Mid-South Wrestling (11.08.85)


Mid-South Wrestling
November 8, 1985
Shreveport, LA
Irish McNeil Boys Club

Your current NWA and Mid-South Wrestling champions are as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (5/24/1984)
Mid-South North American Champion: Butch Reed (10/14/1985)
Mid-South Television Champion: Butch Reed (7/22/1985)
Mid-South Tag Team Champions: Al Perez & Wendell Cooley (8/28/1985)

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts.

Dick Slater and Buzz Sawyer totally wiped out Jim Duggan’s girlfriend and were fined $5000 each. Jim Ross meets with Slater and Sawyer who are wanting to protest the fines. Slater threatens to leave the Mid-South area. Take the money, Bill. He ain’t worried about $5000. However, $5000 means a lot to Buzz Sawyer. He’s PISSED about the fine. Ross shows us the footage of the girl jumping on Sawyer’s back and then Sawyer backing up a ton of speed into the corner to squash her real good. Duggan punches Sawyer back, but then Sawyer falls on his girl with an elbow drop. It looks VERY intentional to me. Ross says the elbow drop was intentional and the $5000 fine stands.

  • The Bruise Brothers vs. Steve Constance & Shawn O’Reilly

Originally including the Dream Machine, Bruise Brothers 2.0 are Porkchop Cash and Mad Dog Boyd from the Memphis territory. They’re on a mission from Jerry Jarrett. Lots of beating up clubbering-type stuff. Mad Dog Boyd hits a Kamala Splash for the win at 2:52.

Bill Watts wants some answers from NWA World Champion Ric Flair. He puts over the talent here at Mid-South, but Watts asks a heavy question wanting to know why Flair said he would only wrestle the North American champion. Flair says he will only wrestle the #1 man in the Mid-South area. Watts has given Flair three different men to NWA president Bob Geigel. Everybody seems to know who they are. A decision has been made, but Flair is trying to get the match changed. As for the $50,000 deal Flair has made with Dick Slater to take out Butch Reed, we know that nothing has happened to Reed and Flair doesn’t have his $50,000. Slater isn’t here tonight and Flair wants to know why. Last week on Mid-South Wrestling, Slater told Reed that he returned the money to Flair. Slater’s black girlfriend gone done and SLAPPED Butch Reed in the face because he thinks she’s trying to be something she’s not. He even calls her a “heifer” and a “tramp”. He says some more things that you couldn’t get away with saying on TV today. When Reed wants Slater to jump him, Slater admits he gave the bounty money back to Flair. Reed thinks he’s lying and walks out. Slater says he doesn’t want a piece of Butch Reed. Back to Flair, he says he’s just going to have to take care of Butch Reed himself. No woo? This wasn’t Carolina Flair, for sure.

  • The Nightmare & Eddie Gilbert (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Nick Patrick & Tommy Wright

Yes, it’s the REFEREE Nick Patrick wrestling. Nightmare is Randy Colley – one of the original Moondogs and original Demolition members. Humperdink loves looking at a portrait of Eddie Gilbert. The female fan who comes up with the best 50-word response to the portrait gets to keep it. Hubba hubba. He also guarantees he’ll take Nightmare and Gilbert to the MSW tag titles. As for Jake Roberts, Humperdink shows us a clip of Lord Humongous stopping Jake from hitting the DDT. Here comes Jake the Snake. He’s found the way to put down Lord Humongous with the DDT. It’s in the bag, Oliver. Crowd chants “snake”, but Jake doesn’t want to wake him. Another squash match. Gilbert hits the HOT SHOT, but lets the Nightmare drop the elbow for the win on Patrick at 2:51.

  • MSW North American Champion Hacksaw Butch Reed vs. Ricky Starr

Watts says this is the last we’ll see of Reed as the MSW TV champ since winning the North American champion. A tournament will be started in two weeks. Reed puts away Starr with the JUMPING SHOULDERBLOCK in 1:04.

  • Lord Humongous (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Perry Jackson

You might recognize Lord Humongous as more of a Memphis character, but here he is in Mid-South. COBRA CLUTCH ends Jackson in 1:30. No one can touch him.

  • Jake Roberts vs. El Corsario

What was in the bag, you ask? Jake pulls out a hockey mask and puts it on for the match. Watts puts El Corsario over as a karate expert. He tries punching the mask and it’s a no-go. DDT on El Corsario ends the match at 2:17. Not sure how that will help him against Lord Humongous, but we’ll see.

  • Non-title match: Ric Flair vs. Butch Reed

It’s supposed to be Flair against Al Perez, but he never shows. Flair calls Reed a “monkey” and essentially a part of the superior race. CRAZY. Reed lets Flair try and jump him from behind. Well, of course Flair takes the opportunity and gets knocked down on his backside. Reed is a HOUSE OF FIRE and beats Flair from pillar to post. Chops and punches are exchanged. Reed wins that battle and a pair of nearfalls. Flair slows it down a bit and wears him down to the mat for a double stomp. Watts talks up Reed having a taped up knee and still going after the champ, which is the kind of a man Watts respects. Flair bothers that knee a bit by throwing Reed to the floor. Reed wills himself up to his feet and counters a suplex back inside for an O’Connor roll and gets two. Flair runs into a Sleeperhold, but he counters out with a back suplex. Reed blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TV TIME! Cover, 1-2-NO! Flair comes back with an inverted atomic drop and chops away, but Reed ducks a big one and hits Flair with the JUMPING SHOULDERBLOCK for the three-count. (6:05) Afterwards, Dick Slater appears and he and Flair give Reed a SPIKE PILEDRIVER. The Bruise Brothers and various jobbers clear the ring, but you better believe there’ll be hell to pay! Good TV match with the Flair formula. **½

Flair – “That’ll teach [Reed] to get smart with me!”

NEXT WEEK: Ric Flair defends his NWA world title against somebody – probably Butch Reed! Maybe not! I DON’T KNOW!


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