WWE United States Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit 7/27/2003 Vengeance[1]
Big Show Eddie Guerrero 10/19/2003 No Mercy
John Cena Big Show 3/14/2004 WrestleMania XX[2]
Booker T Rob Van Dam 7/29/2004 Smackdown![3]
John Cena (2) Booker T 10/3/2004 No Mercy
Carlito John Cena 10/7/2004 Smackdown!
John Cena (3) Carlito 11/18/2004 Smackdown!
Orlando Jordan John Cena 3/3/2005 Smackdown!
Chris Benoit Orlando Jordan 8/21/2005 SummerSlam
Booker T (2) Chris Benoit 10/21/2005 Smackdown![4]
Booker T (3) Chris Benoit 1/13/2006 Smackdown![5]
Chris Benoit (2) Booker T 2/19/2006 No Way Out
JBL Chris Benoit 4/2/2006 WrestleMania 22
Bobby Lashley JBL 5/26/2006 Smackdown!
Finlay Bobby Lashley 7/14/2006 Smackdown!
Mr. Kennedy Finlay 9/1/2006 Smackdown![6]
Chris Benoit (3) Mr. Kennedy 10/13/2006 Smackdown!
MVP Chris Benoit 5/20/2007 Judgment Day
Matt Hardy MVP 4/27/2008 Backlash[7]
Shelton Benjamin Matt Hardy 7/20/2008 Great American Bash[8]
MVP (2) Shelton Benjamin 3/20/2009 Smackdown!
Kofi Kingston MVP 6/1/2009 Raw
The Miz Kofi Kingston 10/5/2009 Raw
Bret Hart The Miz 5/17/2010 Raw[9]
R-Truth The Miz 5/24/2010 Raw[10]
The Miz (2) R-Truth 6/14/2010 Raw[11]
Daniel Bryan The Miz 9/19/2010 Night of Champions
Sheamus Daniel Bryan 3/14/2011 Raw
Kofi Kingston (2) Sheamus 5/1/2011 Extreme Rules
Dolph Ziggler Kofi Kingston 6/19/2011 Capitol Punishment

[1]: In an attempt to revive the U.S. title, this was the title tournament finals as the belt became exclusive to Smackdown.
[2]: On July 8, 2004, Cena was stripped of the belt after attacking Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle.
[3]: This was an eight-man elimination match which also featured John Cena, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki, Billy Gunn, Charlie Haas and Luther Reigns.
[4]: The title became vacant after a double-pinfall decision during a Booker/Benoit match on November 25, 2005. Therefore, a best-of-seven series between the two was started.
[5]: This was match #7 in the best-of-seven series, but since Booker was injured, Randy Orton subbed in his place and won the title for Booker T.
[6]: This was a triple-threat match which also included Bobby Lashley.
[7]: Matt Hardy was drafted to ECW on June 23, 2008, making the belt a part of the ECW brand.
[8]: Since Shelton Benjamin was a member of the Smackdown brand, the title returned to Smackdown.
[9]: Bret Hart vacated the WWE U.S. title when a week later, he became the General Manager of Raw.
[10]: This match served the purpose of filling the title vacancy.
[11]: This was a fatal four-way match which also included John Morrison and Zach Ryder.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac, wrestling-titles.com, and ProWrestlingHistory.com

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