NWA: Georgia Championship Wrestling (11.80)

Georgia Championship Wrestling
November 1980
Atlanta, GA
WTBS-17 Studios

The current GCW champs are as follows on 11/1/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco (10/??/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (10/10/1980)
NWA Georgia Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Stan Lane (9/3/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Terry Funk (10/12/1980)

Gordon Solie tells us that the Fabulous Freebirds will be taking on Kevin Sullivan and Austin Idol on today’s program. That sounds pretty EPIC. The Freebirds come by to talk to Solie and Hayes tells him that they aren’t wrestling those two losers. Apparently, they have already done a number on Kevin Sullivan, so what’s the point. Solie suggests they could break the contract for the match, but Hayes says they have too much integrity to do that sort of thing. Sullivan and Idol show up and they get into a shouting match. Because of all the crap Idol had done to Sullivan earlier in the year, Sullivan still hates the fact that he’s having to ask Idol to be his partner to show us just how bad he wants to get his hands on the Freebirds. Sullivan tells the world that he thinks the Freebirds are a bunch of cowards.

After the break, the Freebirds come back out to call Austin Idol a “cheap imitation” of them. With the Freebirds being the greatest wrestlers in the sport, Sullivan and Idol don’t DESERVE to wrestle them.

  • Buddy Roberts & Terry Gordy (w/Michael Hayes) vs. Gerald Finley & Marvin Turner

Just a series of clips here. Roberts and Gordy take their time beating Turner. Kevin Sullivan comes out to get them to finish the match. Gordy pins Turner after a stalling vertical suplex. As the Freebirds jump Finley for no good reason, Sullivan tries to help out. Once the Freebirds get their hands on Sullivan, AUSTIN IDOL runs in and helps clean house, which is as close as we’re going to see of Austin Idol and Kevin Sullivan taking on the Freebirds this week.

Austin Idol cuts a promo on the Freebirds and tells them they are “jail birds” and that he is often imitated, but never duplicated. Kevin Sullivan reminds everybody just how devious Idol can be and nobody knows Idol better than Sullivan does. Solie announces the match Kevin Sullivan and Austin Idol against the Freebirds has been made for the Omni on Friday November 14. Idol promises the birds will FRY on Friday night and gets a “jail birds” chant going.

“Free Bird” is playing again so you know who is coming out. Buddy Roberts says they aren’t impressed by Sullivan and Idol, they just made the Freebirds mad. Michael Hayes points out how they are great and moral citizens who have never been to jail and he is appalled to being called “jail birds”. Hayes blames Solie for putting the crowd up to this, but Solie has nothing to do with it. Gordy chimes in and says Sullivan and Idol will pay for calling them names. Didn’t know Terry Gordy was so *sensitive*.

Kevin Sullivan joins Gordon Solie and brings with him a contract to face the Freebirds. Since the Freebirds are scared of Austin Idol, Sullivan has left the space blank for the Freebirds to add any wrestler’s name to the contract to be Sullivan’s partner. Umm, is Kevin stupid? THERE’S THREE OF THEM, BRO. He keeps calling them the “Dolly Sisters” to which I’m sure no one gets the reference.

The Freebirds are presented with the contract and they want to take some time to mull it over. When the Freebirds return with Kevin Sullivan’s contract, they say the match will take place next week and his partner will be MIKE DAVIS – and the Georgia tag belts will be on the line. Sullivan comes out and while the Freebirds seem pretty confident, Sullivan reads the fine print that there will be a special referee: AUSTIN IDOL. He comes out in a referee shirt and blows a whistle. Wrong sport, pal. Idol vows if any of the Freebirds try anything during this match, he will take care of them.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 11/8/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco (10/??/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (10/10/1980)
NWA Georgia Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Stan Lane (9/3/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Terry Funk (10/12/1980)

So like we saw the previous week, Austin Idol is supposed to be the special referee for the Georgia tag titles match with the champs the Freebirds taking on Kevin Sullivan and Mike Davis. Sullivan tells us Idol hasn’t shown up yet and wants some more time. The Freebirds come out and tell Sullivan that he’s wasting time and making excuses. Sullivan wants more time to wait for Idol and the Freebirds grant him more time. Solie seems surprised that happened and asks for a standby match.

Sullivan comes back out and asks for more time, but Solie can’t authorize that request. AGAIN, the Freebirds confront Sullivan and tells him Idol won’t be here. Hayes pulls out a telegram he received from Austin Idol (RED FLAG) and reads to Sullivan the telegram. Idol apologizes to the Freebirds and tells them he won’t interfere their matches anymore. Hayes continues to drop some knowledge on Sullivan as he tells Sullivan that Idol requested to join the Fabulous Freebirds. When they thought he was joking, Idol took offense and that’s why he was out here last week vowing revenge on the Freebirds. Since Idol has apparently wised up and decided not to show, Hayes tells Sullivan to grab Mike Davis and meet them in the ring. Sullivan still has faith in Austin Idol and wants more time. Even Solie is surprised that Sullivan is being this gullible about a selfish guy like Idol. Sullivan says Idol gave him his word he would be here today and he still believes. Solie still wonders if Sullivan has misjudged Idol.

Before the next match, Ray Candy hypes his upcoming match with one of the Assassins in the Omni on Friday night.

  • Ole Anderson vs. Jerry Roberts

In case you haven’t been following these Georgia reviews, Jerry Roberts is Jacques Rougeau. Ole jumps Roberts at the bell and while Roberts mounts a comeback, he runs into a knee in the corner. Ole doesn’t work by the hour. He kicks Roberts around, but then grabs a chinlock to slow things down. Roberts fights up and slams Ole for two. Anderson comes back with a vertical suplex for the win in 2:24.

After the bell, Ole Anderson goes over to Solie and tells him that he’s the only man who deserves the Georgia heavyweight title. Solie wants Ole to hear some previously recorded comments from Tony Atlas, but Ole won’t stand around to listen.

Freddie Miller talks with the new Georgia heavyweight champ Tony Atlas. He can’t believe how good it feels to be the Georgia champ. If Ole Anderson wants some, come get some. They will meet Friday November 14 in the Omni. Tony says OLE ANDERSON DOESN’T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE.

Back in the studio, Gordon Solie tells us Tony Atlas will receive the “Black Athlete of the Year” award. Ole Anderson doesn’t like that idea, breaks up the plague that’s supposed to be given to Atlas, and goes into a jealous rage against Tony Atlas.

Out come the Freebirds again. It’s time, Kevin. Well, Sullivan comes out and wants more time. SERIOUSLY, DUDE? Solie doesn’t even question this decision. Makes me wonder where this fits into the program. Solie then takes a moment to point out there will be a women’s battle royal taking place next week. Judy Martin and Judy Grable’s names are mentioned. Not sure if this actually happens.

We hear from Bob and Brad Armstrong who are wrestling up in Knoxville. Brad has an injured shoulder and talks about how tough the sport is. Bullet Bob Armstrong brings up a discussion he and Brad had about Brad facing tough guy Masa Saito for the $5,000. Once the shoulder heals, Brad can give Saito a whirl. Bob tells Saito that Americans are double tough and they can beat Saito. The camera goes wide and we can see the camera operator telling Bob to “wrap it up”.

Back over to Solie, he says Bob Armstrong will meet Masa Saito next week on TV for the $5,000.

The Freebirds come out again. No Kevin Sullivan. Gordy hypes up their recent matches and how badly they are going to beat their opponents in Griffin and Marietta. Sounds like Jack Brisco is going to have his hands full.

Now Gordon Solie checks in with Kevin Sullivan and Mike Davis. Sullivan is still convinced Austin Idol will show. Michael Hayes and the Freebirds interrupt Sullivan. Hayes yells at him to get in the ring or tuck his tail between his legs and scram.

  • NWA Georgia Tag Team Titles: Buddy Roberts & Terry Gordy (c) (w/Michael Hayes) vs. Kevin Sullivan & Mike Davis

Nick Patrick is *your* referee for this championship match. Davis gets thrown out by Gordy and Roberts, but then Sullivan cleans house. Back in, Gordy gets caught in some hiptosses (!!) followed by a double-stomp from Sullivan. Tag to Buddy (which is a more realistic matchup), Sullivan backdrops him as he retreats to the floor. Crowd is chanting “jail birds”. Back in, Gordy and Roberts try and rattle Mike Davis who has not been tagged in yet. When he does tag Sullivan, Davis surprises Roberts by escaping a sitout. He slams Roberts and armdrags Gordy. Holy crap, I can’t believe how much they are selling for Davis. Tag to Sullivan, he punches the crap out of Gordy. Back over to Davis, Sullivan backdrops Gordy and Davis elbow drops him. Hard to believe they are really doing a number on the Freebirds here. Buddy gets his face slammed on the mat and his shoulder ran into the corner. Commercials! When we come back, Davis gets an O’Connor roll on Gordy for two. Buddy telegraphs a backdrop and gets kicked away by Davis. Holy crap. Sullivan runs Roberts from pillar to post. Double team punches from the good guys gets two. It was only a matter of time until Davis made a mistake as he misses an elbow drop and the Freebirds pounce. Buddy backdrops Davis into a POWERBOMB from Gordy for the win to stop all this mess. (8:00 shown) Hayes goes over to Solie and blames Sullivan for getting Mike Davis hurt. Since he’s only ten feet away, Sullivan grabs Hayes and throws him into the ring for a beatdown people have been waiting to see. Of course, Gordy and Roberts make the save for their man. Jim Brunzell, Terry Taylor, and Steve-O help out on Sullivan’s behalf. Freebirds selling and bumping like crazy here. **½

Hayes heads back over to Solie to finish his thought from earlier when Freddie Miller walks over and tells Gordon that AUSTIN IDOL IS IN THE BUILDING. Austin Idol appears with Gordon Solie and Michael Hayes. He’s still got his street clothes on, but he’s carrying his referee shirt in his hand. Solie can’t believe Idol would show up now. He’s shocked to know that he missed the match he was supposed to referee because he had a flat tire. Hayes talks some smack about Idol not having what it takes to join the Freebirds and lets it slip that Idol had to change four flat tires. Naturally, Idol said he only had a flat tire, not FOUR FLAT TIRES. Idol throws Hayes into the ring and goes to town on him. Once again, the Freebirds swarm on Idol and bust him open with a steel chair. KEVIN SULLIVAN makes the save for Idol. Once Gordy and Roberts are thrown aside, Sullivan and Idol whip Hayes with a belt until Hayes gets pulled out to safety. AWESOME ANGLE.

After a break, Kevin Sullivan stands up for Austin Idol to Solie and says all the hate he and Idol had for each other is now being turned against the Freebirds. Next Friday night in the Omni, the Freebirds will defend their Georgia tag titles against Kevin Sullivan and Austin Idol.

Sounds like Harley Race will defend his NWA world title in Columbus Ohio against the winner of a battle royal. Turns out to be Mr. Wrestling #2 who is of course unsuccessful in capturing the gold.

Gordon Solie talks with Terry Taylor and lets him know there’s no shame in losing the National TV title to someone like a former NWA world champ in Terry Funk. Taylor says he’s going to keep on going forward.

  • NWA National Television Championship: Terry Taylor (c) vs. Terry Funk – (Columbus, GA – 10/12/80)

Jim Carlisle and Kevin Sullivan are on commentary. Anyways, Taylor has been chomping at Funk’s heels for a while now and they are going to get it on. Funk sells a big whip into the corner and tries to fool Taylor. He goes to the arm of Taylor, but Taylor comes back and returns the favor. Taylor works a headlock for a while and eventually Funk breaks the hold with a back suplex. As Funk retreats, Taylor meets him on the outside and applies the headlock again. Funk tries to suplex him, but Taylor rolls him over to the floor. WHOA. Never seen that on the floor. Back inside, Taylor still has the hold applied and continues to keep Funk incapacitated. Funk gets the rope break and goes low on Taylor. He throws Taylor to the floor and goes into his left jab routine when Taylor gets back inside. Taylor comes back with some jabs of his own and whips Funk into the corner for a monkey flip, but Funk holds the ropes to cause Taylor to crash and burn. Funk about kills himself headbutting Taylor. He whips Taylor into the corner, but Taylor reverses and grabs the headlock again. Enough of this. Funk rolls Taylor to the mat, keeps him on his back, and uses the ropes for leverage to get the three-count. (7:00) OWNED. Excellent little match there. Taylor is clearly still green as grass, but it can never hurt to be in the ring with one of the greatest ever. **

Back in the WTBS Studios, Freddie Miller talks with Kevin Sullivan and Austin Idol. Idol claims his history with Sullivan is in the past and they are what’s happening now. You can believe his tires are inflated today and so his ANGER for the Freebirds. Sullivan hypes his match in Marietta against “one of the jail birds”. Idol wraps his belt around his fist and says he’ll jam it down the throat of three jail birds next Friday night in the Omni.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 11/15/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco (10/??/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (10/10/1980)
NWA Georgia Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Stan Lane (9/3/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Terry Funk (11/12/1980)

  • Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan vs. Bob Garrett & Roger Mason

Garrett gets thrown all over the place by Sullivan and Idol to start. Idol slams Garrett and decides not to pin Garrett just yet. Sullivan works on the shoulder, but then Mason finally gets a tag. He gets stuck on the wrong side of town as Sullivan and Idol continue to dominate. Mason eventually kicks back at Idol, but then tags out to Garrett. Idol delivers a back suplex and then Sullivan gives Garrett the double stomp. Sullivan runs Garrett from corner to corner and tags Idol. He slams the big man and delivers a running knee drop, but again decides not to pin Garrett. Tag to Sullivan, Garrett blocks a suplex and tags his partner. Solie puts over Mason as a “dangerous character”. Back over to Garrett, Idol slams him and delivers a flying elbow drop. Here comes STEREO FIGURE-FOUR LEGLOCKS as the good guys win. (5:43) Sullivan and Idol look untouchable heading into the Thanksgiving Omni show.

  • Steve Keirn & Terry Taylor vs. Stan Lane & Charlie Fulton

Taylor and Lane get into some INTENSE headlocks and hammerlocks. Tag to Keirn, he controls Lane with more headlocks and shoulder blocks. For some reason, Solie starts discussing Keirn’s father’s military service. Fulton tags in and gets his arm worked over. Taylor nearly pins him with a cradle. Back over to Lane, he slips out of a slam and delivers a Russian Legsweep to Taylor for two. Fulton tags in and hammers on Taylor. There’s a backbreaker for two. Lane takes over and hits a butterfly suplex for another two-count. Fulton tags and catches Taylor with a back elbow. He slams Taylor, but misses a big leg drop. HOT TAG TO KEIRN, he gives Fulton a monkey flip and backdrops him before slapping on the SLEEPERHOLD. Good night, Charlie in 4:56. In old school fashion, Keirn wakes up Fulton after the bell. Over at Gordon Solie, Steve Keirn and Masa Saito start jawing with each other.

Gordon Solie welcomes back Robert Fuller to Atlanta. Fuller says he’s got a tag partner who he will be introducing next week. He’s seven foot tall and 450 pounds. They look to stir up some mess next week. Solie compares the description to Andre the Giant, but it’s not him. It’s explained he’s a guy who has worked for Robert’s father. Solie wants to know what Robert thinks about girls Judy Martin and Joyce Grable joining an all-male wrestling tag tournament. Robert says if the women can compete with the men, then bring on the ladies.

Kevin Sullivan and Austin Idol do some commentary over the NWA National heavyweight champ Jack Brisco being attacked by the Freebirds last night in the Omni. Brisco would win the match via DQ. Next up, they show footage of the main event where Idol and Sullivan battled the Freebirds over the Georgia tag titles. Sullivan keeps referring to Michael Hayes as “Michelle”. Match ends without a winner and the Georgia tag belts are held up. Back in the studio, Idol says no matter what the Freebirds do next, he and Sullivan will remain together “’til death do us part”. RELATIONSHIP STATUS = MARRIED.

  • Steve Keirn vs. Masa Saito – Saito’s $5000 on the line

Keirn works so snug and moves so fast. I love watching him work as a serious wrestler during this period. The SAITO SUPLEX stuns Keirn followed by a Russian legsweep, but Keirn immediately kicks out of the pinfall. Big jumping forearm smash nails Saito for two. Keirn grabs a front headlock, but Saito punches him in the bread basket and powerslams him over. Keirn comes back with an enziguri and delivers a vertical suplex for two. Here comes a nice PILEDRIVER from Keirn, but Saito uses the ropes to get the pinfall break. Keirn finds the SLEEPERHOLD, but Saito finds the ropes and dumps Keirn over the top rope for the crappy DQ at 3:13. Keirn wants his FIVE GRAND, but Saito refuses. He goes over and tells Saito that if he doesn’t give him the $5000, Keirn will just have to take it out of his butt. I’m assuming he means by kicking it and not actually reaching inside and taking it like a proctologist might.

  • Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan vs. Charlie Fulton & Jack Poure

More tag action on this episode as they prepare for the big tag team tournament on Thanksgiving night.  Idol gets Fulton on the mat and twists on his ankle while the crowd cries for him to BREAK IT. Dang. What’s Charlie Fulton done to you? Sullivan and Idol continue tearing on Fulton’s knee until Fulton slithers over to Poure for a tag. Now Poure gets controlled with a headlock. This feels like a “killing time” match. Eventually, Fulton gets a few moments of glory on Sullivan, but Sullivan tags Idol who punches him around. In comes Poure who basically walks into the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK by Idol for the win in 4:30. Afterwards, Sullivan and Idol go over to Solie to threaten the Freebirds. Solie tries to make the point that the Figure-Four is a hard hold to learn and how it’s so common these days. Hmm. Idol claims his Figure-Four is unique because he applies the hold over the knee where the most pressure is. He’s got it down to a SCIENCE now. To close out the video, Solie describes the Thanksgiving Omni card.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 11/22/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco (10/??/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (10/10/1980)
NWA Georgia Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Stan Lane (9/3/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Steve Keirn (11/??/1980)

We start this new week off with Robert Fuller introducing to the world: STAN FRAZIER. He’s best known for being Uncle Elmer on WWF TV where he had a big hillbilly wedding on one of the first Saturday Night’s Main Event specials that was interrupted by Roddy Piper. Anyways, Fuller and Frazier look forward to winning the Thanksgiving Omni tag tournament as they would get to split $10,000 and a trophy.

The Freebirds show up to talk to Solie. It sounds like the Georgia tag belts that the Freebirds held are still held up. This transition from Georgia tag belts to the National tag belts is rather confusing since it doesn’t sound like we have all the information. Solie throws it over to Florida to hear from Jack and Jerry Brisco who are favorites to win the Thanksgiving Omni tag tournament. Jack and Jerry are looking for revenge. Jerry closes the interview with a comment against women (Joyce Grable and Judy Martin) for being in this year’s tag tournament. Hey, if you can’t take the heat, amirite? Apparently, the Freebirds will do battle on Thanksgiving afternoon with the Brisco brothers in Jacksonville and then fly to the Omni to wrestle in the tournament. Hayes declares they will be the NATIONAL tag champs when this is all over.

Mr. Saito says only Steve Keirn and Bob Armstrong are the only two left for him to beat.

  • Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan vs. Ted Allen & Steve Reeves

Lots of fireman carries, armdrags, and headlocks. Sullivan takes a bump out to the floor. Back on the apron, Allen runs Sullivan into the post and tries to keep things going inside the ring. Tag to Reeves, Sullivan breaks out of a headlock with a back suplex. Idol tags in and slams Reeves over to Allen for a tag. Reeves looks too green to be here. Idol peppers Allen with punches and slams him down. Reeves tags in and gets whipped into the ropes for a clothesline. Tag to Sullivan, there’s the Double Stomp followed by the SPINNING TOE HOLD for the submission win in 3:19. Over to Solie, he mentions Sullivan and Idol both share the same birthday, but he won’t ask which one is older. They were actually not just born on the same date, but the SAME YEAR. Pretty wild. Sullivan jokes that Idol is older. He says put all the money on Idol and Sullivan winning the tournament and remarks that there’s two girl teams in this tournament, not one. Solie doesn’t want to touch that one.

FINALLY, we hear from the Georgia heavyweight champ Tony Atlas, who will be facing Harley Race over the NWA world title on Thanksgiving night. Atlas cuts a serious promo that he’s training hard right now for this match and he’s coming after Race. They now take us to a pre-recorded match joined in progress.

  • Tony Atlas vs. Charlie Fulton – (Georgia Championship Wrestling, 11/1/80)

We JIP with Atlas controlling Fulton on the mat. When Fulton gets to his feet, he goes low and snapmares Atlas for a chinlock. This hold sets up the big comeback for Tony as he slams Fulton and drops an elbow on him. Fulton refuses a clean break on a front headlock and slams Atlas, but misses a legdrop. Tony grabs Fulton and PRESS SLAMS him for the win in 4:09 shown.

We close out the video with Harley Race starting to reflect on his world title run.

The current GCW champs are as follows on 11/29/80:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (9/9/1980)
NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Jack Brisco (10/??/1980)
NWA National Television Champion: Steve Keirn (11/??/1980)
NWA National Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/27/1980)
NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion: Tony Atlas (10/24/1980)
NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions: Vacant (11/14/1980)
NWA Georgia Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Stan Lane (9/3/1980)

Gordon Solie stands by with the new NWA National TV champ Steve Keirn who will be defending his title against Kevin Sullivan. Keirn knows this will be a fair fight where the wrestling will be scientific and the rules will be followed to a TEE. Oh boy.

Robert Fuller and Stan Frazier provide some commentary to what went down in the Omni on Thanksgiving night when the Fabulous Freebirds cheated to beat them to win the NWA National tag team titles tournament. Michael Hayes gets HEAVILY involved and hides behind Frazier while pulling down on him to cause a countout victory for Buddy and Terry. Fuller says this decision was garbage and feels the trophy and the cash prize belong to him and Frazier.

  • NWA National TV Championship: Steve Keirn (c) vs. Kevin Sullivan

They share a handshake at the bell. Keirn and Sullivan are headlocks and shoulderblocks until Keirn ducks Sullivan while Sullivan charges him and lets Sullivan fall through the ropes to the floor. Despite the fact that Keirn holds the ropes open for Sullivan, Sullivan didn’t seem to like what just happened there. Back in, Keirn absolutely will not let go of the arm. Sullivan even tries a monkey flip and Keirn still has hold of the armbar. They move to a hammerlock and Keirn attempts to turn Sullivan over for a pin, but Keirn can’t get him. They start running the ropes and Keirn tries an abdominal stretch, but the momentum causes him to go flying out to the floor. This time, Sullivan holds the ropes open for Keirn, but then Sullivan CLEANS HIS CLOCK as soon as Keirn steps through the ropes – a clear sign of disrespect. He runs Keirn into the corner and grabs Keirn for an inside cradle for a three-count to win the NWA National TV title in 4:55.

We hear from a distraught Steve Keirn after the break. He’s SHOCKED at the behavior of Kevin Sullivan, but Keirn’s getting rematches with Sullivan this week. Keirn feels like a sucker right now, but that’s because he thought they were friends. He retracts his compliments about Sullivan he made before the match and if this is how he wants their rematches to go, there won’t be any shaking hands in the future.

Solie speaks with Kevin Sullivan to hear his side. Sullivan knew Keirn wasn’t already through the ropes and admits Keirn just got checkmated. When he beats everybody around Georgia, the people cheered. When he beats Keirn, some people got mad. Sullivan is now the National TV champ and says this is a business, it’s not about being friends. Keirn made a bad mistake and should defend himself at all times in the ring. Sullivan says he may not even give Keirn another shot because now he has to prove himself worthy of a rematch. Solie asks Sullivan to confirm that the championship he just won has become more important than his friendship with Steve Keirn. Friendships come and go. Suck it up, Keirn. Sullivan says he’s had to do everything in his career the “hard way” and his fans will continue to stand behind him.

Moving on, Gordon Solie explains that Brad Armstrong was injured against Mr. Saito and that his father Bob Armstrong clashed with Mr. Saito in the Omni last Thursday night for the $5,000 on the line. We go to the match where Bullet Bob looks like he’s going to pull off the victory when they bump into each other. As Saito falls backwards into the ropes, he decides it’s time to move a “foreign” object around in his taped foot. MR. WRESTLING #2 is at ringside. He grabs Saito by the foot while Armstrong comes up behind Saito and rolls him up for the three-count to win Saito’s $5,000. Back in the studio, Mr. Saito tells Mr. Wrestling #2 that he needs to just retire, stay home, eat hot dog, drink beer, and watch TV all day. You know, that quarantine life. Saito wants a piece of Mr. Wrestling #2 at the Omni. Something about $10,000 should bring #2 out of retirement. This match takes place in the Omni on Friday, December 12.

Gordon Solie announces the NWA National TV champ Kevin Sullivan will defend his title against Steve Keirn in the Omni on December 12. Next up, Gordon Solie brings in Tennessee wrestling legend Don Carson who is now managing the Mongolian Stomper. Carson has a JJ Dillon look to him, but a gravely voice. Solie refers to Carson as the most successful manager in wrestling history. While Stomper looks menacing bending a super long resistance band in the background, Carson says Stomper is looking for opportunity here in Georgia and puts him over that he’s never wrestled longer than four minutes on TV throughout his career.

  • Ted DiBiase vs. Steve O

While this isn’t DiBiase’s first TV match in Georgia (he’s been on TV each week in the month of November), this is his biggest test in the area to date. Solie mentions how he hopes these two don’t have a similar problem like Keirn and Sullivan had earlier in the show since these two guys are friends. Being that Steve O is a Minnesota boy, Solie takes this time to congratulate Greg Gagne – who has wrestled in Georgia in the past – has become a “proud new father”. Pretty even contest to start. At one point, DiBiase misses an elbow drop and Steve O gives him an Airplane Spin, but can’t get the three-count. Steve O slams him, but again DiBiase kicks out. DiBiase blocks a second slam with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Dropkick by Steve O gets two. DiBiase avoids an atomic drop and delivers a back suplex to stun Steve O. The back elbow by DiBiase connects, but again the elbow drop misses. Steve O is on the move with shoulderblocks, but a third one is countered with a powerslam! DiBiase applies the FIGURE-FOUR and we have a winner. (6:49) Loved the psychology of the finish there. DiBiase and Steve O share a nice friendly handshake after the match – because of that dastardly KEVIN SULLIVAN. *½

Well, you can probably tell Robert Fuller is taking over the book giving Ole Anderson a break as we see more of Mongolian Stomper, Don Carson, and Stan Frazier coming to ATL.


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