo with a tope suicida. Fenix walks the ropes and flips onto Cuerno as El Hijo del Havoc heads down at #5. He puts Mundo on the floor with the others and hits a SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP. #6 is Pimpinela Escarlata. It armdrags everybody and kisses Fenix out of the ring. The ref gets cornered as Striker encourages he get him some. Geez. Cuerno saves the day, but he takes a dropkick to the floor by Escarlata. Prince Puma is #7. Oh look, the mystery Asian lady we’ve been seeing is watching this match from the crowd. He and Mundo meet in the center of the ring. Lionsault by Puma gets two. Mundo blocks a corner charge by Puma, but gets a springboard legdrop by Fenix. Ivelisse enters the match at #8. She is all headscissors and DDTs. Escarlata goes into kissing mode again and eats a dropkick for it. Ivelisse gets it a roundhouse kick and sets Escarlata up for a SHOOTING STAR PRESS from her boyfriend Son of Havoc for our second elimination at 9:16. Drago is your #9 entry. Much like Ivelisse, he’s all headscissors and DDTs as well. Cuerno seizes the moment though and enziguri kicks his biggest foe Drago down. He looks for the THRILL OF THE HUNT, but Ivelisse interrupts him for some reason with a kick to the gut, so Cuerno gives her the THRILL OF THE HUNT instead to eliminate her at 10:51. Bael enters the match at #10. Fenix and Drago take attention away from him as they start diving on people. BENADRYLLER from Puma to Son of Havoc sends him back to the locker room at 11:52.

#11 is Cortez Castro. I think he would look more intimidating with a goatee. Bael and Castro rule over Puma and Mundo for a while. Ricky Mandel is your #12 guy. Striker tries to act like he’s actually a possible dark horse winner here. Meanwhile, Puma gives Bael a Northern Lights suplex, holds on for a suplex, and then lands a standing SSP for the pinfall at 14:11. Mundo lands the running knee strike to Castro to knock him out for the pin at 14:31. Big Ryck comes down at #13 and he is pissed that nobody in his crew was able to succeed. Commercials! When we return, Ryck immediately gives Mandel a URANAGE for the elimination at 15:26. Drago goes after Ryck and gets pitched onto Cuerno’s shoulders for the THRILL OF THE HUNT at 15:47. Since Drago is no longer here, Mundo catches Cuerno with a crucifix to send him to the showers at 15:58. Pentagon Jr. enters in at #14. He shows us his stuff like the Sling Blade, the powerbomb on the knee, and the backdrop into a powerbomb to Fenix. For some reason, Big Ryck breaks up the pin. Super Fly is your #15 entrant. He hits headscissors on people and planchas onto Pentagon. Armed with a chair, Chavo Guerrero Jr. enters in at #16. He immediately KO’s Super Fly and pins him at 19:38. While they were allies, Chavo destroys his alliance with Pentagon and blasts him with the chair as well to send him out of here at 19:52. #17 is Mascarita Sagrada. He’s got headscissors and armdrags for Chavo and Fenix. Sagrada looks to dive on Fenix on the floor, but eats a NASTY dropkick during the dive. Sexy Star enters in at #18. Naturally, she goes for Chavo. To the floor they go, Sexy Star does a somersault dive off the apron onto Chavo. Meanwhile in the ring, Sagrada and Big Ryck have a showdown. It doesn’t go well for the little hero as Big Ryck DESTROYS him with a sliding clothesline to take care of him at 23:13. El Mariachi Loco comes in at #19. He’s more of the same with the lucha-style armdrags. Big Ryck stuns him real good with a clothesline. Mil Muertes comes to the ring with Catrina as our final entrant. NOBODY CAN TOUCH HIM. My favorite guy in the promotion. I just wish he had a better finish. He hits Mariachi with the FLATLINER because that guy has got to go at 25:26. We have a showdown between Big Ryck and Mil Muertes for a shoulderblock battle. It goes nowhere as the other luchadores break it up. While Mundo and Puma do all the work, Chavo throws him out trying to pin Big Ryck. Fenix breaks up Chavo’s pin attempt with a 450 SPLASH and hits Chavo as well. He helps Chavo hold Big Ryck down to eliminate him at 26:56. Stealing his thunder, Chavo destroys Fenix with the chair to get rid of him at 27:21. Sexy Star jumps on Chavo again, but he slams her on the chair. Now Chavo wants to take care of this once and for all as he places the chair on her face and heads to the top turnbuckle. HEY WAIT A MINUTE! Blue Demon Jr. returns and knocks Chavo off the top rope. As Demon provides the distraction, Sexy Star nails Chavo with the chair. Cover, 1-2-3! Chavo is gone at 29:05.

Final Four: Mil Muertes, Prince Puma, Sexy Star, and Johnny Mundo. Puma and Mundo attack Muertes when he goes after Sexy Star. When they take him down with STEREO SUPERKICKS, Sexy Star has headscissors for both Puma and Mundo. She don’t need no man! It’s all irrelevant though as Muertes SPEARS the crap out of her to send her back where she belongs at 30:49. Now both Puma and Mundo want to take down Muertes. Puma gets caught in the ropes as Mundo leaps over Muertes and splashes him down to the floor. In the ring, when Mundo can’t superplex Muertes, Puma joins in and takes Muertes down to the mat. Puma gives Mundo the BENADRYLLER. No cover though. Catrina gets involved. Muertes ducks the Flying Chuck and Catrina gets knocked out. Welp, good luck having that long relationship conversation, Mil. Mundo pleads with Muertes that he didn’t mean to kick her. While Muertes is distracted by his own rage, Puma flies in with the SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE KNEES. With Muertes down, Mundo and Puma take turns hitting SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASHES. They dogpile Muertes for the pinfall at 33:55 as it comes down to Puma versus Mundo. Puma hits the backflip and headscissors Mundo over. Mundo fires back with the Rolling Half Crab, but Puma makes the ropes. Flying Chuck gets shoved out to the floor though. They meet up on the top turnbuckle where Puma gives Mundo the SUPER SPANISH FLY. Cover, 1-2-NO! Now Mundo makes his big move out of the corner with the Reverse Headscissors! END OF THE WORLD! Cover, 1-2-NO! I think Mundo wants the Super Spanish Fly as well, but Puma knocks him down in position for the 630 SENTON! He hits it! Puma collapses back on top of Mundo for the 1-2-3! (39:52) Ladies and gentlemen, as you undoubtedly knew there would be, we have a NEW Lucha Underground champion. Afterwards, Mundo shows the boy some respect and raises his arm in victory. Konnan comes out and embraces Puma to congratulate him on his big win. This was booked really well as they were successfully able to interweave the feuds into the match much like you might see in a Royal Rumble match and move the stories along. We didn’t see a ton of nearfalls throughout the match which you see all the time especially in independent wrestling shows as they left all that drama to build towards the end with Puma and Mundo so that the nearfalls really meant something. This was way more fun than this year’s Royal Rumble, which is about as good a compliment you can ask for a show that’s only two months old. ****¼

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.


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