February 25, 2008
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Center

The current RAW champions are as follows:
WWE Champion: Randy Orton (10/7/2007)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (9/3/2007)
World Tag Team Champions: Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes (12/10/2007)
WWE Women’s Champion: Beth Phoenix (10/7/2007)

Read along if you have the WWE Network!

We start the show with a recap video highlighting what went down last week as John Cena battled Randy Orton to earn another shot at the WWE championship. To add to the drama, Triple H – who is supposed to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania for the WWE title – was made the special referee. No favors were shown to Orton, John Cena won the match by pinfall to make the WrestleMania main event now a triple-threat match, and then Triple H left them both laying in the center of the ring with PEDIGREES and stood tall over top of them with the WWE title in hand.

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler.

In the ring, we are joined by the RAW GM William Regal who is standing by with the WWE champ Randy Orton, John Cena, and Triple H to get a photo op of the WrestleMania main event. Photos are snapped, and John Cena gets to talk first. He thanks Triple H for doing the right thing last week, but he has a problem with Triple H for dropping him with a Pedigree last week. HHH knows Cena may not have liked the Pedigree last week, but some people did as he points to the crowd for a big pop. Triple H says the same thing will happen at WrestleMania to Cena, but Cena recalls Triple H tapping out to him a few years ago. Randy Orton interjects and says he will be remain the WWE champion – and there’s nothing they can do about it. So HHH and Cena stomp a mudhole in Orton. Once he’s thrown to the floor, Triple H and Cena start brawling. The evil look on Regal’s face is awesome, by the way. As Orton recovers, he comes back in and drops them both with RKOs. All Orton really has to do is sit back, stir the pot, and let these two guys kill each other.


When we come back, Mr. Kennedy confronts Randy Orton that he’s going to win Money in the Bank and cashing it in at the end of the night. Ya know, just so there’s no surprises. Orton reminds him that he will still leave WrestleMania the WWE champ. They go NOSE-to-NOSE and somehow keep from laughing.

  • Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes vs. Carlito & Santino Marella (w/Maria)

There’s a short review of JR’s BBQ sauce written on a sign in the crowd. It’s not good. Lawler tries to get Maria to come talk to him during the match, which is pretty distracting. This match is just here to remind everybody about the upcoming Playboy issue for Maria anyways. Hot tag to Holly, he gives Santino the ALABAMA SLAM to Santino who gets distracted by Lawler finally getting a hold of Maria. (3:49) After the bell, Santino yells at Lawler, which will probably lead to something very soon. ¾*

Jim Ross announces Floyd “Money” Mayweather has signed to face the Big Show at WrestleMania 24. They air a recap of the two confrontations at No Way Out and on last week’s RAW.

Earlier today, the WrestleMania 24 Press Conference took place in Los Angeles. They show Mayweather flexing on the media before Big Show lets him know he will teach him some respect. We get that really cool moment where Show puts his fist up to Mayweather’s head to show how big he freakin’ is.

Elsewhere, Todd Grisham is standing by with the RAW GM William Regal. He announces tonight’s main event: Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton will take on John Cena and Triple H. Once Grisham leaves, Chris Jericho shows up to remind us he once peed in Regal’s tea. Jericho wants to know if he’s going to be in Money in the Bank, so Regal makes Chris Jericho face Jeff Hardy – the man who pinned him at No Way Out – in order to qualify.

  • Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

Last week, Jeff Hardy had already qualified for Money in the Bank by defeating Snitsky. This week, Chris Jericho can only compete in Money in the Bank if he beats Jeff Hardy. Wristlocks and headlocks are traded to start. Jericho misses the springboard dropkick to the apron, but rolls through a flying crossbody for a two-count. Hardy avoids a dropkick and catapults Jericho to the floor. Jericho sidesteps a baseball slide and they both run back inside to go face to face as we go to commercial. When we return, Jericho is in total control. He’s working a tad heel here – kicking at Hardy’s head when he’s down. They battle into a double knockdown. Hardy makes a comeback with clotheslines and a Sling Blade. Jericho gets his bulldog shoved off into the corner for the Bobby Eaton bump. Hardy connects with his dropkick down in the corner for a two-count. Marufuji clothesline by Jericho gets two. Crowd is finally behind Y2J. Hardy tries the Whisper in the Wind, but Jericho crotches him up top. Jericho gets elbowed down though and wiped out with the Whisper in the Wind anyways for 1-2-NO! Hardy tries a rana, but Jericho blocks and applies the WALLS OF JERICHO! Hardy makes the ropes and comes back with the sitout front suplex. SWANTON BOMB misses! Jericho lands the Lionsault for 1-2-NO! Took them awhile, but the crowd is into it now. They attempt their finishers again, but wind up in a rollup sequence that allows Jericho to get the pin. (9:19 shown) Good match with more goodness to follow in the upcoming weeks. You just wait. ***¼

The official theme song of WrestleMania 24 is Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Snow (Hey Oh)”, which seems like an odd choice.

Vince McMahon comes out to present a rare apology to his bastard freak show son Hornswoggle for putting him in serious jeopardy last week. He showed him some tough love, but it went too far because JBL beat the crap out of him inside the steel cage. Vince isn’t the only one who will be apologizing tonight though. He brings out JBL to the ring. McMahon tells JBL that he was only there to stop Finlay from interfering. Vince once again demands an apology. JBL says he’s sorry, but he’s sorry he didn’t do it sooner because he has it on very good advice that Hornswoggle isn’t really Vince’s son. JBL believes other members of the McMahon family are responsible for this mess. According to JBL, Hornswoggle is Finlay’s son. Vince says he’s had his doubts. YA THINK? JBL continues to say that Hornswoggle never knew, but Finlay has known the truth the whole time. Vince wants proof and if JBL is lying, he will make sure JBL gets a beating way worse than Hornswoggle. Not only does JBL have proof, he vows to make Finlay admit the truth.

In the locker room, John Cena comes up to Triple H. Helmsley runs his mouth off, but Cena has some advice for him. He tells Hunter he doesn’t have to watch his back, but he definitely needs to watch his own. SNAP.

  • Umaga vs. DH Smith

The Samoan splash, the Buttalanche, and the SAMOAN SPIKE ends poor DH Smith at 1:40.

Over in William Regal’s office, we catch Paul Burchill and his hot sister Katie Lea hanging out. Burchill is willing to whore out his sister to represent RAW to face a representative of Smackdown at WrestleMania 24 – and she’s into it.

WWE Slam of the Week (brought to you by Devil May Cry 4): RAW, 2/18/08. Shawn Michaels announces Ric Flair will be the first inductee of the Hall of Fame class of 2008. Worse WOO ever?

  • Shawn Michaels vs. Lance Cade (w/Trevor Murdoch)

Student meets the teacher here. Cade controls to start overpowering HBK and seems to have his number. Shawn tries to come back, but gets cut off with the SITOUT URANAGE. He tries a flying elbow, but Shawn moves and shows him how it’s done. Murdoch gets punched off the apron. Michaels applies the Inverted Figure-Four on Cade only for Murdoch to break it up with a Bionic Elbow for the DQ. (3:33) They go for the High Low on HBK, but he battles back with Sweet Chin Music on them. **

Before Shawn can exit, Ric Flair comes out to the ring. Shawn’s nose is noticeably bleeding. One of the ringside crew handed Shawn a towel, but then Ric tosses away the towel and hands him his pocket square as a sign of respect. Flair thanks Shawn for introducing him as the inductee of this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class last week and reminds us he’s the first active wrestler to be put into the WWE Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame weekend will be a highlight of his career, but there’s only one thing that will make it that much more special. Ric Flair challenges Shawn Michaels to a match at WrestleMania. Shawn reminds us and Ric that Vince said if Flair loses one more time, he must retire. Shawn admits he’s done some awful things in his career, but he doesn’t want to imagine WWE without Ric Flair. Ric seems taken aback that Shawn immediately assumes he will lose. All the respect that Shawn Michaels has shown him will mean nothing if he doesn’t get the best match possible at WrestleMania. Shawn doesn’t seem thrilled at the idea, but he finally agrees to the match. These two are tripped over each other to show respect. This was a fine segment, but I feel like in the coming weeks we will get Crockett Flair to really heat this thing up.

Another “official” theme song for WrestleMania 24 gets mentioned. It’s some crappy nu-metal band called Rev Theory with a song called “Light It Up”.

Mike Adamle announces High Chief Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year who will both be inducted by the Rock.

Lawler announces that Maria and Candice Michelle will meet Melina and Beth Phoenix at WrestleMania 24 for BUNNYMANIA.

We get a behind the scenes look at Maria’s Playboy shoot. The cover will be unveiled – NEXT WEEK.

  • John Cena & Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Mr. Kennedy

The heels jump Cena and Triple H so they can get dumped out and Cena and Helmsley can go nose to nose as we go to commercial. When we come back, HHH and Cena are having their way with Kennedy. Crowd is giving Cena a hard time. He tags out and gets a SUCK IT from Helmsley who turns around into a dropkick to the thigh. Tag to Orton, there’s the Garvin Stomp over and over again. He and Kennedy wisely go for the quadricep muscle. Kennedy hits the Running Face Wash on the wrong side of town for Triple H to get a two-count. Orton grabs the chinlock and hits the DDT through the ropes for two. Kennedy runs into a boot in the corner, but Orton cuts off the tag and delivers the Inverted Backbreaker. The RKO gets shoved away allowing a HOT TAG TO CENA! Shoulderblocks, Inverted Atomic Drop (!), and the Protobomb sets up Five Knuckle Shuffle. Orton saves Kennedy from an FU and the match breaks down. Cena then reverses the Mic Check from Kennedy into the STFU for the immediate tapout. (8:02 shown) After the bell, we get a staredown between Triple H and Cena. As they circle each other, Kennedy sneaks in and Triple H lets him drop Cena with the MIC CHECK – because why does he care. Maybe Cena should have watched his own back, AMIRITE? **½

That’s going to do it for another week. Until next time, so long for now.

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