Memphis Wrestling (10.18.80)

Memphis Wrestling
October 18, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
CWA World Champion: Austin Idol (10/6/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Tommy Rich (9/29/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Tommy & Eddie Gilbert (9/29/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

  • Guy Mitchell vs. Mike Meroni

You may recognize the blonde-haired “Big” Guy Mitchell as Jerry Valiant from the WWF. Meroni gets REKT’D and pinned after a swinging neckbreaker at 2:56.

Lance Russell gets interrupted by Guy Mitchell on his way back to the dressing room. He demands an interview for next week after he beats a serious opponent or somebody will be in trouble. Mitchell over here making demands!

Russell brings out his actual interview guest who is making his return to the Memphis area: Tony Charles. Lance puts him over as a world and U.S. champion. It’s sort of a personality profile on Charles, which is pretty cool as they discuss rugby and fishing. When this is over, you can’t help but like this guy.

Time for a Louisville promo. Russell talks to the CWA world champ Austin Idol concerning Tommy Rich. They will be squaring off this Tuesday night! IDOLMANIA IS RUNNIN’ WILD!

  • Bobby Eaton (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Carl Fergie

I have been patiently waiting for Bobby Eaton to come onto Memphis TV and he is *finally* here. He is the NWA Mid-America champ from what’s left of the Gulas territory. If you’ll notice before the start of the match, Eaton takes off a Jerry Lawler crown while wearing Jerry Lawler tights. Dave Brown calls Fergie one of the most underrated wrestlers around while in the ring with the most underrated wrestler of the era. Fergie is serious about working that arm to start. He surprises Eaton with an inside cradle at one point. Eaton goes to the eyes to make him pay for it. A back drop and a Bruiser Brody running knee drop gets two. Fergie punches him back across the ring and gets FIRED UP. He goes back to the arm, but Eaton pulls him down by his hair and grabs hold of the wristlock. As Fergie tries to fire back, Eaton wins a slugfest as Fergie does some Terry Funk wobbling. Fergie comes off the ropes nailing Eaton, but Jimmy Hart grabs his foot to trip him up. He rolls away from an elbow drop though and grabs Jimmy, but Eaton knees Fergie from behind and hits the Flying Fist Drop for the win. (8:03) Good back and forth match there. **½

Lance Russell catches up with Sonny King. Sonny says he’s now running things around Memphis and will control all the titles with his stable. They pan up the body of the Magnificent Zulu to show him off and introduce him to the Memphis audience. Zulu poses around while Sonny talks up how good he is. He’s got quite a bod and apparently that translates to wrestling skills!

  • Magnificent Zulu (w/Sonny King) vs. Tony Boyles

Zulu reminds me of a taller Rocky Johnson. We’ve already seen this guy once on the 1970s Detroit project. He beats up the much smaller Boyles and submits him with a BEARHUG. (2:10) Lance Russell just can’t get over the size of Zulu.

  • Butch Cassidy & Jimmy Kent vs. Chief Lone Eagle & Chief Thundercloud

You don’t see mixed midget tag matches very often. We’ve got two babyface Indians against two heel cowboys. Lone Eagle seems to be a foot and a half shorter than his opponent Butch Cassidy. Once Cassidy contains Lone Eagle, Jimmy Kent gets his hands on Lone Eagle and chokes him in his corner to get some heat. Now Kent and Thundercloud tag into the match. Lone Eagle jumps in and irritates Kent by breaking up his front headlock. Kent chases Lone Eagle around the ring and baits him into a forearm shiver from Thundercloud. As Thundercloud continues to frustrate Kent, Butch Cassidy comes in and jumps on Kent’s back to save him from a front headlock, but Thundercloud lets go of the hold causing Kent to get squashed by his midget friend. The little people wrestle some more, but it’s Thundercloud who catches Kent with a Wahoo chop for the win. (7:12)

  • Superstar Bill Dundee & Tony Charles vs. Dr. Bill Irwin & Bob Steel

This is your “expiration of time” match. Charles goes for early pins on this Bob Steel character. Fearing he might make a mistake the more Charles tries to pin him, the much taller and stronger Irwin tags into the match. When Charles outwrestles him on the mat, Irwin resorts to a low blow. Charles punches back and tags in Dundee. They work with a headlock for a bit. Ref Todd Morton allows Irwin to escape a chinlock from Charles by reaching Steel with his foot. Nevertheless, Charles wrestles Steel to the mat and bars the knee. Back to Irwin, he continues to give Charles cheapshots. Irwin misses a knee drop allowing Charles to get a tag. Irwin is all over Dundee with knees and a backdrop. Tag to Steel, he finally gets surprised with a small package that *does* reach the three-count. (6:33) It’s always strange seeing these upper mid card guys like a Bill Irwin teaming up with the scrubs because no one else wants to take the fall on TV. You just know who is taking the fall there. **

In order to hype the upcoming Louisville main event, we hear from Tommy Rich who is standing by with Jimmy Hart. He tells Lance Russell that he’s never seen Austin Idol with a woman before and thinks there might be something wrong with him. IDOLMANIA ENDS ON TUESDAY NIGHT~!

We have run out of program this week. Until next time, so long for now.


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