Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.04.15)


Lucha Underground
February 4, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Angelico vs. Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse)

Before the match, Ivelisse tells the audience to stop tweeting that her boyfriend Son of Havoc sucks because she doesn’t date losers. If anybody has a problem with him, they have a problem with the BADDEST BITCH IN THIS BUILDING. WOO. Feeling out stuff to start with wristlocks and whatnot. Angelico changes the momentum of the match with a pair of knee strikes. Ivelisse grabs Angelico by the ankle to turn the tide. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors turned into a faceplant by Havoc gets two. Havoc launches Angelico in the air for an atomic drop. Ivelisse takes the opportunity to choke Angelico in the ropes. Sunset flip by Havoc, but Angelico puts on the brakes and double stomps him. To the floor, Angelico busts out the somersault plancha. That gets two. Nice backbreaker by Havoc gets two. He tries the SHOOTING STAR PRESS, but lands on his feet when Angelico moves. Splash Mountain by Angelico, but Havoc counters to a headscissors! Fake dive by Havoc gets a kiss from Ivelisse. There’s some teasing of Ivelisse getting knocked off the apron by Angelico, but it ends up being Havoc knocking her down. Whoops. Rollup by Angelico gets the win. (6:32) Two people are about to have a LONG conversation tonight. Havoc is awesome. ***

Meanwhile in Dario Cueto’s office, he’s with Johnny Mundo trying to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Mundo is looking for action, so Cueto puts him in tonight’s main event with Cage. Concerning the Lucha Underground title that Cage tore up, Mundo suggests Cueto gets a new one real soon.

We take a special look at Pentagon Jr. SIN MIEDO~!

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Famous B

Pretty quick squash for Pentagon. He chops Famous B around and delivers the FEAR FACTOR. Even though it should be over, he hammerlocks one arm and pulls back on the other for a submission at 1:32. When that should be it, Pentagon falls back to break Famous B’s arm. YEEEE-OUCH. While Famous B is getting some medical assistance, Pentagon pledges his loyalty to the master (whoever that is).

Somewhere dark and weird, Dario Cueto tells someone off-camera that the mysterious Asian chick who goes by the name Black Lotus came looking for him. Apparently, this thing goes WAY back.

  • Drago vs. Aerostar

After some early wristlocks, Aerostar hits an enziguri out of the corner and blasts Drag with a springboard double stomp for two. Drago fires back with a flying codebreaker. Let’s go to the floor. Nice springboard plancha by Aerostar. Back inside, Drago gives Aerostar a facebuster off his shoulder. Next up, Drago dives on top of Aerostar. Back inside, Aerostar hits a handspring elbow and rolls up Drago for two. Running Blockbuster DDT by Drago gets the three-count. (4:12) After the bell, Drago shakes hands with Aerostar and raises his arm in a show of respect. Not much of a story here, just great action as both guys just went out and tried to top one another. Drago needed a win too after his loss to King Cuerno in the LLS match. **½

In the locker room, Catrina approaches Fenix while he’s working out. She asks him about the dreamcatcher tattoo over his heart. She wants to know what scares a man that cannot die? She gives Fenix a big smooch and tells him not to let Mil Muertes find out because he will bury them both alive. Fenix seems pretty confused.

  • Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

Cage wears the ripped apart LU championship around his neck, which is pretty awesome. Mundo tries to hold onto a headlock to start. Cage hiptosses Mundo into a backbreaker to calm that down. Mundo flips out of a backdrop and hits a roundhouse kick. Cage gets caught with another roundhouse kick while he’s stuck in the ropes. Out on the floor, Mundo gets pulled off the apron into a buckle bomb onto the ringpost! Back inside, Cage short-arm clotheslines Mundo for two. Hey look, King Cuerno is watching the action from up in the rafters. Meanwhile, Cage is landing consecutive tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Cage tries a double jump moonsault (!!) and misses. Mundo mounts a comeback and hits a running knee strike for two. Scorpion Death Drop gets two as well. Cage fires back with a sitout Alabama Slam for 1-2-NO! Flying Chuck by Mundo scores yet another nearfall. Cage slides out when he sees the End of the World coming, so Mundo wipes him out with a corkscrew plancha instead. As Mundo returns to the ring, King Cuerno clips his knee on the apron for the DQ. (6:34) To make matters way worse, Cuerno posts the knee and then takes a chair to Mundo’s leg. Probably needs to work on his chairshots though because he missed the leg by literally a country mile. Since Cage doesn’t really care, he starts to leave. Hey wait, Dario Cueto comes out of his office and restarts the match to show Mundo that the slate really is clean between them. Fair enough. Cage goes after Mundo’s knee like he owes him money. They find themselves on the apron where Cage escapes a kick that hits the ringpost. Cage seizes the moment and grabs a STRETCH MUFFLER. Mundo finds the ropes and lands a Pele Kick. Moonlight Drive gets 1-2-NO! Cage grabs a foot to prevent the END OF THE WORLD and hits the F5 for 1-2-NO! Mundo avoids WEAPON X with a sunset flip and gets 1-2-NO! Discus Clothesline to Mundo! WEAPON X to Mundo! That does it. Cage picks up the win. (13:58 total) Cage celebrates with the two halves of the championship as he stands over Mundo. Pretty fun storytelling here from these two. As usual in modern wrestling, I wish that the beat up knee had factored into the finish somehow, but that’s the way it goes. ***¼

Back in Dario Cueto’s office, someone interrupts him at the door while he’s on the phone. IT’S ALBERTO EL PATRON. What a way to end the show!

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

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