Memphis Wrestling: (03.01.80)


Memphis Wrestling
March 1, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
AWA World Champion: Nick Bockwinkel (11/8/1975)
CWA World Champion: Vacant (2/16/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Jimmy Valiant (1/3/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: The Assassins (2/25/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

Check out that commercial on armory wrestling in Louisville. Holy crap. That looks too low budget even for Ron Starr to be on the card. And “Fabulous” Joe Valiant? Ha.

  • Ricky & Robert Gibson vs. Buddy Wayne & David Oswald

Pretty easy for the Gibson boys. Remember when Buddy Wayne and his son meant trouble for the Gilberts last year? Not a lot to him these days. Oswald gets his leg worked over, but he escapes and tags Wayne. Ricky whips his brother to dropkick Wayne which sent my mind thinking about the Rock N Roll Express. Back over to Oswald, he takes a suplex from Ricky. From there, the Gibsons do a double-team move where Ricky backdrops Oswald and Robert delivers an elbow drop for the three-count at 3:28.

Lance Russell takes us to the Mid-South Coliseum from February 17 when Sonny King and Tom Shaft met Ray Candy and Sugar Bear Harris. Sonny King is choking Sugar Bear with a shoelace from his tights. Ref Jerry Calhoun knows he’s doing it, but can’t seem to prove it. Candy has enough of the choking business and takes his own knee wrap off to choke Sonny King. With all this choking going on, Calhoun calls for the bell and throws the match out. Choking and brawling continues with all four guys afterwards.

After the break, Lance hypes the Louisville card for Tuesday night. One of the main events will be a “strap on a pole back alley street fight” between Superstar Bill Dundee & Jerry Jarrett and Sheik Ali Hassan and Jimmy Hart. Dundee is going to take out his anger over the gasoline price hike on Hassan. The other main event will be the southern heavyweight champ Jimmy Valiant against Paul Ellering. Valiant stops by and calls Ellering a thief for stealing Jerry Lawler’s crown.

Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas come out to show us they are the new AWA southern tag champions. They are PROUD to be champions. Robinson wants to get more revenge on the Assassins. He wants to go as far as expose them to the world and put them out of wrestling. After the interview, they show us how Robinson and Lucas beat the Assassins in the MSC to win the belts on February 17. If you’re wondering why my list of champions calls the Assassins the champions, it’s because we’re watching the Louisville feed and it’s always a week behind the Memphis show.

  • Jimmy Valiant & Superstar Bill Dundee vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz & Dennis Condrey

Now split from Jimmy Hart, Valiant has turned face and calling himself the new King since Jerry Lawler is out with a broken leg. This is our first look at Schultz and Condrey here in Memphis. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing these two. Condrey has “First $$$ Class” written on the back of his tights. Dundee and Schultz start us off. Despite being controlled, Dundee manages to bring Schultz into his corner for a tag to Valiant. While Valiant shucks and jives all over Schultz and Condrey, Jimmy Hart sneaks out and steals the crown Valiant was wearing when he came out for the match. Valiant has no idea that happened. Dundee tags back in for the heat segment. Condrey and Schultz control him with suplexes and backdrops. My gosh, Schultz and that hair of his. It’s quite the white man afro. Since he’s the southern heavyweight champion, Valiant is made to look very strong against these two guys. He’s never in any trouble. Eventually, Condrey and Schultz’s cheating ways get the best of them and the good guys come back. Dundee and Valiant run their heads together, but nobody gets pinned. Condrey and Schultz get some more heat on Dundee for a bunch of nearfalls. Condrey already has tag wrestling thing DOWN. Nobody is working harder than he is here. With one minute left in the time-limit, Valiant gets the hot tag. He and Dundee run the heels heads together again, but Valiant can’t pin Schultz. There’s fifteen seconds left and Valiant grabs a nerve hold. Yeah, okay. He lets off the nerve hold and tags Dundee to put Schultz in the SLEEPERHOLD, but we’re way over the ten minute time-limit now. (10:00) Once they calm down, Valiant gets his sunglasses and other gimmicks. It takes him a few moments to realize his crown is gone. Lance Russell didn’t even seem to notice the crown was stolen. HA! **½

When Lance Russell wants to show some MSC action of David Schultz against Robert Gibson from February 17, “Dr. D” and Dennis Condrey come back out to make love to the camera. Just as Gibson is about to beat Schultz, Condrey appears and jumps Gibson for the DQ. In the studio, Condrey claims Robert had some brass knucks and that’s the only reason he came to Dr. D’s aid. Ricky Gibson comes out at the end of the clip to save his brother. Now back to the studio, Schultz wants Robert Gibson to face him in the ring right now and prove he can beat him. Condrey thinks nobody can pin Dr. D right now. He’s too hot to handle! Condrey continues to berate Gibson on the mic. Now Russell introduces the clip of Dennis Condrey facing Ricky Gibson right after the Dr. D and Robert Gibson match from the MSC. Different wrestlers, same result. Just as Gibson is about to put out Condrey with the SLEEPERHOLD, Schultz gets in the ring and jumps Gibson for another DQ.

After the break, Dr. D is still waiting in the ring on Robert Gibson. Well, Ricky Gibson comes out in his street clothes and he’s willing to wrestle again. Dr. D says he wants the young Gibson meaning Robert. Ricky argues with Dr. D and Condrey before going back to get his brother. Robert comes out wearing *his* street clothes which apparently consists of a polo shirt and suspenders. Robert leaves to put on his tights and comes back out to face Schultz.

  • Robert Gibson vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz

No boots, just tights for Robert Gibson. As Robert gets going beating up Schultz, Condrey jumps him and we’ve got ANOTHER DQ in 0:34. Dr. D and Condrey do a number on Robert. Ricky Gibson comes out to save his brother, but Jimmy Hart jumps him from behind and holds him on the ground by grapevining a leg. Eventually Ricky gets away from scrawny Jimmy Hart and runs the heels off, but the damage has been done.

Another Louisville promo. Jimmy Hart talks up Paul “the King” Ellering and Sheik Ali Hassan while they get their muscles going with a resistance band. Ellering says he deserves to be the king because of what he looks like. He vows to beat Jimmy Valiant like he beats his own dog. Holy crap brother. Wild interview there.

And with that, Lance Russell and Dave Brown wrap things up for another week and close out the show.

Until next time, so long for now.


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