World Championship Wrestling (03.07.87)

NWA World Championship Wrestling
March 7, 1987
Atlanta, GA

They replay the crazy slap Ole Anderson gave to JJ Dillon last week and the brawl that ensued between Ole and Tully Blanchard.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and David Crockett. Today we will find out the top ten seeds for the Crockett Cup set for April 10 and 11 in Baltimore MD.

Ivan Koloff, Dick Murdoch, and Vladimir Petrov stop by to vent about Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff. Apparently, Nikita hurt Ivan’s throat with the Russian Hammer and he’s MAD about it. Murdoch is SICK and TIRED of everybody calling him a traitor every place he goes.

Poor Scrappy McGowan is working as *your* referee for the duration of the program for the third week in a row!

  • Lex Luger (w/JJ Dillon) vs. Rocky King

David continues to discuss the downfall of the Four Horsemen throughout this match. Luger hits the Powerslam and a couple backbreakers before slapping on the TORTURE RACK for the win at 2:55.

JJ Dillon and Lex Luger head over to the podium. JJ says that during this past week of turmoil, Luger has yet to be a problem for JJ and he was always there when he needed an extra hand. Lex Luger says that his plans still haven’t changed and that he wants to be a member of the Four Horsemen because that’s where the money is at.

After the break, Shaska Whatley meets with Tony Schiavone. He says he is heading to Florida because he’s hearing about some guy named Ron Simmons who thinks he’s the baddest brother in wrestling. THIS AIN’T FOOTBALL, SUCKA! He calls Ron a heathen and all of a sudden, I want to call him Esther Whatley. Sanford and Son references? Really, Matt?

  • The MOD Squad (w/Superstar Bill Dundee) vs. Mitch Snow & George South

Basher and Spike are in between their Central States and the Florida tag title reigns. Somebody in the audience yells at Dundee saying that he didn’t know there was midgets on the card today. HA! When the MOD Squad aren’t pounding Snow and South, Dundee is. Basher delivers the FLYING ELBOW on Snow for the win at 3:43.

Over in the Little Italy section of Baltimore, the top ten seeds in the Crockett Cup tournament will be named at the world famous Sabatino’s restaurant. While it may have been a cool restaurant in the ’80s, it has apparently gone down hill according to reviews on Google. Anyways, the top ten seeds are…

10. Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Petrov
9. The MOD Squad (REALLY?)
8. Tully Blanchard and Lex Luger
7. Ole and Arn Anderson
6. The Midnight Express (Cornette flips out in anger and leaves)
5. Japanese entry (turns out to be Giant Baba and Isao Takagi)
4. The Rock N Roll Express
3. The Road Warriors
2. Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes
1. The NWA World Tag Team Champions Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez (Paul Jones is certainly happy to see that)

Jim Crockett Jr announces that all 25 teams have been chosen for the tournament. Also on the card, Ric Flair will defend his NWA world title against Barry Windham.

  • Mike Rotunda vs. Thunderfoot #1

Rotunda is here in Jim Crockett Promotions, but his mind is still on the Florida heavyweight title, which he regains in about a week and would hold onto for the majority of 1987. AIRPLANE SPIN gets the win at 3:45.

Tim Horner meets with Mike Rotunda over at the podium. They will be one of the 25 teams going for the Crockett Cup. Rotunda mentions heading back to Florida to take the heavyweight title away from Ed Gantner and Sir Oliver Humperdink.

After the break, Superstar Bill Dundee and the MOD Squad are standing by with Tony Schiavone. Superstar says that people might be surprised to see the MOD Squad as the #9 seed for the Crockett Cup, but he’s not surprised at all. The MOD Squad was too tough to be police officers, now they can beat up people for money! Just imagine what they could do with a million bucks.

  • Arn Anderson vs. Mike Jackson

Tony and David wonder what is going to happen to the Anderson brothers since Ole has split from the Four Horsemen and they are chosen as the #7 seed for the Crockett Cup. Jackson does alright until he runs into a gutshot from AA. Arn tries to break his arm, but Jackson fires back with his good arm. He hits AA with a dropkick, but Arn shoots him off into the ropes for the SPINEBUSTER. Time to die at 5:05.

Over at the podium, the NWA World TV champ Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger, and JJ Dillon are waiting. Tully reminds Ole from far away that the Four Horsemen is a business put in place to maintain the type of rich lifestyle they enjoy and says that Ole has been falling behind for a long time now. Furthermore, you don’t slap JJ Dillon around. He’s not a wrestler (anymore). He’s a mental giant paid to be their financial wizard. Hahaha. When you can’t feed your snot-nosed kid anymore because you aren’t running with the Four Horsemen, just keep that in mind Ole.

After some commercials, we hear from Arn Anderson standing out in front of the rest of Four Horsemen besides Ric Flair. WHERE DO YOU STAND, OLE? Arn says he knew the fire was gone in Ole Anderson when they lost to the Rock N Roll Express at Starrcade 86 in the cage match. If it was because of Ole’s son, AA reminds Ole that he’s family too. Arn came to Jim Crockett Promotions two years ago and proved himself to be a true Anderson and a Horsemen, and he’ll do it again. Arn says the first person he wants right now is Nikita Koloff so he can take away his US title belt. As the remainder of the Four Horsemen embrace, JJ Dillon tells Arn that they are all the family he needs now and may they all wash their hands clean of Ole Anderson forever. WHOA. Excellent history-making promo there.

  • NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Denny Brown vs. Lazor-Tron

This is the debut of Lazor-Tron. Hector Guerrero got stuck with a few too many bad gimmicks that he couldn’t even get over just being himself. Underrated worker though, in my opinion. Tony and David wonder where Ric Flair stands in all of this? Lazor-Tron keeps Brown grounded with armbars to start. He gives Brown a neck-tie headscissors as we go to a break. When we return, Brown slides out of a headscissors and takes a powder. Back in, Lazor-Tron absorbs some punches and delivers a backdrop. Brown goes low and starts fighting dirty, but misses a knee drop and Lazor-Tron applies the figure-four. Brown makes the ropes and tries to monkey flip Lazor-Tron, but the man lands on his feet. Brown punches out of a Boston crab and they start up a criss cross. Brown gets the better of that with a running forearm. Suplex gets two. Brown attempts a backdrop, but Lazor-Tron lands on his feet and hits a jumping shoulder tackle of sorts for the 1-2-3 and the title. (9:58 shown) Of course they were hoping the junior heavyweight title would get over again, but it never did because there weren’t really any opponents for a whole division, which is the complete bass-ackwards way to reintroduce a title. **

Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express with Big Bubba come out to run down the other top seeds – including the ‘slant-eyed Japs’. He understands why Ragin N Rude are the #1 seed, but last year when the Midnight Express were the NWA world tag team champs during the first Crockett Cup, they weren’t chosen as the #1 seed because there is a conspiracy going on around here against the Midnight Express. Winning the tournament and having a million dollars that belonged to Jim Crockett would give Cornette so much satisfaction. As for the Garvins, Cornette says there may be more fire balls in their future. Precious is a dog and women have no place in life because they should only be in the kitchen.

After the break, Tony meets with the NWA world tag team champs Ragin N Rude and Paul Jones. No surprise that they are the #1 seed because they are just that good.

  • Jimmy Valiant vs. Tommy Angel

This is the part of the show I would change the channel. Valiant starts off with an eye rake and then runs the guy into the ringpost out on the floor. WHAT. RUNNING ELBOW DROP wins at 1:08.

Superstar Bill Dundee threatens Jimmy Valiant with the Barbarian. I knew I liked Barbarian for some reason.

  • The Barbarian (w/Superstar Bill Dundee) vs. Randy Mulkey

Barbarian throws Mulkey all over the place. He even busts open out an awesome jumping kick as Mulkey comes off the ropes. Barbarian locks in a Sharpshooter (WHAT!) and then delivers a Tombstone Piledriver before putting Mulkey away with the FLYING HEADBUTT for the 1-2-3 at 2:41.

Tony meets with the Super Powers: Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff. Dusty took Nikita to Graceland! He’s so American now! Dusty calls out Vladimir Petrov because he hasn’t been able to dog Nikita yet. You ain’t nothing but a yellow dog, Murdoch.

  • Wahoo McDaniel & Baron Von Raschke vs. Rick Sullivan & Randy Barber

The American Indians and the Germans are getting together now, eh? From the CHOP to the CLAW, Sullivan is done at 3:14.

Raschke calls his old partner Dick Murdoch a traitor and Lee Harvey Murdoch. HE’S GOING TO PAYYYY!

  • Ivan Koloff, Dick Murdoch, and Vladimir Petrov vs. Alan Martin, Zane Smith, and Cougar Jay

Every time their attention turns to Murdoch, the crowd REALLY gets on his case. Petrov drills Cougar Jay with the RUSSIAN SICKLE for the win at 4:35.

  • Barry Windham vs. Chance McQuade

Not much to say here. The LARIAT happens and McQuade is down for the count at 1:38.

Barry Windham responds to his upcoming NWA world title match at the Crockett Cup. All he has to say is that the next world champion will be Barry Windham.

Tomorrow night on the Sunday Edition of World Championship Wrestling, Tully Blanchard defends his TV belt against Brad Armstrong.

  • Ron & Jimmy Garvin vs. Larry Stevens & Darrell Dalton

Ronnie doesn’t have his face as heavily bandaged as he did last week. He stretches Stevens all out. Dalton gets a tag, but walks into the HANDS OF STONE for the 1-2-3 in 4:06.

Over at the podium, Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin with Precious meet with Tony Schiavone. They thank all the fans for the cards and letters since the fire ball incident. Ronnie says that Jim Cornette will not weasel his way out of this cage match.

And that’s all the World Championship Wrestling episodes I have for now from 1987.


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