TEN YEARS AFTER: WWE SummerSlam 2006


WWE: SummerSlam
August 20, 2006
Boston, MA
TD Banknorth Garden

The current WWE champions are as follows:
WWE Champion: Edge (7/3/2006)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro (6/25/2006)
World Tag Team Champions: The Spirit Squad (4/3/2006)
WWE Women’s Champion: Lita (8/14/2006)
ECW World Championship: Big Show (7/4/2006)
World Heavyweight Champion: King Booker (7/23/2006)
WWE United States Champion: Finlay (7/14/2006)
WWE Tag Team Champions: Paul London & Brian Kendrick (5/21/2006)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms (1/29/2006)

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and JBL, and Joey Styles and Tazz.

  • Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo cost Rey the world title at the Great American Bash because he feels Rey has been capitalizing off the death of Eddie Guerrero. And Chavo is the *only* guy who can use Eddie Guerrero to get over, folks! They trade shots on each other to start. Rey armdrags Chavo to the floor and hits a baseball slide. When Rey looks for a pescado though, Chavo shoots back inside to let Mysterio hit the floor. Chavo takes him out with a pescado instead. Back in, Chavo puts the boots to Rey and makes sure he knows Chavo has the Guerrero blood, not Rey. Mysterio fires back and tries a rana, but Chavo counters and drops Rey’s face on the top buckle. Chavo mimics his uncle and messes with the crowd a little bit. They tease a DANGEROUS powerbomb spot up on the top turnbuckle, but end up throwing each other down to the mat. Rey delivers a springboard crossbody block for two. He ends up on Chavo’s shoulders and ranas him into the 619. Chavo ducks the springboard seated senton and they crash out on the floor. Eddie’s widow Vickie Guerrero comes down to get them to stop fighting. She has wormed her way into the middle of all this, you see. When Chavo won’t listen, she slaps him and Rey dives on Chavo off camera. Back inside, Mysterio avoids the Three Amigos and headscissors Chavo over to begin his own Three Amigos. Crowd boos this. Mysterio heads up top for the Frog Splash, but Vickie Guerrero mistakenly trips him up trying to get up on the apron. Chavo hits the Brainbuster and delivers the FROG SPLASH for the W. (11:00) This was all fine and dandy until they had to bring Vickie out here. **

In the back, King Booker and Queen Sharmell look forward to beating Batista so they can continue being the most powerful couple in sports entertainment. Edge and Lita beg to differ. How did they hear him saying this? Shouldn’t the world champ King Booker be getting his own dressing room for crying out loud? Anyways, Edge tries to put some doubt in Booker’s mind about beating Batista. However, Edge feels he will “bitch slap” John Cena tonight. He makes a Red Sox reference to piss off the crowd. Booker makes a wager: when he beats Batista and Edge loses the WWE title, Edge has to come to Booker’s Smackdown Kingdom and kiss his royal feet. When Edge proposes the opposite of what Booker just said, he wants Booker to come be his “royal servant” over on RAW. Yikes. They both agree to the terms. LONG LIVE KING BOOKER!

  • Extreme Rules – ECW World Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Sabu

Sabu defeated a returning Rob Van Dam in a ladder match to earn the ECW world title shot here. Sabu throws a chair at Show to start. Arabian Facebuster gets a two-count, but Show trips him up facedown on the chair and breaks it with a stomp so it’s no longer of any use. Show does some slow big-man stuff to Sabu. A giant fallaway slam nearly puts Sabu out of the ring. Sabu makes a comeback using another chair and leans a table in the corner. He runs and jumps off the chair to put Show through the table. ECW~! ECW~! ECW~! Show stops Sabu up top with an electric chair drop and gives him the pump splash. Show then brings the steps into the ring and makes a scaffold using a table. Sabu tries to spring off the table onto the second rope and back into Show, but of course the table slides off the steps. He sets the table back on the steps and jumps into Show to DDT him through the table. Sabu sets up a third table in the ring and runs into Show only to get put through the table with a CHOKESLAM. That’ll do it. (8:32) ECW, ladies and gents. ¾*

We go back to RAW where Layla won the 2006 Diva Search competition. Now here at SummerSlam, she gets initiated by the babyface diva locker room. Lots of skanks in there. It starts out all mean, but then they take her in the shower and playfully molest her. Knowing some of the shower stories that I’ve heard that have occurred in WWE, she got off pretty easy.

  • Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton

Hogan may have a torn meniscus, but Orton has TOTALLY disrespected his daughter and will not stand for it, brother. This match ends up being significant as this will prove to be Hogan’s final match in WWE. Absolutely YUUUGE reaction for Hogan. Headlocks and shoulderblocks to start to show off how STRONG Hogan is. Orton goes low and pounds Hogan down. He tries to smash Hogan’s face on the turnbuckle, but Hogan counters and smashes Orton’s face on the turnbuckle instead. He gives Orton a ten-count corner punch and thumbs him in the eye. The clothesline off the ropes leads to some face raking. Now we get some back and chest raking, brother. Being the quicker of the two (SHOCKER!), Orton rolls out and trips up Hogan to beat on his bad knee. He takes Hogan to school and chopblocks him down. Hogan actually manages to duck out of the way of a flying bodypress. He looks for the Big Boot, but Orton ducks under and dropkicks Hogan down. RKO! Cover, 1-2-3! But Hogan got his foot on the bottom rope! The match continues and Orton is ANGRY. Vintage Hogan comeback, the finger point, the three right hands, the Big Boot, and the LEGDROP ends this one. (10:58) An unfortunate match for an up and coming star who could have used the rub. *

Backstage, Mick Foley seems to be a little nervous about his “I Quit” match with Flair. Melina insinuates that she might have to cut ties with Mick if he loses, which only serves to fire him up.

  • “I Quit” Match: Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

Foley hammers Flair down in the corner to start for the running knee and then a trash can to the face. He pulls out Mr. Socko and puts down Flair with the MANDIBLE CLAW, but Flair won’t give possibly because he just had a sock shoved down his throat. Foley takes it up a notch by wrapping Mr. Socko with barbed wire, but Flair stops him with the Testicular Claw. Flair gets the barbed wire-wrapped Mr. Socko off Foley and CHOPS him a few good times. Well, that’s awesome. To the floor we go, Foley takes the whip into the steps. Foley then finds one of those barbed wire wooden platforms and runs into Flair to bust him open. Crowd wants FIRE if you can believe that. He abuses Flair some more with the barbed wire board in the ring culminating with the Cactus Elbow. Pretty brutal stuff. Flair refuses to quit. Foley pulls out some thumbtacks and slams Flair on top of them. Flair still won’t quit. Foley brings out the barbed wire bat, but Flair low blows him and uses the bat against Foley. GEEZ. Now Foley won’t quit. Flair grabs his balls again and knocks him off the apron for the Nestea Plunge. OH NO, CACTUS JACK IS DEAD! Nah, but Foley is out of it. A trainer and eventually Melina come down. The trainer calls for the match to end at 10:25. Flair says this isn’t a “lay down on your ass” match, it’s an “I QUIT” match and wants Foley to get back in the ring. He rolls Foley back in the ring, rolls him across the thumbtacks, and threatens to cut out Foley’s eye with the barbed wire bat! Melina finds a towel somewhere and throws it into the ring to get this match ended at 12:19. Nope, Flair still isn’t satisfied. While Melina is checking on Foley, Flair threatens to hit Melina with the barbed wire bat! Before he nails her, Foley yells he quits into the mic to end this one. (13:13) When you can’t have hilarious Flair, crazy Flair is the next best thing. LOTS of blood in this one. Great performance here. ***½

Backstage, Vince and Shane McMahon talk Armando Alejandro Estrada into letting them use Umaga as a resource tonight against DX. I really miss that guy Estrada.

  • World Heavyweight Championship: King Booker (c) (w/Queen Sharmell) vs. Batista

ALL HAIL KING BOOKER~! This is Batista’s first shot at getting the world title back since his return. After the initial lockups, Booker slaps Batista across the face and gets shoved down for it. Smart move, bruh. Headlocks and shoulderblocks ensue. Bats catches a spinning heel kick and powerslams Booker down for two. Sharmell tries to get Booker to leave, but Batista brings him back to the ring. Spinebuster connects and he wants the Demon Bomb, but Booker senses it and retreats to the apron. He snaps Batista’s neck on the top rope a few times and applies an EXCITING chinlock. Bats escapes and hits a belly to belly suplex. Once again, Booker retreats and breaks his scepter over Batista’s head while Sharmell has the ref. More chinlockage. Batista escapes again and crotches Booker a few times. Side slam gets two. Out on the floor, Booker yanks Bats into the steps. He tosses him back inside for a missile dropkick. Does anybody do it better than Booker T? Anyways, that gets two. This crowd couldn’t care less. BOOK END gets 1-2-NO! Bats avoids the SCISSORS KICK and hits a Jackhammer for two. Booker avoids a corner charge and drops Bats with a reverse neckbreaker. He wants the Book End again, but Bats reverses to a Full Nelson Slam. Now Bats is ready for the Demon Bomb, but Sharmell jumps on him for the REALLY weak DQ. (10:30) Were her little fists really having much of an effect on this big man to warrant a DQ? Come on. Afterwards, Bats has a little trouble giving Booker the DEMON BOMB, but there it is. Too little too late. This felt like an attempt at a ratings grabbing Smackdown match and not much else. *½


Meanwhile, DX talks to some big guy standing behind a door and makes him feel pissed off when they repeat what Vince and Shane said about Umaga about being the biggest and the baddest dude around. Is it Kane? Viscera? Snitsky even? We’ll find out.

  • D-Generation X vs. Vince & Shane McMahon

Vince and Shane call out some of their resources to beat up DX before they come down to the ring. The Spirit Squad is plan A. Have they EVER proven to be a problem for DX? He brings over some Smackdown guys as plan B: Mr. Kennedy, William Regal, and Finlay. They prove more of a threat, but even they get disposed. The Big Show is plan C. While the Smackdown three are beating up Triple H out on the floor, Show gives Michaels a cobra clutch backbreaker and the legdrop thing he does. To put Helmsley down for a while, Show slam dunks him through the ECW announce table with a CHOKESLAM. Now the McMahons are ready to start this match. They have their way with Shawn Michaels. Anytime Hunter gets close to getting on the apron, Shane knocks him back down again. At one point, Helmsley takes a baseball slide over the RAW announce table into JR’s lap. The McMahons even run through some 1980s tag team finishers: the Demolition Decapitation, the Hart Attack, and the Doomsday Device! They all looked pretty good, too. You can imagine Vince did the lifting while Shane did the flying. No one really wants to see Vince deliver a flying clothesline. Anywho, HBK kicks out of those three finishes and mounts a comeback. He ducks a double clothesline and comes back around to nail both Vince and Shane to set up the HOT TAG TO TRIPLE H! High Knee! Reverse Neckbreaker! The Facebuster! It’s all happening to Shane. He hits a Double A Spinebuster on Shane and slams Vince so that HBK can hit his flying elbow. Shawn and Shane go flying out to the floor. That brings out Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada. While HHH is setting up Vince for the PEDIGREE near the ropes, Umaga jabs him with the DEADLY SAMOAN SPIKE~! As he tries to do the same to HBK, out comes Kane to beat him backstage. Vince crawls over to Helmsley for a cover and gets 1-2-NO! Vinnie Mac slugs the ref for not counting the pinfall. Shane sets up Helmsley for the TRASH CAN COAST TO COAST, but Shawn hits him in MID-AIR with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC. HHH gets up and drills Vince over the head with the trash can. With Vince staggering, Shawn catches him with SWEET CHIN MUSIC and Helmsley delivers the PEDIGREE for the academic three-count. (13:03) More entertaining than I remember it being. They always know how to do the “over the top” booking for the McMahons. ***

  • WWE Championship: Edge (c) (w/Lita) vs. John Cena

So this has been a major feud for 2006, but most recently Edge has broken into John Cena Sr.’s house and slapped him across the face. That’s where we’re at right now. As for any special rules, Edge loses the WWE title if he gets DQ’ed. In a throwaway match on the go-home RAW, Lita had defeated Mickie James for the WWE women’s title. Cena gets aggressive in the corner beating up on Edge. They go corner to corner and Cena takes Edge down with a belly to belly suplex for two. More corner to corner action, but Cena winds up missing a charge and falls out to the floor as his HOMETOWN CROWD starts yelling at him how much he sucks. Edge tries to get the countout win, but Cena is back inside at the seven count. A standing dropkick takes Cena to the apron where he’s knocked down to the barricade. Cena makes it back in at nine. He comes back with the Fisherman’s Suplex for two. Edge dumps him back on the floor and fails again to get the countout. Cena misses a high crossbody block and gets knocked down for another two-count. He fights out of a chinlock though, but comes off the ropes into a big boot. Edge fights off a superplex and hits a flying clothesline for another nearfall. He applies a CAMEL CLUTCH~! Can Edge snap Cena’s back and make him humble? Of course not. Cena stands up and drops Edge. He hits the Throwback on Edge, but Cena is too beat to capitalize. Lita slides a chair to Edge, but Edge is like WTF n00b? I’ll get DQ’ed! Cena explodes on Edge with clotheslines and shoulderblocks. The Protobomb leads to the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Edge counters the FU with the Impaler DDT. Cover, 1-2-NO! Nice sequence on the top rope as Edge avoids a Super FU. He puts Cena on his shoulders, but Cena manages to victory roll his way out of it for 1-2-NO! Edge tries a flying bodypress, but Cena catches him and rolls through into position for the FU! Lita is on the apron and Edge gets thrown into her. Schoolboy by Cena, 1-2-NO! DOUBLE-KO! The Edge-O-Matic connects and Edge wants the SPEAR, but he charges right into the STFU. Lita threatens to hit Cena with the WWE title belt, but Edge is begging her not to. All the same, Edge makes the ropes. While the ref backs Cena off Edge, Lita puts some brass knuckles on her bae. As Cena hoists up Edge for the FU, Lita hops on top of Edge and gets thrown away. Edge slips off Cena’s shoulders and hits him in the back of the head with the brass knucks! Of course, the ref Jack Doan was busy with Lita and didn’t see a thing. Edge turns Cena over and covers him for the three-count to retain the WWE title. (15:43) What was wrong with me in 2006? This match was just fantastic back and forth mayhem. Besides that, I loved the whole business of Lita going straight to default mode attempting to cheat to keep hold of the title. Match of the night, no doubt. ***¾

Final Thoughts: Well, that first hour was UGLY. Everything after Flair-Foley was at least decent. Batista was never a great worker, but he’s better than what we saw tonight. Maybe he’s still trying to get his groove back. Maybe Booker T just isn’t a good opponent for him. The DX-McMahons stuff is stupid in the buildup, but they deliver come game time and so that makes it not quite as awful. And of course, the main event is a good one you gotta check out. Mild thumbs up for SummerSlam 2006. It’s that first hour that keeps me from giving this show my complete and utter devotion.

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