Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (03.02.16)


Lucha Underground
March 2, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Mil Muertes (8/5/15)
Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion: King Cuerno (1/27/16)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: The Disciples of Death (7/29/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Vacant (11/9/15)

In case you missed it last week, here are some highlights:


Mil Muertes wants to know why Catrina denies him from sending both Fenix and King Cuerno into the darkness. He seems mad at himself for listening to her. Catrina reminds him that she’s known him since he was a scared little boy. If it wasn’t for her, he would have never found himself out of the tomb the gods put him in. Muertes grabs Catrina by the throat with his good arm and lifts her off the ground threatening her to give him both Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. He’ll bury them instead. She tells him “no” and disappears. Muertes seems pretty bummed about how their conversation turned out. It seems clear now that Catrina is just using Mil to keep control of the Temple. With him sidelined with a broken arm, the most dangerous force in Lucha Underground can do very little about her rise to power.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Vampiro.

  • Kobra Moon vs. Sexy Star

This is the first in-ring look at Sexy Star this season. Interesting that she doesn’t get a real entrance. The Mack who has supported Sexy Star against Marty the Moth and his sister comes out to cheer her on during this match. Very short match here. Kobra shows off a hammerlock cradle drop. I really don’t know how else to describe it. That gets two. Sexy comes back with a pendulum surfboard hold that looks like old school lucha. She gives up on the hold though when she spies Marty the Moth in the audience. Not good. Kobra grabs Sexy and applies her dragon sleeper body scissors for the tapout. (2:59) Striker and Vamp point out how Sexy has never tapped out in Lucha Underground. While Mack checks on Sexy, Marty the Moth thinks what happened is all pretty funny. ¾*

Another Famous B commercial. Oh boy, I love it. If you wanna be famous, call 423-GET-FAME. Has anybody tried this?

In a Monty Python’s Flying Circus moment, we see that someone was watching that commercial and turns off the TV. It’s Rey Mysterio. Awesome. When the new El Dragon Azteca tells Rey he was watching that, he gets kicked in the chest to kickstart more training. There’s no time for TV, amigo!

  • Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

This is match #2 of their feud. In what can only be described as a fluke win, Puma won the first match. With that said, both guys definitely have something to prove. Slugfest to start here. Pentagon though stays one step ahead knowing when the handspring headscissors is coming and avoiding it completely to nail Puma with a pair of Sling Blades. As Puma rolls out, Pentagon wants to fly only to get nailed by a springboard clothesline. Out goes Pentagon, Puma delivers the moonsault plancha. Beautiful. Back inside, Puma lands a hilo and kick to the chest for two. He tries to handspring off the ropes, but Pentagon drills him with a dropkick. Time for the PENTAGON DRIVER, but Puma victory rolls Pentagon instead for two. Superman punch leads to the Northern lights suplex and then the *CORE STRENGTH* vertical suplex. Standing SSP gets two. The 630 SENTON doesn’t happen as Puma lands on his feet. Pentagon fights out of the corner and delivers the (not so) Canadian Destroyer as Mil Muertes shows his face. He sees his top two threats in the ring and starts coming down to meet them. Off comes the arm sling. He means business. Muertes gets in the ring and gives Pentagon the Uranage Slam. Puma catches him with a superkick, but Muertes NO-SELLS and hits Puma with a straight right hand. SPEAR to Pentagon! SPEAR to Puma! To send a message to these two guys and anybody watching, he shows them all that he owns Lucha Underground as he gives them both the FLATLINER at the same exact time. Who’s the man? It was Mil Muertes. It always was. Anyways, this was a fun “I know your moves and you know mine” type match. They didn’t go overboard with that style of psychology to where it was hindering the match or anything. Plus, Mil Muertes coming out was epic after so many weeks without him. ***

In the back, Mil Muertes and Catrina are shown walking together through the halls of the Temple. She tells him that all he needed was a little motivation. Next week, Mil wants to defend his Lucha Underground championship against both Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. This is *his* Temple and no one can stop him. More awesomeness. Catrina stays behind and looks like she’s thinking about something. Hmm.

  • Gift of the Gods Championship Ladder Match: King Cuerno (c) vs. Fenix

As Fenix owns Cuerno to start sending him rolling to the floor, Cuerno moves the ladder so Fenix can dive on him without an obstruction. Ugh. In the ring, Cuerno turns the ladder over on Fenix. He leans it up in the corner and powerbombs Fenix for the first brutal spot. Out on the floor, Cuerno leans two ladders against the ring apron. They fight over a suplex from inside the ring out, but Cuerno just dumps him on the floor instead of dropping him on the ladder. What? Cuerno then leans a ladder against Catrina’s office, which is a mild callback to the “last luchadore standing” match. Cuerno runs Fenix into the post and then sets up to battering ram a ladder into him, but Fenix stumbles away out of range. Fenix tries reversing a whip into the ladder up against Catrina’s office, but Cuerno jumps and springs back off the ladder into Fenix. He sends Fenix into a section of chairs. Cuerno pulls Fenix up to the top of a ladder and teases a superplex, but Fenix fights back and sends Cuerno back down to the floor. Due to the location of the ladder, Fenix is able to climb to the roof of Catrina’s office and somersault plancha over the ladder down onto Cuerno. Well, that was pretty. Next up, Fenix ends up in the front row over the barricade for some brawling within the fans. To ends things, Cuerno shoves Fenix off the barricade down onto one of the ladders leaned against the ring apron. Cuerno goes for the battering ram routine again, but Fenix misses and the ladder runs into the ringpost to jab Cuerno’s arm. How unfortunate. They play around with another ladder and Fenix gets whacked in the face as the end result. In the ring though, Cuerno gets halfway up the ladder when Fenix springboard dropkicks him down. Another climb up the ladder for both men. They both grab hold of the piece holding the GOTG championship and hang from it. Nobody grabs the belt and both fall to the mat below. By the way, I should mention that Mil Muertes is back on his throne watching this match. Cuerno lands the THRILL OF THE HUNT and sets up a table in the ring. He wants to do a SUPER THRILL OF THE HUNT THROUGH THE TABLE, but Fenix makes sure that doesn’t happen and does his fancy double springboard to rana Cuerno off the top rope crashing through the table. With Cuerno done for, Fenix climbs the top of the ladder and regains his Gift of the Gods title. (16:41) I’m a little disappointed by this match. It was a lot of furniture arrangement, pretty slow at times, and not much intensity like you would expect. King Cuerno is an interesting guy because you would think by now he would have had a really standout match considering how many different feuds and opponents he’s had in Lucha Underground, but he just hasn’t had that MOTYC that blows your nips off yet. I’m really looking forward to that day though because overall I’m a King Cuerno fan. ***¼

So now not only does Mil Muertes have Prince Puma and Pentagon to contend with next week, but now he has Fenix (who is definitely not on his side) who has a claim to a LU title shot and the winner of Aztec Warfare II will be the number one contender to the LU championship as well. So yeah, LOTS happening in the title picture right now.

Until next time, so long for now.


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