World Championship Wrestling (01.10.87)

NWA World Championship Wrestling
January 10, 1987
Atlanta, GA

To start the show, they flash back to last week where Barry Windham was beaten up by the Four Horsemen for being such a stickler for the rules!

Your host is Tony Schiavone. Where’s David?

Just like last week, the RNR Express join Tony at the desk. Morton reminds the other RNR that they will indeed regain the tag team belts because they have all the people behind them.

Scrappy McGowan works a second week in a row as *your* referee for the duration of the show.

  • “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) vs. Keith Vincent

Garvin works a front headlock for the duration of the match and finishes Vincent off with the BRAINBUSTER at 3:41.

The new NWA Central States heavyweight champion “Superstar” Bill Dundee (def. Sam Houston on January 3) stops by the show. Now the Central States stars like Brad Armstrong, Dave Peterson, Todd Champion, and the Italian Stallion all want a piece of the Superstar. The girls chant “we want Sam” throughout the interview.

From NWA Pro, the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette celebrate Big Bubba Rogers becoming the Bunkhouse Stampede champion. Cornette demands the $100,000 check and the big brass boot when Tony Schiavone announces that Bubba ended up in a tie with Dusty Rhodes. Jim Crockett comes over to clear things up. Since Bubba and Dusty won the same amount of Bunkhouse Stampedes, Dusty and Bubba will meet in Pittsburgh on February 27 in a battle royal style cage match just like the rules for the Bunkhouse Stampede to settle this once and for all. Cornette is all too excited to sign this contract. He even demands the interest gained between now and February 27 because Cornette feels he’s already entitled to the 100 grand as it is.

  • Brad Armstrong vs. Tommy Angel

Just an armbar squash. Armstrong hits the dreaded RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP and pins Angel at 5:07.

Tony Schiavone meets with the NWA US tag team champions Barry Windham and Ronnie Garvin. It’s the same old story. The jerks that call themselves the Four Horsemen can’t get things done on their own so they have to get their whole group together to make a statement. Barry and Ronnie tell specifically Flair and Tully (because they have championships) to PAY HEED because they’re coming for them.

  • NWA Central States Champion Superstar Bill Dundee vs. Randy Barber

Schiavone tries to get the Central States championship over like it’s prestigious. What a goof. Dundee pisses off Barber probably because he’s getting beaten up by an old dwarf. BOMBS AWAY by Dundee gets the three-count at 4:46.

Jim Cornette and Big Bubba Rogers appear without the Midnight Express. Cornette says Bobby and Dennis are getting ready for their scaffold match that night in Philadelphia with the Road Warriors. He continues to plead Bubba’s case as the WINNER of the bronze boot and the $100,000. Cornette finishes saying that the reason he’s giving Dusty another chance is because he knows Dusty will let him pay the 100 grand in 5000 increments or something stupid like that.

After the break, Dusty Rhodes responds to the announcement of the Bunkhouse Stampede cage match with Big Bubba. Dusty calls Big Bubba fat. Yes, DUSTY RHODES calls someone else fat. FUNKY LIKE A MONKEY in 1987!

  • NWA US Champion Nikita Koloff vs. Larry Stevens

Stevens thinks he can suplex Nikita. BAHAHAHA. Shoulder tackle sets Stevens up for the SICKLE at :41.

  • NWA World Television Champion Tully Blanchard vs. Alan Martin

No JJ Dillon? He’s in a meeting with Jim Crockett says Schiavone. Concerning what, we have no idea. Blanchard PUNISHES this guy and delivers the SLINGSHOT SUPLEX at 3:45. Who can beat Tully and win his $10,000?

It’s Ric Flair interview time! Always a highlight of the show. Flair says he’s one of the ten best dressed men in America, which gives him the chance to plug Michaels in Kansas City. He reprimands Barry Windham for downing the Four Horsemen because they are BOX OFFICE. Quit talking Barry, come and get some. As for Nikita Koloff, Flair doesn’t know why Nikita thinks he can flex and somehow that leaves him to believe he can become the NWA world champ. Flair says hi to Mama Rhodes and says that in 1987, Dusty Rhodes is no longer the man in this sport because right now you’re looking at him whether you like it or not. WOO!

After the break, the NWA TV champ Tully Blanchard reminds everybody that he dictates the rules. Should he bring the money with him at tonight’s match in Philadelphia against Dusty Rhodes? He and JJ Dillon haven’t decided yet. One thing’s for sure, he’s bringing the TV title with him. Tully reenacts the mob hit on Barry Windham last week. Pretty funny stuff. Nobody alive does it better than the Four Horsemen. YEAH!

  • The Rock N Roll Express vs. Allan West & Eddie Roberts

Actually the longest match of the night. The RNR Express play their little tag team games on the jobbers until we go to break. We return to see West getting his arm worked over. Eddie Roberts gets his legs worked over. He looks like a poor man’s Paul Orndorff. He takes the DOUBLE DROPKICK and it’s all over at 7:27 shown.

Dick Murdoch comes out and talks about how the great the westward expansion of Jim Crockett Promotions is.

  • The Road Warriors (w/Paul Ellering) vs. David Isley & Ray Allen

This won’t take long. The Road Warriors are working SUPER dangerous today. One time they slam Allen and he lands on his NECK. Canadian backbreaker drop from Hawk on Isley sets up the SUPER POWERSLAM from Animal gets the win at 2:10.

Tony Schiavone gets a word with the Road Warriors and Paul Ellering. Hawk says they were put on this earth to beat up slugs like Ric Flair and the Midnight Express. Animal says that if anybody in the AWA thinks they have gone soft, they should come and find out for themselves. Hawk continues on about dirt balls, but I don’t think even he understands what he’s talking about. Ellering asks the world why you should walk around dead when you can be buried for 22 bucks. Scaffold match tonight in Philadelphia! OOOHHH WHAT A RUSH!

  • NWA US Tag Team Champions Barry Windham & Ron Garvin vs. Bill & Randy Mulkey

The Mulkey brothers don’t stand a chance. Garvin stretches out Bill Mulkey’s arm in ways it shouldn’t go. Ronnie runs the Mulkeys together as Barry hits one of them with the LARIAT for the 1-2-3 at 6:59.

Ivan Koloff talks up Vladimir Petrov. We go to a clip from NWA Worldwide where Petrov and Koloff beat up on a poor defenseless Tony Zane. FLYING RUSSIAN HAMMERS! That sends Tony Zane to the hospital. FEAR VLADIMIR, NIKITA.

  • Vladimir Petrov (w/Ivan Koloff) vs. Vernon Deaton & George South – Handicap Match

Double clothesline takes out George South, leaving Deaton all alone to take the evil FLYING RUSSIAN HAMMER at :41. Isn’t that something. Both Nikita and Vladimir’s matches end at exactly the same time.

More of Jim Cornette and Big Bubba Rogers. Cornette lays out 66 bucks so that the Road Warriors and Paul Ellering can be buried. He might even tip the guy if he does a good job. After the scaffold match, Cornette wants his Midnight Express in a rematch with the US tag team champs. They would have beaten them two weeks ago if they had 35 more seconds. The Midnight Express intends on being the US tag champs going into the Crockett Cup to get a high seed and he doesn’t like it when some nappy headed punk like Ronnie Garvin stands in the way of what the Midnight Express wants. He calls Barry and Ronnie BOY. Oh no he didn’t. When midnight falls, it’s going to the darkest period of your life, SON. One way or another, the Midnight Express will have the US tag team belts.

  • Ivan Koloff (w/Vladimir Petrov) vs. Zane Smith

Koloff gets rough with the guy the whole match. He gives Zane the Russian Hammer, but doesn’t put him away with it. KNEE BULLDOG (which is a finisher when done right) gets the win at 6:19. In Soviet Russia, well there is no Rey Mysterio in Soviet Russia.

What’s Nikita Koloff got to say about this Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Petrov? First off, he’s going to beat Ric Flair for the NWA world title. Secondly, TRY AND HURT HIM IVAN AND VLADIMIR! You got the guts? Show Nikita what kind of guts you got.

  • Dick Murdoch vs. Brody Chase

Murdoch tries to break this dude’s arm and then puts him away with the BRAINBUSTER for the win at 3:43. And we open and close the show with the same finisher.

Ivan Koloff responds to Nikita’s threats. Nikita dodges the challenge of Vladimir Petrov like Todd Grisham dodges the women.

And that does it for this week’s edition of World Championship Wrestling.


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