Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (01.28.15)


Lucha Underground
January 28, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

From some place weird, Dario Cueto approaches Cage while he’s working out and tells him Prince Puma will be defending his Lucha Underground title against Cage tonight. Cage says that actually Prince Puma will be losing his Lucha Underground title tonight – because he’s a MACHINE. Dario is almost salivating with pleasure at the very idea. It might be love.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. Fenix

Rematch from December when Mil Muertes secured his #20 spot in Aztec Warfare. Muertes spends most of the match avoiding Fenix’s lucha libre offense and fighting him off with right hands. It’s okay though because he times those punches just right. Muertes hits the SPEAR, but only gets two! He wants to finish off Fenix with the superplex, but Fenix surprises Muertes with a small package once they hit the mat for the upset. (3:44) I’m sure this won’t go unpunished for Fenix. *½

Special look at Cage as he fights off beer bottle attacks. HE NO-SOLD A BEER BOTTLE SHOT TO THE HEAD. THIS GUY IS AMAZING.

  • The Crew vs. Aerostar, Argenis, and Super Fly

Kind of a random six-man tag here. Super Fly starts out against Castro and headscissors him out to the floor where he moonsaults on top of the Crew. Back inside, Super Fly runs the ropes with Cisco and then armdrags him over. Bael meets Argenis with a series of elbows. Tag to Cisco, he tries to get all lucha with a monkey flip and winds up getting kicked in the butthole. Aerostar tags in and hits a nice springboard tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Cisco. As Argenis is on the second rope, Aerostar leaps off his shoulders for a flying body press onto Cisco for 1-2-NO! AWESOME. Cisco draws in Super Fly, but disposes of him. That leads to a series of face washes and dropkicks from the Crew on Aerostar in the corner. Cisco then delivers a SoCal Curb Stomp done right as the Crew dominate Aerostar for a while. Hot tag to Argenis, he’s nailing the Crew with superkicks. Sunset flip powerbomb to Cisco gets two. Cisco avoids a dropkick and catapults Argenis into an enziguri. As Argenis falls back onto Cisco’s knees, Bael delivers a flying double stomp for two. Aerostar gets a tag and springboard splashes Bael. In comes Super Fly, he heads to the floor to brawl with Bael and Castro. Argenis dives on all of them. Cisco wants to have some fun too, but Aerostar thinks it would be cooler to make him fly with a springboard headscissors on the whole bunch! AWESOME. Not to be outdone, Aerostar springs off the second rope and does a somersault plancha onto the other five. THAT’S SO LUCHA. Even after all that and looking like the hero, the Crew sneak that flapjack/codebreaker finish on Aerostar for the win. (10:54) This reminded me of WCW in 1997 with some of their lucha libre style matches. Just an awesome eleven minutes of fun. ****

Earlier in the day, Vampiro sat down with Prince Puma and Konnan. When Puma starts to speak, Konnan acts as his mouthpiece. Konnan says Puma proved he was worthy of being the Lucha Underground champion. That punk Cage attacked him after he had already wrestled a grueling match with Fenix. If all things were equal, Cage would have been going to the hospital instead of Puma, which is exactly what will happen tonight. Vampiro doesn’t think Puma can handle somebody like Cage, but Konnan doesn’t give a crap about Vampiro’s opinion. Cage lacks brains and Puma is unstoppable. It’s about to be on, brother. Vampiro wants to know why Konnan is always showing his face whenever Puma is successful. All Konnan has to say is Puma will shred Cage and then we get a heated moment between Vamp and Konnan. Those two will never get along. Puma gets in between them to cool things down as this interview is over, brother.

  • Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma (w/Konnan) vs. Cage

I had a flashback to King of the Ring 1994 when Owen Hart went through the ropes and caught the 1-2-3 Kid with a dropkick when the arena was still dark. As Cage walked through the darkness and the smoke, Puma did one of his signature moonsault planchas and wiped out Cage. Since Puma is all stick-and-move strategy, Cage plays defense most of the time. He does some pretty cool combinations though when he’s in charge. After crimping on the neck, Cage delivers back to back neckbreakers. Cage blocks the back flip headscissors, but Puma victory rolls him for two. Sitout Alabama Slam gets two by Cage. Puma counters a powerslam with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Flying clothesline gets two. He wants that Northern Lights suplex, but Cage blocks and counters with a butterfly suplex. Comeback springboard double knees from Puma gets two. Over in the corner though, Puma stops a superplex with a knee to the cranium and kicks Cage down, but then flies right down into a Jackhammer for two. Gory Special from Cage is blocked, but he gets fancy with a moonsault out of the corner for two. Puma fires back with a series of kicks, but Cage fires back with a Spinebuster and a powerbomb. Puma counters the second powerbomb and rolls through into a sunset flip only to double stomp Cage. It’s not enough though as Cage catches Puma in the corner and drops him with an F-5 for 1-2-NO! Puma fights off the pumphandle and lands a bunch more kicks to get the Northern Lights suplex and then powers up Cage for the suplex off the mat! Cover, 1-2-NO! As Puma heads up top again, Cage shoves the ref into the ropes to cause Puma to crash on the mat. Once Puma stands up, Cage kicks him in the balls for the legit DQ. (10:10) This shouldn’t have been booked quite so evenly though if you’re building Cage as an unstoppable monster. Maybe if he had been more methodical and Puma didn’t have so many short comebacks, the big moves would have meant more considering this was only a ten minute match and there would haven’t had to be so many moves. You know, have the smaller Prince Puma sell a little more of the beating to put over Cage. That’s just my personal preference though. The finish was a little silly too for a guy his size. **½

After the bell, Cage delivers WEAPON X to the champ. Konnan tries to save the day using his pimp cane, but weapons don’t seem to bother Cage. He then grabs the Lucha Underground title and decks Konnan to bust him open from ear to ear. To make even more of a statement, Cage rips apart the Lucha Underground title! Shades of Superstar Billy Graham, says Striker.

While Dario is peeking through the blinds like a common pervert, the mysterious Asian lady appears in Dario Cueto’s office wanting to find somebody she knows is here in his temple. She mentions a name, but neither I nor Dario Cueto knows who she is talking about. As quickly as she came, she was gone again.

And with that said, I will leave you with this.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.


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