WWF: SuNDAY NiGHT HeAT (10.04.98)

October 4, 1998
East Lansing, MI
Breslin Arena

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Vacant (9/28/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Triple H (8/30/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (9/21/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (12/7/1997)
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (9/21/1998)

IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERRE! Your hosts are Shane McMahon and Jim Cornette.

  • X-Pac (w/Triple H, Chyna & Road Dogg) vs. Owen Hart

Road Dogg wears BOTH WWF tag belts to the ring. That doesn’t look good, but you never know with these guys. Triple H (you may call him “WHHHeels” these days) does his usual spiel, but Road Dogg has nothing to say. D’Lo Brown comes down to grab a third headset to give his thoughts on what’s going down. He still thinks he’s the European champ. Tomorrow night on RAW, D’Lo gets his rematch with X-Pac. As for Owen, they are trying to make him seem like he’s feeling guilty and distracted over what happened to Dan Severn when he injured him with the Owen Driver. X-Pac misses a corner charge and does the Bobby Eaton bump. Owen starts to leave, but X-Pac brings him back to the ring. Since X-Pac won’t let Owen leave, X-Pac rolls him up for a three-count at 3:11. No offense from Owen. Everybody is confused. Michael Cole asks Triple H where Billy Gunn is at, but all Triple H can say is that Billy Gunn isn’t here. Gee, that’s helpful.

Mr. McMahon has been told by his doctor to return to the hospital and we’re going to hear from him later in the show.

They replay Steve Austin tearing up the RAW set with a Zamboni. As JR might say, he “raised some hell” and got arrested. When Vince tells the Undertaker and Kane that they didn’t live up to their end of the deal, he won’t live up to his end of the deal. Therefore, Taker and Kane will meet one-on-one over the WWF title at Judgment Day: In Your House on October 18 with a special guest referee: STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. When Vince gets caught flipping off Taker, the two brothers assault Vince and break his ankle using the steps. So awesome.

Shane talks to his Pops in the hospital “via satellite”. He is in extreme pain, his leg has been crushed, and he will never forgive the Undertaker and Kane for what they did. Even so, Vince blames Steve Austin. However, it’ll all be worth it if Vince gets to see Steve Austin count the pinfall for Taker or Kane to win the WWF championship. The trauma Vince has been experienced will be under further investigation tomorrow and for those concerned, he’s going to get out of the hospital.

  • Funaki (w/Yamaguchi-san) vs. Matt Hardy

Last week on HeAT, we saw the Hardy Boyz debut on HeAT as they defeated Kaientai. Funaki makes Hardy eat a dropkick, but then Hardy sends Funaki on the run after a tilt-a-whirl sideslam. Hardy lands on Funaki with a pescado. Back in, Hardy hits a reverse slam, but misses an elbow drop. Meanwhile, we see Vince trying to get out of the hospital bed. Hardy hits a sitout crucifix bomb that the crowd really liked. Funaki brings his knees up to block a quebrada and delivers a release fisherman’s suplex to set up a flying headbutt for the win at 2:10.

We catch Steve Austin backstage looking for something. He’s not even really doing anything and people are going nuts.

  • Golga & Kurrgan (w/Giant Silva, Luna, and the ICP) vs. The Headbangers

The crowd is going CRAAAZY for the ICP. They take us back to RAW when the ICP helped Kurrgan score a pinfall over Mosh and Thrasher. Onto the match, Mosh tries to take out Kurrgan’s legs, but runs into a backdrop and stands up into a big boot. In comes Thrasher, Kurrgan warms him up for Golga. Big avalanche by Golga. An elbow drop and legdrop gets two on Thrasher. Golga misses an avalanche and Mosh snaps his neck on the top rope. Tag to Mosh, they beat down Golga in the corner. Kurrgan brings in a chair to stop the Headbangers and the ref is busy with him. Meanwhile, the Headbangers go for the Stage Dive, but ICP crotches Thrasher up top. Golga backdrops Mosh and sits on him for the win at 2:48.

Steve Austin clearly has an axe and he’s on a mission.

William Regal vignette. Some men move furniture, this man moves mountains. He’s a REAL man’s man.

  • Ken Shamrock & Mankind vs. The DOA (w/Paul Ellering)

Hey guess what, Shamrock and Mankind don’t get along. The DOA dominate Shamrock to start, but he comes back with a crossbody block and a reverse kick to Skull or 8-Ball. Tag to Mankind, he fights out of the DOA corner and continues to run wild. Meanwhile, Steve Austin is at the production truck to break some “real expensive stuff” using the axe. Kevin Dunn won’t let him in there, but he might just break his way in there. While Mankind is now getting beat up, Shamrock doesn’t seem too thrilled to tag him. Mankind hits a desperation Double-Arm DDT on one of the DOA boys. Paul Ellering grabs Mankind by the ankle and as they get into a tussle, Ken Shamrock runs over and blasts MANKIND with a chair behind the ref’s back. Oh, that’s not good. 8-Ball or Skull covers Mankind for the three-count. (4:53) That Shamrock has some TERRIBLE aim or he’s had it with Mankind. ½*

Meanwhile, Austin finds another door to get into the production truck.

After the break, Austin threatens the production people to show him which wire goes to Vince’s feed. Once he’s shown where the wire is, he takes the axe and cuts the wire. Vince is shown on the split-screen – until he’s not.

  • The Rock vs. Jeff Jarrett

Stone Cold Steve Austin joins us for extra special commentary and to make Shane sweat. He lets Shane know that he can snap his neck like a twig. Shane makes sure to tell Austin that the problem between Austin and his dad is between Austin and his dad. Rock runs wild to start and delivers a Samoan drop. Shane lets Austin know he really wishes he hadn’t cut the transmission cable to his father. Jarrett comes back and hits the Bossman straddle. Dennis Knight heads down to mess with the Rock. Vince McMahon calls into the show and he yells at Austin. Vince dramatically hangs up while Austin really seems to be pissed off by Shane. Rock fights out of a chinlock and reverses a suplex. BOTH MEN ARE DOWN. Corny calls this one a “barn burner”, but I don’t know about that. Slow cover gets two. Rock explodes on Jarrett with a clothesline and a DDT. Knight gets baited onto the apron while Rock punches Jarrett square in the dick. The PEOPLE’S ELBOW connects. Knight pulls the ref out and nails him. (about 6:00) He then crawls into the ring and joins Jarrett to stomp the Rock, but in comes Steve Austin for the save and gives both heels the STONE COLD STUNNER. Rock and Austin then go face-to-face in a EPIC staredown to close the show. *

There’s *your* WrestleMania main event right there, folks.

Until next time, so long for now.


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