World Championship Wrestling (01.17.87)

NWA World Championship Wrestling
January 17, 1987
Atlanta, GA

To start the show with a flashback to a recent episode of NWA Worldwide where Barry Windham breaks up a Four Horsemen beatdown on various JTTS. He goes nose-to-nose with Ric Flair, but did they FINALLY meet for the NWA world title?

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & David Crockett.

Dusty Rhodes comes out and lets Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Petrov that if he wants some of Nikita Koloff, why don’t you come and get some of the American Dream? LIVE AND IN COLOR, JACK.

  • NWA World Tag Team Champions Manny Fernandez & Rick Rude (w/Paul Jones) vs. Rocky King & Bill Tabb

Tabb is looking more and more like the Barbarian with that haircut and the style of his tights. Double backbreaker to Tabb sets up the RUDE AWAKENING (snap DDT) for the win at 3:28.

Paul Jones says the Rock N Roll Express can’t get the job done, so the Ragin’ and Rude challenge the Road Warriors. Seriously? Who CHALLENGES the Road Warriors?

Barry Windham comes over and says that the Four Horsemen think he was trying to get involved in their match, but he was just saving his friends from getting injured. Let’s go to the video tape to see what happened between Flair and Windham on Worldwide. By the way, this is NOT the famous Worldwide match from the first Ric Flair DVD although it is included in the extras on the Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD set.

  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair (w/Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard & JJ Dillon) vs. Barry Windham (w/Dusty Rhodes and the Rock N Roll Express)

From Columbia SC on January 13, Windham is a HOUSE OF FIRE on Flair to start. Flair starts to leave, but that’s when Dusty and the RNR Express head down to make sure Windham gets his fair chance at Flair. Back in, the Flair Flip lands him right in AA’s arms. Windham brings Flair in with a suplex and drops a knee for 1-2-NO! Flair goes low and chops Windham to the floor. Flair spots Dusty and takes Windham back inside. Windham fires back on Flair and punches him out right in front of Dusty and RNR. Immediately, they stick him back in the ring. Once again, Flair goes low and delivers the Rolling Knee Drop. He tries a second one, but Windham catches the knee on the way down and applies the figure-four. This crowd is going completely insane this whole time. JJ Dillon sneaks in and rakes Windham across the face to break up the hold. Flair drops Windham crotch-first on the top rope, but Windham comes back with a crossbody for 1-2-NO! He tosses Windham out to the Horsemen, but Dusty and the RNR keep them at bay. Back inside, Windham slams Flair off the top and hits him with a missile dropkick for 1-2-NO! Then out of nowhere, Windham catches Flair with the LARIAT! Cover, 1-2-NO! The Horsemen jump in the ring, which causes a DQ and a huge brawl erupts. (6:40 shown) Dusty, Windham, and the RNR Express clean house. Windham gets on the mic and reminds everybody that he indeed has Flair’s number. Just fantastic stuff and a great way to lead right into their classic that airs on next week’s show. ***¼

Back in the WTBS studios, Tony Schiavone introduces the NWA world champ Ric Flair. He admits that Barry Windham is one of the greats of the sport, but one thing Flair didn’t appreciate was David Crockett calling Ric Flair the winner after that match. Who’s got the belt? Flair’s got the belt. That makes him the winner, ladies and gentlemen. Does Barry Windham really think he’s got what it takes to be the world champion facing guys like Nikita Koloff one night and then Dusty Rhodes the next and the Road Warriors for the next few days after that? Flair doesn’t think so, pal. After his match Monday night with Nikita, Flair says he’ll be holding auditions for the Space Mountainettes. HA. Only Ric Flair. WOOO!

  • The Kansas Jayhawks vs. Allen West & Eddie Roberts

It’s “Dirty Hairy” Dutch Mantel and Bobby Jaggers – the Kansas Jayhawks. The jobbers Roberts and West look in MUCH better shape than the stars getting pushed here, but they don’t have the personality. The Jayhawks aren’t technical wizards, but they get the job done. Jaggers hits a Jumping Lariat on West for the win at 3:54.

David Crockett introduces Lex Luger to the program as a former Rookie of the Year who continues to constantly improve. This is his JCP debut. Luger calls himself the total package. He’s here for one reason and that’s to make a lot of money with the Four Horsemen. And that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Tony and David are understandably baffled by that last statement.

  • Barry Windham vs. Thunderfoot #2

Barry is a guy who wrestled a lot with Lex Luger down in Florida. Maybe he can shed some light on this situation. Windham puts Thunderfoot #2 away with the LARIAT at 2:17.

Windham heads over to Tony and David. He’s just as confused as everybody else about Luger’s comment. Windham leaves to go figure this thing out.

JJ Dillon leads the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and Tully Blanchard over to the podium for a word. Ole says that Barry Windham made a HUGE mistake trying to jump in on the Four Horsemen. It’s going to cost you a nose, Barry. DANG. When it’s all said and done, Dusty and his friends will be looking up at the kings of the hill – the Four Horsemen and JJ Dillon. Unity!

  • Dick Murdoch & Baron Von Raschke vs. Randy Barber & Gary Royal

Looks like Baron Von Raschke has already mended his ways teaming with Murdoch. Tony and David find it interesting that none of the Horsemen had anything to say about Luger’s comment. Murdoch ends Barber with the BRAINBUSTER at 5:35.

The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering respond to the world tag champs challenge. BUNCHA SLUGS! Road Warrior Hawk ain’t impressed with Fernandez and Rude because they haven’t beaten anybody. Hawk says he doesn’t mind slaughtering a cow and eating it raw if that’s what he wants to do. Ellering thinks that the world tag champs are just talking a bunch of crap that don’t mean anything too.

  • The Midnight Express & Big Bubba Rogers (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Larry Stevens, David Isley & Ronnie Angle

These three challenged the Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes for the six-man tag belts in Greensboro that same night. As usual, Cornette spends the whole time talking over Tony and David. I’m not sure which jobber is which because we don’t really have any PBP besides what Cornette says. Fine with me though. Bubba shows off his enziguri skills and the Midnights deliver the ROCKET LAUNCHER for the win at 4:13. Eaton pins the guy with his pinky finger. Great stuff.

Cornette reminds everybody of the Tightwad Crockett conspiracy involving Big Bubba Rogers and the Bunkhouse Stampede matches. When Tony tries to provoke them, Eaton gets mouthy and starts to take off his wrist tape. Is he going to choke Tony down? As for the Midnights, Crockett isn’t giving them any more US tag title shots. Dusty Rhodes – Big Bubba is badder and stronger than you are. So much for the ‘Funky like a Monkey’ tour. At the close of the interview, I think I heard Bobby tell Tony to shut up. Hilarious.

After the break, Ivan Koloff says he thinks Dusty Rhodes will look good with a neck brace after Petrov gets through with him.

  • Vladimir Petrov (w/Ivan Koloff) vs. Zane Smith

FLYING RUSSIAN HAMMER! So much for Zane Smith at :38. Koloff promises revenge on Nikita for leaving Russia for the United States.

Out comes JJ Dillon, he responds to Tony and David’s musings over why there was no mention of Lex Luger’s comment earlier. People are always calling and trying to be a part of the Four Horsemen, but he can’t help but be somewhat flattered when someone of the caliber of Lex Luger saying that his ultimate goal is to be part of the Four Horsemen. Anyways, JJ is out here to get a closer look at Lex.

  • Lex Luger vs. George South

Luger hits the Powerslam and hooks on the TORTURE RACK for the submission at 1:30. Needless to say, JJ is definitely impressed.

Lex comes by the podium to put himself over some more. Barry Windham comes over and tries to change Lex’s mind about wanting to join the Four Horsemen because they are a DASTARDLY group. It’s just business, Barry.

  • Tim Horner vs. Thunderfoot #1

Ahh, the Thunderfoots tag team – Joel & Dave Deaton. Just another addition from the purchase of Central States. Fun little squash as Horner gets the win with the O’CONNOR ROLL at 5:10.

Jimmy Valiant swings by to talk about how much he loves people and then gives Tony a big smooch. Hope you’ve had your shots, Tony.

  • Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) vs. Bill Mulkey

Precious talks a bunch of junk to poor Bill Mulkey while her man beats the crap out of him. BRAINBUSTER gets the win at 3:03.

  • Brad Armstrong vs. Vernon Deaton

Armstrong outwrestles Deaton entirely the whole match and gets the win with the RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP at 2:58.

The Super Powers (Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff) tell their enemies to come get some. Lex Luger? Why would you want to be a Four Horsemen? Do your homework, son. Find out what they are all about. If Luger and Petrov have come for the big time, you are certainly going to get it here.

More Ric Flair goodness. He says that some people in the audience can live in his shoe because it’s a lot nicer than what they are living in now. Hahaha. If JJ Dillon decides to expand the Horsemen, Lex Luger will be included. He knows Luger wants to be custom-made from head to toe just like the Four Horsemen. WOOO!

  • NWA World Television Champion Tully Blanchard (w/JJ Dillon, Arn Anderson & Ric Flair) vs. Randy Mulkey

Mulkey knows the $10000 is on the line and tries to jumpstart this with a quick rollup, but that just pisses Tully off. Blanchard tosses him out several times and Dillon and AA toss Mulkey back inside. SLINGSHOT SUPLEX ends Randy Mulkey at 2:35.

And we close the show with a great Arn Anderson interview. He drops some logic on the Super Powers and the Road Warriors saying that not everyone can be the best. They got the belts, son. The Four Horsemen are more unified than ever (hey where’s Ole?) and as for Lex Luger, the man just made the best possible choice. Tully makes some excuses for the Horsemen when they get attacked and not all four of the group is there, but that’s where my tape ends. AGH.

So I’ll make up for it with…


  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham(NWA Worldwide, 1/24/87)

From the Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD set. Tony and Dusty are on commentary. TV time limit remains. Windham takes Flair down with a shoulderblock to start. He tries to ground Flair with an armbar, but Flair fights up. Flair corners Windham and chops away, but Windham reverses the whip and hiptosses Flair across the ring. Windham cranks on a headlock that Flair cannot escape. He gets in the ropes and chops Windham, but that just serves to fire him up again. He hiptosses Flair out of the corner again and dropkicks him down. Flair takes a powder into the stands and takes as much time as he wants because he knows Windham will always break the count. Back in, Flair gets stuck in the headlock again. This time Flair escapes and hotshots Windham as we go to a commercial break. When we return, Windham has Flair in a headscissors. Flair rolls into the ropes, but gets taken back down into a headlock. He shoves off the headlock and dumps Windham out to send him into Flair’s own domain. Flair smashes Windham’s head on the guardrail and nearly chops him into the front row. He continues on and posts the shoulder to hopefully prevent the lariat. Back inside, Flair grabs the stepover armbar. VINTAGE ANDERSONS! Windham gets to his feet and threatens to use the fist, but Tommy Young holds him back and that allows Flair to ground Windham again. Now they go to the corner where Flair uses the fist, but the ref lets it fly. WHAT. Windham gets in a shot or two, but Flair trips him to the mat and tries to pin Windham with his foot on the rope. Tommy Young needs to look up. That gets a few nearfalls, but Windham is looking desperate. Flair corners Windham with chops, which gets Windham fired up again. He mounts Flair in the corner and unloads, leading to the Flair Flop. Windham wins a slugfest, but the Flair Corner Pin nearly beats him. Windham whips Flair into the corner where he runs shoulder-first into the top turnbuckle and falls out to the floor. They step away for another commercial break. AND WE’RE BACK! Flair hits the Rolling Knee Drop and back elbows Windham over the top to the floor. Back in, Windham flips out of a suplex and clotheslines Flair down with his non-Lariat arm for 1-2-NO! And just like that, Flair hits a back suplex and locks in the FIGURE-FOUR! Flair unapologetically grabs the TOP ROPE for MAXIMUM LEVERAGE~! Finally, Flair gets caught and has to release the hold. He tries again after a shinbreaker, but this time Windham reverses with an inside cradle for 1-2-NO! Flair dumps out Windham, but he pops right back up on the apron and delivers a sunset flip for 1-2-NO! Flair shuts Windham down with a sleeper, but Windham slips out and kicks Flair away. Windham delivers a flying clothesline for 1-2-NO! Flair gets his foot on the bottom rope. Windham goes for a splash and hits knees. He blocks a suplex by Flair and counters with one of his own. Windham tries a flying elbow drop, but Flair moves out of the way. Now Flair attempts the Rolling Knee Drop, but Windham sits up. Windham punches Flair over the top rope and stomps Flair’s knee up against the guardrail. Back inside, Flair begs off into the corner, but he’s getting the figure-four from Windham anyway. Flair makes the ropes and delivers an inverted atomic drop to slow down Windham as we go to another commercial break. After that’s over, we see Windham blocking a hiptoss into an ab stretch. Flair reverses with a hiptoss onto Tommy Young. Five minutes remain in the time limit. Flair dumps out Windham, but next thing you know he’s coming off the top giving Flair a missile dropkick. TOMMY YOUNG, GET OVER THERE! Cover, 1-2-NO! Windham grabs a sleeper, but Flair escapes with a back suplex. The Flair Corner Flip has him running down the apron to come off the top for a flying bodypress, but Windham rolls through for 1-2-NO! Windham catches Flair in the sleeper again and once they’re near the ropes, he O’CONNOR ROLLS Flair for 1-2-NO! Flair whips Windham into the corner, but Windham explodes out with a LARIAT! Flair rolls to the apron to avoid getting pinned, but Windham brings him in with a suplex. Knee drop gets two. Windham gets a backslide for two. Flair elbows Windham on the top of the head, but gets caught up top and slammed down. Powerslam by Windham gets 1-2-NO! 15 SECONDS LEFT! Windham sets up for the LARIAT and connects! Just as he makes the cover, the time limit expires and Flair retains the gold. (30:51 shown) Windham grabs the belt anyway, but he says he won’t take it with him until he pins Ric Flair’s shoulders to the mat. Its matches like these that Ric Flair was having all the time that made him the greatest of the ’80s that he was. As for Windham, it takes two to dance and besides Ricky Steamboat, no one took Flair to this type of level more times than he did. All this really needs is a finish. They would meet again at the Crockett Cup where Flair would ultimately get the better of Windham to end the rivalry until they picked it back up in 1993. ****¾


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