NWA: Georgia Championship Wrestling (12.80)

Georgia Championship Wrestling
December 1980
Atlanta, GA
WTBS-17 Studios

The current GCW champs are as follows on 12/6/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco (10/??/1980)
NWA National Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/27/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Kevin Sullivan (11/29/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/14/1980)

We start off the month of December with Gordon Solie talking with Mr. Wrestling #2 who has decided to come back out of retirement and says he’ll put up his own $5,000 to get his hands on Mr. Saito.

Solie switches gears to the Mongolian Stomper with manager Don Carson by his side. Solie refers to the Stomper has the new National Heavyweight champ, which means either Solie slipped up, the date on this video is out of whack, or the record keepers are wrong. Either way, Solie joins a Dennis Condrey and Jack Brisco match in progress. Brisco throws a punch at Condrey and Condrey bails. Back inside, Condrey grabs a headlock until Brisco escapes with a backbreaker. He calls for the Figure-Four, but Condrey struggles to get the ropes and bails again. Carson adds his two cents to this match as well. Back in again, Condrey goes low on Brisco and starts heeling on the former champ. Brisco escapes an armbar and trips up Condrey to apply the Figure-Four leglock to which Solie says ended the match. We then go to a clip of Carson hyping his Mongolian Stomper as the next NWA National Heavyweight champ as he will face Jack Brisco in the Omni on December 12 for the title, which is where the title change happens, so it looks like Solie might have had a few too many before this segment.

Back over to Mr. Wrestling #2, he’s decided he’s not ready for the rocking chair, he belongs in the ring. #2 says he will prove to Saito that he is the best he’s ever seen.

We hear from heel Kevin Sullivan who has now grown an EVIL BEARD. He says it was so people could tell the difference between him and Robert Redford, but I think we know the truth. Sullivan tells us that the movie “The Jerk” was as an autobiographical film about Steve Keirn. Nobody laughs. Sullivan continues on to say that he’s received tons and tons of letters thanking him for becoming the National TV champ because he’s oozing with charm and a man about town. He’s defending his title not just for himself, but for ALL the people around the country. Tonight in Gainesville, he’s taking on Steve Keirn in a rematch. Sullivan isn’t sweating Keirn.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 12/13/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: The Mongolian Stomper (12/12/1980)
NWA National Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/27/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Kevin Sullivan (11/29/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/14/1980)

Well, it looks like Robert Fuller and Stan Frazier got cheated out of the National tag team titles again the night before in the Omni. Solie takes us to see that piece of video tape. We’ve got Buddy and Terry since Michael Hayes is still out hurt. Hayes blasts Fuller after an O’Connor roll on Buddy and costs them the tag titles again.

We go to Mr. Wrestling #2 and set up the $5,000 match with Mr. Saito in the Omni. Saito puts Wrestling #2 in the sleeperhold, but Wrestling #2 escapes and O’Connor rolls Saito for the win. After the bell, Saito beats Wrestling #2 to the floor and knocks him over the guardrail. No money traded hands.

Next up, we take a look at the NWA National heavyweight champ Jack Brisco defending his title against the Mongolian Stomper. Total nerve hold match. When Brisco comes back, the referee gets nailed. Carson distracts Brisco and helps Stomper to boot him down and delivering a running stomp for the win and the National title.

After Freddie Miller hypes some cards for Christmas week, the Fabulous Freebirds are pissed that they are forced to face off against Stan Frazier and Robert Fuller over the National tag titles.

  • NWA National Tag Team Championship: Buddy Roberts & Terry Gordy (c) (w/Michael Hayes) vs. Robert Fuller & Stan Frazier

Hayes mentions something about Fuller and Frazier having to leave the area if they lose. Ted DiBiase joins Solie for commentary. The Birds are PISSED and hammer on Fuller to start. Fuller snaps Buddy’s neck off the top rope and tags in Frazier who RUNS WILD. I mean, for a fat guy. DiBiase reminds us of his history with the Freebirds in Louisiana. Time is running out on this match, which is how they are going to get away with the consequence of Fuller and Frazier having to leave if they lose. Anyways, the match breaks down and the FULLER LEGLOCK (inside toehold) gets applied on Buddy. Hayes breaks up the hold and stops Frazier from squeezing Terry. With the match out of control, DiBiase decides to help out Fuller and Frazier as the match gets thrown out at 2:30. Wait, Kevin Sullivan shows up to help the Freebirds for some reason.

The Freebirds talk with Gordon Solie and Hayes says Robert Fuller, Stan Frazier, and Ted DiBiase have just pushed them too far. NOT GOOD.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 12/20/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: The Mongolian Stomper (12/12/1980)
NWA National Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/27/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Kevin Sullivan (11/29/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/14/1980)

The Freebirds get more mic time with Gordon Solie. Of course, Michael Hayes does all the talking. He’s sick and tired of not getting any respect around Georgia when they beaten all the top teams and won the National tag titles. THEY HAVE DONE SHIT. Solie interrupts and asks why Hayes does all the talking while Gordy and Roberts do all the wrestling. Hayes considers that a challenge to show up Solie by challenging Ted DiBiase – a top contender to beat Harley Race for the NWA world title – on this show today. Solie likes that idea, so we’ll see what happens.

  • NWA National TV Championship: Kevin Sullivan (c) vs. Terry Taylor

Sullivan is looking sleazier by the week. Taylor isn’t interested in a handshake while Solie mentions the “snake-like qualities” of Sullivan. Kevin tries the Spinning Toehold early, but Taylor kicks him through the ropes. Sullivan charges Taylor only to run into a couple armdrags for an armbar. Sullivan escapes with a headscissors down on the mat, but Taylor reverses out and Sullivan reaches the ropes. They start running the ropes and Taylor lands the Jumping Forearm for a nearfall. Back to the armbar, Taylor holds onto the arm even after a monkey flip. Sullivan escapes and puts Taylor on the mat with a hammerlock. He turns Taylor over for a pinfall attempt, but Taylor keeps his shoulder up. After that’s broken up, Sullivan has the ref check Taylor’s boot and decks Taylor when he’s not looking. There’s a vertical suplex on Taylor for two. A back elbow and an elbow drop connects, but Taylor kicks out at two. An atomic drop to Taylor gets another nearfall. Taylor fights up to his feet and forces Sullivan into the corner for a monkey flip. He tries getting a pinfall with an abdominal stretch, but Sullivan winds up in the ropes. Taylor tries the same hold again and they both wind up on the floor. Sullivan applies a full nelson as the count continues, violently shoves Taylor away from the ring, and then runs back into the ring to get the countout win. WHAT A COOL FINISH. (7:04) Taylor is still greener than grass and Sullivan probably isn’t the guy to get a good match out of him at this point. Still, a fun heel finish. *½

  • Ted DiBiase (w/Robert Fuller) vs. Michael Hayes (w/Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts)

This is our first match with DiBiase in Georgia. Gordy and Roberts try to hold Hayes back from “tearing DiBiase to shreds”. All of a sudden, Gordy hops in the ring to battle DiBiase instead.

  • Ted DiBiase (w/Robert Fuller) vs. Terry Gordy (w/Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts)

Buddy tells Solie that he’s very glad Hayes didn’t get in the ring with DiBiase because Hayes could have put DiBiase out of the business. Gordy bumps around for DiBiase until DiBiase misses a corner charge. Gordy snapmares DiBiase and slams him for a knee drop. DiBiase gets scooped up, but falls on top of Gordy for two. He reverses a suplex into one of his own. Gordy keeps coming at DiBiase, but DiBiase catches him with a powerslam. As DiBiase goes for the Figure-Four, he sees Hayes trying to jump him from the top rope. DiBiase slams him into the ring. Hayes bails out and DiBiase follows after him. Gordy stops DiBiase, but then Robert Fuller goes after Hayes. Here comes Buddy Roberts as the match gets thrown out. (about 2:00) However, it’s 3-on-2. Fuller gets thrown to the floor while the Freebirds triple-team DiBiase. Here comes STAN FRAZIER as fast as he can. He gets jumped and given a FREEBIRDS PILEDRIVER. Solie is concerned that Frazier is seriously hurt. Hayes did say these three boys would be sorry.

Robert Fuller and Ted DiBiase give Solie an update on Stan Frazier’s condition. Next thing we know, Frazier comes walking out with his neck wrapped up. He challenges Michael Hayes for Christmas night in the Omni. Hayes is DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DiBiase says they will all be at the Omni.

We get a closing comment from Michael Hayes and the Freebirds. NOBODY PUSHES THEM AROUND!

They replay the Mongolian Stomper beating Jack Brisco for the NWA National heavyweight championship. We hear from Don Carson who puts over the Stomper for beating a former NWA world champ. Solie says there will be a rematch between the Stomper and Brisco on Christmas night in the Omni. We hear from Jack Brisco. He now knows Stomper’s gameplan and will beat the Stomper on Christmas night. Carson responds saying that Brisco is a cry baby who hasn’t even begun to know the Stomper.

We catch a Jack Brisco warmup match from Championship Wrestling from Florida. Steve Keirn provides commentary putting over the SPORT PRESENTATION of wrestling. Love it. Brisco wins with the Figure-Four leglock.

Back in the studio, we hear there’s been an elimination tag match booked for the Freebirds against Robert Fuller, Stan Frazier, and Ted DiBiase. Fuller likes this idea and hopes it comes down to the three of them against Hayes. DiBiase says he’s dealt with the Freebirds in the past and he hopes for the same result. Obviously, we know how Frazier feels, but he doesn’t get any mic time.

Now we hear from Kevin Sullivan who doesn’t like Steve-O and Steve Keirn providing commentary on his match. He’s put a picture of himself on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine to randomly put himself over. Solie can’t believe this is happening. Crowd wants Steve, but Solie wants to talk about Sullivan’s Georgia title match against Tony Atlas. Sullivan is looking forward to the one title he hasn’t held in Georgia and thinks Atlas is a hell of a man for wanting to face him. Atlas cuts a promo from Columbus (I believe) on Sullivan’s heel turn. If Sullivan wants his belt, COME GET IT. Back in the studio, Sullivan says he’s getting a big Christmas present by beating Tony Atlas. They were once friends and vows not to hurt Tony – he just wants to outwrestle you and take your Georgia heavyweight title.

Ted DiBiase says Stan Frazier, Robert Fuller, and everybody watching have been lied to about a fair and square National tag team titles match against the Freebirds. Not just that, but also Michael Hayes said he wanted to show he was a man and challenged DiBiase to a match, but DiBiase wound up facing Terry Gordy instead. Frazier is now hurt and there’s an elimination tag match coming in the Omni on Christmas night, so DiBiase doesn’t know if Frazier is going to be able to wrestle. No matter what, something VIOLENT will happen to the Freebirds.

Kevin Sullivan says even black people know he’s got more soul than Tony Atlas. What a friend. He thinks Atlas has an IQ of a rutabaga. He also doesn’t think Atlas is any stronger than him either. We hear some comments from Tony Atlas on the Columbus show. Weird it seems Atlas is given the Georgia title and sent to local TV when the National title is now perceived as the top championship in the territory. I’m not the type to freak out about racism, but that is some weird timing.

BABYFACE JOS LEDUC returns to Georgia because big things are happening here. Solie puts him over for being able to pull a city bus that weighs 22,000 pounds. They show us the clip from the AWA of him chaining the bus to his back and pulling it on the road. WHAT A CARNY THING TO DO. LeDuc slips on the ice at one point and nearly pulls the bus over himself. Larry Hennig is there to help him to his feet. Back in the studio, LeDuc is here to win lots of money and you’ll be able to see him in the Omni on Christmas night.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 12/27/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: The Mongolian Stomper (12/12/1980)
NWA National Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/27/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Kevin Sullivan (11/29/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/14/1980)

We start the show with Tony Atlas and Steve Keirn looking pissed off at Kevin Sullivan. Solie takes us to the Omni on Christmas night to see Tony Atlas NO-SELLIN’ and coming back on Sullivan. They go from one ring to the other (there was a two-ring battle royal on the show), but the ref gets knocked down and Sullivan drops Tony’s balls on the top rope and tries to get the pin. Sullivan follows up with an inverted atomic drop and continues to break down Atlas. Tony gets nailed with a foreign object, but still kicks out. STEVE KEIRN shows up at ringside and takes the object from out of Sullivan’s boot. While Sullivan is busy messing with Keirn, Atlas rolls him up for the three-count to retain the GA heavyweight title. Back in the studio, Atlas thinks Sullivan will one day see the light. HOW NICE. Keirn promises that he’ll be watching Sullivan’s matches to make sure there isn’t any more funny business.

Dusty Rhodes cuts a Dusty promo from Florida. He’s still looking for matches with Ole Anderson. They will meet once again in the Omni on New Year’s Day in a no-disqualification match. DUSTY IS GONNA GET IT DONE in ’81.

Man, we get another Solie boys video package for Dusty Rhodes set to “Jas’ Moon” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They have used this song before in a Tony Atlas video as well. This must have been their JAM in 1980. Not a bad tune, but yeah.

Robert Fuller and Ted DiBiase join Gordon Solie to discuss the condition of Stan Frazier who received a TRIPLE PILEDRIVER from the Freebirds. Fuller and DiBiase won the $30,000 two-ring battle royal on Christmas night in the Omni. We get to see some action from this main event match. It comes down to Gordy and Roberts against DiBiase and Fuller. Not all that surprising. Unbeknownst to everybody involved, Stan Frazier (who competed in TWO matches with “compressed discs”) remained at ringside, tripped up Buddy Roberts, and Fuller covers Roberts for the pinfall to win the $30,000. Both Fuller and DiBiase both stress that they had no idea Frazier was out there. After the match, the Freebirds do a number on Frazier with a chair. Fuller and DiBiase return to the ring, but IT’S TOO LATE. Back in the studio, Solie says Frazier now has larynx damage and he has no idea when Frazier will return. Fuller takes off his cowboy hat, says they will help with Frazier’s hospital bills, and wish him the best. I guess that $30,000 he helped ya’ll win is a good start.

The Fabulous Freebirds dare to show their face around here this week. Michael Hayes gives his side of things from what went down on Christmas night. He says the next thing they wrestle, go ahead and get the ambulance to show up before the match. HA! The NWA National tag titles will be on the line in the Omni on New Year’s Day against Robert Fuller and Ted DiBiase.

Mr. Wrestling #2 stops by to discuss the “judo jacket” match against Mr. Saito back on Christmas night. As you can imagine, the jackets come off. The Knee Lift takes care of Saito. Back in the studio, Wrestling #2 says he feels GREAT and he wants to go after the NWA world title.

The GA heavyweight champ Tony Atlas understands that keeping the title is even harder than winning it. He’s talking about Kevin Sullivan stabbing him and Steve Keirn in the backs. He puts him down, but Solie needs Atlas to talk about his opponent for New Year’s Day and that guy will be Alexis Smirnoff. Kevin Sullivan will be meeting Steve Keirn on that show.

  • Harley Race vs. Jimmy Jones

If you’ve ever heard Solie call a match with the NWA world champion, he’ll take a moment to talk about how much the NWA world title is worth. Tony Atlas sticks around to add his comments and put over Harley Race. Of course, Jones has no chance. Race drops a couple knees and delivers a stalling suplex for the win in 2:05. Race climbs to the top rope after the bell for his flying headbutt. Atlas sees what Race is trying to do and slams the man off the top rope.

  • Ted DiBiase vs. “Golden Boy” Chick Donovan

Donovan is wearing some cool ass sunglasses. He takes his time getting disrobed like he’s Gorgeous George or something. Robert Fuller joins Solie for commentary. DiBiase just wants to wrestle. Forget about the posing stuff. Every time they lock up, Donovan complains of hairpulling. As Donovan gets him up against the ropes, DiBiase blocks a punch and fires back. DiBiase works a headlock standing and on the mat. After Donovan sends him into the ropes, DiBiase leapfrogs him and delivers a standing dropkick to send Donovan bailing out. DiBiase catches Donovan with a back elbow and a gutwrench suplex for two. Back to the headlock. Donovan escapes with a kitchen sink knee. He starts clubbing, punching, and turnbuckle smashing DiBiase. HE EVEN THUMBS DIBIASE IN THE THROAT! Donovan puts DiBiase on the mat and applies a headscissors. Now over to a chinlock, DiBiase shrugs that off, but Donovan knocks him back down to the mat with a crossbody block. Donovan comes off the top rope only to eat the canvas. HERE COMES DIBIASE! He lands a hiptoss/powerslam deal on Donovan and gets the win. (8:14) Simple, fun match to put over DiBiase. **

We have reached the END OF 1980! What a wild year. Dusty Rhodes couldn’t be taken out with a steel-toed boot, IDOLMANIA ran wild, and Tony Atlas finally won the big one – after they decided to introduce a national title that he never won. But yeah, so much fun. Lots of great promos and great angles.


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