ECW: Hardcore TV (02.14.95)


ECW: Hardcore TV
February 14, 1995

The ECW champs were:
World Champ: Shane Douglas (3/26/94)
Television Champ: Dean Malenko (11/4/94)
Tag Team Champs: Tazmaniac and Sabu (2/4/95)

This is airing on Valentine’s Day, which didn’t affect viewership numbers at all.

We start with recap from Sabu and Tazmaniac winning the tag titles from the Public Enemy in a double tables match. In the post-match melee, Chris Benoit powerbombs Sabu through a table. A Benoit-kicking-ass package follows, then the same creppy Benoit promo from last week. C’mon, ECW! You have only an hour of TV a week and you’re repeating stuff?


Paul E. yells his face off to let Sabu and Tazmaniac know that Public Enemy will be coming for them.


Paul Lauria (w/ Jason) vs. Mikey Whipwreck

From the Double Tables event at the Arena. Wild brawl from before the bell and Lauria’s over the guardrail before you know it. Back in, Lauria gets his balls crunched on the ropes. Grapplefest ensues and Lauria gets a rana and a sweet arm drag. Mikey gets a crossbody for two. Suplex for two. Back body drop for two. Jason is knocked off the apron, and Mikey botches a headscissors. He launches himself out to the floor, but Lauria moves and Mikey splats. Nice follow up by Lauria as he drops Mikey on the concrete again. Then Jason adds more punishment. Lauria nails him in the mouth with a chair and he’s busted open and now THAT is what you call “hard way,” folks. Back in, Mikey eeks out some Japanese looking submission hold and a butterfly suplex for two. Atop the corner, Mikey delivers a super bulldog, 1-2-NO! Jason makes the save. Mikey decks Jason. Lauria blocks a piledriver and lays on top for two, Mikey bridges up, backslide, 1-2-3! (9:40) Awesome ending. Sloppy as hell and yet it feels like a sweet little treat of a match, like one of those tiny lollipops secretaries keep on their desks. Matt went three-quarter stars, so call me crazy, I liked it. **


Cactus Jack vs. Sandman (w/ Woman) – “Deathmatch” aka falls count anywhere

Joined in progress from Florida. Brawly brawl going on, and the crowd is nuts over every chairshot. Jack hits Sandman with a table, he hits him with a trash can, but Sandman pushes Jack into the table to take control. Sandman canes him over and over, then stops for a smoke break. Jack gets a boot up on a charge and it’s his turn with the cane. Three smacks and Sandman is stumbling silly. They go over the rail to a dirt field, then fight onto a guardrail in the stands where Sandman takes a scary fall. Back to ringside, Sandman hits Jack with a chair for the 30th time. Jack fights back and grabs a sunset flip to the floor, 1-2-3. (8:32 shown) I sure hope you like chairshots and Sandman being drunk. Actually this isn’t bad because they had the crowd riled up the whole time. **

Joey interviews Sandman: “I measure wins and losses by pints of blood.”


Paul Lauria is in the ring back in Philly, running his mouth all over Mikey Whipwreck and Hack Myers and 911. Wait, 911? Not smart, Paul, not smart. 911 shows up with Paul E. and chokeslams little Mr. Lauria. Two more chairshots while Paul E. fires up the crowd. Whatever, just some pointless fun to end the show.

Anytime Paul Lauria is the main character in the show, you can probably do better. C’mon, ECW!

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