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TEN YEARS AFTER: Cyber Sunday 2006


WWE: Cyber Sunday
November 5, 2006
Cincinnati, OH
US Bank Arena

The current RAW champs are as follows:
WWE Champion: John Cena (9/17/2006)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (10/2/2006)
World Tag Team Champions: The Spirit Squad (4/3/2006)
WWE Women’s Champion: Vacant (9/18/2006)

So there was this new PPV concept that WWE started in 2004 where they went – why don’t we let the fans choose stipulations to the matches and see how it goes? This was the age of American Idol and felt like a fresh idea. Since technology had finally made it easier than ever to make this work, why not give it a shot. Now whether or not the decisions were a work like everything else in wrestling is up for debate, but I think it’s always fun at least for the markiest of mark fans to think they are picking what they want to see. While the PPV started out as “Taboo Tuesday” in 2004, this is the first “Cyber Sunday” PPV. However, the concept did not produce dollar signs and was scrapped in 2008.

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