World Championship Wrestling (02.28.87)

NWA World Championship Wrestling
February 28, 1987
Atlanta, GA

Remember when it was announced back in January that Big Bubba and Dusty Rhodes would meet in a “Bunkhouse Stampede” cage match to find the true winner of the Bunkhouse Stampede finals? That match took place in Pittsburgh on the night before this program and we have footage! Jim Cornette introduces Big Bubba, but then the real ring announcer reminds him and everybody in Pittsburgh that Cornette has been BANNED from ringside.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and David Crockett. They announce that Dusty Rhodes has indeed Big Bubba to be crowned the true Bunkhouse Stampede champion. What a shock.

The NWA US champ Nikita Koloff comes by the podium and congratulates Dusty Rhodes for his victory. As for Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Petrov, Dusty will take care of Ivan and Nikita will get rid of Petrov. As for the Four Horsemen, Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes have not forgotten about what they have done in the past.

Scrappy McGowan is *your* referee for the duration of the program.

  • Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger (w/JJ Dillon) vs. Ricky Sullivan & Chance McQuade

David mentions how well Blanchard and Luger have done together as a team although Luger is not officially part of the Four Horsemen. They would go all the way to the finals of the 1987 Crockett Cup tournament, but ultimately lose to Dusty & Nikita. Blanchard and Luger are just dominate on these two. They give Sullivan a modified Demolition Decapitation and then Luger puts him up in the TORTURE RACK for the win at 6:35.

Jim Crockett Jr. joins Tony Schiavone at the podium with some news. The Midnight Express have returned the US tag titles to Crockett’s office, but Mama Cornette’s attorney has filed several injunctions against the company. Now Jim Cornette will be allowed back on TV and the arenas, but they have to pay the $5000 for putting their hands on him and all the money for stealing the belts, which was $1000 a day. Nevertheless, Jim Cornette will still meet Ronnie Garvin in a steel cage for his sins.

After the break, the NWA world tag team champs Ragin N Rude with Paul Jones are standing by with Tony Schiavone. Jones DEMANDS the #1 seed in the Crockett Cup. If they aren’t, Paul Jones will be VERY upset. Oh yeah, and the Rock N Roll Express don’t have a CHANCE. As they finish up, Paul Jones says that if his RNR aren’t the #1 seed, Jim Crockett will have him to deal with.

  • Barry Windham vs. Thunderfoot #2

Apparently Thunderfoot #2 seriously wanted a rematch. Tony mentions that Barry has had some great matches with Ric Flair and is still considered the top contender to the NWA world title. What about the US champ Nikita, Tony? Windham connects with the LARIAT for the three count at 3:04.

Tony meets with the NWA US tag team champs Barry Windham and a bandaged up Ronnie Garvin. Windham thinks its too soon for Ronnie Garvin to return, but Ronnie does what he wants to. Garvin says a fire ball isn’t going to stop him from getting his revenge on Jim Cornette. YOU BETTA CALL YO MOMMA!

  • Brad Armstrong vs. Keith Vincent

Brad makes this an armbar match. He hits the dropkick and the RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP gets the win at 5:33. Another day, another dollar for Brad Armstrong.

Bullet Bob Armstrong joins his son over at the podium. This father and son team is toning up for the Crockett Cup!

  • NWA World Tag Team Champions Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez (w/Paul Jones) vs. Zane Smith & Jack Evans

Naturally not that Jack Evans. RNR storm the ring like usual and toss one guy out. I believe its Zane Smith who eats a DOUBLE-TEAM DDT to end all this in :31. Hilarious. Just completely unfair right from the start.

And now it’s time for the REAL entertainment. The NWA world champ Ric Flair joins Tony Schiavone at the podium. He’s the best and all that jazz. Barry Windham meets him the next night in the Omni in Atlanta. Don’t be ashamed of the butterflies as you walk down that aisle, Barry. As for Precious, Flair knows Jimmy Garvin is having some problems in life right now with his brother and Flair knows that Precious is singing “She’ll Be Coming Around That Mountain When She Comes” in her mind. Yeah, she is just BEGGING for a ride on Space Mountain.

  • Tim Horner vs. Kent Glover

Now we get a headlock match from the other member of Lightning Express. O’CONNOR ROLL with the bridge gets the win at 6:09.

Over by the podium, Tim Horner announces that he and Mike Rotunda will be teaming up in the Crockett Cup.

After some commercials, David Crockett grabs a quick word with the NWA Women’s US champ Misty Blue Simms. She thinks she’s got competition in the NWA? Wait. What competition? Until you showed up, this show has been a TOTAL sausage fest.

  • Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) vs. Thunderfoot #1

While he’s a good guy now, Jimmy is still wearing the boas and the sequined pants. However, he is in there with a member of one of the most EVIL tag teams of all time – THUNDERFOOT #1! We get a commercial break during this one. And just like that, Garvin delivers the BRAINBUSTER for the win at 4:48 shown.

  • Bobby Eaton (w/Big Bubba Rogers) vs. Larry Stevens

Cornette is allowed at ringside, but he’s not here today. Bobby hits a Flying Knee Drop and punishes Stevens with a headlock. He throws Stevens out a few times so Bubba can have some fun. Back in, Eaton hits the ALABAMA JAM, but doesn’t want to pin the guy. Eaton settles for a back superplex and pins Stevens with his foot at 4:28.

Tony turns us over to a Dusty Rhodes interview that took place last night after the Bunkhouse Stampede finals match that occurred in front of a record breaking crowd in the Pittsburgh Civic Center. Dusty Rhodes announces a rematch with the same stipulations on April 4 in the Boston Garden. As for Dick Murdoch, the Bunkhouse Stampede finals are over which means Dusty is going to make Dick Murdoch his mission in life. Tomorrow night in the Omni, they meet for the first time ever. You’re a YELLOW EGG SUCKING DOG, Murdoch.

Back to the WTBS Studios, Tony meets with the Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin and Precious for their first interview together. Jimmy is glad to be standing here with Ronnie and to know that he’s doing much better than expected. Of course, Ronnie vows even MORE revenge upon Jim Cornette. Now Jimmy discusses the NWA world champ and his obsession with Precious. Jimmy says that everybody knows that Space Mountain is the shortest ride in the park and you feel kind of sick when its over. Alrighty then.

  • Ron Garvin vs. Tommy Angel

You can have a bandage on your face and still hit Tommy Angel with the HANDS OF STONE. That’ll do it in :31.

Jim Cornette returns to TV wearing a pink Hawaiian shirt and some ridiculous Kanye West sunglasses. He’s BAAACK. Tony can’t help but laugh. He gives Tony a genuine pink lei. The Midnight Express and Big Bubba join him at the podium. When they told Cornette he was suspended, he obviously went and took a vacation. When they fined him, all he had to do was make a phone call to Mama Cornette. When they told him they had to give back the belts, it’s not a big deal because everybody knows who the REAL US tag team champions are – the Midnight Express. He came through with his promise saying that he was going to put Ronnie Garvin out of action, which he did. He said Garvin was going to get his face messed up real bad – mission accomplished. The shame of it all is that Big Bubba was ripped off in the Bunkhouse Stampede finals with Dusty Rhodes last night in Pittsburgh. The reason he was ripped off was because Jim Crockett made sure that Jim Cornette wasn’t allowed to be at ringside. Cornette and Big Bubba will get what they deserve on April 4 in the Boston Garden. As for Jimmy Garvin, Cornette calls him a traitor. Cornette mentions his cage match that is signed with Ronnie Garvin, but he says it will never take place. Now let’s see what Big Bubba can do. Ha, Bobby steals the pink lei off Tony’s neck.

  • Big Bubba vs. George South

Bubba just abuses George South and puts him down with the BUBBA SLAM. He pins South with one foot at 2:34.

Out comes JJ Dillon with the NWA World TV Champ Tully Blanchard and Lex Luger. The Four Horsemen and Lex Luger LOVE to party! Everything is great in the land of the Four Horsemen! These three remain at the podium for the next match.

  • Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Alan Martin & Randy Mulkey

VINTAGE MINNESOTA WRECKING CREW! Arn delivers the SPINEBUSTER on Martin and Ole applies the STEPOVER ARMBAR. Martin doesn’t know when to quit. They continue to try and break the dude’s arm some more. Ole levels Martin with a right hand and an elbow drop, but then lifts Martin up off the mat at two. GOURDBUSTER is followed up by the FLYING KNEE onto Martin’s elbow. Ole clamps on the STEPOVER ARMBAR again and that will get the win at 6:41. From the podium, JJ Dillon calls Ole and Arn Anderson the greatest tag team in wrestling history. He gives the background of the Four Horsemen leading to Tully Blanchard being called “an outsider” who was brought into the Four Horsemen to replace Gene Anderson. He says that Ole Anderson opened his arms to welcome Tully Blanchard into the group, but Tully takes offense to being called “an outsider”. Now Ole comes over and doesn’t care for Tully’s attitude. Tully says that if Ole was taking care of business instead of his snot nosed kid – and that’s when Ole quickly rears back and DECKS Blanchard! JJ Dillon stands in between them to try and put a stop to this craziness. THE FOUR HORSEMEN ARE BREAKING DOWN!

  • NWA Women’s US Champion Misty Blue vs. Lady Dallas

Wow, a random women’s match. Misty Blue is basically what Madusa was to WCW around 1996 on a much SMALLER scale with the cheap American Gladiators outfit. Lady Dallas busts out an OCTOPUS STRETCH on Misty. With both Tony and David discussing what just went down between Ole and Tully, JJ Dillon walks over and tells them during the match that they are making a big deal out of nothing. Talk about the match and don’t second guess what the Four Horsemen are doing. At around 5:20, the bell rings and we have no clue what happened. I’m assuming Misty Blue won the match though because people are cheering.

They replay Ole punching down Tully and then JJ Dillon tries to explain that this can all be smoothed over. If Ole will come out and apologize, then the matter can be closed. We’ll see what happens after a quick break.

  • NWA US Heavyweight Champion Nikita Koloff vs. Vernon Deaton

All it takes is one RUSSIAN SICKLE and we are all done at 1:10.

Back over to JJ Dillon, he stirs things up even more mentioning that Ole Anderson would rather sit in the stands and watch his son wrestle in the state regional finals instead of running with the Four Horsemen like he should have been instead. If he had, maybe he could be a world champion right now. JJ continues to say that he thinks Ole needs to apologize to the Four Horsemen. Now get out here, Ole. JJ says he will buy the time needed if it takes an extra ten minutes past the allowed TV time limit so he can meet with Ole on the air. Ole does come out and tells JJ to his face that he doesn’t appreciate him talking about his son and as far as he is concerned, JJ Dillon is a SCUMBAG! And right then and there, Ole Anderson SLAPS JJ Dillon down to the floor! HOLY CRAP. Tully Blanchard darts in and takes Ole down to the floor for an old fashioned schoolyard fight as we go to the closing credits. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE FOUR HORSEMEN?


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