WWF: SuNDAY NiGHT HeAT (10.25.98)

October 25, 1998
Milwaukee, WI
Bradley Center

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Vacant (9/28/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian (10/18/1998)
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (9/21/1998)

IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERRE! Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jim Cornette. This is Cole’s debut on HeAT as a commentator. They gave Shane-O-Mac twelve weeks and wished him the best in his future endeavors. Cole explains Shane has the “night off”, but I don’t think he ever returns as a regular commentator – only on occasion.

  • WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Christian (c) (w/Gangrel) vs. Brian Christopher (w/Scott Taylor)

Cole and Corny remind us that Christian won the WWF Light Heavyweight title by defeating TAKA Michinoku last Sunday at Judgment Day: In Your House. Corny’s description of what transpired feels like something out of a completely different decade, which I think is the problem with his commentary during this era. For whatever reason, nostalgia just isn’t in demand. As Cornette reminds us, Christopher couldn’t defeat TAKA for the LH title, so maybe he can win one over on the rookie Christian. Christopher beats down Christian and gives him a slam, but Christian finds a reverse DDT to fight back. Christopher tries a crossbody out of the corner and misses. Christian runs him down with a spinning heel kick for two. Christopher finds the Full Nelson Legsweep to take back control and gives Taylor a hug to celebrate. The crowd is ALL over them. Cole and Cornette are speculate what was in the letter Steve Austin put in Vince McMahon’s coat pocket last week on RAW. Christopher delivers a suplex and tries a running bulldog, but Christian shoves him off into the corner. Christian hits a super hurracanrana and follows up with the Three Amigos. He misses a flying splash, but Christopher misses the Tennessee Jam as well. They don’t have a name for this move yet, but it’s the IMPALER and allows Christian to score the pinfall. (3:42) Scott Taylor tried to slide in and stop the pinfall, but Gangrel pulls him out and wallops him with a right hand. So now the vampires are babyfaces? Okay then. *


  • Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Golga (w/the Oddities & ICP)

The ICP will make their WWF wrestling debut tomorrow night on RAW against Kaientai. Neither Cole nor Cornette can figure out what Jarrett and Debra’s relationship is all about. The Insane Clown Posse get the crowd riled up, but the ref makes them and the Oddities go back to the dressing room. Debra and Luna, however, get to stay since they have breasts. Golga’s size overpowers Jarrett to start. Jarrett gets placed up in the corner and then he’s squashed when he tries a sunset flip. I wonder what Jarrett thinks of his last WWF run sometimes. Jarrett snaps Golga’s neck on the top rope and delivers a flying body press for two. He tries a crossbody block and gets slammed. Golga charges him up against the ropes and goes flying over the top rope. Jarrett baseball slides into him and goes after Golga. He whips Golga into the ringpost as the 16-man WWF title tournament at Survivor Series gets mentioned. Back inside, Golga NO-SELLS the turnbuckle smashes and boots down Jarrett. Golga slams Jarrett again and goes for the Golga Splash, but Debra throws the Cartman doll at him as he comes off the ropes. While he’s holding onto Cartman, Jarrett gives him THE STROKE onto Cartman for the three-count. (3:28) Weird finish and an “odd” match for Jarrett in my opinion. ¾*

Earlier today, Kevin Kelly caught up with the Headbangers who are carrying around toy WWF world tag team title belts. They are mad that the New Age Outlaws haven’t given them a rematch from the last time they met seven days earlier at the PPV. Seem unfair.

  • The Headbangers vs. The DOA (w/Paul Ellering)

Headbangers do their own rendition of the Outlaws intro. Mosh and Thrasher sound marbled-mouthed, so of course the introduction sounds ridiculous. Skull or 8-Ball overpowers Mosh to start. He misses an elbow drop allowing Mosh to mock Road Dogg with a Shaky Knee Drop. Mosh buttalanches Skull/8-Ball and tags Thrasher for the Leapfrog Body Guillotine. Thrasher runs into an elbow in the corner. Tag to the other DOA guy, they give him a double big boot. Thrasher comes back with a DDT for two. More heat on Thrasher until he finds a powerslam. He tags Mosh and powerbombs him onto 8-Ball/Skull for two. The twins do a switch on Mosh, but it backfires and the “legal” twin gets rolled up by Mosh for the win. (3:25) This was a match. ¾*

We see a live performance of Motley Crue performing the song “Bitter Pill”. Part of what you’ll see appearing behind the band on the TitanTron will be used again for Chris Jericho’s TitanTron video.

Go to WWF.com to find out how you can get a free Survivor Series “Deadly Game” tattoo.

They take us back to Motley Crue’s performance when their bodyguard named “Test” stopped an “overzealous fan” from getting to the stage. Yes, this is the WWF TV debut for Test, who we will see quite a bit over the next year.

They play a very special video look at BANG 3:16 from last week’s RAW. We want to know what’s in the letter that Austin shoved in Vince’s pocket. Cole and Cornette speak to Mr. McMahon via telephone, but they don’t get any information out of him. In fact, Vince tells the WWF fans they can go to hell, and so can Cole and Corny. Vince then hangs up leaving Cole to apologize to the WWF fans.

Scorpio heads down to ringside for a match when the BLUE BLAZER ambushes him and puts him down with a Dan Severn DRAGON SLEEPER. Once Scorpio is good and out, Blazer celebrates and heads back to the dressing room.

Elsewhere, we hear from Kevin Kelly who is standing by with Ken Shamrock and D’Lo Brown. Shamrock says he’ll shove Mr. Socko so far down Mankind’s throat, he’ll be tasting the sock for the rest of his life. As for D’Lo, X-Pac and that damn sock BETTA RECOGNIZE.

This Thursday night at 10PM EST on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon will settle their differences.

Now Kevin Kelly catches up with X-Pac and Mankind. X-Pac never thought he would be teaming up with Mr. Socko and Mankind, but you do what you gotta do. Mankind talks through Mr. Socko and says if we’re not down with them, there’s one word for them: SOCKO. They are leaning into this sock gimmick hard.

  • Mankind & X-Pac vs. Ken Shamrock & D’Lo Brown

Corny says Chyna has taken a leave of absence while she sorts out her legal troubles. More than likely, it’s to get through some reconstructive surgery if you ask me. Big pier-six brawl to start as the two feuds split off. Shamrock beats down Mankind and goes to help D’Lo with X-Pac. In the ring, X-Pac comes back with a spinning heel kick. The first three names mentioned for the “Deadly Game” WWF world title tournament at Survivor Series are: the Rock, the Undertaker, and the Big Bossman. Cole questions Bossman as being in the tournament since he’s just Vince’s bodyguard. Meanwhile, Mankind and X-Pac are taking turns on D’Lo. X-Pac flies into the Sky High for two. X-Pac is stuck on the wrong side of town for a while. D’Lo lands the flying elbow for another nearfall. He tries a flying legdrop from the second rope, but X-Pac moves out of the way. Hot tag to Mankind, he fights off Shamrock and D’Lo and even whacks X-Pac seemingly by mistake. WHO KNOWS. When he realizes he screwed up, Shamrock walks over and delivers a Belly to Belly Suplex to set up the ANKLELOCK. X-Pac kicks Shamrock in the back to break the hold. While X-Pac and D’Lo end up on the floor, Mankind hits the DOUBLE-ARM DDT on Shamrock and pulls out Mr. Socko. He applies the MANDIBLE CLAW, but Shamrock tries to break loose with a back suplex. While Shamrock is on top of Mankind and even though Mankind’s hold is still applied, the ref counts the pinfall giving Shamrock and D’Lo the victory. (6:20) Shamrock snaps after the match because either that’s what we have looked forward to seeing or he’s mad about getting Mr. Socko shoved down his throat. *½

And that’s the show. Until next time, so long for now.


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