WWF: Monday Night Raw (11.27.95)


Monday Night Raw
November 27, 1995
Richmond, VA

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Bret Hart (11/19/1995)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (10/22/1995)
World Tag Team Champions: The Smoking Gunns (9/25/1995)
Women’s Champion: Alundra Blayze (10/23/1995)

Last week on Raw, Shawn Michaels collapsed inside the ring, but the tears aren’t coming! THE TEARS JUST AREN’T COMING.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Rad Radford

Bob Backlund is shown in the crowd jawing with the plebeians. He’s campaigning for some sort of public office. Spinebuster and the PEARL RIVER PLUNGE takes care of Radford at 2:48.

Lawler gets a quick word with Ahmed after the bell. He tells Ahmed that Dean Douglas plans to teach him a lesson at In Your House. When Ahmed starts to talk, Dean Douglas comes over and talks to Ahmed, which rarely goes well for anyone. Ahmed wants to fight him here and now, but the zebra shirts make sure Douglas doesn’t get in the ring with him.

We get a video look at the causes behind Shawn Michaels and his injury he has suffered. From the Syracuse incident to all the finishers he took at Survivor Series, it was no wonder he went down at the hands of Owen Hart last week on Raw.

Alundra Blayze & Kyoko Inoue vs. Aja Kong & Tomoko Watanabe

This is the final appearance of Alundra Blayze in the WWF despite being the Women’s champ until WrestleMania 31. I don’t know what Vince is talking about, but he seems to think that Aja Kong might have a few extra chromosomes. Weird! Anyways, Inoue gets worked over to start. She ducks a quebrada and applies a surfboard to Watanabe. Tag to Blayze, she smashes Watanabe’s face off the turnbuckle a bunch and armdrags her from the top rope. Back to Kong and Inoue, Kong kicks her around and delivers a suplex for two as we go to break. When we come back, Inoue is in charge and delivers a trust fall to Watanabe’s knee. Inoue hits a pop-up superplex and the match breaks down. Blayze ducks the URAKEN from Kong and enziguri kicks her down. She hits one missile dropkick, two missile dropkicks, but misses the third. Kong misses a flying splash and Inoue gets another tag. Finishers fail, but Kong delivers the Backdrop Driver. URAKEN to Inoue! Cover by Kong, there’s the three-count. (6:04 shown) Ah yes, the Orient Express theme music. Of course. Good stuff here. **½

Next up, we see Diesel’s breakdown at the Survivor Series and the subsequent interview that followed on Monday Night Raw where he declared he was back.

Time for the Brother Love Show. He’s here to interview the current three-time WWF champion Bret Hart. Brother Love of course runs the interview and doesn’t let Bret speak. He brings up the Undertaker and says Bret is shaking in his boots. Brother Love tells Bret that he makes his mother cry after feuding with his brother Owen and now he’s going to wrestle his own brother in law again. Bret ends up just taking the microphone away from Brother Love and tells us Diesel is cheap for what he did at the Survivor Series. The next time they meet, it will be different. As for the Undertaker, he doesn’t even want to think about him just yet. The only thing that crosses his mind about Davey Boy Smith is SummerSlam 1992. At In Your House, Bret looks forward to redeeming himself. Not only will he prove that he is the WWF champion, but the best there is, was, and ever will be. Out of the darkness comes Bob Backlund! He jumps Bret from behind and locks on the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. John Chrystal

Helmsley made his RAW in-ring debut against Chrystal back in May. He beats Chrystal even faster this time with the PEDIGREE in 1:41.

Jim Cornette has an open contract for anyone who wants to face Owen Hart at In Your House. Whoever answers the challenge will end up just like Shawn Michaels – in the hospital!

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Sir Mo (w/Ted DiBiase & Kama)

Kama is on crutches, so Sir Mo subs for the Supreme Fighting Machine. Mo gets knocked around to start as DiBiase trips up Taker. Mo clotheslines him out to the floor, but Taker lands on his feet and goozles DiBiase. Next thing we know, Kama is off his crutches and beating the crap out of Taker. We go to commercials as Mo takes over. AND WE’RE BACK! Taker NO-SELLS a turnbuckle smash and takes control of the match. He hits the Jumping Lariat and rolls out to the floor to punch Kama and send him into the steps. Back inside, Taker delivers the CHOKESLAM and pins Mo for the win. (4:00 shown) Afterwards, Taker grabs Kama’s gold chain that used to be his urn and hands it over to Paul Bearer. King Mabel comes out to draw Taker’s attention away from Yokozuna heading down. While Yoko and Taker have a showdown, King Mabel decks Bearer and steals back the gold chain. Mabel takes off to the locker room as Taker saunters after him. ½*

NEXT WEEK: Razor Ramon defends his IC title against Dean Douglas! Marty Jannetty meets Psycho Sid!


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