October 29, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Wachovia Center

The current RAW champions are as follows:
WWE Champion: Randy Orton (10/7/2007)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (9/3/2007)
World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (9/8/2007)
WWE Women’s Champion: Beth Phoenix (10/7/2007)

Read along if you have the WWE Network!

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler.

TONIGHT: The WWE champ Randy Orton and Umaga take on Triple H in a handicap match!

  • Divas Halloween Battle Royal

Looks like we’ve got ten chicks in the ring here from all three brands and they are dressed up in sexy (or at least varying degrees of sexiness) Halloween costumes. The match includes Layla, Jillian Hall, Victoria, Brooke, Michelle McCool, Melina, Kelly Kelly, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, and Maria. The winner gets the fun task of meeting Beth Phoenix at a later date. Victoria uses her sumo suit to help eliminate Brooke and Layla. Melina and Mickie have a pretty fun back and forth and wind up eliminating each other. Torrie and Victoria have a showdown in the middle of the ring to nod their rivalry. Wearing a Brian Dawkins jersey, Torrie runs down the sumo suited Victoria for a pop. BOOMER SOONER TORRIE! KK lays low though and helps Torrie dump Victoria over the top rope, but then KK turns on Torrie and dumps her out as well for the win. (4:09) Crowd seems a little confused. Beth Phoenix comes out to remind everyone who rules the Diva world. When KK takes a powder for the champ, Jillian and Melina throw her back into the ring for Phoenix to punish her with the GLAM SLAM. Actually, not too bad. *½

They take us back to last night at Cyber Sunday for Orton versus Michaels II. What a dick punch.

TONIGHT: Hornswoggle meets Jonathan Coachman?

Out comes Shawn Michaels to the ring to discuss Randy Orton. He of course wants his rematch right now. Well, Mr. McMahon himself struts out to answer the call. Vince points out that Shawn is ultimately a rotten dude deep down who REALLY wants revenge more than the WWE title. Shawn admits he wants to make Orton suffer because Orton tried to put him out of the business forever. When HBK returned in 2002, he promised himself he would never let that happen again and now Orton must pay for his sins. Vince then grants him the rematch, but it’ll go down at Survivor Series. After McMahon’s music hits and it looks like the segment is over, Shawn scares Vince away with some Sweet Chin Music. Hmm, I wonder if he was actually supposed to hit him.

  • The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly

Holly gets cornered to start and takes a cheapshot from Benjamin. He fires back on Haas with some NASTY chops. Holly catches Haas with the Best Dropkick in the Business and tags Cody. While Rhodes is a HOUSE OF FIRE, there’s a brief “Y2J” chant. The match then breaks down and Rhodes blocks one DDT to nail Haas with one of his own for the win. (2:34) Afterwards, Cody wants to celebrate and Holly just walks away. DENIED. The crowd could barely care at all. ½*

They replay Candice Michelle’s broken collarbone injury from last week on RAW where Beth Phoenix gets all the credit.

Now over to Todd Grisham backstage for an interview with the Women’s champ Beth Phoenix. Beth calls all the Divas a bunch of posers and thinks Candice should go back to Wisconsin because her dreams have been destroyed by the Glamazon.

Elsewhere, Mickie James thanks Trevor Murdoch for helping her out last week on RAW and informs him that she’s kind of a whore. Lance Cade comes over and cockblocks him. He reminds Murdoch that he needs to stay focused.

Over in Vince’s makeshift office, William Regal wants to know why Vince has put Triple H in a handicap match with Randy Orton seeing as how the risk for injury is very high. Regal feels RAW needs all hands on deck right now to appear superior to Smackdown and ECW. McMahon tells Regal it’s personal and not to question him. Vince then brings in Hornswoggle for a father-son chat. He tells Hornswoggle that he needs to get back up when he’s been knocked down, to be able to handle victory and success, and most importantly learn to HATE. Vince feels hate is the key to all of his successes. This fires up Hornswoggle and he runs off to fight Coachman.

  • Hornswoggle vs. Jonathan Coachman

Since we’re in Philly, Mick Foley is brought out as the special guest referee. After some comedy spots, Coach cheapshots Foley and grabs a chair. Foley saves the day, however, and pulls out Mr. Socko. He throws it out to the floor and gives Hornswoggle a Jr. Socko for the Testicular Claw. Foley then clotheslines Coach down for the TADPOLE SPLASH for the win. (3:40) Wow. ½*

Todd Grisham grabs Triple H for an interview backstage. HHH makes Todd look retarded for doing his job, which is point out what horrible situation whatever babyface wrestler he’s interviewing is currently involved in. While things look bad, HHH reminds everyone that HE’S THE GAME.

  • Lance Cade (w/Trevor Murdoch) vs. Paul London (w/Brian Kendrick)

Cade pounds down London to start until London starts flipping around. He delivers a standing hurracanrana, but then Cade tosses him to the floor. Kendrick stops Murdoch from interfering with a tope. Back inside, Cade finds the SITDOWN SPINEBUSTER for the win. (2:10) The Highlanders show up for what looks like to stand down the world tag champs when they attack London and Kendrick blato give them their finish. Nevertheless, Cade and Murdoch do not look happy about this. This was fine while it lasted. *½

  • Mr. Kennedy & Carlito vs. Jeff Hardy & DH Smith

DH Smith – son of Davey Boy Smith – debuted last week on RAW with the RUNNING POWERSLAM to defeat Carlito. Kennedy and Carlito concentrate on Hardy to start. Jeff comes back with a mule kick and the double legdrop pin routine for two. Tag to DH, Carlito takes out his frustration on the rookie. DH fires back with a backdrop and clotheslines out Carlito. Hardy stops Kennedy from blindsiding DH and dumps him out as we go to commercial. When we come back, the heels are working over one of DH’s knees. Carlito has DH in an Indian deathlock and hammers on the bad knee. The heat segment goes on for a few more minutes to build the HOT TAG TO JEFF! Sling Blade and the Whisper in the Wind to Carlito gets two. Kennedy saves the day, but misses the Running Face Wash on DH Smith. Meanwhile, Jeff finds the Twist of Fate on Carlito and the SWANTON BOMB gets the win. (7:44 shown) Can’t complain on this one. This accomplished exactly what it set out to do. **½

Santino Marella comes out to make a formal complaint to the WWE Travel Department for causing him to miss Cyber Sunday which prevented him from giving Stone Cold Steve Austin a piece of his mind. When he makes jokes about “The Condemned”, Austin gets TRIGGERED and…oh wait. Up on the screen, it’s Santino doing a Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonation. The impersonation puts over Santino and makes fun of Austin’s catchphrases. Out comes Santino’s gal pal Maria to tell him that “he” is going to be here next week. Santino makes more jokes about who “he” is, but then Maria informs him that the “he” she was referring to is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Santino isn’t buying it and thinks the only place you’ll see Austin anymore is on the DVD cover of “The Condemned” next to Jillian’s CD in the bargain bin at a gas station somewhere.

DIVA SEARCH FINALS: Eve Torres wins. The loser Brooke cries. And Philly boos them both. As of 2018, this is the last Diva Search we will see in WWE.


  • Handicap Match: Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Umaga

You could probably take bets for how long it will be before Shawn Michaels shows up. Umaga pushes Orton aside and wants HHH all by himself. And I mean, Orton wisely lets him go. Helmsley punches Umaga back into a corner allowing Orton to interrupt. They wind up on the floor where HHH bounces Orton off the guardrail. Triple H snaps Umaga on the top rope causing him to fall to the floor. In the ring, Triple H punches Orton back into a corner and avoids an avalanche from Umaga. He clotheslines Umaga down, but still can’t get the PEDIGREE on Orton as Umaga headbutts him. Triple H still punches them both away! Thankfully, Umaga shuts him down with a Samoan Drop. Here comes the Garvin Stomp from Orton. They pound Helmsley down in the corner until Shawn Michaels shows up for the DQ. (2:50) Together, he and Triple H clean house because they are DX and NO ONE CAN TOUCH THEM.

Backstage, Vince tells William Regal that he wants the one-night-only return of DX for next week. Regal thinks it’s a great idea, but then Vince gives him a STERN look. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Find out next time on RAW.

Until next time, so long for now.

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