Drama’s Smackdown Report 7/10/09

Drama’s Smackdown Report 7/10/09

Friday Night Smackdown!
July 10, 2009
Roanoke, Virginia
Jim Ross and Todd Grisham


JR welcomes us to Smackdown, as tonight Chris Jericho uses his rematch clause and tonight will face Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title. First off, an appearance from the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff Hardy takes the mike, wearing an eyepatch over his right eye. Jeff says last week in the middle of his tag team match with CM Punk, tragedy struck. We go back to last week when Punk’s eye, then Hardy’s eye went out. Hardy says his eye was burning, but after the match he says Punk wouldn’t come see how he was doing. Hardy says unlike Punk, he doesn’t fake injuries, kick referees, and forfeit matches. Hardy says his eye injury is as serious as CM Punk’s.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kane

Jeff with right hands but Kane pushes off. Jeff with more right hands and Kane pushes off. Jeff with a kick and Kane charges, but Jeff pulls the top rope and Kane hits the floor. Jeff then planchas on top of Kane outside. Outside Jeff with right hands but Kane throws him to the ground. Kane rolls back into the ring. Jeff comes in and Kane picks him up for a slam, but Jeff slides out the back door and hits a right hand. Jeff comes off the ropes and Kane with a clothesline for 2. Kane with some clubs and boots. Jeff gets up and goes for the Twist of Fate but Kane reverses, drops Jeff on the top rope, and boots him in the head. Jeff rolls to the floor and we hit our first commercial. Back from break and Kane is still working Jeff over. Kane with a low drop kick for 2. Kane with a waist lock. Jeff elbows out of it and hits a front jawjacker. Jeff with a drop kick to the knee, then to the head for 2. Jeff hits the double leg drop to the crotch for 2. Jeff with right hands but Kane lifts him over his head and hits a gutbuster for 2. Kane whips Jeff into the post, then baseball slides into him, but only a 2 count. Kane works Jeff over in the corner with turnbuckle shots and kicks. Kane with a backbreaker for 2. Kane really looks good here. Kane now with the seldom-used body scissors. Kane with a sidewalk slam for 2. Kane slowly goes to the top but Jeff follows him up. They battle for a bit but Kane throws him off. Jeff shakes the top rope and Kane falls to the canvas. Jeff with the double mule kick in the corner. Jeff with a kick to the leg and the DDT for 2. Jeff goes to the top but Kane catches him and is about to go for the chokeslam but Jeff goes out the back door, runs to the other corner and hits Whisper in the Wind for 2. Jeff with a somewhat sloppy Twist of Fate. Jeff goes to the top rope, but then CM Punk’s music hits and the World Champion comes to the top of the ramp. Jeff looks up the ramp, which gives Kane a chance to grab Jeff by the neck and chokeslam him off the top rope, which gets the 3 count. WINNER: Kane (Grade: 2.5)

-Time for this week’s edition of “Word Up”, where today’s word is “Bromance”. It’s pretty much a chance to rip into the Hart Dynasty. Then Jesse comes in and acts faux brother, which makes it even funnier. We then go to Teddy Long and John Morrison talk about doing karaoke from last week while we hear banging in the closet. Teddy leaves, and as Morrison walks out Dolph Ziggler falls out of the closet. Morrison makes a “come out of the closet” joke and leaves. A few seconds later, Maria comes out of the closet all disheveled and wish Dolph good luck in his match. Why do they always have Maria going out with heels but staying a face?

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

They lock up and we have some grappling on the canvas. Morrison with a headlock but Ziggler makes the ropes. Morrison breaks and Ziggler with a cheap shot. Morrison into the ropes ducks a clothesline and hits a back elbow which sends Ziggler out to the floor. Morrison with a cross body over the ropes to the floor. Both back in the ring and Morrison snaps Ziggler on the top rope. Ziggler trips Morrison and boots him in the head. Morrison hits the floor and Ziggler with some kicks for 2. Ziggler with some right hands, as JR says Ziggler is part Mr. Perfect, part Rick Rude. Interesting analogy, may make sense. Ziggler with some elbow drops for 2. Ziggler with a back suplex for 2. Ziggler with some clubbing blows into a full nelson. Morrison slips out of it and Pele kicks Ziggler in the head. More kicks from Morrison and they exchange right hands. Morrison with clotheslines and a flying kick. Morrison with a running knee to the head for 2. Morrison goes for the knee again and misses. Ziggler with a flapjack for 2. Another good match tonight. Both men are groggy and Ziggler throws some right hands. He misses a charge in the corner and Morrison with a missile drop kick for 2. We get a reversal sequence with ends with Ziggler getting a roll-up and a handful of tights for the 3 count. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler (Grade: 2.5)

We have a very unusual vignette where R-Truth wears fake teeth and calls himself “Pretty Ricky”. I have no clue where this is going, if this means an R-Truth heel turn or what. But this really made no sense.

Melina & Eve Torres vs. Women’s Champion Michelle McCool & Layla

Eve and Layla start things out. To start things off, Eve quickly takes Layla down with a fireman’s carry. As Layla makes it back to her feet, Eve connects with a nice shoulder-block followed by a baseball slide that sends Layla crashing onto the outside floor. Eve then goes to the outside and brings Layla back in the ring where the referee checks up on her. In the mean time, McCool kicks Eve in the back of the head. McCool then gets back on the apron and tags herself into the match. She locked in a figure four head lock. Eve fought out and hit a bulldog. Double hot tags had Melina squashing Layla. McCool hit Melina from behind while the ref was distracted. Layla picked her up in a backbreaker move. Melina slipped out and hit McCool. She dodged and Layla ran into McCool. Melina rolled up Layla for the win. WINNERS: Melina & Eve Torres (Grade: 1.5)

Out comes World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk comes to the ring to take the mike. Punk says he could have been seriously injured last week by being left to fend to himself. He shows off a medication that goes into his eye and he’s not faking the injury. CM Punk then finally starts to turn the corner as a heel and starts telling Jeff Hardy, who’s at ringside with JR and Grish, that he needs to live a clean, “straight edge” lifestyle and maybe he’d be a champion. Punk tells Hardy he’s never been to rehab, he’s never been suspended, and he has no strikes. Punk tells Hardy he has zero chance to beat him at Night of Champions.

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Great Khali

Punk teases a few low kicks. Khali quickly grabs Punk and clotheslines the World Champion. Khali then corners Punk and slaps Punk across the chest. Khali then attempts a leg drop, but Punk moves out of the way and gives Khali a dropkick in the face. Punk then connects with a springboard clothesline, but gets a 2 count. Punk then kicks Khali a few times and connects with the knee lift. Punk then backs off and charges at the giant, but Khali catches Punk with a reverse back elbow. Khali then signals for the Punjabi Plunge and connects with it. At this time, pyro’s go off and Kane makes his way down to the ring with a chair and everything’s a schmozz. WINNER: No Contest (Grade: N/A)

-After the match Kane and Khali go chair-for-chair and Khali eventually punches Kane’s chair out of his hand and whacks him in the arm with his chair.

Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty

Kidd and JTG start things out. After an early lockup, JTG manages to sweep the leg of Kidd before connecting with a flying leg drop. JTG then knocks Smith off the apron before sending Kidd out of the ring. Natalya causes a distraction which allows Kidd to smash JTG into the announce table. Smith is tagged in and he connects with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. Smith then punched JTG in the head and connected with a standing vertical suplex. Following yet another 2 count, JTG rolled onto the apron. Smith charged at him, but JTG rolled away and tagged in Shad. Shad took Smith down with a shoulder-block before connecting with a modified facebuster. Shad then tried for a sweep, but Kidd intervened. Shad quickly took Kidd out, but from behind, Smith rolled up Shad. Unfortunately for Smith, JTG broke up the count. Natalya then got up on the apron and JTG went after her. In the mean time, Kidd and Smith hit the Hi-Lo (Similar to Total Elimination, but not as nasty) for the win. WINNERS: Hart Dynasty (Grade: 2)

-Back from break with the Raw Rebound, and the eventual announcement of the Triple Threat match at NOC for the WWE Championship. Then out comes Unified WWE Tag Team co-champion Chris Jericho, who takes the mike and says he will make history on this evening.

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio © vs. Unified Tag Team Co-Champion Chris Jericho

After a lockup, Jericho grabs Mysterio for a headlock. Rey shoves Jericho off, but Jericho comes running back with a powerful shoulder-block. Rey punches out of a power bomb attempt, but Jericho tosses him to the floor. Rey rolls through and pops up. Jericho slides out and Rey backs in. Rey hits a mule kick when Jericho tries to get in. Rey goes out and rolls Jericho back in the ring and runs the ropes. He jumps up, but Jericho reverses into a back breaker. Rey fights out and charges at Jericho. Jericho tosses him, but Rey lands on the apron. Jericho whips him on the apron, sending him into the post on to the floor. Rey is out of it and we go to break. Back from break and Jericho connects with a baseball slide onto Mysterio. Jericho then applies a chin lock until Mysterio strikes his way out of the hold with an enzigiri. He leaps at Jericho, but he reverses into a spinning torture rack for two. Jericho slaps Rey’s head and chokes him on the ropes. He hits a snapmare and back to the chin lock. Rey fights out and hits a springboard cross body for two. He hits a wheelbarrow into a bulldog for two. Crowd’s getting into this and why shouldn’t they? Every match these two have had recently is 4 stars or better. Rey tries to reverse a whip into a hurricanrana, but Jericho sits down and locks in the Walls. Rey powered up and rolled over into a Sunset flip. Jericho sat down for two. Rey reversed for two. Jericho reversed again for two. Rey hit a hurricanranna to setup 619. Jericho slipped away and Rey took a nasty looking spill to the floor after getting tangled in the ropes on the missed 619. The two then slowly struggled to make it back to their feet and we go to break in this unbelievable match. Back from break and Jericho catches Mysterio in the corner with a clothesline. Jericho hits several punches and then chokes Rey with his foot. Rey tries to fight back, but Jericho lifts him for a unique spinning neckbreaker. After a failed springboard by Rey, Jericho ties him in the Tree of Woe and goes for a spear. Mysterio sits up and Jericho hits the post. Rey gets some quick moves in. He hits a mule kick and a springboard splash for two. He tries for a hurricanrana, but Jericho flips him forward on his face for two. Both men are shot and no ones blames them. Jericho hits a bulldog. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Rey moves. Jericho lands on his feet and reverses another hurricanrana into the Walls. Rey makes the ropes and stands on the apron. Jericho tries a baseball slide but Rey jumps over him. He hits a springboard moonsault on the floor. Rey rolls Jericho into the ring and comes off the top. Jericho reverses into a Codebreaker for ONLY 2. Slowly, Jericho lifts Mysterio but is caught with a drop toe hold followed by a drop kick. With Jericho on the ropes, Mysterio hits the 619 and connected with a springboard splash for the victory. Tremendous match again. WINNER: Rey Mysterio (Grade: 3.5)

-Edge runs in but Rey ducks the spear. Rey backs up the aisle but out of nowhere Dolph Ziggler runs down the ramp and attacks. Edge & Jericho leaves and Rey gets beat down by Ziggler as we go off the air.


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