Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (01.14.15)


Lucha Underground
January 14, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

After a video package highlighting Chavo Guerrero and his issues in Lucha Underground and then Prince Puma overcoming all the odds and becoming the first Lucha Underground champion, we go to Dario Cueto’s office where he is speaking with Fenix. Cueto wants Fenix to destroy Prince Puma – a man Fenix has already beaten. The title will be on the line as well. Cueto tells Fenix that if he doesn’t take the championship from Puma, someone else will. He’s always trying to get somebody in his back pocket. As the camera changes focus, we see the mysterious Asian lady through the blinds in another room. WHO IS SHE?

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Elimination Match: Aerostar vs. Angelico vs. Argenis vs. Cage

Aerostar and Argenis are masked luchadores while Angelico is a Zack Sabre-type and Cage is a FREAKING JACKED MONSTER MACHINE. He actually looks like one of the High Voltage guys from WCW. They all go after him one at a time and get promptly thrown away. It works out better for them as they all go at Cage at once. Angelico catches Aerostar after a springboard only for Argenis to dropkick them both. After running the ropes, Angelico gets kicked in the butthole by Argenis when he tries a monkey flip. In comes Aerostar, he tries a handspring off the ropes only to get caught in mid-air and dropped down with a German suplex by Argenis. Angelico clears the ring and wants to fly, but Cage cuts him off with a massive clothesline. Torture Rack into a reverse neckbreaker sends Angelico out. Cage then brings Argenis from the apron into the ring with a suplex. Aerostar leaps off the top, but he’s caught into a JACKHAMMER! Cover, 1-2-NO! Finally, Cage gets taken out to the floor with a headscissors by Argenis. He follows up with a moonsault plancha. Awesome. Once those two are back up, Aerostar delivers a SPRINGBOARD TRUST FALL on them. I LOVE IT. Angelico then hits them all with a no-hands all air plancha. He shows a little personality, too. Back in, Aerostar shows off his skills with a satellite headscissors on Angelico, but then Angelico running dropkicks Aerostar back into a corner. Argenis stuffs Angelico with a Spinebuster, but here comes Cage. Pumphandle Facebuster on Argenis is enough to send him to the showers at 5:09. Cage dumps Aerostar on his face blocking a headscissors, powerbombs Aerostar on the mat, powerbombs him into Angelico, and then hits a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE to take care of Aerostar at 5:35. Angelico receives the same fate with a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE as Cage wins all. (6:01) His name is Cage because he’s not a man, he’s a MACHINE. Well, I was totally entertained for six minutes straight. ***

Time for the Chavo-Demon summit. Chavo wants to issue an apology to Blue Demon Jr. if he’ll come out and talk to him. Blue Demon comes out in his nice business casual clothes and his blue mask. They sit in some folding chairs in the ring. Chavo says he’s sorry – that he didn’t expose Blue Demon Jr. for the fraud that he is. He’s sorry that he didn’t rip the mask off his face and leave him in a bloody heap. Meanwhile, Chavo stands up and tries to sneak on some brass knuckles. When he goes to swing, Blue Demon is one step ahead and starts pounding the crap out of Chavo. He grabs a chair and even though Chavo begs him not to, Blue Demon hits him one good time on the head. While Chavo is suffering on all fours, Blue Demon drills him across the back, and leaves Chavo in the ring a beaten down mess.

  • Drago vs. King Cuerno

This is the rubber match between these two. Drago goes for the win quick with a headscissors and only gets two. To the floor we go, Cuerno busts out a somersault plancha. While Drago is down, Cuerno sets up a table on the other side of the ring. He wants to put Drago through the table with the THRILL OF THE HUNT off the apron, but Drago manages to counter out and hits Cuerno with a corkscrew plancha. Out comes a chair, but Drago ducks the swing and superkicks Cuerno onto the table. And with that, Drago runs up the stairs and leaps off the balcony to splash Cuerno through the table. Nobody gets up from that and both men are counted out. (3:23) EMT guys attend to the damage here. Less of a match and more of a way to get to a much bigger finale very soon. *½

Special look at Fenix airs.

  • Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma vs. Fenix

Both guys shake hands before the bell. Here we go! Nothing but counters on top of counters to start. Puma finally lands the first big blow with a moonsault plancha. Now on the other side we go, Fenix hits a corkscrew plancha of his own. Back inside, Puma ducks a running knee but takes a kick to the back. Puma fires back with a spinning heel kick followed by a scissors kick. Modified Gory Special leads to a faceplant and rollup for 1-2-NO! Fenix catches Puma with a enziguri to slow him down. He follows up with the handspring cutter to which Puma sells like RVD would. That gets two. Puma comes back with the BENADRYLLER for 1-2-NO! Fenix wins a slugfest and comes off the ropes, but he’s caught and nailed with a Northern Lights suplex which is rolled through as Puma then lifts Fenix up for a suplex. Another nearfall. Phoenix Splash by Puma, but there’s no water in the pool. Fenix hits a German suplex and holds onto Puma for a bridging Half Nelson Suplex for 1-2-NO! Fenix lands a 450 SPLASH, but it’s not enough for the win. Puma reverses a tombstone and drops Fenix for 1-2-NO! Fenix stops Puma up top and decides to WALK THE ROPES for something big, but Puma stands up and kicks Fenix down! 630 SENTON to Fenix! Puma covers, 1-2-3. (12:11) Pretty good match that seemed to lose a little steam there in the middle. There has to be a classic in these two somewhere down the line though. ***¼

After the bell, Cage comes out and runs down Puma. He then eats a Discus Clothesline and takes a pair of powerbombs. Well, if that’s not a message sent to the champion, I don’t know what is.

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.


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