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WWE – Unreleased: Never Before Seen Matches (DISC ONE)

WWE – Unreleased: Never Before Seen Matches
Disc One

I haven’t completed a DVD recap in a while and this one looked pretty interesting, so I thought I would give it a shot. Heck, I haven’t purchased a WWE DVD in forever, so you know this had to have peaked my interest on some level.

AT FIRST GLANCE: Disc one covers the 1980s portion of the set and creeps into 1990 a little bit. Some of the tag matches could be interesting. On disc one, I’m most interested in the handicap match between Hogan and Savage against the Hart Foundation and the Honky Tonk Man. I think that could possibly be a hidden gem. The Powers of Pain against the Rockers could be promising as well. While this doesn’t surprise me that it’s part of the set because it’s WWE, I’m scratching my head over why they would think we would want to sit through Andre the Giant and Big John Studd — in 1989. Nevertheless, let’s get at it.
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The Big Event

WWF The Big Event
August 28, 1986
Toronto, ON, CA
CNE Stadium

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Hulk Hogan (1/23/1984)
Intercontinental Champion: Randy Savage (2/8/1986)
World Tag Team Champions: The British Bulldogs (4/7/1986)
Women’s Champion: The Fabulous Moolah (7/9/1986)

It just goes to show that uncreative names for events do NOT affect the attendance rate. This show had a crowd of 64,000 and the reason for it is simple: Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon, the babbling “Luscious” Johnny V, and the incoherent Ernie Ladd. Read the rest of this entry

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