WWF: Raw is War (10.26.98)

WWF: Raw is War
October 26, 1998
Madison, WI
Kohl Center

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Vacant (9/28/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian (10/18/1998)
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (9/21/1998)

We start the show with all the setup and payoff to the BANG 3:16 moment from last week’s RAW – including the important letter Austin put into Vince’s coat pocket. They repeat JR asking what’s in the letter several times for added effect.

Earlier tonight, Steve Austin showed up to the arena with a big smile on his face.

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Mr. McMahon is still wheelchair bound as he comes out onto the stage surrounded by his stooges, the Big Bossman, and some other suits. Against Vince’s will, Steve Austin is in the building here tonight. Not only does Vince hold Austin responsible for every single reprehensible act committed against him, he holds each and every WWF fan responsible as well. The crowd doesn’t seem to mind. Vince says he’s lost all faith in humanity and wonders what happened to the people’s values and morals. What happened to the idea of the Good Samaritan? It’s all gone because the people cheered every liberty took against him. What they enjoyed the most was seeing Austin force him into the ring, made him get down on his knees, made him beg, made him CRY, and made him URINATE himself. Oh boy. Vince wants to know where Brisco, Patterson, and Slaughter when this was happening to him, but doesn’t dare question the Big Bossman, which is interesting. Vince continues to say Austin ruined a perfectly good Armani suit, his body hurts, but most importantly his feelings were hurt. Despite the injury, the insult after the injury is what Vince will never forgive. It was a legal document jammed into his coat pocket, which is why his battery of attorneys are behind him. Vince will fight Austin in court – hell, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Before Austin makes his next move, he better take stock in what Vince says. Next thing we know, Austin appears on the TitanTron telling Vince he ought to take stock in diapers after watching Vince piss himself last week. Oh man. Vince has nothing left to say and has his stooges wheel him back to the locker room. Okay. I thought there would be more at the end, but I guess not.

They take us back to last week on RAW when Chyna was arrested over the charge of “failure to appear” when she didn’t show up to court over the sexual harassment suit filed by Mark Henry. She was released, but now is on a leave of absence to get her legal troubles resolved. In reality, she’s getting facial reconstructive surgery.

Backstage, we see Vince heading into a conference room with his attorneys.

  • WWF European Championship: X-Pac (c) vs. Steve Blackman

After a basic start, X-Pac stuns Blackman with his spinning heel kick. Blackman fires back with a superkick. He dropkicks X-Pac back into a corner and then whips him from corner to corner. Blackman hits a side slam and an elbow drop. He crimps on X-Pac’s neck and then corners X-Pac for some chops. X-Pac stops a corner charge by bringing up a boot, but Blackman runs him down with a shoulder block. Blackman then runs X-Pac out of the ring as STEVEN REGAL appears and attacks X-Pac for the DQ. (2:51) The NEW AGE OUTLAWS show up to back up their boy. Referees and agents run down to get Regal off X-Pac. Man, Regal REALLY wants that European title. Think the “best European wrestler in WCW” angle had anything to do with Regal leaving the company? Hmm. ¾*

Over in Vince’s meeting, we see him getting visibly upset demanding his attorneys find a way to break the contract.

Elsewhere, Michael Cole has found a door with Steve Austin’s name on it. BUT I THOUGHT HE WAS FIRED? Cole really doesn’t have any more info at this time.

  • The Rock vs. Droz (w/the LOD)

It appears there’s some problems between Droz and Hawk, but I’m sure that won’t affect this match at all. Nope, no way. The Rock’s theme music gets remixed again – and I think for the last time for a while. Ross and Lawler remind us that the Rock will be part of the 16-man one-night tournament over the WWF title at Survivor Series. Three names have been mentioned: the Rock, the Undertaker, and the Big Bossman. Slow start as Rock tries to find a way to bust on Droz. Little awkward spot as Droz lands on the Rock after a jumping back elbow. Droz grabs an armbar, but Rock fights back and thumbs Droz in the eye. Droz finds a shoulder block, but Rock lands a DDT. Rock starts talking smack to Animal so the ref can watch Animal while Rock punches Droz in the nads. Droz finds a powerslam for two. He tries a flying shoulderblock, but Rock sidesteps and hits the ROCK BOTTOM to set up the PEOPLE’S ELBOW for the win. (4:41) The crowd absolutely lost their crap during those last moves. Droz is still green, but the Rock is quickly becoming a star. Animal and Droz leave Hawk in the ring as they head back to the dressing room. *½

Backstage, Michael Cole knocks on Steve Austin’s dressing room door to ask about the legal document. Why didn’t he do this earlier? Was he just standing there at the door during that whole match? Austin answers the door and leaves to talk to someone else in his dressing room. When he returns, he tells Cole he’s been advised not to say anything right now, but later on *we’ll* make a statement in front of the people. WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY “WE”?

Earlier today, Motley Crue did a sound check with the New Age Outlaws standing around not sure what to do.

Elsewhere, a pair of attorneys leave the meeting saying Mr. McMahon just doesn’t understand. Apparently, they FAILED.

The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac head out to introduce Motley Crue. DX runs around on stage during the performance. The Crue performs “Wild Side” from the “Girls, Girls, Girls” album. If I hear Motley Crue now on a radio station, I may or may not sing along in my car. I’m not a big fan of the band. Just for grins, RAW lost the quarter hour to Nitro. Of course just like what happened last night on HeAT, another “fan” jumps the rail to get at Motley Crue, and TEST is there to grab him. If you’re not down with Motley Crue, you can suck it.

  • Kane vs. Gangrel (w/Christian)

When you look at Kane, you’re looking into the mouth of HELL, folks. Kane will also be part of the 16-man tournament at Survivor Series. Aren’t these some random matchups tonight? These are clearly glorified squashes. Kane opens up a can of whoopass to start. Christian pulls the top rope down to bring Kane to the floor. As he’s stalking Christian, Gangrel comes off the apron to jump Kane. Not enough to stop Kane though. Back inside, Kane choke-lifts Gangrel and drops him to the mat. Kane hits the Side Slam and heads up top, but Christian holds onto Kane’s boot. While Kane kicks Christian away, Gangrel tries to stop Kane only to fail. Here comes the Flying Clothesline and the CHOKESLAM. That’s enough for Kane to pick up the win. (3:03) Christian comes off the top with a back elbow, but Kane NO-SELLS. Gangrel and Christian try to double-team Kane, but Kane is just too strong. Next thing we know, EDGE appears – and chopblocks Kane! Now Edge joins Gangrel and Christian to put Kane down on his backside. WHAT HAS PROVOKED THIS ATTACK? Kane sits up and the vampires get the heck out of here. ¾*

In the back, Michael Cole just finished talking with Shane McMahon. Cole reports that the McMahon *family* will have a statement regarding the situation with Steve Austin.

ENTER THE WAR ZONE! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the ring to begin the second hour. He doesn’t know why Vince McMahon is so mad right now. Austin told the cops that the gun was a toy, that no pain would be involved, and that Vince wouldn’t feel a thing. After all those things were proven true, Vince still pissed his pants like a baby. Maybe next time Austin tells Vince something, he should believe it. Then again, MAYBE NOT. Austin whips out a new contract with the WWF. Not only has Austin been reinstated, but it guarantees him one WWF title shot, which is all he needs. Austin seems to think he’s got Vince right by his brass balls right now, because the only way Austin will leave the WWF is if he quits the WWF himself. That brings “Wheels” McMahon, his security officer the Big Bossman, and Vince’s three stooges out onto the main stage. Vince says nothing would please him more than hearing Austin say that he quits. Since Austin is once again employed and there’s not a whole lot Vince can do about it, Vince forces Austin into an “I Quit” match tonight with Ken Shamrock. Vince wonders how Austin sleeps at night and questions whether or not Austin has a conscience. The crowd starts chanting “asshole” at McMahon and Austin lets him know about it. Vince continues saying he set an example for his 28 year old son only for Austin to turn him into a “monster”. Next thing we know, the camera gets bumped and we see Vince’s son SHANE MCMAHON head to the ring. Vince asks Shane to come stand with him, but Shane ignores him making Vince angrier and angrier. Shane tells his father he won’t listen to him anymore because what Vince did to Steve Austin was WRONG. Shane then admits it was him who hired Steve Austin back into the WWF. BOMBSHELL! He claims Vince has an “ego” problem which is why “superstars” come and go. People ask what it’s like to be Vince McMahon’s son and he’s lied year after year to protect the family name, but now it’s OVER. Oh boy. Nothing was ever good enough for father Vince. His grades in school, his athletic accomplishments, his business deals – they were never good enough for Vince McMahon. All Shane wanted was for his father to be proud of him, but he’s finally realized that will never happen. Vince is trying to wail up some tears. Shane says he’s no longer a boy and he’s proud of the man he’s become. After 28 years, Shane says he’s finally built up enough courage to stand up to his father. Maybe this is finally Shane’s moment to make his father proud because now he’s finally had the BRASS to stand up to him. Shane seems to find this moment ironic because maybe he and his dad are just like each other after all. Patterson tries to hug Vince, but Vince refuses his advances. If you think Vince got what he had coming, give Steve Austin a “HELL YEAH”. Now play Austin’s music – because why not.

When we return, we catch Steve Austin stopping Shane as he’s leaving the building and tossing him a beer for the WWF’s Mean Joe Greene moment.

  • The Godfather vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu)

They take us back to last week when we witnessed a violent exchange between Tiger Ali Singh and Godfather as Singh didn’t seem to like an ex-prostitute paying her pimp. Godfather always says pimping ain’t easy, but what he doesn’t tell you is that it’s much, MUCH more difficult being a prostitute. No prostitutes are offered to Singh tonight. Godfather runs wild on Singh to start which goes in and out of the ring. Singh reverses a whip into the barricade to set up more guardrail action. In the ring, Singh lands a standing dropkick while Ross and Lawler discuss the last segment. Godfather lands the Ho Train and whips him with his belt. DQ? Singh comes back with a cheap ass bulldog for a one-count. Lawler starts discussing his issues with the lack of American morals. They fight on the floor and all around ringside. Babu gets thrown away. Boy that guy is useless. The crowd is doing the wave because who seriously cares about this match, but they are LOUD. Apparently neither Singh nor Godfather are listening to the ref, so he calls for the bell for the double-DQ. (4:32) A slugfest, but nobody cares about Tiger Ali Singh. ¾*

Elsewhere, Michael Cole catches up with “Wheels” McMahon backstage with the Three Stooges behind him. Vince’s mind is CLEARLY somewhere else.

  • The Oddities & ICP vs. Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi-san)

This is the one and only WWF match involving the Insane Clown Posse. It takes all four of the Kaientai boys to put down Golga. Once he’s down, they give Golga the series of running elbow drops. Kurrgan NO-SELLS these boys pretty good, too. Kurrgan tags Violent J to a big crowd pop. He rips into Funaki and gives him a slam. Reminds me of Dennis Rodman slamming Luger. Funaki retreats to the floor and Shaggy 2 Dope tosses him into the steps. Back in, Violent J hits a side slam and claws at the face. In comes Shaggy, he gives Funaki a DDT. Wonder what Jim Ross is thinking right now. Violent J turns over Funaki while Shaggy comes off the top with a flying legdrop. Shaggy then kicks Funaki in the nuts while Violent J tosses away the ref for – you guessed it – another DQ finish. (3:45) The Oddities argue with the ICP boys. I guess they won’t make their car payment this month now. Luna chases ICP away and this might be the last we see of them. Entertaining if nothing else. *

They take us back to the top of the hour when Shane McMahon had his “Jerry Springer” moment.

Outside the arena, we catch Mr. McMahon being wheeled over to his limo. The Three Stooges promise him that they will make sure Steve Austin *will* say “I Quit” tonight.

Michael Cole is standing by with Ken Shamrock. This isn’t about the IC title tonight, it’s about who is the “most dangerous man”. These two tonight will KNUCKLE UP.

  • Goldust vs. Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline)

Goldust catches Mero at the bell and delivers a Butt-Butt. Crowd wants Sable. Goldust shows off with a slingshot back suplex, but Jacqueline grabs him by the ankle. Mero low blows Goldust and gives him a DDT. A knee lift by Mero gets two. He chokes Goldust in the ropes and walks away so Jackie can do the same. Mero telegraphs a backdrop and eats an uppercut. Goldust delivers an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. He hits the Running Bulldog and sets up the Shattered Dreams. Jacqueline gets up on the apron and slaps Goldust, but that just turns him on. He grabs Jackie and gives her a nice sloppy wet kiss. The SHATTERED DREAMS gets Goldust DQ’ed – because why not have more DQ finishes tonight? (2:55) You better believe there will be hell to pay for that finish, folks. ¾*

With Mero down on the mat and Jacqueline standing over him, out comes SABLE. She challenges Jacqueline to a match for the WWF Women’s title at Survivor Series. Jacqueline seems down to pound.

The JVC Kaboom! of the Week: RAW, 10/19/98. More like “KABONG of the Week”. Jeff Jarrett gives Al Snow a KABONG.

Over to Michael Cole, we see the first pairing of Mankind and Al Snow together. One guy talks to a sock, and one guy talks to a mannequin head.

  • WWF World Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. Mankind & Al Snow (w/Head)

Mankind has been added to the WWF title tournament for Survivor Series. Snow grabs hold of Gunn and delivers the arm trapped headbutts, but Gunn answers back with a press slam. Man, wrestling still needs more press slams. Tag to Mankind, Gunn and Road Dogg have some fun with him. Mankind headbutts Road Dogg back, but Road Dogg finds Shake, Rattle, and Roll followed by the Shaky Knee Drop. When Road Dogg avoids the Mandible Claw, Snow cleans his clock with a clothesline from the apron as the tide turns again. Mankind and Snow beat on Road Dogg at ringside. Back inside, Mankind tries to show off his funky chicken dance moves while stomping Road Dogg in the face. The Double-Arm DDT catches Road Dogg allowing Mankind to go for Mr. Socko. Billy Gunn won’t let this happen as he runs down Mankind and Snow. While the ref goes after Gunn, Mankind grabs for Head. Snow takes the gimmick away from him and they both go after Road Dogg. As Snow takes over on Road Dogg, Gunn saves the day and takes Mankind with him to the floor. While the ref is busy with people who aren’t even the legal men in the match, Snow hits the SNOW PLOW on Road Dogg. He makes the cover, but no ref and Snow crawls over to grab Head. With Mr. Socko armed and ready as well, Snow and Mankind argue over which gimmick is going to be used on Road Dogg. As Gunn pulls out Mankind, Road Dogg rolls up Snow for the three-count. (5:28) Crazy can’t win – at least not yet. D’LO BROWN and MARK HENRY show up and beat the crap out of the New Age Outlaws to make their case for a tag title shot. Meanwhile, Al Snow and Mankind arrange a hostage exchange for Head and Mr. Socko. Yes, this is the Attitude Era, folks! *

  • “I Quit” Match: Steve Austin vs. Ken Shamrock

McMahon’s Three Stooges make their way to ringside to ensure Austin says “I quit” tonight. Ken Shamrock is also named as one of the sixteen men to enter the WWF title tournament at Survivor Series. Shamrock BUM RUSHES THE SHOW before Austin can even take his vest off. Austin comes back and uses his vest around Shamrock’s neck. It’s totally legal! We go to the floor as Austin bounces Shamrock’s head off the announce table. A camera cable gets involved, but Shamrock elbows Austin back and then returns the favor on the announce table. Shamrock then runs Austin into the ringpost and we get some brawling in the front row. Austin does the piledriver spot that always gets reversed for a backdrop. Back at ringside, Shamrock reverses a whip into the steps. After some more ringside violence, we go back in the ring as Shamrock kicks the crap out of Austin. We get a HARD whip into a corner. Shamrock applies a camel clutch and wrenches back on the neck – because DUH. Why wouldn’t you? Austin makes it to the ropes and for some reason that gets a break. How many submissions could Shamrock know? Austin fights back with the Thesz Press and JR is loving it. Brisco grabs Austin’s ankle from the floor while Patterson knocks out the referee. While Austin goes after the Three Stooges, MANKIND appears and puts Shamrock in the MANDIBLE CLAW. Austin grabs a chair and whacks Shamrock on the noggin. Not knowing what Austin might do next, Mankind leaves with a big satisfied smile on his face and Mr. Socko on his hand. Next thing we know, ref Tim White is back in the ring. While Austin has Shamrock in a weak ass chinlock, he grabs the KO’ed Shamrock by the hand and makes him appear to be tapping out to end the match. (6:16) STONE COLD STUNNERS all around for the Three Stooges. Those guys are useless! **

STONE COLD IS BACK! Was he *really* ever gone though? Until next time, so long for now.

The World Wrestling Federation presents “Survivor Series: Deadly Game”
LIVE on November 15 ONLY ON PAY-PER-VIEW from the Kiel Center in St. Louis, Missouri

The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, the Big Bossman, and ten more WWF Superstars yet to be announced
WWF Women’s Championship:
Jacqueline (c) vs. Sable


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