Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.11.15)


Lucha Underground
February 11, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Over in Dario Cueto’s office, he and Alberto el Patron exchange niceties. Alberto asks about the key around Cueto’s neck, but Cueto immediately changes the subject and wants to know why Alberto is here. Alberto says he appreciates what the temple represents and tells Cueto he needs to get some things off his chest. If Cueto grants his request, this place will never be the same. The next time he comes through his office for anything, it will be for blood. The camera heads back into the arena when Alberto starts to tell Cueto what is on his mind.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro. Striker tells us that Alberto el Patron will have an open mic to talk about whatever is on his mind.

  • Fenix vs. Argenis

Fenix hiptosses Argenis into a knee, but Argenis one-ups him by kicking Fenix in the balls. Headscissors takes Fenix out to the floor for a somersault plancha. Now it’s Fenix’s turn. He does a corkscrew moonsault off the second rope onto Argenis. Back inside, Fenix springboards into a dropkick and then hits a flying headscissors. I don’t even know what you call it, but Fenix just got dumped on his face after a leapfrog. Fenix fires back with a lucha armdrag and an enziguri. YES. Catrina comes down to ringside. Hmm, Layla or Catrina? I can’t decide who is hotter. Super Hurracanrana by Argenis gets two. Fenix comes back with a TORNILLO. Back in, Argenis hits a driver on Fenix for two. Tombstone fails and Fenix hoists Argenis up for the RIKISHI DRIVER for the win. (5:33) Afterwards, Catrina freaks out Fenix as she sexy crawls in the ring and gives Argenis the lick of death while never breaking eye contact with Fenix. Another can you top this lucha-style match. **½

Hey look, Alberto El Patron arrives in a fancy schmancy car. That’s SO Alberto.

Backstage, Catrina confronts Mil Muertes about his loss to Fenix. His power of one thousand lives was too much for him. When she starts to tell him what he needs, Muertes then picks her up by the throat and screams that he needs nothing. He puts her back down and walks away. While passing in the hallway, he and Chavo Guerrero have a confrontation where Chavo basically gets choked out.

Elsewhere, Big Ryck goes to a confession booth. He plans on killing the Crew for putting out that cigar in his eye. In fact, he’s going to go OLD TESTAMENT on these fools. The priest blesses him and sends him on his way. Big Ryck says that even God said vengeance is mine.

  • Johnny Mundo vs. Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse)

Havoc dedicates this victory to his still girlfriend Ivelisse. I like that they are still talking about the leg injury from last week and not just forgetting about it. Johnny sweeps the leg on Havoc to start. Striker talks about the knee, but it never really comes up during the match. Havoc fires back with a handspring elbow in the corner, but can’t hit a quebrada. Havoc tries to run away from Mundo on the floor, but Mundo’s PARKOUR skills come into the play and he jumps him good. Mundo wants to spike Havoc into the ringpost, but Ivelisse helps out her man. Mundo gets posted for the crazy plank move using the ringpost. VINTAGE SON OF HAVOC~! Back inside, Mundo sells the knee a little bit when he catches Havoc with a dropkick on the way down from the top. Ivelisse interrupts the Flying Chuck as Mundo crashes and burns. Running senton splash by Havoc gets two. Mundo stands up and escapes as his arms were being pulled back by Havoc. Mundo gets punched in the face, which just pisses him off as he pounds away on Havoc in the corner. Havoc stops a corner charge, but runs into a clothesline. Sunset flip fails and Havoc eats a knee strike. Havoc avoids the END OF THE WORLD and lands a springboard double stomp and then the standing moonsault gets two. He follows up with a bicycle kick and bounces off the fake dive with a back elbow for two. Mundo stops Havoc up top and goes for a super headscissors, but Havoc holds onto the ropes! It’s a perfect time for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS, but he takes too long posing! Mundo brings up his knees and legsweeps Havoc while he’s doubled over. END OF THE WORLD! Mundo wins. (8:48) Don’t know why they didn’t use the leg injury thing more. I was a little confused by that. After the bell, King Cuerno attacks Mundo to further their issues as Mundo receives the THRILL OF THE HUNT. Striker and Vamp think Cuerno believes defeating Mundo to get to Prince Puma is his ultimate goal. **½

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Ricky Mandel

Funny bit as Vampiro gets Ricky Mandel confused with Rick Martel. Another cool squash for Pentagon this week as he hammerlocks one arm and pulls back on the other for the submission at 3:41. Pentagon snaps the arm and calls out to his master that he’s made another sacrifice to him. CRAZY! Where is this one headed?

It’s main event interview time! Alberto el Patron carries with him the AAA heavyweight championship. He hangs out in the crowd with the belt and shows how he loves his fellow Latinos. In the ring, he talks about his family heritage and how important his people are to him. Since he’s back from conquering America, the revolution begins tonight in Lucha Underground. Not sure all of that made a whole lot of sense, but anyways. El Texano Jr. – the man Alberto took the AAA heavyweight title from – appears and attacks Alberto el Patron from behind and whips him with his bull rope. Clearly the attack was motivated in order to let Alberto know he was coming to get his gold back.

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