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Ultima Lucha Dos: The Finale (07.20.16)


Ultima Lucha Dos: The Finale
July 20, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza (3/23/16)
Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion: Sexy Star (7/13/16)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans & PJ Black (5/25/16)

They do their best to provide us with a year’s worth of storylines into a near four minutes and 30 second long video package and do a really good job of it.

Somewhere dark and sinister, Vampiro in full garb is preparing Pentagon Jr. to face Matanza for the Lucha Underground title. He believes Pentagon Jr. is not quite ready to face the Monster because he still has fear inside him. In order to become ready, Pentagon must destroy the man he once was when he was first destroyed by Matanza. Vamp directs Pentagon to enter into a cave filled with luchadores he must defeat with strobe lights flashing like crazy. I’m beginning to think Pentagon Jr. is the Mexican Batman. When Pentagon Jr. beats down the final luchadore (dressed in a variation of his own costume), he removes the mask to find that it’s Vampiro. He declares Pentagon is ready for Matanza. Pentagon Jr. blows out a symbolic candle so that – as Vamp puts it – Pentagon DARK can take his place. Oh man it’s about to get serious now.

HIPSTER BAND OF THE WEEK: El Conjunto Nueva Ola.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Vampiro. Read the rest of this entry

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