SLACKAMANIA DVD REVIEW – WWE: Living on a Razor’s Edge – The Scott Hall Story DVD Recap (Disc One)


WWE: Living on a Razor’s Edge – The Scott Hall Story
Three-Disc DVD Set
Released: 7/5/2016


  • A Life-Changing Event: Thirty-three years ago a life changing event happened to Scott Hall which he gets emotional over.
  • Back in Orlando: Hall loves Orlando and said it’s soothing and fun to relax. He said he learned some lessons here, but some the hard way. He’s here to talk to the NXT guys at the Performance Center. He says the city has grown and changed since his heyday.
  • A Storybook Life: Scott Hall was born in Maryland on October 20th 1958. His mom mentions how big of a baby he was weighing in at 9 pounds and 6 ounces. He grew up in a military family as his father was a respected and they moved once a year for the first 15 years of his life across many bases. He went to high school at Leavenworth in Kansas and excelled at basketball. His potential was great and the coaches tried to persuade his family to let Scott stay as they felt he could play in the big time at the University of Kansas, but Hall chose to move to Germany with his family. Scott loved his time in Germany and graduated high school there. He says it was a storybook life with his dad being a big time pilot and his mom a model.
  • Moving to Florida: Scott’s family relocated to Maryland for good. His dad took him and his brother to watch wrestling. He still has the program from the first card he ever went to and it was a hair vs. hair match. He thought wrestling would be a fun career. He loved watching Championship Wrestling from Florida and was a huge fan of Dusty Rhodes and wanted to be him. He decided then that’s what he wanted to get into especially to get the girls. He and some buddies moved to Orlando. Hall said he felt bulletproof back then. He slept on peoples catches and used only $10 for food each week as he could eat eggs every day. He got a gig as a bouncer as a nice nightclub in Orlando and loved the strip clubs
  • Second-Degree: The life changing incident that got Hall emotional at the start of the documentary. In January 1983 he started dating a stripper at the strip club he bounced at. He said his own rule was he never wanted to date a fellow employee but got involved with her. However she was seeing another guy too a 37 year old man named Rodney Perry Turner and he pulled out a semi-automatic weapon on Hall in the parking lot. They got into a tussle and Hall had no idea it was loaded and ready to be fired and it blown the back of Turner’s head off. Hall said it was really graphic and horrifying. He said he never wanted to kill him but he was still dead. Hall was charged with Second Degree Murder and his mom and brother were worried. The attorneys however were confident he would be ok and he got acquitted of all charges. Hall does admit he made a mistake in not seeking counseling as was recommended to him. He ended up dating the stripper for 8 more years. His mom says it changed him forever and he will never get over it.
  • Getting His Start: Hall started hanging around the gym and he never was a fan of weightlifting, but did so to find the gym the wrestlers worked out at. He eventually ran into them and was doing spots with Kevin Sullivan. Jake Roberts says Hall would go to the airports and want to carry bags for the wrestlers to try to get in the business. Hall mentions how your look was more impressive to guys to talent back in 1984 as Mid-South footage is shown of Hercules and Dr. Death squashing a young Shawn Michaels. Dusty (from 2015) says he helped build and mold Hall but he had to be successful himself. Dusty even supplied him with his first pair of wrestling books. He says being in the same locker room with his idol Dusty was cooler than any paycheck for him. Shawn Michaels first met Hall during his American Starship days with Danny Spivey. Hall’s brother, HBK, and Jake mention how he favored Tom Selleck during his early days. His mom would buy all the magazines to get his pictures.
  • AWA Experience A few years later at Pro Wrestling USA event in Baltimore he thanked Dusty for getting him in and paid him back for the boots as it felt good to do despite Dusty never asking for the money back. HBK mentions how Hall sent him a letter thanking him for pointers in Kansas City and they shortly ended up in the AWA together. Blackjack Lanza brought him in. Lanza thought he looked bigger than life. DDP first met Hall there and became friends with him and Curt Hennig. Hall and Hennig teamed up and became AWA tag team champions. Hall admits Hennig did all the work for the team and made him look good in finishes. He says Curt was the most unselfish guy he’s ever met. He taught Hall how to deal with promoters as there was no guaranteed contracts back then and helped elevate him to the next level. HBK says it was a great experience but the start of bad attitudes for people of the era. Hall started going back to bars with Hennig as he was told most of the boys thought he was stuck up. Hall is shown present day telling Hennig stories to the NXT Roster.
  • It Ain’t New York City: The AWA was on national TV at the time on ESPN and Verne Gagne wanted to make Hall the AWA World Champion but he declined hating Minnesota weather and knowing the AWA was a sinking ship. WrestleMania had recently started and Blackjack Lanza knew the business was heading that direction. The WWF wasn’t interested in Hall at time and he thought about leaving the business for good. He was in love at the time and got married and said he would have been happy working at Sears or construction. During his final obligation which was in Europe his wife discovered she was pregnant and he needed the money. He had a character idea which he pitched to DDP who was working for WCW at the time. DDP got him the job and the Diamond Studd was born. DDP came up with shaving the Tom Selleck mustache for just the stubble, the black hair dye, and tossing the toothpick. He was paired with Kevin Nash in tag matches at times and they were fast friends in and out of the ring. Both admit there was something missing for them at the time. Hall said he didn’t want to be positioned into a job guy. He called Pat Patterson once a week for a year and was unable to get ahold of him. Curt Hennig did him a favor and got him a call from Pat Patterson. Patterson was interested right away, however Hall just signed a 1 year contract with WCW and had to wait a year to leave.
  • Razor Is Born: We get footage from the first dark match Scott Hall performed in at a Wrestling Challenge taping Louisville Kentucky. He had generic trunks and not the signature Razor gear we came to know. Vince wanted Hall to have a character and gimmick and Hall feared Vince was going to pitch to him a military gimmick. Hall did ‘’Say Hello To Bad Guy’’ in a Tony Montana Scarface accent to Vince who was immediately impressed as Vince was unaware of the movie and hadn’t seen it. Thus Razor Ramon character was born and some great vignettes. We even get footage of Vince directing them. A guy with film connections in Montreal even told Hall that Al Pacino personally told him at a film festival that Razor Ramon played Tony Montana better than he did! HHH calls Razor the spark of his dynamite. Despite being a heel was over with the fans so Vince devised an idea for Razor to due an upset to a newcomer named The Lightning Kid. It turned Razor face due to heels making fun of him and established Sean Waltman as a new star. The Kliq is discussed as they rode together in a time faces and heels riding together was forbidden. HHH says he learned the most from Hall in and out of the ring at the time. HBK mentions how Hall came up with the best ideas. Hall says he had some of the best matches in his career with them.
  • Another Level: Razor was given the IC title in the fall of 1993, but it was due to HBK being suspended. Hall thought it was a cool moment but bittersweet as he thought HBK was truly the champ. They did a real IC champion angle. They did a Ladder Match on the house show circuit which we get various footage of and it was pitched for them to do it at WrestleMania X. Vince calls the match magic from a dramatic and timing perspective. HHH says you don’t even have to be a wrestling fan to think that match was awesome. Hall says it took him to another level and to do it against a dear friend. HBK says it was the beginning of great things for both.
  • Humble Superstar: Razor was one of the stars of the new generation and we see a lot of out of the ring experiences He always had time for his family though and paid his moms house payments for 8 years. His brother said the memorable thing Hall did in his eyes was the Jerry Springer segment with the boy dying of AIDS which we see footage of. Jerry Springer said it humanized AIDS and a great thing for them to do as Hall was his favorite. Hall says everyone was crying and he gave the IC title as a gift back when they didn’t have replica belts. He had to call Vince and order a new belt and Vince was impressed he did that and did the right thing.
  • A New Situation: Hall wanted to elevate to the main events and be paid like one, as his pay had been maintained compared to other stars. He couldn’t come into an agreement with Vince and he gave his notice. He wishes they could have a compromise though. He wanted to stay with the WWF, but couldn’t do the same thing so he wanted a new situation. A week later Kevin Nash gave his notice just wanting a little bit more money due to the constant travel grind. DDP approached Eric Bischoff about signing Hall which he did. Eric says he didn’t steal Hall and Nash contrary to popular opinion. Vince admits while he felt Hall and Nash made a mistake leaving the WWF the one that made the biggest mistake was himself because they were willing to stay just for more money after receiving a lucrative guaranteed money offer from WCW but it wasn’t the way he did business at the time. His final night at MSG he received you sold out chants, but they did the Curtain Call at the end. HBK says not only did they leave to make money but became huge. He debuted in WCW in a memorable way and the NWO was born.
  • Making Things Bigger: HHH believes the Razor character is what made Hall get over in it, but that it felt real. Eric says he was worried it would be a month hot angle but the ball got rolling and executed properly and Scott Hall was to be credited for a lot of it. WCW firsts like high ratings and merchandise sales occurred under the NWO. HBK says they made things bigger and made not only big money for themselves but other people as well and anyone that gives you a hard time for that lacks credibility. Upon his debut Vince tried to sue for 5 years due to intellectual property which Vince shows comparisons of . We even get FOOTAGE of Hall being questioned by lawyers on ripping off Razor Ramon, but he said he got it off of Scarface. Vince admits he took things personal back then. Hall says he felt like Elvis when they did the Fake Razor and Diesel angle since he had an impersonator. Vince said he did it since he owned the characters. Hall says he got his ‘’Hey Yo’’ catchphrase from Rocky II which we get footage of the scene it occurred.
  • Falling Apart: In WCW he was on the road a lot less which meant more time with his children, but his marriage was falling apart. Eric says Hall has one of the most creative minds of all time on a good day, but on a bad day hitting him in the temple with a hammer would be too good for him. Vince says the lack of rules in WCW made him self-destruct and he thinks there would have been a better outcome there had he stayed. Eric says he was on board in showcasing Halls struggles, but he was not proud of that and regrets doing it. He didn’t know at the time how severe his problems were. Cody says he didn’t like it as it was too real for him but understands how edgy the business was at the time. HBK says it was the road life and they wanted to separate it from the home life but was on the road more. Hall tells the NXT guys his personal demons might not have happened had he stayed with the WWF as it was family oriented.
  • A Dark Place: Vince brought the NWO invasion to the WWF and Hall, Nash, and Hogan returned. Eric said one of the main reasons it flopped was Hall couldn’t handle the pressure even though he was given a WrestleMania match against Stone Cold. Hall thought the match was decent but could have been better. He decided he would rather be miserable at home than on the road.
  • Fighting On A Daily Basis From 2002-2012, Scott Hall went through numerous problems and was arrested many times. Hall said he had people fooled thinking he was a nice guy but he wasn’t. Kevin Nash tried to get him help and had the patience for him despite telling people many times he was done. HHH said Nash help put out Halls fire many times. Nash said he spent his life with him and wanted him in rehab. Hall says their bond will never go away. Hall tells the NXT guys he had many pills and booze and did 12 rehabs and glad todays guys don’t experience the hard lifestyle. HHH says you can’t force anyone to get help they need to be aware. Hall said the side effects were drinking and pills but PTSD was his main problem. Nash said Hall told him he thinks he’s going to hell for killing a man, but he’s a great guy. HBK said Hall thought that was reality and wrestling was the fantasy world. We get Hall’s indy wrestling appearance in 2011 that was shown on his E60 piece where he clearly shouldn’t have been. HHH said he didn’t want to see it. Nash told him that he wouldn’t be around much longer if he kept it up. His brother says it’s tough to watch but something you need to change your life.
  • Just What I Needed: In January 2013 Sean Waltman pleaded with DDP to try to save his life as he believed Hall would commit suicide as he purchased a gun. We see the footage of DDP and Jake Roberts contacting Hall pleading him to come to the house. The next month he arrived but was over 300 pounds in a wheelchair. DDP says he was a broken man. Jake says the early workouts were tough for him as his hip was bad and he had no insurance. DDP without his permission did a fundraiser for him which got $109,000 raised 80,000 of it within the first 2 days. After the operation he started to do the yoga and conditioning. Hall said he enjoyed it and DDP is positively type of annoying but he loves him for it. Cody says DDP was the secret ingredient. His brother says DDP deserves all the credit for saving Halls life. Hall and Jake are now clean and sober.
  • One Place to Go: In 2015 Hall visited the crime scene where he killed the guy. His therapist told him he was out to kill Hall had he not killed him. He still gets the chills and will never get over it. He still feels responsible. Ironically the area is closed for a crime scene when he visited when he said the club still operated the night of his incident. Hall pleads for anyone with a problem to get help now and don’t wait thirty years for it.
  • Bad Times Don’t Last: DDP asked HHH to put Jake and Hall in the HOF in 2013, but HHH wanted to see results of them for a year and they stayed clean so it was their time. Hall says he couldn’t sleep he was so excited. He said post leaving for WCW he felt like an outsider to the WWE till then. Hall was invited to HBKs HOF induction in 2011 but declined. He was the missing piece of the Kliq. He says he wasn’t in a good place at the time and be in that environment. Hall got inducted in 2014 with the Kliq reunited for the first time in almost a decade. He closed his speech by saying bad times don’t last but bad times do. Hall compared the HOF to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: there’s no place like home.
  • Back in the Family: Hall says he isn’t where he wants to be but at least he isn’t where he was. Hall got a call from Matt Bloom (Albert) to talk to the NXT guys and give advice at the Performance Center. Hall says he gets excited thinking about it. HBK says he’s not politically correct but giving phenomenal advice. (There’s even been recent rumors he may get a job doing it) He’s also got to spend more time with his son Cody who is getting in the business himself. Hall thinks Cody has the potential to be a major player in the business and make money. His daughter Cassidy got a 4 year academic scholarship to UCF (University of Central Florida). Hall says he learned from Vince that dreams can come true. Cody thinks its going to get better for him down the line. Vince and HHH put over Hall as an amazing talent and person. HBK says he was absolutely efficient in the ring. In a cool touch, Hall does a VINTAGE Razor Ramon promo; complete with the RR background logo to close the documentary.



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