WWF: Monday Night Raw (02.20.95)

Monday Night Raw
February 20, 1995
Macon, GA
Macon Coliseum

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Diesel (11/26/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Jarrett (1/22/1995)
World Tag Team Champions: The Smoking Gunns (1/23/1995)
Women’s Champion: Bull Nakano (11/20/1994)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette.

  • Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Ted DiBiase) vs. Gary Sabaugh

This is Bigelow’s first TV appearance since it was announced that he was suspended the next night after the Royal Rumble. On the split-screen, we see the recent developments in the LT-Bigelow feud. LT’s attorney has called for a ‘cease and desist’ on the whole thing according to last weekend’s WWF Superstars. Cornette calls Sarbough the spaghetti eating champion of the world. He can eat a pound of spaghetti in less than 30 seconds without using his hands. Sabaugh tries to make a match out of this, but the “LT” chants make Bigelow angry. Flying Headbutt scores the victory at 3:54. Afterwards, Bigelow gets on the STICK and makes another challenge – completely ignoring the cease and desist threat. Cornette smells a lawsuit!

  • Adam Bomb vs. Rip Rogers

Cornette adds SO much to the show that a wrestler just can’t provide because they are in a constant state of trying to get themselves over. You know, like giving significance to the jobbers for example. Adam Bomb scores with the Flying Clothesline for the win at 3:25.

Let Us Take You Back: Superstars, 2/19/95. Bret Hart is presented with a WWF Magazine award. The category? “Award of the People”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, the award went to the wrestler who best exemplified the New WWF Generation. I’m still confused. It’s just another reason to get Bret an award, I suppose.

The King’s Court with Shawn Michaels: Before Jerry Lawler brings out his guest, he comments on Bret’s most recent award that he received. He feels that the editor of the WWF magazine CLEARLY left out the Japanese vote for all the “slanted” remarks Bret has been making. Lawler goes as far as to call Bret a racist! Before he can say anything else, HBK’s music hits and he makes his entrance. Shawn builds up the suspense and brings out PSYCHO SID as his new bodyguard. Couldn’t get much crazier! He promises only good times for the Heartbreak Kid. Why? Because he is the master and the ruler of the world. Now folks, remember that it doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to look cool.t

  • Jacob & Eli Blu (w/Uncle Zebekiah) vs. Leroy Howard & Mark Starr

Jacob & Eli Blu better known as Ron & Don Harris. Basically just uncontrollable twin hillbillies led to the ring by Dutch Mantel. Appearing on the split-screen, Todd Pettingell tells us that Lawrence Taylor will be appearing on Monday Night Raw next week! They double boot Starr while he’s tied up in the ropes and then one of them finishes him off with a spinebuster followed by a running legdrop for the win at 4:20, dude.

  • WWF Champion Diesel vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/The Roadie)

Jarrett looks to join the Ultimate Warrior as the other guy to win the WWF world title while being the WWF IC champion. Another point to make is that it is hard to believe in a day when the world champion wrestles nearly every week on Raw, this is Diesel’s first match on free TV as the WWF champion despite three months into his title reign. Believe it or not, he would wrestle on Raw five times throughout his year-long run as champion – more than any other WWF champion up to this point. Of course the biz was changing, but still a valid point. Diesel beats Jarrett into a pulp to start. As Jarrett retreats to the ropes, Diesel catches him with the Bossman Straddle and clotheslines JJ to the floor. Roadie distracts as Jarrett jumps Diesel from behind. Diesel reverses a whip, but Jarrett puts on the brakes and takes a moment to pay tribute to Jackie Fargo. Diesel is not amused. He elbows and boot chokes JJ in the corner. After a cross corner whip, Jarrett floats over and buries the shoulder into the ribs a couple times. Again, Diesel is not impressed. He throws Jarrett away. Snake Eyes fail as Jarrett pushes him off into the corner. He heads up for the ten-count punch and ref Earl Hebner drags Jarrett out of the corner by his hair! Well, that’s pretty unfair. While the ref and Jarrett discuss the possible ramifications of NAFTA, Roadie tries to sneak attack Diesel. That doesn’t work as Roadie eats the turnbuckle. Jarrett charges Diesel only to be tossed over the top rope on top of Roadie! Back inside, Diesel cranks on Jarrett’s wrists which leads to a Memphis spot where Roadie gets pulled into the ring. Once Roadie gets disposed of, we go to commercials. When we come back, Jarrett knees Diesel from behind to send him flying to the floor. While JJ mentions Clinton’s decision to give out a $20 billion loan to Mexico to help boost their economy to the referee, Roadie nails Diesel with a clothesline off the apron. Seems like a poor time to bring that up if you ask me. Now Roadie and Jarrett switch places as JJ drives Diesel face first into the ringpost. Back in, Jarrett can strut in peace. Clothesline off the second rope to Diesel gets two. Jarrett delivers a swinging neckbreaker and dishes out a Bossman straddle of his own. Flying bulldog scores another nearfall. Jarrett connects with the flying bodypress, but Diesel presses him off at two. Just like that, Diesel catches Jarrett with the Side Slam. Snake Eyes and Big Boot follows. You better believe the JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB comes next for the 1-2-3. (8:07 shown) Seems like they could have milked that comeback a little more to make for a better match, but maybe they didn’t want to make Jarrett look like too much competition. Who knows. **½

Roadie tries to jump Diesel after the bell and takes a JACKKNIFE for his troubles. Once JJ and Roadie clear out, Shawn Michaels and Psycho Sid appear at the top of the ramp to stare at Diesel.

Cornette is SCARED to death of Psycho Sid, but he’s a professional and he’ll interview HBK and Sid just the same. Shawn says he would not want to be in Diesel’s shoes right now that he has Sid by his side, because now he has somebody that could knock Diesel clean out of his shoes. Sid says nothing. Just looks insane as always.

Next week: LT will be appearing on the program. Plus, Lex Luger v. Tatanka – again!


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