DGUSA: Fearless (03.2010)

Dragon Gate USA: Fearless
March 5, 2010
Chicago, IL
Congress Theater
(Taped on 1/23/2010)

Your hosts are Lenny Leonard & Phil Colvin.

  • Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. CIMA & Super Crazy

Chicago fans seem to really LOVE Super Crazy and CIMA. I’ll be honest – I do dig CIMA. Super Crazy and Quackenbush start us off. Leonard mentions the rivalry between these two which we saw at the last PPV that consisted of Crazy harming their trainer Jorge Rivera who I didn’t even know existed until that show. They go through their feeling-out process as Quackenbush grabs a wristlock and Super Crazy works in some crazy leg submission. In comes CIMA and Jigsaw. CIMA wants Quack, but Jigsaw takes advantage with a modified surfboard. CIMA comes back with kicks and knocks Quackenbush off the apron. That leads to some double-teaming combos on CIMA. Crazy breaks up a standing figure-four with a forearm, but Quack draws Crazy into a flying bodypress from Jigsaw. He headscissors Crazy out of the ring, but CIMA charges into a backbreaker-legdrop combo for two. From there, Jigsaw whiffs on a dropkick and CIMA double stomps to come back. Back to Crazy, he beats some inflatable ‘thunder sticks’ as Colvin calls them. CIMA comes in and spits at Quack. He ties up Jigsaw on the mat and then nails with the Superdrol (running double knees in the corner). Super Crazy delivers the ten-count corner punch as the crowd chants along in Spanish. CIMA and Crazy give Jigsaw the leapfrog guillotine and then Crazy holds up Jigsaw for the flying double stomp. CIMA screws with the ref trying to get him to look the other way as if Quackenbush is charging into the ring to give them more time to double-team, which they don’t receive. Jigsaw comes back with a double DDT and makes the HOT TAG TO QUACK! A springboard armdrag takes Crazy to the floor. Quack jawbreakers CIMA into an enziguri from Jigsaw into a small package for 1-2-NO! CIMA and Super Crazy takes dropkicks to the floor for STEREO PLANCHAS! Back in, CIMA dumps Jigsaw off a top rope rana onto Crazy down on the floor. Quackenbush hits the top rope rana instead to set up a flying legdrop by Jigsaw for 1-2-NO! Crazy joins everybody back in the ring as Jigsaw and Quackenbush go for STEREO RANAS, but they are both blocked with powerbombs! Crazy applies a surfboard on Quackenbush as CIMA leaps off the top with a flying double stomp! Crazy continues to maintain the hold until he rolls Quackenbush over for a running boot to the face from CIMA. That gets two. Crazy and Quack clear out as CIMA gets the Superdrol on Jigsaw for 1-2-NO! Pump double stomp out of the corner knocks Jigsaw loopy. Super Crazy runs in with the dropkick while CIMA delivers the Tokarev (Coast to Coast). SCHWEIN gets 1-2-NO! Quackenbush makes the save. Crazy grabs Quack for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then follows up with a sitout powerbomb for 1-2-NO! CIMA goes for the SCHWEIN on Quackenbush, but he slips out. Heel miscommunication ensues as Crazy eats a superkick. Jigsaw corners CIMA while Quack puts Crazy in the Rivera’s LA RIVERACITA (crucifix cradle) for the 1-2-3. (17:51) Score one for CHIKARA. Some people don’t like the finish, but when you factor in that it was Jorge Rivera’s move, it makes sense considering that’s what they were feuding over – Crazy’s disrespect of their trainer. Pretty standard DGUSA match that you would see with funky lucha submissions and high impact moves. I also did like how they showed the inexperience factor of CIMA and Super Crazy when it was mentioned they had never teamed together. ***¼

  • Gran Akuma vs. TJP

Seems a little random, but okay. TJP is an unmasked TJ Perkins better known as Puma by TNA fans back when TNA went looking for talented indy wrestlers in 2005 instead of digging through the trash that WWE left out like they do now. TJP wrestles circles all over Akuma to start. Akuma bails out, but gets nailed with a suicide dive. Back in, they trade kicks ending with TJP applying a FIGURE FOUR DEATHLOCK, which to me makes no sense as a submission move. Akuma quickly makes the ropes. He tries to toss out TJP, but he does that thing that Kofi Kingston where he hooks onto the top and middle ropes instead of falling out to the floor. When Akuma charges, TJP drops to the mat and lets Akuma dump himself out to the floor. TJP tries a springboard from the apron, but Akuma yanks him down in mid move as TJP lands his chin on the apron. Back in, Akuma grabs an Indian deathlock, but TJP makes the ropes. Snapmare into the spin kick from Akuma gets two. TJP fights out of some cravat armlock and they both crash out to the floor. Back inside, they trade strikes. TJP hits a flying knee strike and a reverse neckbreaker gets two. Akuma kicks TJP in the face for a nearfall. TJP avoids the half-nelson suplex, but then Akuma flips TJP from a tombstone position into a double-knee gutbuster for 1-2-NO! He really needs a name for that. They go back to battling with various strikes, but Akuma absorbs a superkick and levels TJP with a clothesline for 1-2-NO! TJP turns it over into a short crucifix for 1-2-NO! TJP shoves off a SUPER EXPLODER and sunset flips into the FIGURE-FOUR DEATHLOCK for the submission. (8:57) That finishing hold just doesn’t make sense to me. Nevertheless, Gran Akuma couldn’t hang with the speed of TJP and it cost him a victory. **½

  • Jimmy Jacobs vs. Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick brings Lacey out to be in his corner as a sort of psychological advantage. ROH fans should remember her from the Age of the Fall stable and their on-again-off-again sometimes violent love affair. The DGUSA fans remember immediately. Big brawl on the outside to start. Back in, Kendrick levels Jacobs with a dropkick in the corner for two. Jacobs escapes a chinlock by using Kendrick’s momentum against him to send Kendrick flying out to the floor. Kendrick sidesteps a pescado and gives Jacobs a superplex for 1-2-NO! Jacobs gets fired up and mounts a comeback, but Kendrick catches him with a superkick and rolls him up for 1-2-NO! Jacobs avoids SLICED BREAD #2 and hits a springboard back elbow. Kendrick flips Jacobs away from the CONTRA CODE, but gets caught in the GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Just when Kendrick looks to pass out, Lacey gets in the ring pleading with Jacobs to stop. She distracts Jimmy by putting her tongue down his throat while motioning for Kendrick to take advantage with a forearm from behind. SLICED BREAD #2 gets the 1-2-3. (6:45) What a dumb finish. Jon Moxley runs out afterwards to celebrate with Kendrick and Lacey. As they leave, Jacobs mentions Kendrick’s wife because TWO can play at this game. Kendrick runs back out and stomps Jacobs. Instead of stomping his teeth out, he grabs Lacey like he’s going to make out with her in front of him, but then Moxley runs over and clotheslines her down. **

  • FIP World Champion Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Davey Richards

Both men are cautious to start until Mochizuki lands the first kick and he continues to kick Richards around. He goes after Davey’s leg for a bit. Richards takes Mochizuki down into a cross armbreaker. Mochizuki won’t let Richards have full control of the hold, so Davey stomps his elbow instead. Mochizuki fires back with kicks and takes Davey to the floor. They fight to the apron where Richards misses a kick and hits the ringpost instead. Didn’t really look like it would have hurt that bad, but here is where the match is going. Back inside, Mochizuki grabs a figure-four. Richards makes the ropes, but Mochizuki delivers a shinbreaker and grapevines the leg. Mochizuki resorts to kicks, but Davey tries to turn things around even with a sore leg. He blocks a springboard with an enziguri and comes off the top with a missile dropkick. And now Davey gets that ADRENALINE rushing through his veins. He delivers a series of kicks that culminate with the handspring enziguri for two. More kicks from Richards lead to a Northern Lights suplex for two. KIMURA! Mochizuki makes the ropes. He catches a kick from Davey and kicks the knee in the corner before giving that bad leg a running boot. Richards tries to kick with the bad leg, but Mochizuki grabs an ANKLELOCK and even grapevines the leg. Richards still manages to grab the ropes. They start kickboxing until Mochizuki stops all that with a capture suplex. Running kick to the chest gets 1-2-NO! Richards ducks a charge and Mochizuki tumbles to the floor to set up the CRAZY TOPE SUICIDA that Davey rarely hits and just ends up in the third row. It gets a huge ovation though, which is why he does it. Back inside, Mochizuki jumps down from the second rope into a kick from Davey. He flips out of a German suplex, but gets one of his own with a bridge for 1-2-NO! As Richards kicks out, he goes right into the KIMURA again. For the second time, Mochizuki makes the ropes. They exchange more kicks including Mochizuki’s SAIKYOU HIGH KICK for 1-2-NO! Another series of kicks from Mochizuki gets a nearfall. Mochizuki tries another springboard kick, but Richards stops him at the top. After Mochizuki knocks him to the mat a couple times, Richards explodes with the POP-UP GERMAN SUPERPLEX! Davey lands a clothesline in the corner and hits a German suplex for 1-2-NO! SHOOTING STAR PRESS gets 1-2-NO! KIMURA! Mochizuki won’t tap. DR DRIVER? He backdrops out of that, but Davey finds the cross armbreaker and this time the arm is extended. Mochizuki manages an escape and grabs the ANKLELOCK! Richards rolls him off into the corner and schoolboys him up for two. Buzzsaw kick staggers Mochizuki for the DR DRIVER for 1-2-NO! Again, the KIMURA! Mochizuki turns the hold over into a pinning combination for two, but Davey counters that into the cross armbreaker. Mochizuki tries to stand up and escape, but collapses to his stomach and taps out. (19:05) It wouldn’t pass for MMA, but they did a decent job of exchanging submissions and kicks in the final few minutes. Submission holds in wrestling are supposed to be prolonged so they can build drama and that’s something they need to work on because you never felt either man was really that close to giving up. ***½

About a week after regaining the FIP world title, Davey Richards signed a new agreement with ROH that permits him from wrestling for FIP, Evolve, or Dragon Gate USA – marking this as his final match with this company. He would be stripped of the belt a few weeks after the first PPV aired and as of April 15, the FIP world title remains vacant because of his decision.

  • Speed Muscle vs. The Young Bucks vs. Shingo & YAMATO – Elimination Match

The pairing of Shingo and YAMATO confuses me because YAMATO is supposedly a heel and Shingo a face. Am I right? Whatever. Unlike other tag team triangle matches where only two men are in the ring, now we have a member from each team which makes more sense. Matt Jackson, Shingo, and Masato Yoshino start us off with a three-man feeling out process that is just different than anything I’ve seen before. Yoshino hits Shingo with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and everybody clears out. Naruki Doi, Nick Jackson, and YAMATO make their way into the ring to do pretty much the same thing. Doi and Nick deliver the Worst Case Scenario on YAMATO. Of course in this type of match, alliances end as quickly as they started. Everybody comes in for a FIVE MAN CHAIN OF HEADSCISSORS HOLDS! Being the Japanese Powerhouse, Shingo is the only man not having somebody wrap their legs around his head. He goes over to the first guy and TURNS EVERYBODY OVER INTO A FIVE MAN SHARPSHOOTER! Okay that’s just cool. What’s even funnier is the guy at the other end reaches the ropes (YAMATO) and calls for the break. WHAT. The Young Bucks and Yoshino get into a triple-team suplex on Shingo and YAMATO. The Young Bucks thank Yoshino by giving him a gutbuster followed by a neckbreaker across the knee. Shingo and YAMATO drag out the Young Bucks and send them into the guardrail. Back inside, Shingo and YAMATO double-team Nick Jackson. YAMATO applies the CBV, but Nick reaches the ropes. More guardrail action as all four brawl while Speed Muscle waits on the apron. Back in again, Matt gets the hot tag and takes care of Speed Muscle. Standing Sliced Bread #2 gets a two-count on Yoshino. He comes back with the Octopus Stretch on Matt until Nick makes the save. Meanwhile, both Shingo and YAMATO receive Springboard X-Factors from Nick. Shingo doesn’t mess around. He powers Nick up off the mat with the suplex. Nick comes back with the wheelbarrow ace crusher on Shingo for 1-2-NO! The Young Bucks hit their signature double-teams on Shingo, but can’t get the three-count. Speed Muscle runs in and takes care of the Young Bucks and Shingo. YAMATO takes Doi over with an overhead suplex. In come the Young Bucks, MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK on YAMATO! Cover, 1-2-NO! Shingo picks Matt off his partner straight into a release German! Just when Shingo looks to take control, Speed Muscle intercepts as Yoshino missile dropkicks Matt while he flying sentons on top of Shingo. Doi hits Matt with DOI 555 and then Yoshino hits LIGHTNING SPIRAL for the 1-2-3 at 14:56. See ya later, Young Bucks. Speed Muscle hits Shingo with a double-team drop toe hold/sliding legdrop. YAMATO takes the SUPER SLING BLADE for 1-2-NO! Shingo makes the save. He blocks the Octopus Stretch by Yoshino and drills him with a powerbomb. He brings him back up for a second one, but Yoshino sunset flips out of that for 1-2-NO! YAMATO boots Yoshino while he’s on Shingo’s shoulders for the Death Valley Driver! That gets two. Doi the makes save. Shingo unloads with forearms, but Naruki Doi fires back with a good 20-30 forearm shots of his own. YAMATO nails Doi with a boot and holds him for Shingo, but Doi moves and YAMATO gets nailed. Whoops. LIGHTNING SPIRAL followed by the BAKATARE SLIDING KICK on Shingo gets 1-2-NO! YAMATO misses a charge and flies out to the floor. Meanwhile, Yoshino hits Another Space (Cena’s Protobomb) on Shingo for 1-2-NO! SOL NACIENTE! Shingo taps out to give Speed Muscle the victory. (18:58) Naturally entertaining, but there was not much in the way of a story at all as it was just spot after spot. Nothing in it that we haven’t seen before though and when there’s no angle behind the match, what else do you have to get behind? ***¾

  • Open the Freedom Gate Champion BxB Hulk vs. Dragon Kid (w/CIMA)

BxB Hulk’s dancers are terrible here. I don’t mean they’re ugly or anything like that, I mean they don’t seem like they know how to dance. This is BxB Hulk’s first title defense in the US for those of you who care. Fast-paced feeling out process to start. Dragon Kid gets the better of Hulk and catches him with a hesitation dropkick in the corner. DK grabs a Muta Lock, but Hulk finds the ropes. Hulk comes back with a snapmare and a dropkick. Hulk works a chinlock while driving his knee into DK’s back. Dropkick gets two. Hulk starts striking away, but DK answers back with a jumping reverse kick to put Hulk down. Hulk runs him down with a Polish hammer and delivers a standing corkscrew senton for two. He grabs some sort of modified Texas Cloverleaf, but Dragon Kid reaches the ropes and takes a breather. BxB Hulk follows out after him and sends DK into the guardrail. Back to the apron, DK avoids a suplex and shoots back in with the slingshot somersault stunner. Dragon Kid sends Hulk from side of the ring to the other with a springboard headscissors. The 718 takes Hulk to the floor as DK delivers the Bermuda Triangle. Back in, a springboard missile dropkick gets 1-2-NO! Leaping stunner by DK only gets two. Hulk fights back with a Springboard Spin Kick for two. He trips up DK for the Standing SSP for 1-2-NO! Hulk escapes Christo with a side slam, but DK delivers a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. BxB SMASH connects for 1-2-NO! DK blocks a superplex and delivers a SUPER ACE CRUSHER. ULTRA HURRACANRANA gets 1-2-NO! CIMA thought it was over for sure. Hulk stops DK up top and brings him down with the SUPER E.V.O.! That gets only two. And now a regular E.V.O. scores a nearfall. Some sort of wrist-clutch driver gets two. Superkick sets up E.V.O.P. finally for the 1-2-3. (17:10) Once BxB Hulk started running through his finishers, you never thought Dragon Kid had a chance and you just wanted it to end. Decent, but not great as I think the lame crowd killed anything DGUSA was trying to accomplish on this night. ***¼

Afterwards, Davey Richards, YAMATO, and Gran Akuma come out to end the celebration. CIMA gets dumped while they put the boots to Dragon Kid and BxB Hulk. Shingo heads to the ring to possibly make the save, but turns on Dragon Kid and continues the assault. CIMA manages to pull Dragon Kid out to take him to the locker room. DGUSA security can’t stop the beatdown of BxB Hulk. Arik Cannon and Brad Allen try to stop this, but they’re quickly tossed aside. Now Hallowicked, Lince Dorado, Jigsaw, and Mike Quackenbush come to BxB Hulk’s aid. Quack wants YAMATO and they brawl to the floor. Meanwhile, “The Franchise of Dragon Gate” CIMA returns to the ring with a broom and literally cleans house on everybody in the ring no matter who they are.

Final Thoughts: While I have enjoyed watching some of the Dragon Gate USA action (Richards/Shingo, Speed Muscle), its not very welcoming to someone who doesn’t know what Chikara is or why they should care about it. As for the Dragon Gate talent that your typical American wrestling fan isn’t that familiar except for the ones who download their shows or trade tapes, they did an okay job of introducing them to the audience on the first PPV, but have really failed to follow up in my opinion. Its becoming increasingly like an outsiders promotion to me in that they seem to believe that you should already know all that’s going on with these people. The only ones who do are a SMALL percentage. And now with Davey Richards gone, there’s one less wrestler that I’m familiar with in this promotion.

As far as the matches go, they have their style and they stick to it. For me, how many times can you deliver the same cool-looking move until it becomes commonplace. They need to build stories instead of this constant Chikara-Dragon Gate rivalry with all these senseless turns. Why would Shingo turn on another Dragon Gate wrestler to join a group of other Dragon Gate wrestlers if the feud is with the Chikara wrestlers? What are Gran Akuma and YAMATO even doing? Are they just causing trouble? What is their purpose for being such jerks? I have no idea. After saying that, I will go with ‘thumbs in the middle’.

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