NWA: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (08.04.84)


NWA: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
August 4, 1984
(taped on 8/1/84)

The current MACW champs were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (5/24/1984)
NWA U.S. Heavyweight Champion: Vacant (7/1/1984)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle (5/8/1984)
NWA Television Champion: Tully Blanchard (3/31/1984)
NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Angelo Mosca Jr. (6/29/1984)

Your host is Bob Caudle.

  • Brian Adidas vs. Paul Kelly

Adidas is the same guy from World Class that was billed as one of the Von Erich friends and had a good run there. He’s on one of his hiatuses here and spent most if not all of 1984 in JCP, which culminates in his one and only Starrcade match against Mr. Ito. Nice spot as Adidas attempted to surprise Kelly with a monkey flip and when Kelly wasn’t fooled, Adidas rolled out of the way of a fist drop. From there, Adidas hits a back elbow into Kelly’s gut and AIRPLANE SPINS him for the three-count at 2:55. Guess he’s the new Mike Rotunda around these parts.

  • Assassin #1 (w/Assassin #3 & Paul Jones) vs. Brett Hart

Paul Jones comes over and bugs Bob Caudle while Assassin #3 stands by the ring. Not exactly sure who #3 is. Brett Hart is a beardless Barry Horowitz because maybe Jews don’t get over in the south unless it’s in a tongue-and-cheek kind of way? I don’t know. Anyways, Assassin has his right hand taped because he wants a taped fist match – Assassin’s specialty match – with that darn dirty hippie weirdo Jimmy Valiant. Assassin wins with a TAPED PUNCH TO THE THROAT at 4:00. WHAM-O.

David Crockett stops by to stumble through an introduction for a video. Jim Crockett Jr. has signed rising star and all-around great guy Barry Windham to the most lucrative contract ever signed by a pro athlete. Barry is also given a custom Z-28 convertible. Hope you kept the receipt. Windham says he’s really looking forward to a match for Starrcade. BAHAHAHA. His first match for Jim Crockett Promotions will be on August 18 at the Greensboro Coliseum against Ivan Koloff. Back to David, he shows us some clips of Barry Windham making then NWA world champion Harley Race BLEED on Championship Wrestling from Florida TV and then pinning him with a rollup in a non-title affair. David says they signed Windham because JCP has the best fans in the world. They deserve the best and JCP will bring you the best. Gee, thanks guys! Unfortunately though according to Windham, the money wasn’t good at JCP, so he left and went to the WWF where Vince paid Windham tons more money most likely out of spite.

  • Jimmy Valiant vs. Gary Royal

Valiant doesn’t know how to properly tape up his fist, but darn if he isn’t going to try. He beats Royal with the SLEEPERHOLD at 1:39.

Rufus R. Jones would give up his right foot and left testicle if it was the only way he could see Starrcade 1984! Unfortunately for Rufus, he was not booked. He would soon return to Kansas City where he would finish up his career. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS STARRCADE THOUGH, LADIES AND GENTS!

  • NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle (w/Nikita Koloff) vs. Rufus R. Jones & Pez Whatley

Caudle bills the Koloffs and Kernodle as the current holders of the NWA world six-man tag titles as well, but I didn’t think that was a thing just yet. Obviously he would know more than I would. It must have JUST started. Word is they were just given the championship and briefly mentioned as having defeated the Fabulous Freebirds for the straps. Onto the match. Kernodle circles the ring with Whatley to get his mind off where he’s at as he slowly tries to get Whatley to come into his corner like a fly caught in a spider web. Just brilliant and what a lost art HEEL tag team wrestling is. Whatley knows it’s coming and knocks Ivan off the apron and beats Kernodle into another corner. Crowd is HOT for this one. They flub an armdrag, but Whatley fires back with a headbutt and tags in Rufus. He elbows Kernodle on the noggin and rolls him up for two. Now Rufus and Whatley twist on Kernodle’s arm for a while. When Koloff gets a tag, Whatley maintains control and backdrops Ivan. STEREO HEADBUTTS to Koloff! Rufus covers for two. Another HEADBUTT from Rufus scores another nearfall. Back to the arm for a while. Whatley starts unloading with jabs and such, but Ivan cuts him off with an eye rake and runs him into Kernodle’s boot. Kernodle slams Whatley for two, but tags out again. Pistol Pez makes the tag to Rufus and it’s a HOT ONE. He shoulderblocks the crap out of Ivan a couple times, but misses the FREIGHT TRAIN. He manages to punch Kernodle away and tag out. Pez is taking care of business when the match breaks down. While the ref is busy getting Rufus out of the ring, Kernodle lowers the boom on Whatley while he’s got Ivan in an abdominal stretch. Koloff lays on top of Whatley for the 1-2-3. (7:36) The crowd is NOT happy with that conclusion. We even got cops keeping an eye on some people. Honestly, I would take a really hot mark crowd over a really hot smart crowd any day. **

Bob Caudle meets with NWA TV champ Tully Blanchard and Wahoo McDaniel. Tully is such a dick to Bob. When the pot gets sweet enough, he will defend his title on TV again. Dusty Rhodes wants him for sixty minutes and a shot at $10,000. With the political pull Dusty has with Jim Crockett, he’ll probably make that happen. Tully says he and Wahoo have footage of Wahoo pinning the NWA world champ Ric Flair out in Kansas City. Wahoo says Flair will have to reckon with him once he returns to the Mid-Atlantic area. No announcement Ric Flair could make will bother him one bit either. He is the number one contender to the NWA world title and Wahoo might have taught Flair everything he knows, but not everything Wahoo knows. For now though, he and Tully will become known as one of the most awesome tag teams in the world today and we’ll see an example of why later on in the show.


The first-ever horse tag team. I hear their Double Mule Kick makes the Double Dropkick of the Rock N Roll Express look like a pat on the back. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Now Bob Caudle meets with the Assassin and Paul Jones. This is a money-making promo from the Assassin here and I don’t even care about Jimmy Valiant. The only way his fist will be satisfied is to be fed Valiant’s face over and over again. TAPE UP YOUR HAND IF YOU’RE A MANNNNN, VALIANT. When was the last time you heard a wrestler say that he hated another guy’s guts? I love it x1000.

Time for Ric Flair’s big announcement. It actually comes to us in the form of a Championship Wrestling from Florida-produced piece as Ric Flair heads over to Blackjack Mulligan’s place (where Dusty Rhodes is hanging out as well) to try and get backup to help him with Wahoo McDaniel up in the Carolinas. At first Flair isn’t welcome, but he takes off his fancy duds so he can fit in with the rough crew Mulligan runs around with. Blackjack does love the Carolinas, but he’s going to have to talk to his people about this thing right here. As Flair sits down to have a beer, Dusty fires off his rifle because no one was paying him any attention for the past several minutes, I suppose. LIVE AND IN PUBLIC IF YOU WILL!

  • The Renegade (w/Mark Youngblood) vs. Jeff Sword

Don’t get too confused. The Renegade is just Jay Youngblood repackaged and all painted up. Talk about a fall from grace though. He was in a feature match at Starrcade last year. He and Mark are headed down to Florida pretty soon here. Diving Double Chop to the chest wins the match for Youngblood in 3:34.

Bob Caudle checks in with NWA world tag team champs Ivan Koloff and Don Kernodle with Nikita Koloff by their side. Kernodle specifically calls out Barry Windham to come and get some if he thinks he’s big enough and bad enough to take the gold from them. NIKITA WANTS COMPETITION. RUSSIA #1. Ivan wants to break Barry Windham in two. Dusty says he wants the NWA world tag belts too? Ivan tells Dusty to get in the back of the line and wait your turn just like everybody else. He finishes up by saying that he and Kernodle look forward to taking on the Barry Windhams, the Dusty Rhodes, and the Ricky Steamboats of the world.

Wearing his best Tommy Bahama shirt, Dusty Rhodes stops by to tell Bob Caudle that he’s here to get a close look at Wahoo McDaniel and Tully Blanchard as a tag team. He sticks around to do commentary here, which is pretty cool.

  • Wahoo McDaniel & Tully Blanchard vs. Sam Houston & Vinny Valentino

Houston goes DROPKICK CRAZY on Wahoo and Tully. That works until Wahoo decides to stop selling and scares Houston over to Vinny for a tag. They destroy this kid for a little bit. Blanchard slams Vinny over towards Houston for a tag. To show they had a plan, Tully catapults Houston into a WAHOO CHOP. Since it didn’t look that great, Wahoo makes sure he gets in one good VINTAGE WAHOO CHOP on Houston. Back to Tully, the SLINGSHOT SUPLEX gets the win at 2:53.

After the bell, Blanchard hops up on the turnbuckle and calls out to Dusty Rhodes while the crowd pelts trash at him. Dusty starts to walk over, but he’s not dumb enough to get involved with both Tully and Wahoo at the same time. Plus, you got to PAY to see him, ladies and gents. He wiggles his butt at Tully and heads on out of here.

Until next time, so long for now!

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