TEN YEARS AFTER: WWE Friday Night Smackdown (07.20.07)

WWE: Friday Night Smackdown
July 20, 2007
Laredo, TX
Laredo Entertainment Center

The current Smackdown champions are as follows:
World Heavyweight Champion: Edge (5/11/2007)
WWE United States Champion: MVP (5/20/2007)
WWE Tag Team Champions: Deuce N Domino (4/20/2007)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero (2/18/2007)

Read along if you have the WWE Network!

Your hosts are Michael Cole and JBL.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long opens the show by announcing that Edge tore his left pec last week and will have to surrender the title. We get Edge’s life story and a cool-yet-over-the-top video package set to some lively ’80s music to celebrate Edge’s career. The WWE didn’t want to pay royalties for what had originally aired for the Network, but the song was “Simply The Best” by Tina Turner. This falls under the “as you reap, so shall you sow” category as it was injuries to Kennedy and the Undertaker that allowed Edge to win the title in the first place. Long says there will be a 20-man battle royal tonight to determine who the new champion will be. Edge tearfully surrenders the title and gets something of a face reaction in the process.

  • Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria

This is a rematch from last week where Torrie got a cheap countout win. This time, Victoria shoves her down right off the bat and starts working her over. Torrie rolls through to counter the Spider’s Web. I forget if Victoria ever had a name for it. Torrie hits a swinging neckbreaker for two, but Victoria quickly hits the WIDOW’S PEAK for the win. (4:38) This wasn’t terrible, but I can’t take Torrie as a serious threat to Victoria. ¾*


  • 20-man Battle Royal for the vacant World Heavyweight Title

Last guys to enter were Batista, MVP, the Great Khali, Finlay, and Kane. It’s clear that no one else – such as Chris Masters, the Major Brothers, Funaki, or Dave Taylor – had any chance whatsoever. This is like every battle royal you’ve ever seen. Matt Hardy tried to eliminate MVP the same way Chris Benoit eliminated Big Show from the Royal Rumble in 2004. The Majors were gone quickly, as were Shannon Moore and Funaki. They teased a fight between Mark Henry and Khali. Oh boy. The crowd seemed interested, though. Kane broke it up and then everyone ganged up and tossed out Henry. Khali tossed both Deuce N Domino followed by Dave Taylor. It’s now time for the big Kane and Batista staredown. Jamie Noble ran between them and tried to beat them both up. Well, naturally they NO-SELL everything he throws at them and toss him out. Eugene tried next unsuccessfully and gets tossed as well. Matt tossed out MVP, which made sense. Yang gets eliminated after Hornswoggle pulls him off the apron.

FINAL FOUR: Matt Hardy, Khali, Finlay, and Batista. Khali tossed Matt and the people got really sad after that. Finlay beats on Khali with the shillelagh, but then gets tossed. Khali went down in the corner selling while Kane and Dave started fighting on the ropes. They go with the 1992 Rumble finish with Khali playing the part of Flair. He simply sneaks up behind Kane and Bats and dumps them both out to win the title. (16:55 shown) I guess this is Khali’s reward for jobbing to Cena two months in a row. Bats kicks around the stairs in anger being so close to regaining his championship. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH? **¼

The Great Khali gives his victory speech. To think in some small way the Great Khali paved the way for Jinder Mahal to become the Smackdown world champ ten years later. If you don’t factor in the business side of things and merely look at the wrestling side of things, IT BLOWS YOUR FREAKING MIND.

Teddy Long is happy with the show, but Vickie Guerrero now wants to know who will face Khali at the Great American Bash since Batista was already signed to meet Khali, and yet Kane is the #1 contender. Teddy admits he hadn’t thought about it and makes a Kane versus Batista match for tonight to figure it out.

They air a hype video for the showdown between John Cena and Bobby Lashley at the Great American Bash.

  • Matt Hardy vs. Kenny Dykstra

No idea what happened to Dykstra who seemed to be on his way to a push, but has been doing nothing the last few months. He’s only wearing black tights and black boots – he’ll never get over! MVP is shown watching on from the monitor in the back. Matt tosses Dykstra to the floor and hits a baseball slide. Back in, Dykstra takes over and applies a chinlock. He hits an awkward dropkick for two. Matt comes back with the usual, but the Side Effect is blocked. He crotches Dykstra on top though and hits a TWIST OF FATE out of the corner for the win. (8:13) Somebody has been watching tapes of DDP. *½

Jesse & Festus are excited about the prospect of being on WWE Magazine.

Elsewhere, MVP tells us that he is better than us. Well, obviously.

Next up, Cole and JBL run down the card for the Great American Bash.

  • Kane vs. Batista

Power struggle early. Kane grabs a chinlock, but Batista counters to a backdrop suplex. Bats grabs a rear naked choke. They take it to the floor and knock each other out as we go to break. When we come back, Kane is in control. Kane goes up, but Bats powerslams him off the top! Kane rams him into the post to block the Demon Bomb though. He mounts Batista in the corner and nearly takes the Demon Bomb anyway, but he slips out of it. Bats sets up for the spear, but Kane blocks and hits the Chokeslam for 1-2-NO! Kane cannot believe it. He clotheslines Batista to the floor where Bats reverses a whip and sends him into the steps. Back in, Batista goes up and hits a Flying Clothesline. That brings out the Great Khali who attacks both guys for the DQ. (9:28 shown) Bats and Kane team up and clothesline Khali out. Teddy Long comes out to make the inevitable triple threat match. This match was about what you would expect. *½

THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH IS NEXT! Until then, so long for now.

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