Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.18.15)


Lucha Underground
February 18, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Mil Muertes vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Even Mil Muertes is pissed about what Chavo did to Blue Demon Jr. That’s why this is happening. Plus, there is no Catrina by his side. Muertes overpowers Chavo to start and throws him to the floor. Chavo shoots back inside and catches Muertes with a baseball slide, but leaps into Mil’s arms and gets backed into the ringpost. Chavo fires back with a pescado. Back inside, Chavo goes for the knee. Muertes makes him work to post his knee, but Chavo ultimately achieves that goal. Striker and Vamp feel Muertes looks lost without Catrina. Muertes then grabs him by the throat and punches him down. Hey look, here comes Catrina looking incredible. Electric chair drop helps out Muertes. Another vicious right hand from Muertes. When the Flatliner fails, Chavo takes a ride out to the floor. Meanwhile, Catrina distracts Muertes with the Aztec rock, which I have probably failed to mention since the beginning of this show because it’s never quite clear what the purpose is. I know it had an origin story, but what power does it hold is not actually clear. Anyways, Catrina lures Muertes into a corner as Chavo whacks him in the back with a chair to lose via DQ. (5:35) In Michael Myers fashion, Muertes NO-SELLS the chairshot and punches the chair away. FLATLINER ON THE CHAIR! Muertes then grabs Catrina by the hair and tries to force her to give Chavo the lick of death. Well, she refuses, so Mil goozles her and looks for the Flatliner on the chair. Fenix saves the day though and springboard dropkicks Muertes away. Muertes watches while Catrina holds up the Aztec rock and gives Fenix some tongue. No one has ever said they wanted to be Fenix, but right now I do. Vampiro makes sure to tell us that it’s dirty: evil dirty and not sexy dirty. Thanks, Vamp. **

Somewhere in the Temple, the Black Lotus picks the lock of a door that leads to some stairs, which she walks up into darkness.

After the commercial break, Dario Cueto speaks with the Crew. He gets a little nostalgic saying he liked the time they beat up Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo on the first show, but will tell his grandchildren about the time they “blinded Big Ryck with the bright light of their talents.” Tonight, the Crew gets the main event and must prove they are the rabid dogs he needs them to be. They will take on three underdogs who should never be able to survive in Cueto’s temple: Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Estrada, and Sexy Star. Anything goes. Hurt these three freaks so bad that they never come back. The Crew cracks their knuckles at the very idea.

  • Angelico vs. Ivelisse (w/Son of Havoc)

Since her boyfriend Son of Havoc sucks and loses all the time, Ivelisse takes his rematch against Angelico – because she’s the BADDEST BITCH IN THIS BUILDING. WOOOOOOO! Angelico treats this match like a joke though. While some might say this is why intergender wrestling doesn’t work, I think this had more to do with his laid back attitude than poor booking. She snaps off a nice Litacanrana. Even though Angelico has avoided wrestling her this entire time, he launches her into the air for an implant buster of sorts. Up on the apron, Son of Havoc enziguri kicks Angelico when the ref’s back is turned as he falls back into a schoolboy for the win. (2:42) It could be interesting to see how this goes from here. Afterwards, Ivelisse refuses to have her arm raised by Havoc and insists the ref do it. Angelico gets on the mic, hits on Ivelisse, and shoves Havoc off the apron. Total dick move! ½*

Before we get to the next match, we hear an all-Spanish interview done by Vampiro with El Texano Jr. He claims the AAA championship was stolen by Alberto El Patron and he will get it back. While Alberto El Patron was in exile in the United States, Texano was the best thing going in Mexico. Now he’s here in Lucha Underground to destroy Alberto El Patron and take back what is rightfully his.

  • Texano vs. Super Fly

They do some introductory stuff to start to make you think this match is going to go longer than it does. Texano hits Super Fly with the Rough Ryder and delivers the TORNADO TEXAS for the win at 1:32. Afterwards, Alberto El Patron comes down for a pull-apart brawl for a little payback whipping Texano with the bull rope. I think we all know where this is heading.

Over in Dario Cueto’s office, Cage storms in demanding that he be made the Lucha Underground champion. Dario won’t do that, but will grant him a non-title match against Prince Puma next week. If he wins, then he gets a title shot. Cage then tosses the broken title to him and tells Cueto to get him a real title belt and not this Aztec piece of crap. Once Cage walks out, Chavo Guerrero has his bag on his shoulder and tells Cueto to let Mexico know that he’s had enough and he’s quitting Lucha Underground to go home to his family. Dario wishes him the best in his future endeavors (HA!) and says the doors of his temple will always be open. After Chavo walks out, Dario mumbles that the gods are not going to be pleased about Chavo’s decision.

Elsewhere, the Black Lotus seems to have found what she was looking for. All she’s wanted to be was the woman who killed whoever she is talking about with her bare hands. Creepy! Sounds like a possible “The Quick and the Dead” situation here.

  • No-DQ Match: Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata & Sexy Star vs. The Crew (Bael, Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco)

Everybody splits up like an ECW brawl. Castro beats the crap out of Pimpy with a kendo stick in the ring and then chokes him out to send him backstage. Sagrada gets in a few spots with Cisco, but he takes a powerbomb onto the apron. Sexy Star a series of enziguri kicks and dropkicks down in the corner. VINTAGE THE CREW~! Sagrada then gets triple-teamed, which culminates in a CURB STOMP on a chair! Well, poor Sagrada is done. This sets up the big one-woman comeback on the Crew. Cisco gets his balls destroyed. Bael takes a tornado DDT from Sexy Star onto the floor. Castro is still on his feet though. He pulls Sexy Star into the ring by her hair and running boots her down. Castro looks for a Crucifix Bomb, but Sexy Star escapes and delivers a SWINGING CRADLE SUPLEX. Before she can jump on the pin, Cisco grabs her for a slam. He goes up top, but Sexy Star trips him up. She wants a hurracanrana, but Cisco overpowers her. Now what? He wants to powerbomb her down, but Sexy Star slaps him a few times and headscissors him down. Cover, 1-2-NO! They all three put the boots to her when One-Eyed Ryck appears at the top of the stairs. As Big Ryck walks down, Cisco and Castro bail out. Meanwhile, Sexy Star victory rolls Bael for the upset three-count. (7:42) I’m so tired of that finish. The Crew was looking so great – why not just have them destroy these three jabronis and look super confident until Big Ryck shows up and brings them back down to reality? You can’t pride yourself on a company that touts how wins and losses mean something in Lucha Underground with fluke wins all over the place. Just saying. **½

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Prince Puma battles Cage – in a non-title match!

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