TNA: Genesis 2005


TNA: Genesis 2005
November 13, 2005
Orlando, FL
Universal Studios

The current NWA & TNA Champs were as follows:
NWA World Champion: Jeff Jarrett (11/3/2005)
NWA World Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted (10/22/2005)
TNA X-Division Champion: AJ Styles (9/11/2005)

In a RARE instance, I do not own a copy of this PPV. Some matches I couldn’t find on YouTube, so I’ll be skipping those. Luckily, those matches I missed weren’t super interesting. Here is what you and I missed:

  • Pre-show match: Shark Boy pinned Nigel McGuinness with a small package at 5:30.
  • Pre-show match: The Diamonds in the Rough beat The Naturals & Lance Hoyt after Skipper pinned Stevens with a double-team face plant in 5:48.
  • Raven pinned PJ Polaco (Justin Credible) with the Raven Effect in 5:59. Raven refused to sign Larry Zbyszko’s release and freaked out about a girlfriend mentioned. Meltzer gave the match ½*.
  • 3Live Kru beat Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and A-1 in a hockey stick match with Kip James as special referee in 10:21 after Killings pinned Young. Konnan finally accepts Kip James into the 3LK. Meltzer gave the match *½.

Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West.


Christian Cage comes out as the major acquisition for TNA. His last WWE appearance was on November 1 at the first ever Taboo Tuesday PPV. Not sure how you can really spin this as a MAJOR acquisition since Christian wasn’t doing much of anything the last three months in WWE and if put in main event situations, he was there to be the fall guy. Let’s just say he’s a big fish in a little pond now. He gets lots of love from the Impact Zone fans though. Planet Jarrett is shown reacting backstage. Christian quiets all the rumors about being low-balled by WWE to renew his contract. Not true. He was offered a ton of money to stay exactly where he was, but chose to come to TNA because he loves wrestling more than money. He’s come to TNA to see wrestling reinvented. Back when he started on the national wrestling scene, there were two wrestling companies: one was old and stale and boring, the other was young and hungry and cutting edge. Fast forward to 2005: there’s still two companies. One is old and stale and boring, and the other is TNA. Jeff Jarrett is brought up and Christian has two things to tell him: stop wearing white pants after Labor Day and he’s here to take the NWA world title – because that’s how he rolls. Well, Scott D’Amore and Bobby Roode interrupt. D’Amore is SO EXCITED to see Christian. No one is happier to have Christian here than D’Amore. They reminisce about old Canadian stories. What about that time Stu Hart stretched Edge? HAHAHA, good times! D’Amore is here to offer Christian a chance to join him and Team Canada. With Planet Jarrett and Team Canada (hopefully) owning all the belts, they will then have all the power. When Christian doesn’t seem convinced, Roode interrupts and puts in his two cents. Christian is either with Team Canada or against them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF BOBBY’S MOUTH? Well, they go nose to nose. D’Amore defuses the situation and tells Christian that he doesn’t have to decide now. He can give them an answer on joining the team by the end of the night. D’Amore hands Christian a Team Canada t-shirt and tells him that he knows Christian will make the *right choice*. Christian says he needs some time to consider this offer.

  • Jeff Hardy vs. Monty Brown

This is a number one contenders match for the NWA world title. SPOILER ALERT: This is Jeff Hardy’s final TNA PPV appearance until that first ever glorious Monday night edition of iMPACT on 1/4/10. Jeff seems off tonight. Monty hits a Fallaway Slam and we end up out on the floor. After some guardrail action, Hardy walks down a barricade and leaps over people onto Monty. Back inside, Brown dumps out Hardy so he can get back in control. He tells Tenay and West to move out of the way, but he’s just playin’. Back in the ring, Jeff misses Whisper in the Wind. A bad looking double clothesline gets him a nearfall. Hardy delivers Whisper in the Wind after all to mount his comeback. He legdrops the balls and hits the Twist of Fate, but takes forever (regaining his composure, wink wink) and misses the SWANTON BOMB. Crowd was all Jeff Hardy up until this point. Now they want the POUNCE, and Monty delivers. Cover, 1-2-3. (8:54) Well, tons of sloppiness from Jeff made this one pretty much suck. It makes me pretty disappointed in TNA knowing how much potential Monty Brown had. Naturally, they knew they wanted stars and just never realized what they had or how to market any of them, so they just went with what WWE was fine with letting go out the door. ½*

  • Elimination X: Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong, and Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Austin Aries, and Matt Bentley (w/Traci)

Since Joe is so confident and thinks he’s better than all of his teammates, he acts incredibly distant from all of them. Bentley and Strong trade some headlocks to start. In comes Sonjay to replace Bentley for some crazy tilt-a-whirl moves. Tag to Shelley, he grounds Sonjay with an STF until Dutt makes the ropes. Sonjay snaps off a headscissors, but Shelley avoids a corner charge and tags in Joe for the Two Face Washes. Just brutal. Sonjay surprises Joe with a moonsault press for two. Tag to Aries, Joe absorbs some elbow smashes and big boots and senton splashes the crap out of Aries. In comes Daniels, he delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Aries manages to fight back though and corners Daniels for a tag to Sabin. Daniels gets caught with all kinds of headscissors moves, which is just amazing. As Sabin comes off the ropes on the wrong side of town, Joe kicks Sabin in the back to allow an STO from Daniels. Now Strong and Daniels work the back until Sabin gets the hot tag to Aries. He stacks both Strong and Daniels in the corner for the IED, but only Daniels gets nailed. Strong knees away the BRAINBUSTER as Shelley comes in with an enziguri on Aries. Final Cut by Shelley gets two. Sonjay Cutter to Shelley, but then Joe runs him down with a NASTY lariat. In comes Sabin, he walks the ropes and headscissors Joe down. Strong then grabs Sabin for the backbreaker off the shoulders. Bentley drops Strong with a Flatliner and then goes flying out to the floor with Daniels. Meanwhile, the good guys dump out the bad X-Division dudes for a HIGH RISK TRIFECTA of tope suicidas. Aries takes Strong back inside and delivers the 450 SPLASH to send Strong to the showers at 12:02. Joe hops up on the apron and distracts Aries while Daniels sneaks a rollup on him with a handful of tights to get the pinfall and even the sides at 12:15.

Sonjay controls the ring against Shelley for a while – even delivering his silly Sprinkler Hurracanrana. Shelley cuts him off though with the Schwein and applies the BORDER CITY STRETCH for the tapout at 15:10. Bentley gets grabbed by Daniels and Joe in their corner, but he fights them off. Shelley takes a flip out to the apron and flips back inside only to turn back around into a SUPERKICK to take care of Shelley at 15:47. Tag to Sabin, he manages to nail Daniels with the always cool Hesitation Dropkick in the corner. Fisherman’s Buster gets two. Tag to Joe, he hits the snap powerslam on Sabin. He misses a running knee in the corner though. Bentley tags in and gets caught up top, but punches Joe back down for the Flying Elbow for two. Daniels makes the save and delivers the Uranage Slam and the BME for 1-2-NO! TOWER OF DOOM spot ensues as Joe takes all three of them down. Joe dumps Sabin and calls for the Face Wash on Bentley, but Bentley pops up and nails the SUPERKICK. Cover, 1-2-NO! Now Bentley ends up on Daniels’ shoulders for a victory roll perhaps, but Joe grabs hold of Bentley off Daniels’ shoulders into the MUSCLE BUSTER! COQUINA CLUTCH ends Bentley at 20:36. Now it’s just Sabin versus Joe and Daniels. Sabin delivers that tornado DDT and enziguri kicks he likes doing when there’s two dudes around. He even fights off the MUSCLE BUSTER and delivers a springboard dropkick to stun Joe to set up the CRADLE SHOCK, but Daniels saves the day. Sabin tries for the CRADLE SHOCK on Daniels, but Joe slaps him in the face and goes for the MUSCLE BUSTER. When he’s got Sabin up on his shoulders, Bentley is still at ringside there to trip up Joe. Unfortunately for Sabin, he lands right into the arms of Daniels for the ANGEL’S WINGS finish for the win. (23:16) Survivor(s): Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. Really fun match with tons of awesome spots and great booking that accentuated the strengths of all eight competitors. ****

Being the guy who wanted to get the winning pinfall, Joe is SUPER pissed and confronts Daniels. He brings out a steel chair and whacks Daniels on the skull to bust him open from ear to ear. He gives Daniels the Ole Kick and then the MUSCLE BUSTER inside the ring. TNA security is completely ineffectual. To make it even worse for Daniels, Joe gives him a MUSCLE BUSTER ON A CHAIR! Daniels does the stretcher job and I believe we’ve got ourselves a huge rivalry brewing. Being the best example of a champion he can be, AJ Styles comes out and checks on poor Christopher Daniels – his greatest rival in TNA. You’ve really done it this time, Joe.

  • No-DQ Match: Sabu vs. Abyss (w/James Mitchell)

Sabu tries to fool Abyss by making him think there’s barbed wire on his arm because he’s deathly afraid of barbed wire, but Sabu removes the sheet on his arm to reveal just his arm, which is scary enough I’m sure. He throws a chair at Abyss and springs off the chair onto Abyss on the outside. After some ringside violence, Sabu sets up a table for later. Abyss then starts punching Sabu in the nose to break it. NOSE PSYCHOLOGY~! Abyss gets caught up top though and brought down with a headscissors. Sabu wants to use a chair, but Abyss uses it against him and cracks it over his head. Abyss wedges the chair in the corner and misses a charge on Sabu to eat the chair. Triple Jump Moonsault from Sabu barely connects as Sabu’s feet hit Abyss in the face. Over near the table, Sabu nails Abyss in the head with the chair and then Somersault Leg Drops Abyss through the table. Abyss seems to have been affected the least of the two and finds his sack of tacks. Meanwhile, Sabu ups his game with a barbed wire chair. James Mitchell keeps Sabu from using it though. Sabu tries to fight off a chokeslam on the tacks, but it’s inevitable. Goodbye, Sabu. Cover, 1-2-NO! WHY! Abyss misses a splash on the tacks. Sabu applies the CAMEL CLUTCH, but Abyss finds the ropes and gets the break in a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH. Tables, chairs, and thumbtacks are legal, but you break that camel clutch by the count of five, pal. Sabu avoids a powerbomb on the barbed wire chair, but not the BLACK HOLE SLAM. Goodbye for real this time, Sabu. Abyss gets the pinfall. (10:48) This didn’t quite have the intensity of Monster’s Ball from last month as it was more just a series of dangerous spots. In order to outdo themselves again, Abyss and Sabu will engage in a BARBED WIRE match next month! *½

  • TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams (w/A-1)

Last year at Victory Road, Petey Williams had an answer for AJ Styles and was able to defeat him and retain the X-Division title. Now Petey looks to regain the X-Division after never being pinned or submitted for it back in January at Final Resolution in an Ultimate X match with AJ Styles and Chris Sabin. Waistlocks and nearfall sequences to start that culminates in Styles delivering that Best Dropkick in the Business. A pair of jumping knee drops gets two. Styles follows up with a nice suplex for another nearfall. He nearly gets the STYLES CLASH, but Petey refuses to let his arms get hooked and finds the ropes. To the floor, AJ busts out a somersault plancha that takes him into the crowd ala Super Calo. VINTAGE SUPER CALO~! Once he’s back over the rail, A-1 tries to bait AJ out into the crowd for a fight. It’s all just a diversion as Petey grabs AJ and brings him off the apron with the German Suplex onto the guardrail that Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit didn’t have the balls to do in WWE. Just a brutal spot. Anyways, the ref gets rid of A-1 and takes a hockey stick away from Petey. Back inside, Petey works the back with a suplex and a leg scissors on the mat. AJ tries to mount a comeback with a springboard, but Williams trips him up and delivers the slingshot headscissors from the inside to the floor. Back in, Williams gives AJ the O Canada Nut Stomp. I believe it’s in his contract to do that in every match. Styles pops up with the Pele Kick.

After a couple gutbusters, AJ busts out the Styles Suplex Special for two. Styles Clash won’t work, but he does manage the Kip-Up Headscissors. Petey sees the Asai DDT coming and catches AJ with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Styles reverses a suplex from Petey into a suplex and neckbreaker. Williams looks for a flying headscissors, but AJ rolls through into a pin attempt on Petey for 1-2-NO! Styles Clash gets countered into a DDT by Petey for 1-2-NO! Canadian Destroyer fails, but Petey delivers the tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep. Sharpshooter time. AJ finds the ropes though. From the apron, AJ sees Petey charging and delivers the Springboard Forearm Smash. They fight each other up top as Samoa Joe comes out to observe. He’s wearing the towel covered in Christopher Daniels’ blood around his neck. SUPER STYLES CLASH ends up happening and AJ gets the win. (18:20) Petey giving that German Suplex to AJ on the guardrail was a huge turning point in this match and had you going for a while that he might have a chance of winning, but he never capitalized to the point of victory. With Samoa Joe also on AJ’s mind, you had to think that the advantage all went to Petey. Great story told there with tremendous action. You could also argue that neither AJ nor Joe needed the X Division title and you could have given it back to Petey Williams for a few months while the bigger feud was settled over much more personal issues than the championship. That could have also continued the issue between AJ and Petey with the idea that AJ can’t beat Petey in November. Just a thought. ***½

  • Team 3D & Rhino vs. America’s Most Wanted & Jeff Jarrett (w/Gail Kim)

It starts out like an old ECW brawl where they all fight through the crowd. Brother Devon fights with Harris, Brother Ray brawls with Storm, and Rhino goes after Jarrett. Eventually over at the crow’s nest, Rhino falls down a flight of bleachers. Weapons are used like chairs, ringbells, tables, and cheese graters. I guess Don West needs his cheese fix after the second hour. AMW are busted open. Team 3D try and give Storm a suplex through a table, but Harris moves it out of the way and double clotheslines Team 3D down. Rhino beats up Jarrett with a trash can. Meanwhile, Harris receives a powerbomb on the floor instead of going through a table thanks to James Storm. Hmm, wooden table or concrete? I’d choose wood. That’s what she said. Rhino gives Jarrett a PILEDRIVER on the ramp and sets up a table so he can GORE Jarrett into the tunnel. Just as he charges Jarrett, Storm saves the day with a superkick to Rhino. Back in the ring, Devon hits SAVING GRACE on Harris for 1-2-NO! Storm comes down and gives Devon the EIGHT SECOND RIDE for a nearfall as well. BUBBA BOMB on Storm gets two as well. Jarrett fights off the Bubba Bomb and hits Ray with the STROKE for 1-2-NO! In comes Rhino, the ref shoves Jarrett back into the GORE for 1-2-NO! The ref gets yanked out by Harris. Rhino then chases after Harris and gets blindsided by Storm. They crotch Rhino into the ringpost and go after Team 3D. Hart Attack on Devon gets two. They go for the DEATH SENTENCE on the table, but Ray shoves Harris off the top to the floor. 3D to Storm! Cover by Devon, 1-2-3! (15:46) Way more of a fun brawl than the standard six-man tag would have been with these six. Again, playing to the strengths of the talent instead of trying to get them to do something they wouldn’t excel at. ***½

During the celebration, Jarrett wipes out Rhino with the GEETAR. Team 3D look to take care of Jarrett until Gail Kim provides enough of a distraction until Team Canada can hit the ring. They beat down Team 3D and hold Ray on the table for Jarrett to splash him until Christian Cage’s music hits. He runs down with chair in hand. He takes off his ring jacket to show the Team Canada shirt obvs showing his allegiance to Scott D’Amore. He embraces D’Amore and then pulls him into the UNPRETTIER to give D’Amore his answer. Team 3D wakes up and cleans house on AMW and Team Canada. Christian slams Jarrett off the top so that he and Team 3D can give Jarrett the 3D through the table to send the crowd home happy. Christian throws off the Team Canada t-shirt and celebrates with the good guys to close the show.

Final Thoughts: TNA continues their roll of super fun PPVs with now six in a row. They also clearly have some direction, so many feuds that can take different directions, and new challengers for Jarrett and his NWA world title. Easy thumbs up for Genesis 2005.


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