Drama’s Smackdown Report 6/19/09

Drama’s Smackdown Report 6/19/09

Friday Night Smackdown!
June 19, 2008
Roanoke, Virginia
Jim Ross and Todd Grisham


JR and Todd welcomes us to Roanoke for Smackdown! Tonight Jeff Hardy will face Chris Jericho and the World Champion CM Punk will take on Rey Mysterio. We head to the ring where Josh Mathews talks about the World Heavyweight Title match at the Bash, where CM Punk will face the former WWE Champion and Josh’s guest Jeff Hardy. Hardy gets his usual awesome ovation from the fans. We go back to Extreme Rules when Jeff Hardy defeated Edge for the World Title, then promptly lost it to CM Punk. We then go to the end of Raw’s Triple Threat match when Jeff was an eyelash away from winning the belt back, only to have Punk sneak in and steal the pin. Jeff says he doesn’t live in the past, he’s about the moment. Jeff says at the Bash, with all his fans behind him he will beat CM Punk and become World Heavyweight Champion. With that said, Josh introduces said World Champ, and CM Punk comes out to a mixture of cheers and boos. Punk says he took advantage of an opportunity and that Jeff shouldn’t be taking it personally. Punk says he didn’t steal anything from anybody on Monday night when he pulled Jeff out of the ring and got the pin on Edge. Punk says he doesn’t need to be anybody’s best friend in the ring. He and Jeff are competitors. Jeff says that’s fine, in fact he and Punk couldn’t be more different. They each concur that they live their lives differently from the other. Josh ends the interview and does a goodbye by saying each guys name, clearly to gauge that Jeff is the more popular guy, which a monkey could have figured out. Decent promo, as it seems these two will step to the fore and Edge will likely go down a peg.

Jeff Hardy vs. Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho

They lock up and Jericho with a headlock. Jeff pushes off and Jericho with a shoulder block. Off the ropes and Jeff with a drop kick. Jericho’s whipped into the corner and Jeff with a clothesline. Jeff whips Jericho in the other corner but Jericho ducks the slingshot mule kicks and Jeff hits the canvas hard. Jericho with a suplex for 2. Jeff with punches and kicks, but he’s whipped into the ropes and Jericho with an Abdominal Stretch. Jeff hip tosses out of it and then hits a clothesline, followed by his between-the-legs double leg drop for 2. Jeff eats a boot in the corner, but Jericho misses a charge and Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind for 2. Jericho reverses a kick and ratchets the Walls of Jericho. Jeff twists out of it quickly, and then gets reversed out of a Twist of Fate into a back suplex by the IC Champ. Jericho misses the Lionsault and Jeff with a facebuster. Jeff goes to the top rope for the Swanton but Jericho rolls out of the ring, so he turns around and dives to Jericho outside. Jericho sidesteps it and Jeff hits the barricade. Jericho throws Jeff back into the barricade, then a second time. Jericho throws Jeff into the ring barricade again, but then out of nowhere, someone who assumes to be Rey Mysterio hops the barricade and hurricanranas Jericho into the steel post. Mysterio goes back to his seat next to two guys dressed exactly like him, and Jericho is counted out. WINNER: Jeff Hardy by countout (Grade: 2)

-Jericho complains to the ref, then eats a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb.

-Backstage Eve Torres and Layla are arguing over hairspray when Maria comes in to play mediator. Dolph Ziggler comes over and they all make fun of his name. Looks like Layla may be turning babyface since she’s joking with the other girls at the end.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Great Khali

New entrance music for Mr. Ziggler. We get highlights of Ziggler’s last two encounters with Great Khali. Speaking of Khali, he actually gets a pretty good pop from the crowd. Ziggler slaps him and Khali grabs his leg and clotheslines him. Khali with a big chop and a big boot. Another frying pan chop to the chest. A wip into the corner and then Khali grabs Ziggler by the throat, but Dolph with a low kick and a chop block takes Khali down. Ziggler goes for a pin and gets 2. Ziggler tries to untie a turnbuckle cover but Runjin Singh stops him. So with the ref’s back turned to Singh Ziggler goes for a chair. He gets in the ring and Khali punches the chair into his face. Ziggler’s down and Khali has the chair in his hand, and of course the ref turns around is confused and DQ’s Khali for thinking he used the chair. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler by disqualification (Grade: 1.5)

-Raw this Monday will be commercial free this Monday. Make sure you get all your bathroom breaks out of the way before 9pm. Speaking of Raw, we have the Raw Rebound, which includes a lot. Orton wins the WWE Title, Donald Trump owns Raw, and Triple H gets Orton next week in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Title.

Women’s Champion Melina vs. Alicia Fox

It’s announced that Melina will defend the Women’s Title against Michelle McCool at The Bash. Fox with a punch and Melina answers. Melina with a Pele kick and forearm. Fox with a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Fox with a body scissors. Melina trying to get out of it but Fox is pulling the hair into almost a full nelson/camel clutch . Her back’s bent pretty good, and Fox lets go. Fox with some hair pulling, but out of nowhere Melina with a sunset flip and the three count. WINNER: Melina (Grade: 2)

-Michelle McCool comes in and boots Melina in the face, then takes her outside, leans her against the announce table and knees her right in the face. She takes the mike and says Melina’s photographers will take pictures of her winning the title. McCool says she’ll make history by being the first to win the Divas Title and the Women’s Title.

Edge vs. John Morrison

Edge says with all the hoopla about CM Punk being World Champion and Jeff Hardy facing him for the belt at the Bash, a huge travesty was ignored. Edge says he was robbed of his contractually obligated rematch. He says GM Teddy Long robbed him again. So instead of being champion at the Bash, tonight he’s facing John Morrison, another guy who wants to be him. The Shaman of Sexy’s music cuts off and he makes his way down. Edge busts his stones about looking like Siegfried & Roy and calls him “Furboy”. Morrison says Edge used to be entertaining, but now Morrison just blows past Edge’s segments with the Tivo. Morrison says it’s the same whining in his Canadian accent. Morrison hangs with Edge and really brings the goods. We go to break before the match starts. We return and they lock up. They head into the corner and a clean break. Then they push each other. They lock up again and Edge with a waistlock but Morrison turns it into a hammerlock. Edge gets to the ropes and Morrison breaks it. They lock up again, and Edge with an armbar. Morrison reverses it. Ah-hah…finally someone says it. JR says Morrison mannerisms remind him of a young……you guessed it….Shawn Michaels. Edge pushes Morrison into the corner. Edge with a low forearm and some right hands. Morrison into the corner ducks a charge and he goes back to the armbar. Morrison’s pushed into the ropes, ducks a clothesline but eats a low knee. Edge with some kicks and posturing, he kicks Morrison to the edge of the ring. Morrison gets up and Edge drops his neck on the top rope. More kicks to the ribs as Edge is very methodical. Edge whips Morrison hard into the corner. Edge with some right hands, then he whips Morrison into the corner and Morrison with a boot and two drop kicks for 2. Morrison tries to go to the top rope but Edge gets up there and clotheslines him off the top rope to the floor. We head to break, then return with Edge having Morrison in a waist lock. Morrison elbows out of it but Edge with a hair pull takes Morrison down again. Edge with more kicks, and back to the waistlock. Morrison with right hands, and a drop kick. JR and Grish are focusing on Morrison’s sore ribs. Morrison with a one-armed backbreaker. Edge with a boot but misses a drop kick. Morrison with a vicious kick to the face for 2. Really great match here. Into the ropes and Edge with a boot to Morrison’s face. Edge heads to the top rope, but Morrison with a crazy Pele kick drops Edge to the floor. Morrison slides under the top rope and head scissors Edge into the steel steps. Back in the ring and Morrison with an elbow but he misses the swing kick and Edge with the Sharpshooter. Morrison gets to the ropes as the crowd’s definitely into this. Morrison slides under the bottom ropes and gets a Sunset Flip for 2. Morrison with a side Russian Leg Sweep. Morrison was going for the Starship Pain but Edge pulls his legs and crotches him on the top. Morrison’s in the Tree of Woe, but when Edge charges Morrison actually sits up and gets a roll-up for 2. Really sweet move. When Edge kicks out Morrison went straight into the ring post. Edge sets up on the other side and gets ready for the spear but Morrison ducks, and hits the big spin kick for 2. Morrison goes for the Moonlight Drive but Edge reverses into the Edge-cution DDT for 2. Edge goes for a backbreaker but Morrison reverses into a DDT for 2. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Edge ducks and hits the Spear into the sore ribs for the 3 count. Wow what a fantastic match, and it may help Morrison turn the corner. WINNER: Edge (Grade: 3.5)

Ricky Ortiz, Shelton Benjamin, & Charlie Haas vs. R-Truth & Cryme Time

Interesting combination here. I was wondering when Cryme Tyme would get into R-Truth “WHAT’S UP” entrance. Ortiz and JTG start and Ortiz with low knees. He misses a clothesline and JTG with a punch. JTG with a drop kick for 2. Tag to Shad Gaspard and he hits some knees to the chest. Shad with a shoulder block for 2. Ortiz with a knee to the groin but Shad shakes it off. Shad misses a big boot to the head. Ortiz with kicks to the leg and Haas with a cheap shot. He gets the tag and keeps working the leg. More kicks to the leg follow, but when he goes for a shot off the ropes Shad elbows him. Shad tags R-Truth but Haas tags Shelton and the Gold Standard with a suplex. Shelton and Truth exchange strikes. Truth ducks with the split leg and hits a spin kick for 2. Eventually all six men are in the ring the 4 not legal brawl outside. Shelton goes to the top but Truth boots him, then hits the spinning elbow for the win. WINNERS: R-Truth & Cryme Time (Grade: 2)

-Rey Mysterio hits the ring, takes the mike and says yo. He says last month he got jumped by Chris Jericho while wearing one of his masks. Tonight Rey got some payback and it felt great. Rey says it ain’t over yet, and it won’t end till Rey regains the Intercontinental Title. So Rey says he wants another crack at Jericho for the IC Title at the Bash. With that Jericho’s music starts and he comes out. Y2J says Rey just doesn’t get it. Jericho says he got his obligatory rematch, and he lost. No more chances for Rey. Rey says he knows that, but if Jericho wasn’t so obsessed with taking off his mask, he would be IC Champ and everyone knows it. Jericho says the fans know nothing, and he knows what Rey needs, with is enriching. Jericho says Rey only knows lies and he’s trying to clean Rey of his lies. Jericho says Rey’s mask is a drug and he’s an addict, and the fans are enablers. Rey says Jericho can talk trash to him, but not the fans. Rey says the mask is for the fans, his heritage and himself. The disgrace is Jericho as Intercontinental Champion. Jericho says if Rey is too blind to see that the mask is Rey’s downfall. So Jericho throws the carrot. If Rey wants another shot at the title, then at the Bash Jericho will do that. However, Rey must put up something as well. If Rey is willing to put his mask on the line, Jericho will put the IC Title on the line. Rey hesitates, then accepts. So at the Bash, Rey will either be the IC Champ, or will be unmasked.

Rey Mysterio vs. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk

Jericho will stay at the broadcast table with JR and Grish. Punk with a headlock to start. Punk with a shoulder block. Rey with a low drop kick to the leg. Rey with another kick, then another. Rey comes off the ropes but Punk grabs him and drops him on the turnbuckle. Punk goes for something like a power bomb but Rey kicks out. Punk drops on the rope and Rey goes for the 619 but Punk bails, and we go to break. We return and Rey misses a charge and goes into the ring post. Punk with a roll-up for 2. Punk with a hammerlock and some elbows to the chest. Rey elbows out and more kicks to Punk’s legs. Punk lifts Rey up and drops him for 2. Punk goes back to the hammerlock. Rey gets to his feet and Punk with knees and a roll-up attempt but Rey drop kicks him. Both men down, then they get up and exchange kicks. Rey comes off the second rope with a cross body for 2. Punk whips Rey into the corner but Rey with 2 boots. Rey charges but Punk grabs him, goes for a suplex but Rey spins out. A lot of reverses in this match. Rey trips Punk and goes for the 619 but Punk back drops him to the apron. Rey with the West Coast Pop off the rope, but off the ropes again and Punk with a spin kick. Rey in the corner and Punk does the knee lift/bulldog combo, but Rey pushes off the bulldog, almost hits the 619, then Punk almost hits Go To Sleep and Rey with a roll-up for 2. Definitely reverse city tonight in this match. Rey flips off the second rope but Punk catches him and tries the GTS again but Rey elbows out, so Punk dumps him to the floor. Jericho gets up and slams Rey’s face into the steel post. Unlike Jericho earlier, Rey gets in at 9. No matter, Punk grabs him, hits the GTS and ends the match. WINNER: CM Punk (Grade: 2.5)

-Jeff Hardy runs out and argues about the end of the match. Punk has no clue what’s going on, but Hardy’s berating him. Punk just leaves. As much as I’m looking forward to the match at the Bash, this storyline seems very forced and illogical. They’re essentially turning Punk heel just because he’s facing uber-face Hardy. Punk’s really done nothing wrong since cashing in, but in the fan’s mind he is, just because its Jeff Hardy. Odd. With that we’re out.


MVP: Edge/John Morrison
Runner Up: Jeff Hardy
Non MVP: Chris Jericho/Rey Mysterio (for both losing their matches)
Runner Up: Melina

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