ECW: Hardcore TV (02.21.95)


ECW: Hardcore TV
February 21, 1995

The ECW champs were:
World Champ: Shane Douglas (3/26/94)
Television Champ: Dean Malenko (11/4/94)
Tag Team Champs: Tazmaniac and Sabu (2/4/95)

Shane Douglas talks about … Well, forget what he’s talking about … He’s wearing suspenders, people! Suspenders! Something about how Flair needs to retire and Hogan is broken down and ECW has the best athletes. This thing goes on for TWENTY EIGHT MINUTES!!! Paul Heyman, what are you thinking?

Stevie Richards (w/ Raven) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Not to keep mentioning people’s outfits, but guys, Tommy Dreamer’s outfit is just awful. It’s a red muscle shirt tucked into black trucks with a purple waistband. Stevie has the iconic pink straps-down singlet he’s known for. Tommy uses weapons from the fans to dismantle poor Stevie. Stevie has a quick spurt of offense, but Tommy scores a swinging DDT. Raven interferes and Stevie gets a superkick. Dreamer ducks a second superkick and rolls up Stevie for 1-2-3. (5:54) Raven and Dreamer have a quick chat, but Stevie holds back Raven and that’s that for now. Lame match. 1/4*

Joey lets us all know Eddie Gilbert died recently, and there’s a quick and classy little tribute package.


Recap of 911‘s chokeslamming exploits from last week.

Another recap, this time of Cactus Jack giving Sandman a concussion via repeated chairshots.

Joey hypes up the next big show and that’s all, folks.

Not good.

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