Memphis Wrestling: (12.13.80)

Memphis Wrestling
December 13, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
CWA World Champion: Billy Robinson (11/14/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Vacant (11/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Roger Kirby & Guy Mitchell (11/24/1980)
CWA Television Champion: Koko Ware (11/8/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown. Lance announces that Jerry Lawler will be on the program today to announce when his next match will be. Russell mentions that Lawler has Jimmy Hart right at the top of his priority list. He does know that Lawler’s return match will be against an opponent chosen by Jimmy Hart. If Lawler still wins, he gets five minutes with Hart.

  • The Angel (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Carl Fergie

Before the match, Jimmy stops by to tell Lance and the viewing audience that he will give Jerry Lawler an opportunity to shake hands and let bygones be bygones. If Lawler doesn’t make the right decision, his days in pro wrestling will be numbered as Jimmy will spend every last dime he has to bring in as many bad dudes as it takes to put Lawler out of the sport. Lance thinks the chances of Lawler coming out to make up are “slim and none”. The Angel handles Fergie with no problem as he does claw things and general brawling tactics. While he has Fergie up against the ropes, the ref tries to pull Angel off him only to be shoved aside not once but twice for the quick DQ. (1:23) Ken Lucas and Ricky Morton come out and make the save for the poor guy.

Time for a Louisville Gardens promo. Lance talks with the southern tag champs Roger Kirby and Guy Mitchell. Since it’s probably all he knows how to do, Mitchell cuts a promo in a very northeastern-style way. He acts like Lance Russell is a nobody and tries to get himself over while somewhat ignoring the match they are there to promote. They mention some sort of hold that is crippling people. Kirby gets us back on track talking about what they will do to Superstar Bill Dundee and Rick Morton.

Back in the studio, Lance Russell is standing by with Jerry Lawler. The doctor has cleared him to wrestle right after Christmas. Lawler wanted Jimmy Hart to be his first opponent, but couldn’t get him to sign the contract. For those new fans, Lawler explains their relationship and why there’s so much heat. They replay a clip of Jimmy Hart back in February when he proclaimed that Jerry Lawler is no good to him anymore and dumps him. Lawler says Hart can make all the threats he wants and hire all the goons he wants to because Lawler won’t be content until he gets to Jimmy Hart. Well speak of the devil – Jimmy Hart shows up in the ring wanting a fight. Naturally, this is all a setup as Hart’s hired goons come out to jump him. Lawler does a fine job fighting off Bobby Eaton, The Angel, Roger Kirby, and Guy Mitchell for a while, but the numbers game ultimately overwhelms him. While he’s grabbed, Hart waves out to the backstage area and a man wearing a pink mask comes out with a BASEBALL BAT. As he goes to whack Lawler, Carl Fergie comes out to help his cousin Jerry. Lawler manages to get away from Hart’s boys and scares them off once he grabs the bat. He then goes over to Lance and tells the world that he’s holding onto the bat because once he gets to Jimmy Hart, he’s going to shove it up Hart’s you-know-what, baby.

After the break, we’re introduced to the Dream Machine. He does a Dusty Rhodes impression and tells all the people he’s just here to break Lawler’s leg. Hart just stands there holding his jaw.

  • 2/3 Falls No-DQ Match: Jimmy Valiant & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

FIRST FALL: This is a main event anywhere in the world, folks! Lucas cleans house on Valiant and Tojo to start. Once Valiant gets back inside, he begs off into the corner only for Lucas to continue putting a hurting on him. Tag to Morton, and boy is he looking SO MUCH like Tommy Rich these days. While the shine is strong right now, you just know Morton is going to get whacked by Tojo at some point, and that’s exactly what happens. Valiant and Tojo keep Morton in their corner with chops and kicks. After a minute or so of that, Morton punches back and avoids the much slower Tojo to tag in Lucas. He punishes the heels and tags in Morton to hit Tojo with the crossbody block for the three-count at 6:30.

SECOND FALL: Valiant tells Dave Brown that it’ll be different this time (which is what he said last week) and reminds us there’s no rules in this match. Tojo stalls for a while and then grabs Morton to thumb him in the eye. Valiant tags in and beats up Morton as he takes some great bumps for him. Tojo chops Morton. There’s a false tag spot even though there’s no rules. The Wahoo Chop catches Morton as Tojo gets the three-count in 10:40 total.

THIRD FALL: Tojo is caught reaching into his tights because he’s a SNEAKY JAP! Valiant and Tojo trade off during a nerve hold and sometimes a choke hold. Tojo runs something over Ken’s eyes causing him to be blinded. While the ref gets in between Tojo and Morton, Valiant walks over and dumps Lucas over the top rope. Now Dave Brown brings up that it’s a no-DQ match making all of that legal. WHY DOES TOJO HAVE TO HIDE WHAT’S IN HIS TIGHTS THEN? Anyways, the heels continue to work over Lucas. He gets chopped down for an abdominal grab. Lucas rakes Tojo across the eyes. Ref Jerry Calhoun also continues to get in between the heels and whatever cheating tactic they are doing. Valiant hits Lucas with a PILEDRIVER and goes for the pin, but the ref is too busy enforcing the rules that he doesn’t count the pinfall. Next thing you know, Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby come out and attack Lucas to give him the Demolition finisher to try and cripple him as Jerry Calhoun throws the match out. (17:52 total) Out comes Superstar Bill Dundee without the neck brace and jumps Mitchell and Kirby. Morton returns to the ring with a chair and joins in on the fight. Once the heels are gone, the good guys carry a lifeless Ken Lucas back to the dressing room. Lucas must be on his way back to Alabama.

We hear from the good guys concerning the Louisville Gardens card this Tuesday night. Tommy Rich and Koko Ware will be taking on Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto while Superstar Bill Dundee and Rick Morton will be challenging the southern tag champs Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby.

That’s going to do it for this week. ANOTHER AWESOME EPISODE OF MEMPHIS WRESTLING. Until next time, so long for now.


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